Wheel of Fortune Tarot Card – Meaning, Reversed, Guide, Love

The tarot card of Fortune or Wheel of Fortune undoubtedly embodies the idea of divination itself.

People have never felt comfortable with uncertainty of the existence, with the unreliability of our fortune and the helplessness before greatest changes of the universe.

Our fortune, fate and future have been predetermined.

Nevertheless, we have scarce information about it.

Therefore, people have been trying to unravel the mystery of our existence, to get some guidance and find some anchor in this life, through the art and practice of divination.

Since ancient times, in all cultures around the world, we have been trying to predict the future.

Tarot opening is one of the most popular divination technique still in practice.

Tarot cards originate from medieval times, but they were first used for playing various card games; the games of Fortune, one would say.

Later on, occultists and various mystics have started using them for divination.

Each card of the tarot deck is full of symbolical imagery and allegorical meanings.

The images of popular tarot cards are stylized and simplified, though full of mysterious symbols.

When it comes to the card reading in practice, it does not offer concrete answers, just as other types of destiny readings and predicting future (e.g. astrology).

What tarot reading offers is a guidance.

The cards are not ’good’ and ’bad’ in the strict sense nor does their imagery carries literal meanings.

Each card should be carefully interpreted, in accordance with the situation and particular reading.

The Wheel of Fortune Tarot Card Quick Facts

The card of the Fortune or the Wheel of Fortune is the tenth card of the Major Arcana.

In common tarot decks, there are typically 78 cards, of which the first 22 form the Major Arcana (they are numbered from 0 to 21, since The Fool card was 0).

The rest of the cards form the so-called Minor Arcana and they are divided into four sub suits.

The Wheel of Fortune card is a very meaningful one.

There are many powerful symbols depicted on the card; we will go through both the careful visual appearance of the card and its deeper meaning.

Before we do so, let us summarize some initial information about The Wheel of Fortune card.

Key terms for The Wheel of Fortune tarot card: Destiny, fate, Karma, cycles of life, chances and opportunities, luck, fortune, changes.

Key essential element of the Wheel of Fortune: Fire

Major Arcana numerical of The Wheel of Fortune card: 10

Planet and astrological sign of the Wheel of Fortune: Jupiter, fixed signs

Yes/No question for The Wheel of Fortune card: Yes

Related to the card of: Sun, the Magician

Visual Description of The Wheel of Fortune Card

The Wheel of Fortune card is literally loaded with mystical symbols.

Each of them is linked to the other and each carries a specific meaning.

What is the first thing you notice? Is it the circle – the wheel, in the centre of the card or the strange red colored figure carrying it?

Is it the sphinx on top of it or the four golden beings  around it? The sky or the snake?

This card emits such a powerful energy, even if you only look at it, out of an opening.

Let us go through these symbols, starting with the circle in the centre.

The circle is orange, fiery; it reminds of the Sun to some point.

Look closer at the inscription on the circle.

It reads TARO and ROTA. Each of the words is meaningful; they stand for ‘the tarot’ and ‘a wheel’.

The circle also contains alchemical symbols representing the four essential elements, Earth, Fire, Air and Water. Everything is connected, everything rolls around.

The strange anthropomorphic creature that seems to carry the wheel on its back is usually associated with the Egyptian deity of Anubis. Anubis, the jackal-headed god is the master of mummification and the afterlife.

Anubis is the one to weigh the souls of the deceased against the Truth, in order to decide who is worthy to enter the Duat, the realm of the dead.

Anubis is sometimes associated with the Greek god Hermes and these deities play an important roles in occultism and alchemy; Anubis is usually taken as a positive symbol.

The snake on the other side is the snake of the Tree of Knowledge.

The sphinx is the enigma, the Riddler, the one possessing mystical and higher knowledge.

The sphinx is the guardian of mysterious paths.

If you look closer into it, the enigmatic being holds a sword; the sword is our weapon needed on our path of fate.

Perhaps one has to win the sword from the sphinx, the ultimate riddler who will try to trick us.

There are four different winged creatures occupying each corner of the card.

They are guardians of the world, protecting its four corners.

The golden beings are an angel, a winged lion, a winged bull and eagle.

Each of them holds a book, meaning they are also guardians of the knowledge of the world, each possesses the wisdom of its own.

Finally, they all float freely in the sky. The sky is full of feathery white clouds, associating of heaven.

Everything on this card appears bright.

The colors of all the figures, including the wheel, are fiery and golden, except the Enigma, the sphinx.

This is a promising card, just as it could be unpredictable. Let us see into its further meaning.

The Wheel of Fortune Card Meaning Guide

Ever circling, ever changing. What has been up, now comes down; what has been down, now rises.

The Wheel of Fortune represents the never-ending circling of the universal energy.

Everything happens in cycles, on both the major and the minor plan.

If you think about your everyday life, you will easily recognize the cycle; you wake up, fulfill your daily routine, eat, work, sleep.

The cycles could be easily observed all around; something dies, new life is born.

Whole empires collapse, but then other once reach their golden ages, and so on and on. Changes are what is eternal and that is both scary and beautiful.

Changes give hope, just as they break down our dreams.

The Wheel of Fortune card tells about those never-ending changes and cycles.

Our destiny is unpredictable to us, but we all play an incredible role in the universe.

The center of the wheel is imagined as a slowly moving one, while the outer parts of the wheel are moving faster.

We should strive for the center, for the completion, for the unity of body, mind and soul, the harmony of elements.

This card values the virtue of the moment, the things happening here and now, but it does not underrate the long-term process.

Everything in life changes, everything is transitory.

In that sense, the Wheel of Fortune does not let us ever to totally relax; it reminds us of the tricky roads of Fate.

However, the purpose of it is not to keep us in the state of anxiety and fear, on the contrary.

We should hope for the best, strive for virtue and noble deeds, enjoy our moments of happiness and not lose faith if we face difficulties.

In general, The Wheel of Fortune card should be taken as a positive one.

It tells about the amazing field of new opportunities that are coming one’s way.

The synonym for fortune is luck, so it could be understood as a lucky card.

More about it in the section related to the position of the card in an opening.

The Wheel of Fortune  – YES or NO

If in need for a short, straight and simple answer to your doubts, try an ‘yes or no’ reading.

This is probably the simplest way to obtain an answer from tarot.

It requires a simple question to ask and usually only one card.

The question should be direct and the answer would come up as a yes, a no or maybe.

The Fortune card is a YES. It is, in a way, a fortunate card.

So, if you were in doubt about whether you should do something or not, the Wheel of Fortune encourages you to take up the opportunity and go for it.

Nothing lasts forever, so if you have a good feeling about something, but you are in doubt about doing it, do it.

The Wheel of Fortune Card Upright Meaning

When The Wheel of Fortune card is opened in an upright position, it is a very auspicious sign.

It means that the Fortune works your way, everything seems promising.

Not only that the dices of destiny are favorable, but you are likely to experience an inexplicable, but very welcome, flow of energy, inspiration, motivation and optimism.

It appears as if everything works for you and indeed it is so.

Do not be afraid to use good opportunities for fear that one day you might lose it.

The Fortune card is about your fortune, about chances and opportunities.

The upright card is one of the most promising signs for the future, so open up your mind, your heart and your soul for the fresh energy.

The Wheel of Fortune is also about the well elaborated and fruitful plans.

Although we keep speaking about chances, it is that the chances of the universal energy would back your conscious plans, so you will be successful.

It applies also on your internal voice, your intuition.

If it gives you hope, if it makes you feel good about something, the upright Fortune only confirms it.

The Wheel of Fortune Card Reversed Meaning

The reversed Wheel of Fortune tells the opposite, but it is not necessary a negative omen.

The reversed card represents the phase of hardship and difficulties, restlessness, feeling of insecurity, discomfort, even despair and helplessness.

However, the Wheel of Fortune tells another thing, that nothing lasts for ever.

Even after the heaviest storm, the sun would shine brighter than ever.

Therefore, if you are going through hard times, the reversed card of the Wheel of Fortune acknowledges such a phase and leads you to the acceptance of it, offering you priceless hope that the things will eventually become much better.

The life is an never-ending race between the black and the white horses of destiny, to present it as a metaphor.

Sometimes the black ones, here taken as a symbol of darkness, get ahead of the white ones; however, not much time would pass, until the bright ones lead.  That is how life is.

On the other hand, the reversed Wheel of Fortune card might represent sudden, shocking changes, for better or for worse.

Even though we often pray for a change, people are generally not very comfortable with big ones, even if those are very positive.

We not know how to deal with big changes, because we all like our comfort zone.

Therefore, the reversed Wheel of Fortune breaks our comfort zone down and forces us adapt to new circumstances.

The Wheel of Fortune Tarot Card – Career Meaning

Since The Wheel of Fortune card is all about cycles, changes and chances, it comes as an encouragement to those who are about to make big decisions concerning their career.

This is a fortunate card when it comes to finances, investments, new projects and career opportunities, even certain business risks.

The Fortune is on your side.

This card encourages one to make changes.

If you have long been working in a field that no longer fulfill your expectations, be it payment or a non-materialistic fulfillment, now it is time for a change.

Think carefully about pros and cons of making drastic moves and rationally observe your situation, but perhaps it is time to quit your job.

If you have a brilliant idea about starting a job of your own, go for it, it is worth your time, energy, finances and dedication.

The Wheel of Fortune card is also about unexpected career changes that come suddenly, from an external source.

You could possibly get a promotion or a fantastic opportunity if you were unemployed, for instance.

The Wheel of Fortune card does not guarantee success, but it is a sign of a promising outcome, one way or another.

It is also a good card if you are thinking about learning new skills, getting a degree, education overall.

Things might not go as you planned, but your Fortune could lead you to yet more amazing horizons you have never dreamed of.

The Wheel of Fortune Tarot Card – Love Meaning

The Wheel of Fortune could have different meanings when it comes to love and relationships.

It greatly depends on the cards surrounding it and the questioner’s situation.

If you are in a relationship or married and feel great about it,

The Wheel of Fortune comes as a confirmation of the precious value of your and your partner’s commitment to one another.

This could also be a fortunate card for the single ones; you might soon meet the person of your life.

The Fortune is unpredictable and it usually means that you will find your soul mate in the most unexpected of places!

This is definitely the card about the love at first sight.

On the other hand, it could mean that you will fall in love with someone you have never looked at as a potential partner and your love will be returned.

The Wheel of Fortune card is also about breakups; it tells either that your partner will leave you or vice versa, or that the two of you would eventually come up with the conclusion that it is the best for both parts to separate, which would be the best-case scenario.

Breakups are a part of life.

The Wheel of Fortune indicates that it is wasting of both energies to stay in a relationship that does not longer fulfill you.

When it comes to relationships in general, including others than only romantic ones,

The Wheel of Fortune could appear as a karmic card. In simple terms, the way you treat others, the others would treat you.

Yes, it is expected, but sometimes we need a mystical reminder of such karmic circle.

We always face consequences of our actions, one way or another. Be nice towards others.

The Wheel of Fortune Tarot Card – Health Meaning

The Wheel of Fortune card should be understood from the spiritual health point of view, in the first place.

It is about the life cycles; we all go through different stages of life, experiencing various things, learning about ourselves and the world.

All of it should lead us to spiritual growth, it nurtures and feeds our spirit.

This card is a reminder that life has its dark and its bright phases. It reminds you of the importance of having faith and nurturing your spirit, through belief.

It also encourage you to rejoice in happy times, because laughter and joy are the cure no medication could compensate for.

As for physical health, the Wheel of Fortune tells you that you should take care about yourself, because nothing lasts forever.

People tend to take this message wrongly, so they live without any limits, ruining their bodies, which, of course, ruins the spirit and the other way around.

No, that is not the point of ‘nothing lasts forever’.

Treat yourself the best way you could, so that your time on earth is quality spent.

Sometimes you will need the time to heal, physically and/or mentally. Do so, the Fortune will reward you.

The Wheel of Fortune Combined

The Wheel of Fortune would have different meanings if it stands along specific cards.

Let us see into several combinations of this major Arcana card with others from both the Major and the Minor Arcana.

  • The Wheel of Fortune and The Chariot: Triumph, success
  • The Wheel of Fortune and The Strength: Harmony within, peace with yourself
  • The Wheel of Fortune and The Two of Wands: Expansion regarding business
  • The Wheel of Fortune and The Page of Cups: Engagement or truce
  • The Wheel of Fortune and The Seven of Swords: Fraud
  • The Wheel of Fortune and The Knight of Pentacles: Performing something needed, necessary

Astrology and The Wheel of Fortune

The Wheel of Fortune is associated with the greatest benefactor of the Zodiac, the mighty and joyful Jupiter, the planet of luck and expansion.

Jupiter is all about growth, learning, education, expansion, joy, happiness, wealth and fortune.

The Wheel of Fortune Zodiac Sign

The Wheel of Fortune is associated with all of the four fixed signs, Taurus, Leo, Aquarius and Scorpio.

Numerology and The Wheel of Fortune

This card is the tenth card of the Major Arcana.

Number 10 represents the completion of a cycle.

It is composed of digits 1 and zero.

Number one is the starting point, but also the goal, while zero emphasizes its energy, being everything and nothing, alpha and omega.

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