What Does It Mean When The Sky Is Purple?

People have always looked at the sky, as if it was reserved for the higher powers, Gods, Angels, and the part that is beyond us, to a certain extent.

It was always a human desire to reach these heights, but at the same time, it was unreachable, something that is not for mortals.

This was enough for the ancient man to learn not to mess with the skies.

If the ancient man has looked at the sky, he has looked at the sky, said a prayer, and spoken to those heights with the humility and idea that there is someone who can hear him.

And here we spoke of the ancient man, who have no clue that the thunder is not the wrath of God but the climate on the planet Earth; but this by no means excludes the idea that is behind it.

The idea that all of us are so connected, that thunder was also made by “someone”, and that in the same way gives us messages, that are by no means accidents.

There is something that is called synchronicities and it just proves our undeniable connection to the Universe.

Many times we have noticed the sky when we were sad, the sky cried for us, and it was blue for example, or when we are in love, the sky is without clouds, and it looks wonderful and everything is sunny.

Once again these are not coincidences, and these events align with our lives, and inner states and all of them have their meaning.

Here, we will tackle the meaning and symbolism of the sky, and with the particular turn on the purple sky, as one event that is truly breathtaking, and that has a hidden and important meaning for all of us.

The idea is to listen to it, and then you are aligned with the Universe.

The symbolism of Sky

When we are speaking of the symbolic meaning of the sky, as the vast space, right above, where the Higher energy resides, whatever it may be for us; we have to take a look at what the majority of us speak of the sky.

As we use it in our everyday speech, this is not an accident, it has something that all of us can relate to.

We often mention the seventh (ninth in some cases, depending on the religious beliefs) heaven.

For us, it is the expression that comes from being euphoric, very happy, and blissful even.

It is a very old idea that the Universe is composed of nine (in some teachings seven) spheres, where the ninth (or seventh) layer is conceived as the seat of the Supreme God, a God, or the Universe, or the Force, something that is beyond us all.

It was believed that people could climb up to God with imaginary ladders and thereby reach perfection, complete harmony, and bliss.

Now, when that Sky is not nice, when is clouded and dark, then the reach that perfection, complete harmony, and bliss is simply not for us in the current moment.

So, daring to look at it from this and we shall say a somewhat different perspective, we learn to read those signs, and these events may be so specific, and wonderfully colorful that are truly worth remembering.

Knowing to look at the sky, and read what it has to say, truly can open an ocean of unknown opportunities.

We do not tackle them as we are most afraid of the Sky, and our inability to reach it (as we limit ourselves), not believing that we will be ever able to come to it.

Most of our worries rarely come true.

Even when we don’t see the light in life, many things happen precisely because it is the best for us; and just like we are not able to understand the sky or reach it, it is there.

The sky is wonderful, as are the Moon, the Sun, and the stars lighting up the sky.

Every day we witness various miracles, both around us and in our lives.

The symbolism of the sky is life itself.

Life is wider than our vision, so look at it more deeply – don’t be superficial, follow the leads and natural flow of changes.

Be yourself, but change for your good.

Be cheerful, but also down to earth.

Be aware that there is no place for fear, only faith.

The day when the sky speaks to us is the day that brings you peace.

We learn to look at it, and such an event extends our horizons and we no longer hold a narrow view that blocks us in many areas.

You are probably familiar with an expression – the Sky is the limit, and it truly is.

We can define it – and with communication with the Sky, and all it represents we get to see the whole view of the world, then we find the causes of issues, and answers, more efficiently.

We grow and we learn and we accept ourselves – then we learn to love.

We have already met the love of our life if we have met ourselves.

The right career, the right partner, and the right success will happen until we know the real self, but all jobs and lovers and all life circumstances help us a lot on that path.

This means that every partner and business is real, or was just as much as it should have been.

It is important to dig within ourselves until we love every drop of our blood, every bone of ours, every heartbeat, and every thought that makes us who we are.

All of it.

The way we are at that moment, the way we follow our partners, work, success, and everything…

The only important thing is that we don’t fall into a vicious circle thinking that these other things define us.

And here comes the symbolism of the sky – as all may seem so little when we observe it from the sky, including our fears and concerns.

Approaching them from this point of view, from the point of the wisdom of wings stretched on the sky, it will be much easier to overcome them.

When we think negatively, and we are not able to see anything close to us, then even insignificant issues will appear impossible.

If we summon in our thoughts and take a look at the sky, it indicates that support is reaching us in raising our minds.

What Does It Mean When The Sky Is Purple? 

Now, the sky can act differently, it can be calm and sunny, it can be dark and dangerous, and it can be cheerful and moody.

In all those cases, it speaks to us something else, and the question here is what does it mean when the sky is purple?

What kind of a message hides then?

First of all, when we are in some kind of doubt, and we contemplate, and think of what shall we do, and we can see a clear blue sky, even if before it was dark and gloomy, then such an event is a sign that you will be able to succeed in bringing about the changes necessary for your growth.

Sky and its color can also allow us to communicate our thoughts and ideas without worry or stress.

Then we think of a certain scenario and the sky opens in front of us, and we can see clearly.

Sometimes this is a sign to overcome our impatience and inflexibility, as for sure patience is its great virtue.

Looking from the sky you can truly see – when you notice a good opportunity, you can react fast.

This is how you should live – in the slight perception of when the time is right for a particular something to do.

Here the sky carries the message that we must trust our instincts and look at life with genuine senses like amazing and assertive beings.

Now, this is an association that is related to the bright and wonderfully blue sky; but how can we understand the message from the sky, when it suddenly turned purple?

This event is truly not a rare thing – to see the purple sky during evenings or dawns, and such an event can leave such a powerful impact on us that we must wonder about its meaning.

First of all things, the purple color by itself has a truly interesting connotation.

It was connected to the high rulers, but also with secrets, and mysticism. In the spiritual domain, this color is often regarded as a symbol of change and psychic ability.

And you will be able to see how the purple sky has a connection to the transformation.

So, when we relate it to the sky when it becomes purple, then such an event for us could mean that we are called to move on a path of discovering our true nature.

A purple sky can also come to you, or open in front of you to show you that the spiritual teachings or teachers are close to you and that they are ready to guide you.

Therefore your task is to be open, and maybe during the purple sky, or that night, you will have some important dreams.

Your intuition will wake you up, and this is one more way you will receive these messages that will ultimately change your life.

This, purple sky, is the symbol of awakening – not going to sleep, as it carries one important message, to wake up and see the endless opportunities that are all around us.

This sky has opened in front of you to tell you that we were not born to sleep, or maybe that we have, but that we have waked up all our lives.

This sky is the one “aha” moment for you, and you should take advantage of it for sure.

And this is not the end, there will be a new sky, once again when it is needed the most

There is not a belief but the knowledge that there will be many more.

One of the main ones is conscious isolation from everyone and everything, for your own sake.

But the sky or the Universe have heard you – to see yourself from the inside.

To know what’s wrong with your current life.

To speak up and ask for some help.

To feel the joy of the world, and to be accepted.

Letting go and meeting yourself for the first time.

Now, it is worth saying that the purple color is connected to the creative forces, and awakening them.

Violet is a very spirtual color – responsible for originality and inventiveness.

When you see the sky in this color you know that the time has come to wake up these sleeping energies inside of yourself, and then spark the fire inside of you.

So stare as long as you want at the purple sky – notice how the colors and clouds change shape with the winds.

Notice how the sun sets and rises no matter what the weather.

Everything changes and cycles – an amazing cycle of energy.

It is the same in your life, the purple sky announces a change, and you should embrace it; it does not have to be good or bad, it just is.

Even when problems and challenges arise, know that they will change – trust that everything in life changes and cycles.

The purple sky will disappear, maybe slowly may be fast, but if you have caught its colors, then you have caught its message for you.

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So, the symbolism of the violet sky comes as a reminder that all beings in this world are connected with the Divine force, and our task is to be open, not only in our minds and our souls, and then we can unlock unlimited opportunities that are in the Universe, and for that task, we must listen to our inner voices.

Now, seeing a purple sky is not a sign of good luck or bad luck, it is a sign that you must read and implement in life.

Just as a change does not have to be good or bad, the change is good by its core, as it is natural, and our faith and how we observe it, tells us how to deal with it, and what we can extract from it.

Believe that it will be fine, and it will be fine.

Every path of life leads us to some findings.

It may seem thorny to you right now, but it is full of lectures and lessons. Every path can lead to your desire – close your eyes and imagine the change you want.

Remember, and for that purpose, you can take a look at the purple sky, and you will instantly feel inspired, as this is the color associated with creative energy.

It is one step away from you, but for it to become a reality, you mustn’t look at the darkness, but at the light.

May this sky bring you peace and healing optimism, since you now know that the light is still there.

In the end, the power of the purple sky is so strong; it could be felt days after, as the potent energy of the color purple that lit up the sky last night.

For some, it could be a call to wake up and seize the new beginnings -never being too late to start working towards your dream, no matter how old you are, where you are, or what your circumstances are.

Don’t delay your happiness, and be joyful whatever the sky is, even when it is dark, and when it is bright or purple.

All of these cycles have their own purpose, in nature and for you.

Every purple sky can signal a challenge, but remember how many times you have already started again and again.

You’ve been successful many times, haven’t you?

Let this day, this event, and this beauty from a wonderful color, be a chance for a new beginning in your life.

It can be a decision related to work, love, finances, family, or home; whatever you see as relevant.

You can start anything you want now, you just need to take the first step, maybe this can be the advice for the end; as the sky starts to set, and the darkness takes over, you will get the wind at your back, and you will feel that you are on the right path.

Do not be afraid of it, and always have in mind that we are never alone, Universe is always there to pick you up even when you fall.

Just have a faith in it.

A purple sky will come again, and then you can stop, take a breath, and everything restarts, regardless of the fact that the world around you works as if nothing happened.

Well, that’s exactly where the transformation happens.

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