What Color Represents Family? Answered!

Family is usually considered a group of people, two or more, related through marriage, birth, or adoption, living together.

All persons who are related in such a manner are considered members of the family.

When we would use a color or several colors to represent the family, which one would they be?

The main colors which symbolize family are green, brown, white, and blue. These colors symbolically represent some important aspects of a family.

Generally, green is the color of nurturing, brown symbolizes stability, and blue and white are colors of loyalty.

Let us see what these colors symbolize in detail.

Green color

Green is an important color that symbolizes some important aspects of a family.

Green is the color of renewal, care, nurture, growth, hope, and development.

Green is the color of nature, trees, grass, and forests, which all represent a symbol of tranquility and relaxation.

Green is the color of relaxation, harmony, and also purity. It can be used in a family environment to instill a sense of peace and harmony between the family members.

It is a great color to use on the household artwork or outdoor decorations. Green is often used on family crests, and some choose it for wedding ceremonies and other important family events.

In art, green is used to depict peace, love, and stability.

Green is the color of fertility which is also an important for a family union that wants to have children.

Green is also the color of prosperity which is essential for the stability and harmony of the family. It attracts prosperity and wealth in the family.

Green is also the color of money, and this also accentuates its beneficial influence on the family’s finances.

This color gives hope for a better future and helps the members of the family combat feelings of depression and fear.

It shouldn’t be forgotten that green is also a color of jealousy and greed, and it should be avoided when situations between family members are tensed.

This is also the color of harmony and security. It is a pleasing color to both men and women.

It naturally instils feelings of peace and tranquility to those who wear this color, and also when they are surrounded with it in their home environment.

This color can also be announcing new beginnings and those families who wish to attract some new things and beginnings into their life should accentuate green in their surroundings.

In Feng shui green is also considered the color of fresh energy, renewal, and regeneration. Feng shui practitioners recommend having several shades of this color to strengthen its effect.

The color green is connected to the Family area in feng shui, and it is recommended that this color is included in your home with different décor, green live plants, or green painted walls.

Green is the color of the Heart chakra. It helps balance this chakra and consequently promoting harmonious love relationships and love flowing into the person’s life.

The Heart chakra is located in the center of the chest, and is related to love, tolerance, and compassion. When blocked, this chakra can cause the person issues in these areas. This is why it is essential to always keep it balanced and clean.

Brown color

Brown is the color of support, strength, stability, and security. These are all important factors for a stable and balanced family.

The symbolism of the color brown stems from the analogy with soil. Soil is brown and is a base for plants to grow. It provides the necessary nourishment for new life and growth.

Also brown is considered beneficial because of its analogy with tree trunks and wood. Wood is in different shades of brown color and is an excellent element to have in the home because it symbolizes stability and growth, which are two very important traits of a stable family.

Brown is a beneficial color for the nerves, and it is known that it improves our mood. It makes people feel relaxed and safe, which is why it is a great color to use for furniture, parts of walls, home décor, etc.

It is also beneficial to have plants with trunks, if possible in our home environment. These will then combine the energies of the colors brown and green which are so favorable for the home environment and its family members.

Brown is also a comforting color because it is the color of the most common family drinks symbols of home and family life, coffee and hot chocolate.

Although we also drink these in cafes, we experience the greatest pleasure when we prepare them ourselves in the comfort of our home, or best when our loved family member prepares them for us, so we can drink them in their company.

Brown is also the color of stability, longevity, responsibility, loyalty, maturity, commitment, honesty, and credibility, which are all very important characteristics of a stable and harmonious family and its members.

Brown instils an aura of comfort and inspires feelings of dependability, comfort, reliability, commitment, partnership, etc. which are all qualities of a great family.

The color brown is considered the color of the earth element. This is the element that brings stability, grounding, and promotes self-care. These are all important traits of a well-balanced and stable family.

It is recommended to stimulate the earth element in the home by decorating it with wooden floors, or wooden furniture, or even wooden decorations. This will help the sense of groundedness of the family members and inspire them to take good care of themselves and of each another.

The color brown is a mix of three colors, yellow, red, and blue and can therefore be associated with three chakras, the Root chakra which resonates mainly with the color red, the Solar plexus chakra which resonates with the color yellow and the Throat chakra which resonates with the color blue.

The Root chakra is responsible for the sense of security and stability in life. The Solar plexus chakra is responsible for your willpower and self-control, and also your self-esteem. The Throat chakra is the chakra of expressing our emotions and thoughts.

When these chakras are unbalanced, they create problems with the issues related with these chakras. This is why it is beneficial to be surrounded with objects and colors that help balance these chakras, and the color brown is one such color.

Having a lot of brown color in different varieties will help balance your home and family members, make them feel grounded, feel secure, confident, and able to express their feelings and emotions, which are all prerequisites of great family life.

White color

White color is a symbol of purity, virtue, and sacredness. It is the color of innocence, pure family relationships, harmony, and loyalty.

White is a very important color for every family household because it keeps the relationships between its members open and pure.

This color also inspires unconditional love which is essential for all family members.

White can be considered a color of newness and fresh beginnings. For a family that has gone through some tough times, white can be a color to inspire leaving the past behind and starting a new page.

White is also a color that inspires peace and calm, and it is recommended as wall paint color. Also, white colored décor details will help promote the energy of this color.

For small sized homes, white is the ultimate color of choice because it brightens every space and makes it appear bigger than it actually is.

White is always an association of cleanliness, but also purity and innocence. It is a safe color for decorating any space. It is a color of devotion and loyalty, and it also represents harmony.

Having white color in the family space inspires all these emotions and characteristics in its family members.

White is also the color of the divine, of holiness, and spirituality. It is the color of virtue.

White is also the color of high status. In some ancient cultures, only the highest ranking religious authorities were allowed to wear this color.

Even today white is considered the color of prestige because it easily stains and becomes dirty and it is not easy to keep it clean, so only the wealthiest people can afford to wear it.

In Feng shui, white is considered the absence of color, and represents the yang side of the yin-yang symbol. It symbolizes times of rest and relaxation.

According to Feng shui, white is connected with the metal element, and promotes productivity, mental clarity, and completion.

White is the color of the final chakra, the Soul Star chakra, which is floating above our heads. It is the least known of all and represented as a star glowing bright white color.

The Soul star chakra is the chakra which enables divine love and spiritual wisdom. It is believed that this chakra is connected to our soul’s past, and influences our mind, soul, and overall energy.

Being surrounded with white in our family home surely helps getting us inspired to work on our spirituality and expanding our spiritual awareness, both ours and our family members.

Blue color

Blue is a very beautiful color, representing the colors of nature, colors of the sky and the sea. Blue is the color of peace, tranquility, freedom, knowledge, and wisdom.

It is also the color of openness. For a family, this color symbolizes harmony, communication, and loyalty.

It promotes openly discussing issues and overcoming challenges within the family, in order to restore peace and harmony.

This color inevitably brings feelings of peace and calmness, similarly to the feeling we get when we look at the bright skies or endless vastness of water.

Blue has therapeutic influence, and it is an excellent color to place inside a family home, especially when there were turmoil and discord present.

This is the color which calls us to relax in the comfort of one’s home.

For families who struggle with issues with food, and want to reduce their diet, the color blue is an excellent choice, because it is known that it reduces the appetite.

Blue also inspires friendly communication and openness between the family members which are traits essential for a balanced family life.

It is certain that by decorating parts of the family home with blue will inspire the family members to establish and maintain harmony and cooperative relationships.

In Feng sui, blue corresponds with the elements of water and wood, depending on the tone of blue.

While mid blue tones represent the wood element, deep blue tones are connected to the water element.

Blue is connected to the family and knowledge area in Feng shui.

Blue is an excellent color for decorating vacation homes by the sea, but in our family homes, it can be a bit strong color and we shouldn’t overexaggerate with blue details, but this all depends on the space and the preferences of its inhabitants.

By putting blue furniture pieces, small decorative details, such as pillows or figurines, or even semiprecious stones, we can achieve the beneficial effects of this color to the entire family household.

Blue is the color of the fifth chakra, or the Throat chakra. It is located in the throat area, at the base of the throat.

This chakra is responsible for the person’s ability to tell the truth, communicate with others openly, and express themselves without restraints.

When this chakra is blocked or doesn’t work properly, the person struggles with expressing their thoughts and emotions, and suffers because of that.

The inability to speak their mind causes anxiety and other disorders.

Placing blue details around the family home will help the family members openly express their emotions and won’t allow resentment to pile up because they are unable to speak their minds about the things that bother them concerning some family member or issues.

Good communication and ability to speak openly is an essential prerequisite for a balanced family union.

Choosing a family color

Many families, especially the rich families in the past, choose a color to be associated with their family line and dynasty.

These colors were carefully chosen to represent the main traits and image of the family the members of a certain family wanted to convey to the public.

Besides the colors we just mentioned, which to the greatest extent represent the family and family values and qualities, other colors can also be chosen to represent a specific family, and this depends on the symbolism and image they want to present in the outside world.

The wealthy and successful often desire to represent their family in a form of a family emblem, where they carefully choose the colors that will represent them.

This is not an easy decision and before making the choice of color or colors, one must be acquainted with the symbolism of the colors.

The colors chosen should represent the family and the beliefs and ideals they stand for.

Family as a concept

As we mentioned, a family is a group of persons that are united through blood ties, marriage, or adoption, which constitute a single household.

A family group isn’t the same as a household because a household might include persons sharing a residence, while a family group consists of spouses, parents, siblings, and children.

Family is also a marriage pair, although the essence of the family group is the relationship between the parents and their children, and many marriage couples don’t have children.

In the most basic sense, family consists of two adults (usually a woman and a man) that might or might not be married, and their children, commonly living in a separate dwelling.

This unit is often called a nuclear family, which is the oldest type of family that exists.

There is also the concept of an extended family, which includes the parents, their unmarried children, or their married children, their spouses, and their children, and in some cases, their grandfathers, and grandmothers.

The family provides psychological and emotional security for its members, through the bond and love shared between the spouses themselves and their children.

It also provides economically for the children and their needs, especially food, a place to live, clothing, education, and physical security.

Family also provides for the sick and elderly family members who are incapable of taking care of themselves.

It should also be mentioned that there are exceptions to these descriptions in some cultures.


So, what colors represent family the most?

The answer is: the colors green, brown, white, and blue.

These colors promote and inspire the traits and emotions of a balanced and harmonious family life.

The color green is the color nurture, care, renewal, hope, growth, and development. It is also the color of relaxation and tranquility.

Green symbolizes harmony and purity. It also represents love and stability. Green is a color of fertility and new life.

Also, green symbolizes prosperity and abundance. It helps people fight feelings of anxiety and depression restoring their faith in the future.

The color brown represents stability, security, support, and strength. It is the color representing new life and growth. It symbolizes balance and groundedness.

Brown is known to clam the nerves and makes us feel relaxed and safe. It is also the color of comfort.

Brown is the color of responsibility, maturity, loyalty, commitment, longevity, credibility, and honesty. It promotes self-care.

The color white is a color of virtue, purity, and holiness. It symbolizes innocence and harmony, as well as loyalty.

This is the color of unconditional love. It symbolizes newness and beginnings.

White is a color of calmness and peace. It is a symbol of cleanliness. This color is a color of spirituality and the divine.

White is also considered the color of high status. In Feng shui it is said to inspire mental clarity and productivity.

According to Feng shui, white is connected with the metal element, and promotes productivity, mental clarity, and completion.

The color blue is the color of tranquility and peace. It represents knowledge and wisdom and is also the color of freedom.

Blue is the color of openness. It represents harmony, communication, as well as loyalty. It helps people resolve their issues by communicating.

Blue brings feelings of calmness and calls us to relax. Blue is also an excellent color to help reduce one’s appetite.

Blue is a color which helps us express our thoughts and feelings openly which helps improve all our relationships.

Because of their beneficial effects for the overall family household and its members, we should all aspire to incorporate elements and details of these colors in our homes.

Colors have an incredible influence on our lives. This is why it is essential to pay a lot of attention to the colors we keep wearing or we surround ourselves with.

Colors have the ability to improve our life, but also make it miserable. Colors can also improve our health, but also worsen it.

It is a known fact that people with high blood pressure should avoid wearing red because it has the effect of rising the pressure.

For some this will be detrimental, but for people with low blood pressure or depressed mood, red will be an excellent choice.

Also colors are important for our mood. We should carefully choose them if we don’t want to feel agitated, sad, confused, or angry.

Colors can do magic for those who know how to use them and carefully choose them.

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