Vesta in Pisces: Meaning and Traits

Vesta is a celestial body called asteroid. Asteroids are the remnants of rocks left from the times when our Solar system was created billions of years ago.

There are over 1.1 billion asteroids so far discovered, which all differ in size and shape.

Some are giant, like Vesta, but others are just meters in diameter.

Vesta in myth

Asteroid Vesta carries the name of a Roman goddess. This goddess was the protector of home and family life, and was the protector of Rome.

Symbolically, this goddess was represented by the flame which endlessly burned in her temple, and was believed to protect the city of Rome from demise.

She had her priestess who were responsible for keeping the flame burning.

Those were women who were chosen since very young age, age six to ten, for this role and who were obliged to remain virgins until their retirement, some 30 years later.

This was a respectable role, although very cruel because these women were forced to spend their youth and childbearing years doing this service. Those who broke the wow of chastity were severely punished.

They served the service in the Vestal temple which was in the Roman forum. No men were allowed inside, and women only entered once a year during a holiday dedicated to Vesta.

Because she was the goddess of fertility women were allowed to enter and pray to Vesta to help them conceive.

Vesta in astrology

Vesta is used in astrological analysis. This asteroid reveals the level of devotion of the person to their family and friends, their children and spouse, their work, goals, etc.

Analyzing Vesta can show if the person is ready to fight for their goals and beliefs, and for the rights of their loved ones.

This asteroid also shows the ability to sacrifice. It can show whether the person is ready to sacrifice for their goals and for the ones they love and care for.

Vesta also shows our behavior in intimate relationships. It shows whether we openly express our intimate desires, or we are afraid of intimacy.

Analyzing Vesta can show whether we lack intimacy, refrain from it, or we have some other issues in this area.

Vesta shows whether we are passionate and how we show our passion.

Also, it can point out to the areas where we need to make sacrifices.

This asteroid is the ruler of purity, chastity, self-control, self-sacrifice, service, fertility, devotion, suppression of our desires, etc.

Pisces sign

Pisces belong to the water element of the Zodiac signs, besides Cancer and Scorpio.

Like all water signs, Pisces it the ruler of our emotional side and our emotions.

Neptune, its ruler adds a dose of mystery and illusion which gives these people strong imagination and sometimes need to escape reality into their imaginary world.

This can sometimes get out of proportion making them prone to addictions, drugs, alcohol, and abuse of medications.

They can also be prone to overeating or some other forms of escapism.

They might appear elusive at times. They have kind and warm nature and are always prepared to help others.

Although they are usually honest, there are some members of this sign that can be very sneaky and manipulative.

They can be excellent scammers because on the surface they appear naïve and easily manipulated.

For some this might be true, and they might become a victim of scammers, but some Pisces have this role perfected.

These people are experts in telling lies no one can discover.

They are often empaths, capable of sensing what others are feeling. They also have a strong intuition.

In general, these people are home types and enjoy mostly spending time at home with their families.

They can be overly dependent on their partners and prone to clingy and obsessive behavior.

They can also be prone to avoiding conflicts and confronting their partners with the issues in their relationships.

Vesta in Pisces

Vesta in Pisces makes the person thoughtful, kind, and generous. They are sensitive and often very emotional.

These people are focused on helping others and are willing to sacrifice for their wellbeing. They are idealists who try to make the world a better place.

They are often in pursuit for improving things and fighting for the rights of the ones that are deprived of their rights.

Often these people have a highly spiritual nature and are not attached to the material world.

These people are very sensitive and can sense the suffer and pain of other people. They are empaths who easily tune to the emotional states of those around them.

Injustice hurts them greatly, and their ideas of saving the world usually aren’t welcomed by the majority of people they come across.

They possess a strong intuition and often have psychic powers. They love secrets and mysteries, and often have a secretive personality themselves.

These people can be very religious and often religion plays an important part in their lives.

This might be due to their never ending quest for the truth of our existence, which they tend to explain by religion and their faith.

They might be prone to loneliness and depression. Sometimes they feel as if no one can understand them and feel very different from the rest of people.

Their empathy often brings them into professions where they use their abilities to help others, especially in easing their emotional pain.

However, these people often suffer from the same problems, but it is not easy for them to find someone to ease their pain.

They are often doing some service work and improving other people’s lives in some way.

Because they tend to be naïve, they often find themselves in a situations where they become involved in groups that are toxic, which in turn ruins their lives.

They often don’t have enough emotional strength to fight their inner demons, and they turn to addictive behaviors to help them ignore these issues.

They might become drug addicts, abusers of alcohol or medications, which help them temporarily forget that they are not very well adapted to this world.

Also they might be prone to manipulations and taken advantage of. They sometimes end up in manipulative relationships where they are being controlled by their partners.

They might be prone to disillusioning themselves about other people’s motives towards them.

Even though they have a strong intuition they often are a bad judge of character, which might cause them find themselves in the company of people who have bad intentions towards them.

Sometimes these people use their emotional weakness to manipulate others, usually their partners. They might act incredibly clingy and possessive.

These people don’t like being alone and need to be in a relationship at any cost, especially women. They need a shoulder to lean on because they don’t feel strong enough to face life on their own.

To achieve these goals, they might sometimes be prone to deception and lies, which are also very good at telling.

They appear innocent and people instinctively believe their words, even when they are a complete lie.

Vesta in Pisces people are very intelligent and are capable of causing guilt feelings in people to manipulate them into doing what they want.

When it comes to their emotional life, these people are usually not very passionate, although some can exhibit extremely promiscuous behavior.

For them it is usually fine to get married and have a family at a young age. They are devoted to their children and spouse and don’t seek for much more from life.

They might be prone to cheating, of course, and in this case they are very skilled in hiding the evidence, so they rarely get caught.

They are capable of having parallel relationships for years, without being discovered by their partners.

Although they appear naïve to most people, the truth is very far from the appearance. They can be very calculating and manipulative when they want, and some of them use these traits to prosper in life.

Some of these people have an extremely low self-respect which can lead them to bad behavior, promiscuity, and having intimate encounters with people they don’t know anything about, which in turn leaves them more wounded and desperate.

Woman with Vesta Placed in Pisces

When Vesta in in Pisces in a woman’s chart, this will make her dreamy and a bit elusive.

These women can be very naïve and live inside their imaginary world where all things are ideal, failing to notice the red flags in situations and relationships with people.

Many of these women are easily influenced and controlled by others, because of their naïve and trusting nature.

There is of course, another type of Vesta in Pisces woman, and this is the one who only appear naïve, but is in fact very calculated and purposefully makes people believe she is naïve.

These women might instill sense of guilt in others to make them do what they want or even be with them.

They are creative and love doing creative things, even as a hobby.

Often they are highly spiritually evolved, and they like to inspire others to follow this path.

They don’t like meaningless talk and material possessions, and always promote other values in their conversations with others.

Their love for helping others often brings them in professions where they serve people in some way.

They sincerely enjoy making people feel better. Sometimes this is a job related to religion or it can be a job in the medical profession.

They might also choose to work for charity organizations or helping people in shelters and other similar institutions.

They are very emotional and seek a lot of emotional attention. They cannot stand being alone which is why they choose to be in a relationship even with the person who is obviously bad for them.

Sometimes they suffer from low self-worth which expresses through their promiscuous behavior where they tend to humiliate themselves by getting involved in casual physical encounters with complete strangers.

They can be prone to obsessing over their partners risking jeopardizing their relationships with their clingy behavior.

Man with Vesta Placed in Pisces

Men with Vesta in Pisces are also very emotional but they often have a problem expressing their emotions, or trying to suppress them because they fear they will appear weak.

They are not the most confident types, and can be prone to seeking women who are stronger personalities than them.

Some might seek a mother type of partner and someone who they can rely on for support.

Generally, like women with this placement, these men are family types and prefer to marry and have family early in life.

They might exhibit addictive behavior in every sense of the word. It is hard for them to face reality most of the time which is why they are prone to avoid doing that.

These men want a lot of attention and can be prone to guilt shaming others, especially their partners. They are great at manipulating people hiding behind a mask of naivety and kindness.

Some of them are in fact naïve, and prone to being controlled and manipulated by others, but some are skilled manipulators and scammers.

They can be prone to promiscuous behavior, addictions, such as drug abuse, medications abuse, or alcoholism.

The main reason for such behavior is general avoidance to face their issues that are provoking such behavior.

These men are not the most passionate, but in some cases they might be prone to extremely promiscuous activities. 

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Vesta in Pisces is a placement that makes the person kind and helpful, very intuitive and often spiritual.

They are ready to help others and often do some service work.

Although they can be very naïve and easily controlled, some of these people can be quite the opposite. They can be excellent manipulators and scammers.

They are emotional and possessive and demand a lot of attention, especially from their partners and loved ones. This is what makes them prone to guilt shaming people into doing what they want.

Because they often cannot face reality they can be prone to ignoring it and hiding in their imaginary world of different addictions, from alcohol, drugs, medications, food, gambling, etc.

Some might even be prone to extremely promiscuous behavior which makes them feel even worse.

They need to learn to respect themselves more and not beg for attention because this way they also lose the respect of others.

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