Vesta in Libra: Meaning and Traits

When the first asteroid was discovered, scientists believed that it was a planet. This was the asteroid Ceres, discovered in 1801.

Other similar celestial bodies were discovered in the following years, and Vesta was one of them, discovered in 1804.

These objects resembled stars, but they didn’t have the same characteristics, hence they were named asteroids, from the Greek word asteroeides, meaning star-shaped or star-like.

Asteroids are rocky objects, with irregular shape, who are neither a planet nor a dwarf planet, and orbit the Sun.

They are in fact debris from the initial formation of our Solar system, which happened some 4.6 billion years ago. More than 1.1 billion asteroids are discovered so far.

Because they are remains of rocks, their size differs from giant to tiny ones. Vesta is one of the larger ones, with 525 meters in diameter.

Throughout history, asteroids have hit the surface of the earth and influenced our evolution.

Asteroids are often named after deities, especially the ones that were first discovered.

Vesta is also an asteroid that carries the name of an important goddess from the Roman pantheon.

Vesta has two big craters on its surface, possibly created by rock collisions during the time span of billions of years.

Vesta in myth

Vesta carries the name of a goddess from the Roman pantheon, just like many other asteroids.

This goddess was the ruler of home and family life. She was the protector of the Roman people and one of the most respected deities.

She is often represented symbolically as the fire burning inside her temple. She was the goddess of eternal flame.

The fire in her temple was constantly kept alive because Romans believed that horrible fate would succumb Rome should the fire be extinguished.

The Vestal virgins, who were the priestesses in Vesta’s temple were responsible for the maintenance of the fire.

These were women had a poor destiny. They were honored and respected, but they were destined to a life of solitude without a family.

They were appointed to the role of priestess while still young, at the age six to ten.

Their duty was to remain virgins until they retired which could happened after at least 30 years on duty.

These women wasted their childbearing years and their youth, and when they were finally freed, the chances were small for them to lead a normal life like other women.

Those Vestals who broke the vow of chastity and lost their virginity, were severely punished.

Being a Vestal virgin was a great sacrifice indeed.

The Vestal temple was placed in the Roman forum, and the priestesses were the only one allowed inside.

Women were allowed to enter only once a year, during the holiday Vestalia, to pray to Vesta to help them conceive. Men were never allowed in.

Vesta was the virgin goddess, and she was the purest of all. She was considered the protector of female chastity, but she was also the goddess of fertility.

Vesta in astrology

In astrology, Vesta demonstrates how devoted we can be to the things we care for in life, such as our loved ones, family members, our work, friends, our goals, etc.

Vesta shows how able we are to fight for what we believe is important, as well as our ability to sacrifice for some important cause, or the people we love and care about.

It can describe our approach towards our intimate relationships and our intimate relationships.

Vesta can show how relaxed we are when it comes to our intimate relationships and show whether we are afraid of being intimate with someone, or we maybe refrain from intimacy, or we completely lack intimacy.

Vesta can reveal our physical needs and the level of our passion. It shows whether we openly express our passion and physical needs, or we have restraints and issues showing them.

The issues related to the asteroid Vesta can be determined by analyzing the sign and position of this asteroid in the natal chart.

This can point out to areas in life which might be causing stress and making us feel restricted.

Vesta can show the areas where we might be called to make some sacrifice.

Vesta can also reveal the areas where we tend to ignore dealing with some issues or pretend we have none.

In these areas we usually experience regret and disappointments despite the fact that we put in a lot of effort in making them work.

These areas are usually very important to us, and we keep failing at them.

Vesta rules fertility, chastity, integrity, modesty, devotion, service, self-control, sacrifice, suppression of physical desires, lack of intimacy, etc.

Libra sign

Libra is the seventh sign of the Zodiac and an air sign. The ruler of Libra is Venus, the planet of harmony, balance, and beauty.

People influenced by the sign Libra are very aesthetic and need to be surrounded by beauty in all forms. Imperfections in any form almost disturb them.

Libras are in a constant pursuit of perfection and beauty. They also constantly try to perfect themselves and others, which is an impossible task.

They exhaust themselves and they are constantly unsatisfied with the results.

Even though they might be blessed with an extraordinary physical beauty, these people are sadly often very insecure and lack self-love and acceptance.

Their desire for ideal beauty keeps them in a constant state of not being good enough which is very bad for their self-esteem.

Libras constantly perfect their looks and their surroundings. They love fashion and love buying new clothes and accessories. Many of them are shopping addicts.

Another issue they have is their indecisiveness and not being able to make up their mind. Even when they make a decision they keep questioning it, which drives people around them mad.

They never seem to be completely satisfied, regardless of how much life has blessed them.

This opens the door to negativity and problems with depression and anxiety, and general lack of happiness.

Because they are so indecisive, Libras can constantly postpone doing things, or changing their mind about things, making wrong choices, etc. which in turn causes drama and anxiety, and generally wastes a lot of their time.

These people might seem ungrateful to other people because seemingly they have everything others might only dream about, especially regarding their good looks and artistic talents.

Because of their good looks, these people might succumb to the sin of vanity.

Most of them are aware of their good looks and the attention it attracts, and this can lead to them being picky.

This choosiness and indecisiveness might also cause them to waste time, which in turn causes them to have fewer chances and opportunities because as time passes their beauty fades and they are not as desirable as they once were.

They seek balance in all areas of life. Libras have diplomatic skills and know how to deal with people.

They are often people pleasers which is not a good trait. Their nature is kind and gentle in general. They have great manners.

Libras are righteous people and don’t like when other people suffer injustice. Injustice hurts them in every form.

They don’t like conflicts and try to avoid them at all costs. They are also good at defending their opinions, and law is often a profession they choose in life.

They are also talented for art and usually very creative. Art and design are also areas where they feel at home.

Another trait of Libras is their inability to be single for a long time. Their desire for companionship at all costs often causes them to make wrong choices.

Libras are often perceived as shallow because of their obsession with their looks.

Vesta in Libra

When Vesta is placed in Libra this makes the person very sociable and friendly. They are caring and might worry a lot about their family members.

Their work is also important to them, but it can be a cause of stress and anxiety also.

These people have a righteous nature and are willing to sacrifice for their loved ones and for the things they find important even though it takes a great tool on their nerves and emotional balance.

Injustice hurts them in any form, and they are willing to fight both verbally and through actions for what they believe it is right, whether it is related to them or to someone else they care for.

They are often in some supportive groups for people’s and animal’s rights because it is in their nature to fight against injustice and hurt rights.

These people are not very passionate and could have a problem expressing their intimate desires. They might even have a fear of intimacy if Vesta or some planets in their charts are severely afflicted.

They need a strong partner who will support and guide them through their relationships and that include their intimate pleasures.

They might be shy opening up about their physical desires and they need someone who is understanding and supportive.

Generally they are devoted and loyal to their spouses and partners, although in some extreme cases they might be very promiscuous.

Because of their indecisiveness and tendency to weigh the pros and cons in every situation, they risk ending up with the wrong partners who take advantage of these traits.

Their task is to learn how to be more decisive.

Woman with Vesta placed in Libra

Women with Vesta in Libra are very indecisive when it comes to their love choices.

They are good looking, and they have a lot of opportunities to choose, but their indecisiveness often causes them to choose the wrong person.

This often leads to disappointments and feelings of anxiety and depression.

Even though on the surface they might appear to have everything, these people often struggle with negative emotions and feelings of despair.

They love to help others and are very caring and devoted to their family members and spouse.

Injustice is a thing they cannot stand, and they fight will all their forces against it, whether it is an injustice against them, or against someone they care for.

Often these women have issues with their intimacy.

They might be shy when it comes to expressing their intimate desires, although in some opposite cases which are rarer, they might be very promiscuous and direct.

This usually happens under the influence of some other planets and placements, which is why it is essential to analyze the entire chart before making conclusions about someone’s traits and behavior.

Man with Vesta placed in Libra

Men with Vesta in Libra are usually good looking and attract a lot of attention.

They might be overly kind and gentle which is why people attribute them feminine qualities even when they don’t have them.

These people care about others and their rights, and they are ready to fight to correct any injustice they come across.

They might lack passion and usually have a friendly approach to potential partners than openly physical.

Like women with this placement, they might be a bit shy when it comes to expressing their intimate desires.

Because they are good looking they might change partners but only because they have a lot of opportunities for that, and not because they have the physical need.

When they find the right partner they are loyal and devoted.

They are good providers and take care of their families and loved ones.

They might be prone to perfectionism especially regarding their appearance and this can lead them in anxiety and depressive states.

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People with Vesta in Libra are justice lovers and fighters for the rights of the oppressed, whether they are people, groups, animals, etc.

Indecisiveness is one of their major issues because it causes them to waste their time due to the wrong choices they make.

They seem to always question their decisions and actions in every area of their life, especially their love life.

This causes them to make the wrong choices and people using them.

They are not very passionate and tend to be shy when it comes to openly expressing their physical needs and desires.

This is why they require a partner who will be supportive and help them overcome this shyness.

Also, these people are generally faithful and don’t have the need to cheat on their partners.

However, the circumstances and their good looks often bring them in situations where they do cheat, simply because they have the opportunity.

The general recommendation for them is to practice being more decisive.

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