Vesta in Gemini: Meaning and Traits

Vesta, the asteroid, was discovered in 1807, and was then the fourth discovered asteroid. Vesta is also the second heaviest asteroid and the brightest one that can be seen from the Earth.

It has two giant craters which are believed to have been created through collisions over the span of billions of years.

Vesta in myth

Like the other well-known asteroids, Vesta carries the name of a Roman goddess who was the ruler of family life and home.

This goddess was also the protector of the Roman people and one of the most important Roman goddesses.

This goddess was usually represented by the fire burning in her temple.

This was a never-ending fire that was kept alive by her priestesses, the Vestal virgins.

The temple of Vesta was in the Forum Romanum, Roman forum, and only the Vestal virgin priestesses were allowed in.

During the holiday of Vesta, called Vestalia, women were allowed to enter this temple to say their prayers to this goddess. Men were never allowed in.

Vesta’s priestesses, the Vestal virgins, had a sad destiny.

They were chosen at a young age from six to ten to be in this role for the next 30 years at least.

They were obliged to remain virgins during their priesthood, after which they were granted their freedom.

These women took this great sacrifice because it was considered a great honor, knowing they would probably never get married or have a family.

Their main role was in keeping the fire in the temple burning continuously, because it was believed that this protected Rome and its citizens from harm.

There was a strong belief in Rome that if the fire should seize, something terrible would happen to the city.

Priestesses who neglected their duties were brutally punished.

Vesta, the goddess was considered the purest goddess. She was a virgin and this is why the priestesses were obliged to preserve their chastity.

This goddess was also the goddess of fertility, and women with problems conceiving turned to her for help in having a child.

Vesta in astrology

In astrology, Vesta shows the way we deal with problems at work.

This asteroid also shows how capable we are to sacrifice for someone or for a just cause.

This asteroid also describes the level of devotion we can demonstrate, to a cause, or some goal, a project, a person, etc.

Vesta also shows our approach towards intimate relationships.

It can reveal whether we are relaxed or not regarding personal relationships and intimacy.

This asteroid is also the ruler of issues caused by fears of intimacy, refraining from intimacy, or lack of intimacy.

Vesta reveals the persons passions and physical needs, and their attitude towards them.

It reveals whether we tend to openly express and satisfy them, or we tend to ignore them.

Issues related to this asteroid can be found through analyzing its sign and house of placement.

By analyzing it we can discover which areas of life are causing us distress or where we feel restricted in some way.

Vesta also shows the areas of life as well as the people we are forced to make some sacrifice for.

It also reveals the areas where we tend to ignore dealing with some issues or we ignore they exist.

These often areas where we usually experience disappointments despite the enormous efforts, we put to make everything right.

They are areas that are especially important to us.

Vesta also shows us how to maintain our focus and determination to achieve our goals or solve our problems.

It is the ruler of focus, devotion, service, self-control, modesty, chastity, fertility, purity, integrity, suppressing intimate desires and passion, etc.

Gemini sign

Gemini is an air sign, and this fairly describes their personality. These people are light-hearted and unbothered.

It is not easy to angry a Gemini because they rarely involve themselves personally in any situation.

They are also not very devoted and loyal. The main reason is their lack of focus and variety of interests.

This also spills onto their romantic relationships and friendships.

These people lose their interest quickly and they easily get bored. Grass is always greener in the neighborhood’s yard for these people.

This often makes them ungrateful and unappreciative of the blessings they have.

They lack focus and their mind is constantly stimulated by new things.

They can be perceived as shallow, but they usually aren’t. They simply need constant brain stimulation.

This is why people who are boring and uninteresting cannot remain in their company for long.

They simply leave when they are in the company of people they don’t like. They don’t have much tact, and their behavior is often perceived as rude.

They can be very direct, and their words can easily hurt people’s feelings even though that isn’t usually their intention.

People under Gemini influence aren’t very emotional unless they have some other placements.

They are not easy to have as a friend or romantic partner because it requires a lot of tolerance for their behavior.

They need constant movement and don’t find it easy remaining in one place or relationship for a long time.

They tend to have parallel relationships and also have more than one best friend.

The best partner for this person is someone who has a similar nature.

Because of these traits they might easily be perceived as superficial and insincere.

Sometimes they are, but usually this is not the case.

Their minds are quick, and they are very intelligent.

Also they are very curious and notice everything.

Their nature makes them very charming, and people love to be in their presence.

Gemini is a very sociable sign. These people enjoy being in the company of others and always need to meet new people. Establishing contacts is easy for them.

They especially love interacting with people from different cultural background.

They are fun to be around and usually have a variety of topics to talk about.

Wherever there’s some action and new events these people are present.

They are excellent for career in social media, marketing, writing, tourism, communications, and all other areas where mental stimulation and communication at work is required.

Vesta in Gemini

Vesta in Gemini people are often easy going when it comes to resolving issues.

They are not the most determined to succeed and they tend to give up when they don’t get the solution easily.

Other things occupy their attention quickly and they move their focus on other things.

For them it is not easy to finish their tasks if there isn’t an element of newness and fun involved.

When the job is boring it is not easy for them to do it, and they usually do it with half their brains.

They are often superficial in their approach to things.

They are intelligent but their intelligence is fluid and always look for new stimuli, refusing to stick to one thing until it is completely done.

These people tend to leave their job (even personal matters) unfinished.

They start many things but only the easiest, most interesting and those who require the least effort end up accomplished.

The other ones are left as projects in the making.

They are usually not the kind of people to sacrifice for others or for a higher good. They often look at their own interest first.

People influenced by Pallas in Gemini are relaxed when it comes to their intimacy and relationships.

They are open to expressing their often unconventional ideas about intimacy.

They aren’t very devoted partners and get along best with those who have a similar outlook on relationships.

They are often found in parallel relationships and consider that normal.

If Pallas is afflicted in their chart, they might express abnormal desires for intimacy or uncommon fears and phobias related to satisfying their intimate needs.

They might experience fear of communicating their intimate desires openly and possibly have issues with establishing initial contact with potential partners.

These first stages of a relationship might be their greatest issue to overcome.

These issues might stem from some past trauma they’ve experienced which caused shyness and discomfort to approach people they like and want to be intimate with.

Because they are usually very communicative and don’t have a problem establishing relationships of different nature with people, many people with Vesta in Gemini with this issue tend to ignore it and simply avoid intimacy to avoid confronting their shyness and discomfort in these situations.

Woman with Vesta placed in Gemini

Women with Vesta in Gemini are interesting but can appear shallow.

They don’t maintain their focus for a long time, and this is especially a problem when it comes to their work duties.

They might belong to the category of workers who don’t do a thorough job but someone else needs to supervise their work.

They don’t have a problem with that because many of them consider their job a waste of time they could spend doing something else.

If Vesta in Gemini is prominent in a women’s chart, she might be perceived as superficial and lacking devotion to a goal.

She might also change her mind quickly and when things get though just switch goals and focus her attention on something else.

She might be a person who starts many things at once without finishing any of them. She usually doesn’t feel bad for her attitude.

These women aren’t always faithful. Their idea of devotion is often different than the idea of most people.

If they get bored with a partner, it might be normal for them to look for another one who is more interesting at the moment.

They get along best with partners whose ideas of fidelity are fluid.

They cannot easily commit for a long periods of time because the idea of long scares them.

Many of these women speak openly about this so their partners know where they stand with them.

Of course, when Pallas is challenged in their natal chart, this can lead to secrecy and parallel unions that are hidden from their partners.

They are usually easy to communicate and make contacts with people, as well as potential partners.

Man with Vesta placed in Gemini

Men with Vesta in Gemini prominently placed in the natal chart are considered a bit shallow and not very reliable.

This is the impression many of these people make on others especially those they work with.

When it comes to devotion to their goals, these men are not the most persistent types.

When the first signs of obstacles appear, many of them tend to give up and find another goal.

Their mind wonders from interest to interest, and they often leave their business unfinished, both in their private and in professional matters.

They are not bad people they are just not very organized and finishing their tasks on time or at all doesn’t seem like a major priority to them.

They love the thrill of meeting new people and the new experience this brings into their lives.

As partners they are often not faithful. They prefer partners who have similar views and are tolerant to a bit of relationship variety.

Some of them are prone to parallel relationships which can sometimes be hidden from their current partner.

They are not very devoted and loyal, even as a friend. They have a variety of friends and acquaintances and always add new on the list.

While new people are added, the old ones often leave the scene because the person got bored of them.

These men are very intelligent but it’s a shame their lack of patience and endurance prevents them from making the most of their abilities.

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Vesta in Gemini influenced people are easy going and fun to be around.

For a shallow conversation or friendship these people are an excellent choice.

They don’t go deep into their relationships with people because their interests keep changing on a daily basis.

This person isn’t very reliable, and they are not very devoted to their work.

They often leave things unfinished simply because they lack motivation or interest.

This is an attitude they can express in other relationships which can be hurtful for the people who somehow partner with them.

Their quest for new experiences can lead them to infidelity and parallel relationships.

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