Vesta in Capricorn: Meaning and Traits

The asteroids are celestial objects located in the inner Solar system.

They are also called minor planets because they have some characteristics of planets, and were once considered planets.

They are actually remnants of rocks that are left over from the early formations of the Solar system, and that happened about 4.6 million years ago.

The majority of currently discovered asteroids, and there are over 1.1 billion of them, are orbiting around the Sun in the main asteroid belt which is located between the planets Mars and Jupiter.

Being remnants of rocks, asteroids vary in size a lot, from over 500 kilometers in size to tiny ones, just meters in diameter.

Vesta is one of those giant asteroids with a diameter of 525 kilometer.

Generally asteroids have an irregular shape and uneven surface, filled with dents and craters. Some even have accompanying moons.

Most asteroids are made of clay, silicate rocks, or nickel-iron.

The composition of asteroids depends on how far they were from the Sun during the time of their formation billions of years ago.

Asteroids have greatly influenced life on Earth. They have hit the Earth’s surface many times, which influenced its geological history and the evolution of life.

Asteroids were fist discovered in 1801 with the discovery of the asteroid Ceres. Vesta was discovered in 1804.

It is the brightest and second heaviest asteroid with two giant craters on its surface.

Vesta in myth

Many of the first discovered asteroids carry names of goddesses and other deities.

Vesta was named by the Roman goddess, ruler of home and family life, and protector of Rome.

She was one of the most important goddesses and generally deities in the Roman pantheon of gods.

The symbol of this goddess is the fire constantly burning in her temple, and this is how she was usually represented.

The flame that was continuously burning in the temple of Vesta was considered to be a protector of the city of Rome and people believed that a horrible destiny will befall on the citizens of Rome.

The priestesses of the Vesta temple, were in charge of maintaining the fire burning.

The Vestals were virgins, chosen from a young age to that position.

They were obliged to stay in this role for at least 30 years, which was very cruel, because by the time when their duty ended, they were middle aged and their childbearing years have already passed.

These women were obliged to remain virgins during the entire time they were priestesses and those who failed at this duty were punished.

Although their role seemed a great honor, for these women it was a great sacrifice of their life and their womanhood.

The Vestal temple was inside the Roman forum, and it was only permitted to the priestess to enter.

Women were allowed to go inside to pray to Vesta only once a year, during her holiday Vestalia. Men were prohibited to enter.

Vesta was the goddess of chastity and female purity. It also ruled fertility which is why women prayed to her to help them conceive.

Vesta in astrology

Astrologically, the asteroid Vesta shows the person’s devotion to the areas that matter the most in their life, like their family, or work, their friends, goals, etc.

Vesta shows how determined the person is to fight for what they believe is rightfully theirs or for what is right, or for the people they care for.

It shows the readiness of a person to sacrifice for their goals and loved ones.

This asteroid can also give insight into our intimate relationships and how we approach them.

It shows whether we are relaxed in our intimate relationships, or we are possibly cold, indifferent, or we are afraid of intimacy, we possibly lack intimacy or refrain from it.

Asteroid Vesta shows how passionate we are and our physical needs. It reveals whether we openly express them, or we have issues expressing them.

The sign and placement of Vesta in the natal chart can show us the issues related to the areas of rulership of this asteroid.

Vesta can show which areas of life are potentially causing us anxiety or make us feel restricted.

Vesta also shows the possible situations where we might be asked to sacrifice for someone or something.

This asteroid can also point out to the areas where we tend to ignore certain issues or dealing with them, or we pretend they don’t exist.

In these areas we tend to experience the most regret and disappointments, despite the amount of effort invested in them to function properly.

It is like we keep failing in the areas we consider the most important.

This asteroid is the ruler of fertility, service, devotion, self-sacrifice, self-control, chastity, suppression of intimate desires, purity, etc.

Capricorn sign

Capricorn sign is the tenth sign of the Zodiac, and also an earth sign.

These people usually appear tough and serious, even emotionless, regardless of their gender.

Even if they have an incredible sense of humor and always make jokes around you, you can seem to shake off the feeling that this person is like a rock and very grounded.

They are very ambitious and motivated by success. They seem to lack fun in their life because they lack the ability to relax.

Of course, there are Capricorns that are always prepared to party, but they usually have some other influences in their natal chart.

There is a saying about Capricorns that as they age they appear more youthful, and there is a lot of truth in this saying.

It is like that with years they become more relaxed and comfortable in their skin, which in comparison to their stiff and rigid attitude of their youth seems as if they have aged backward some 10-20 years.

These people are considered materialistic, and this is true. They need to have material stability first to be able to relax and enjoy life.

Security is a motivation for their actions, and they base many of their major life decisions on whether something provides security or not.

This is true with their choices of life partner, both for women and men influenced by this sign.

Their lifetime partner and spouse should be someone with perspective in life who can provide the security they crave for.

Even though they need their partner to be financially stable and ambitious, they are also ambitious and focused on achieving financial stability themselves.

Capricorn sign is very passionate although it might not seem like that at first. The reason is their tendency to hide their motives and desires.

When they gain trust and open to their partner, they are able to show their passionate impulses openly and they often surprise their partners with their intensity.

These people are focused on their goals and would do the impossible to achieve them.

They are persistent and enduring, and challenges only inspire them. Capricorn plans in advance and won’t let anything surprise them. They can be very controlling.

They are very protective towards their family members and loved ones. These people are loyal and devoted partners and friends.

In general, Capricorn is traditional and isn’t prone to cheating.

However, many Capricorns do cheat on their partners (men especially) making sure their partners never find out.

Their cheating is a result of strong physical urges they need to satisfy at all costs.

Vesta in Capricorn

Vesta in Capricorn makes the person very organized and disciplined in their approach to the most important aspects of their life, such as family, work, their goals, and plans, etc.

Ambition is one of their main fuels. They need to be accomplished to feel good about themselves, and they might be in constant pursuit of proving themselves they are good enough.

These people are great strategists and plan makers. They can organize other people and are excellent team leaders but also individual workers.

They are loyal and devoted friends, and their friends can rely on them. They don’t have many friends but the friends they have they keep for life.

These people can be very controlling because of their need to keep all matters in their hands.

This happens in their personal relationships but also at work. Other people feel threatened by this trait of theirs.

They also don’t like to be criticized even when they are wrong, which they never admit, and they have a hard time apologizing even when they should.

When people confront them with facts of their wrongdoing they attack and never accept their fault. They can be very manipulative in this respect.

They are very passionate but they tend to hide their passionate urges under a mask of coldness and distance.

When they relax their mask falls, and they show their true desires.

These people are usually traditional but in some cases they might have a parallel life where they show their true nature and desires.

Especially men are prone to having multiple affairs while keeping an image of a wonderful and harmonious marriage.

It is not easy to discover their behavior and they are skilled at hiding their actions.

Because they are determined to succeed they can fiercely fight for their goals and desires. They are also prepared to fight for their loved ones.

When it comes to protecting the rights of others and fighting for them, Capricorn people usually won’t jump into doing it if there isn’t some interest involved for them.

These people are protective of their interests in the first place and can be very calculating and manipulative.

Woman with Vesta Placed in Capricorn

Women with Vesta in Capricorn might have a problem relaxing and expressing their emotional side.

They often appear cold and distanced, but inside they are actually very warm and kind beings; the only problem is getting to their inside.

This trait can cause them issues in their relationships and dating.

People might perceive them as conceited, which they often are, but this can also cause bad opinions about them, and that is often undeserved.

Capricorn women protect their interests first. They have a lot to offer and want a lot in return.

They are usually very successful and ambitious, and expect their partner to give the same in return.

They might be shy at first at expressing their physical desires, but when they get to know someone they show their true passion, and some of these women are truly fire.

They are protective of their loved ones, especially children and family members and friends. They would do anything to protect them.

When it comes to other people and fighting for their rights, they think well before taking action, and usually they have to be motivated by some personal goal.

They never give up on their goals and fight until the end.

Man with Vesta Placed in Capricorn

Men with Vesta in Capricorn have similar traits to women with this placement.

They appear cold on the outside, but their true fire comes out once they know someone better. These men are calculated and always know what they are doing.

Their physical desires and urges are strong, even though they appear distanced and very detached on the outside.

They might be prone to cheating on their partners because of their strong urges, but they try not to allow their partners ever find out about that.

They maintain an image of ideal spouse and partner, while exhibiting a different image in some other situations.

Men with Vesta in Capricorn are protective and caring for their family members and would do anything for them.

Capricorn people don’t jump defending strangers just because it is right.

They tend to stand on the side if they are not personally involved in a situation.

When they decide to intervene, it is usually because they have some interest in doing so.

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Vesta in Capricorn makes the person reserved and controlled.

They are very ambitious and prepared to do the impossible to achieve their goals.

These people always protect their interests, which is why people consider them calculated, which they often are.

They are always ready to help their loved ones, but when it comes to people they don’t have any relations with, they usually don’t intervene to help, unless they are motivated by something.

These people have a traditional outlook on life and family, and are usually loyal and devoted partners and spouses, but in some cases their strong physical urges cause them to cheat on them and sometimes have parallel lives with other partners.

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