Vesta in Aquarius: Meaning and Traits

Vesta is an asteroid, a celestial body from the inner Solar system.

Vesta is one of the over 1.1 billion discovered asteroids, and is the brightest, and also the second heaviest of them.

Vesta in myth

In myth, Vesta was a goddess. She was the goddess ruling home and family life in ancient Rome. She was also the protector of the city of Rome.

She is most known for the fire that was kept alive in her temple to ensure the city of Rome is protected.

The temple of Vesta was governed by the Vestal virgins, her priestesses who were in charge of keeping the flame burning.

They were appointed to this role when they were just six to ten years old. Their main role was to serve this goddess and keep the flame burning non-stop.

They were virgins and were obliged to remain virgins until their retirement from that function, which happened around 30 years after they were chosen for this role.

They were sad women whose youth was sacrificed and when they were finally freed, most of them were too old to get married and have a family of their own.

No men were allowed inside the Vestal temple, and women were allowed only once a year during the holiday Vestalia.

The goddess Vesta ruled female chastity and fertility.

Vesta in astrology

The asteroid Vesta is used in astrological analysis.

It can reveal whether the person is devoted to their family, their spouse, partner, work, friends, goals, etc.

Vesta shows whether the person is determined to fight for their beliefs and their rights, as well as for their loved ones.

Also, Vesta in the natal chart reveals the person’s ability and readiness to sacrifice for those they love and for their goals.

Vesta shows our approach to our intimate relationships, whether we are afraid of intimacy, or we openly express it.

It shows possible issues with our intimate relationships and our s*xuality. It can show whether we lack intimacy, or we refrain from intimacy.

It also shows how passionate we are and the level of our physical needs, as well as whether we express them openly or not.

Vesta can show the areas where we might be called to sacrifice in life.

It rules service, self-sacrifice, devotion, self-control, chastity, suppression of intimacy, fertility, purity, etc.

Aquarius sign

Aquarius is a sign of unexpectedness. These people are very intelligent and possess a unique personality that is different from all other Zodiac signs.

Like their element, air, these people are elusive. They love their freedom and don’t give it up easily.

Their approach to life is unconventional, and this is what causes surprise of their surroundings.

They are considered strange by most people because of how different they are.

They choose to do everything differently and refuse to follow the crowd. They are innovators and are the first to try out new things.

Sometimes they appear as from another planet because of their need to be different regardless of the cost.

These people love helping others, even when they are complete strangers.

Aquarius are not very emotional. They appear detached which is often an intentional move.

They don’t like to attach to people and situations too much so they could be free to leave when they want.

They get bored easily of people and situations.

They prefer open type relationships and don’t like the traditional idea of marriage and family.

They have an unconventional approach to raising their children, and often choose not to marry even when they become parents.

They are not very passionate and often have a friendly approach in their relationships, rather than a sensual one.

Their mind needs constant stimulation. They love learning and have a great knowledge on a variety of matters.

They are unpredictable and adventurous. They are sociable and love being around people and meeting new acquaintances.

Freedom is the most important value in their life.

Vesta in Aquarius

Vesta in Aquarius makes the person friendly and communicative. These people need to be surrounded by people. They require networking and social connections.

Their nature is warm and open. They love to socialize and usually have a lot of friends and acquaintances.

Others enjoy being in their company because of their easy going, fun and energetic nature. They have a great sense of humor, although a bit weird.

These people are very intelligent and enjoy exchanging opinions with likeminded people. Their knowledge about a variety of subjects is remarkable.

They sometimes appear too inquisitive because they are so curious to know everything.

These people are very knowledgeable and students for life. They never stop learning about the subjects that interest them.

They are idealists who want to help everyone in struggle. These people are true humanitarians who want to improve the world.

Their mind is critical, and they usually make the right conclusions about people and are a good judge of characters.

They are helpful to others, but hesitant to ask for help when they need it. Vesta in Aquarius tries to solve their issues alone, without bothering anyone.

This can often happen because they have a belief that they know everything best and they don’t need any help, which often backfires at them.

They also might be prone to solving the problems of other people and ignoring their own.

Even though they are very social and need to be in company of others, they also love their time alone.

In some sense, these people often feel they don’t belong anywhere and feel very different to the rest of their surroundings.

They might have a problem finding a sense of belonging to a group or someone. Although they might appear rough and a bit insensitive on the surface, these people are very emotional and sensitive.

Their fun and bubbly appearance is often very far from reality. These people often struggle with issues like depression.

The problem is they don’t want to share their struggles with their loved ones and suffer in silence, which makes this even harder for them.

These traits make these people consciously focus on developing their strengths of resilience and overcoming their issues.

They can also become emotionally closed off and distant, trying to protect themselves from the pain of interacting with others.

They often ignore their problems and ignore the causes of their hurt feelings and pain, which in turn causes resentment and more pain, which they become aware when they finally decide to confront these issues.

To ignore these problems they occupy themselves with the problems of other people. This is what brings them to working for humanitarian organizations or joining groups who aim to help the deprived.

These people are often involved in politics, at least as good connoisseurs of the political situation in their country and world in general.

They are often fighters for social rights of minorities, because for them there aren’t any differences between people. They consider everyone as equal.

Their activism often brings them on the top of such organizations, and they become renowned leaders and freedom fighters. These people are usually very honest and almost impossible to corrupt.

One of their main traits is their love for freedom in every sense of this word. They don’t like any restrictions and that includes restrictions which relationships inevitably bring.

They don’t find it easy to settle down and commit to one person. Most of them prefer open type of relationships where they give the same freedom to their partner.

It is not easy for them to experience balance in their relationships because sooner or later the partner might become fed up with the freedom thing and demand exclusivity.

They have a problem expressing their emotions and are often emotionally closed off or they lack affection. Their behavior to their partner is more of a friendly nature than of sexual or emotional.

Although they are usually not very passionate, when they are, there will often be a dose of perversion involved.

Their nature can be rebellious because the sign of Aquarius is ruled by Uranus, the planet of revolutions and abrupt changes.

When they fight for someone’s rights they might also rebel against authorities and experience problems with them.

Usually these people don’t care much about material possessions. Their attitude is one of detachment towards things, but in many cases towards people as well.

They make sure they are able to walk away if something isn’t working properly, and this is the main reasons these people try to remain emotionally detached in relationships as much as possible.

Because of these traits, sadly, they appear to be better for society than for themselves and people they care about.

For them it is not easy to be faithful because this means giving up on their freedom. They want to reserve themselves the right to do whatever they want whenever they want.

These people are not the right marriage material for those who seek traditional commitment, and they often don’t want to have children. They are very direct and openly state their preferences to their partner.

Woman with Vesta Placed in Aquarius

Women with Vesta in Aquarius are not typical women who dream about their wedding day and the day when their first child is born since they were young girls.

These women have a completely different outlook on their life and what they should do with it.

In many ways, these women are ahead of their time with very liberal outlooks on life. Their ideas and behavior are progressive and so much different than other women.

They are very independent and open-minded. They love their freedom just as much as men with this placement.

Their lifestyle also differs from the majority of women, but majority of people in general. Most people might find them a bit weird because they are so different than them.

They are very interesting company and fun to be around. They know so much about different topics and it is never boring to talk to them or be in their presence.

They are always ready for action and you can also experience many adventures in their company.

Although they appear shallow minded, they are in fact quite the opposite. These women are very much into acquiring knowledge about the deeper meaning of life and human existence.

Not many people can be a match in their discussions on these and similar topics.

They are not traditional in a sense that they want to get married and have children as soon as possible.

They usually avoid these roles until later in life, and some never decide to play them.

The idea of having to give up on their life and freedom to be a spouse and mother is suffocating for many of these women, which is why they never do this.

Their idea of life is adventure and quest for knowledge, which is incompatible with the idea of marriage and raising children.

They can appear very cold and distant but are in fact caring and willing to help anyone.

However, they like to keep a part of their life and privacy just to themselves and never share it with anyone.

Man with Vesta Placed in Aquarius

Men with Vesta in Aquarius are free spirited, interesting, and funny.

They love their freedom more than anything and do whatever it takes to keep it.

They don’t open up emotionally easily, and some never manage to learn that.

The main reason is their desire not to attach too much to anyone.

They are not very emotional either and prefer variety of experiences.

They cannot accept settling down and living an ordinary life as a father and spouse.

Many of them avoid this role preferring to remain single with numerous relationships.

These people are humanists and love devoting their time and energy in making people’s lives better.

They prefer focusing on other people’s problems than on their own issues.

They often have a tendency of ignoring their issues.

They have a hard time accepting advice, especially of a private nature because they believe they know everything best and don’t want anyone interfering in their business.

These men are very intelligent and possess a great knowledge on different subjects. It is fun being around them because they have an interesting sense of humor.

They have an adventurous nature and love meeting new people.

They are very sociable, but also need their time alone.

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Vesta in Aquarius makes the person unconventional and unpredictable. These people are smart and have a unique way of dealing with life matters.

They are not very emotional and passionate and prefer to keep their freedom rather than be in a committed union.

They are fighters for the rights of oppressed and spend more time solving other people’s problems than dealing with their own.

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