Top Mistakes To Avoid With Tesla Code 369 Manifesting Method

There is a conventional view that it is sufficient in life that you just want to have something and it will manifest itself in front of you.

You will receive what you want, right, this is how manifesting works.

This is, to say the least.

The simplest, to understand this method, is that when you want something, you want it because of how it makes you feel.

You want to feel good, and when you want something and do it to achieve it is to do it with a purpose.

Things must be done with a purpose.

Therefore, we can say that it is a concrete striving towards a dream that we would like to achieve, not just magic.

Now, the famous scientist Nikola Tesla has said that all of us in this Universe are made as beings of energy and that our world works on the bases of vibration, and among them, numbers are among the strongest vibrations.

Particularly regarding numbers 3, 6, and 9, as the most powerful vibrational forces in the Universe, and that you can use them as a method of manifestation.

Whoever knows the magic of the numbers three, six, and nine, knows the secret of the universe – said, Nikola Tesla.

Find out how the number 369 makes wishes come true!

All to reveal the mysteries of the Universe and along the way, align the new pattern of being happy.

Tesla said, and he was truly obsessed with these numbers, they were very important to him.

He knew that something is present in this series of numbers 3,6 and 9.

Now, if you are familiar with this method of manifestation, here are the top mistakes to avoid when you are using this method of manifestation.

How this method works

First of all, we must agree that there are numerous ways people apply this method.

Some people love to write things they want to achieve in their lives, it should be done three times a day, and by this code – in the morning three times, in the midday six times, and the evening before they go to bed, nine times.

Number three represents our link to our origin or the Universe and our creative self-expression, while number six comes as a representation of your internal power and balance.

Nine is our process of transformation and the ending step when we are coming into the next stage in life.

Top mistakes to avoid

This manifestation method is available to all of us, and we should use it, and here are some tips on what mistakes to avoid, all that this method works the best for you.

You do not write down exactly what you want – you are not clear about what you want in life, and you are more focused on how this could not be done and not on the ways it could be done. This lowers the chances that the 369 manifestation method will work for you, regardless of how many times you repeat the process and “want” to believe. Even it is advised by some experienced teachers that you can speak of your desires and goals.

You do not feel good in the entire process – there is something that is called the intention, and you can say that you believe and that you are positive, but you are not. Deep inside you doubt the process of manifestation and you are coming from a place of disbelief. Doing this method from this point of view, you will never be able to do it.

You do not start the process from a place of gratitude – you do not count things that you already have and that you should be grateful for. This is the starting point for every manifestation.

You do not endure this process, as you are impatient to see the manifestation as soon as possible, and the fact that you want to know when something will happen, and how, and this is not our job. Our job is to feel good, be grateful and endure.

You do not pay the attention to the opportunities that are set in front of you.

When you start practicing this technique, pay more attention to various opportunities, calls, or signs that may lead you to a certain place or a certain person. Remember, when we focus on what we want to attract and take concerted action to achieve it, we can help ourselves get it, and the 369 code technique can help us do that.


Arguments about the usefulness of this method of manifestation diverge, but surely, it cannot harm, on the contrary, support the method of individual growth.

It is consistently better to believe in the path of a resolution than to go around in processes without a transparent purpose.

The effects may pleasantly amaze you.

This method of manifestation 369 will show you how to manifest money, how to manifest great relationships, how to have a great body or be healthy, or whatever you want.

There is no doubt that Nikola Tesla knew something that we do not know nowadays, and even if you have not heard of the law of attraction, which merely confirms that your beliefs are you, or the way you live your life.

That is true without any doubt.

This method, applied properly shows people not only that the law of attraction exists, but how to use it to manifest in their everyday life as well.

Our thoughts do indeed become reality, but the only way to fast focus and embody your reality is to document your desire the thing you want to manifest and sense it with your senses, body, and spirit.

Have in mind that this pattern is seen as a comic pattern, as everything in our lives in the entire Universe is set in patterns, and this method of manifestation goes in numerical order.

Three, three sixes, and three nines are the right numbers of the Universe, or 369. Knowing them you can manifest whatever you want.

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