The World Tarot Card – Meaning, Reversed, Guide, Love

All you need to know about The World tarot card. Meanings, messages and how to use it to create your dream life.

What’s the world card? 

Card number XXI of the tarot, the last in the series, which began with the Fool, the unnumbered card, and which gradually develops from this until the search for one’s own identity in the world is completed.

From the World, the fulfillment, you can always start another phase of life by putting on the clothes of the beggar again, of the one who abandons everything and starts from scratch by putting himself on the road, in discussion, and facing the difficulties that follow.

The world:  Image and Representation  

It is a particular card, in which the planet is not depicted, as we might expect, but a completely different representation: in fact we have at the center of the card a woman, generally naked but with her private parts covered by a veil; it is surrounded by a plant motif, which can be flowers or leaves.

In the corners of the card, instead, you can see four symbols, an angel, a lion, a bull and an eagle.

These symbols represent the four evangelists for the Christian religion, while in the esoteric tradition they represent four of the zodiac signs that can be traced, in turn, to the four natural elements, namely fire, earth, air and water.

In some representations it is also possible to see a city in the background, which seems to represent Milan, as a tribute to the Visconti, a dynasty in which the game was particularly developed.

It is a serene and harmonic card, and for the positive meanings it is one of the best that can appear during the game.

In general, it represents fullness, completeness, victory (hence one of the alternative names, the Triumph).

This Arcana has the highest number and represents the supreme realization. A woman dances in the center of a blue oval. In his right hand he has a bottle (receptive symbol) and in his left a wand (active symbol) and recalls the union.

We can see the references to the philosophical egg and to the structure of the Tarot (the four suits).

  • The ox is the virgin matter (Pentacles).
  • The angel is emotional perfection, the holiness of the heart full of love that wishes to give (Cups).
  • The eagle is the realization of the mind (Sword).
  • The lion is the energy that leads the wild effort to conscious creation, the hero who does not hesitate to sacrifice his life (Wands).

The four energies rise in a balanced way alongside the center and are fully realized.

The egg of the High Priestess has hatched in all its potential: we came into the world.

This card represents the anima mundi, the universal agent who is in all things and unites us to all things. 

The last degree of the Major Arcana series, the World expresses the moment in which, freed from the risk of self-destruction, one begins to perceive the difference of the other and use all this to make something good, to create a sense of union. Christ, the Madonna or the Saints, in the Christian tradition are often represented within an oval.

The almond is a symbol of eternity and is reminiscent of the spiritualized female gender.

In a reading the World takes on a different meaning depending on its position.

At the end of a spread it indicates a realization: a fulfilled woman, a soul full of pleasure, a perfect world, a happy marriage, a worldwide success, the end of a cycle.

Sometimes he urges to take a journey: the discovery of the World. It can also symbolize pregnancy.

If the card is at the beginning it represents a difficult beginning, a prison. Realization cannot exist before action.

Perhaps a trauma related to the consultant’s birth has blocked his realization.

You have to ask yourself why he continues to stay closed in his shell, what blocks him, what makes him feel dissatisfied.

Divinatory meaning of the world Card: The Fool keywords 

Keyword when upright: triumph, security, prize, success, consecration, end of the road, art, beauty, unity, recognition by the environment

Keywords when reversed: stagnation, growth and movement are delayed to the point of stopping, apparently at least. Indicates uncertainty, insecurity, loss, failed and negative acts. Obstacles, difficulties, limitations. 

The most positive qualities about the world card

You have before you a large number of positive meanings if you get The World in your spread, which is the same as saying that now you have the power to be happy.

+ When you ask the tarot cards about your love life and you get The World, you can expect a period of love fulfillment. If you have a partner, communication and complicity will be the protagonists. And if you don’t have it, get ready to experience the best love stories in the coming months.

+ The work environment is represented by absolute success if you get this card. A success that you have conscientiously worked on, an acknowledgment of your merits in the form of that promotion you have been looking for, for so long, of that position you have been opposing for a few years or the visibility of that personal project to which you have dedicated so much effort.

+ Strength, vigor and energy won’t be missing. You are at your best, ailments will not be an obstacle to achieving well-being and you can overflow with energy in your day to day. Seize the moment.

+ On an emotional level you can also see that strength. You have reached that point of an empowered woman who knows what she wants, who goes for it and who is very aware of the potential she has

The most negative qualities about the world card

+ Have you heard of those couples who take time? Well, you are in that situation, in the middle of a relationship crisis or you live unhappy in your relationship due to a problem of misunderstanding or incompatibilities. Remember that you can always use the wild card of communication to solve problems.

+ All the strength that The World transmits to you in a positive way is subtracted from you in a negative sense. Unfinished projects or the inability to finish studies, for example, are some of the omens of this card. Do not rule out problems at work in the form of a bad environment among colleagues.

+ Health is affected when The World turns its back on you. Do not fear serious health problems, but rather a lack of energy that will prevent you from moving forward in pursuit of your goals. But remember that everything in life is cyclical and better times are ahead. Save energy.

+ If your strength fails you on the physical plane, the same happens on the emotional plane. You will have to face a significant lack of motivation, a kind of vital skepticism that will make you lose your desire and illusions. You will also have to overcome all that set of own insecurities that you have been reaping for some time.

And never forget it. Tarot cards are a guide to understand your past, take advantage of your present and improve your future. 

The positive meaning of the world card when upright

As already mentioned, the positive meaning is linked to completeness, for the representation of one of the most important cards of the entire game.

Whatever the area to which it refers, the card refers to something complete but also lasting, not destined to end in a short time.

The obstacles will be easily overcome, and not with difficulty, but with relative simplicity.

The bull symbolizes the fatigue, the commitment we have put to reach the goal we set ourselves, while all the other symbols remind us of victory, the ability to fly or to overcome any obstacle with force: everything therefore proceeds in the direction of the best. expectations that you might have.

Triumph can be seen as the achievement of a work goal, such as an economic victory, the fulfillment of a dream of love, or an aspiration that has been long awaited and that, finally, finds its fulfillment.

It also represents a wholeness in terms of health, with problems that have been occurring for a long time will tend to come true.

In summary, the meaning can be understood: 

Love: represents the completion of one’s aspirations. It is possible to complete a dream of love, an engagement, a marriage or the birth of children.

But it also means that the relationship we are interested in is completed, it is happy, lasting, there will be no obstacles that cannot be overcome.

Work and money: also from the point of view of work the situation is similar. The projects started will be successful, they will end well, the activities we will start will be solid.

From an economic point of view, we will not have ups and downs but a situation, as well as rosy, also quiet, which will allow us to proceed without doubts in future projects, including important purchases (such as a house) or non-material projects, such as taking care of a child.

Health: From the point of view of health, the World indicates healing. If there have been problems, continuous feelings of unease, or if we were struggling with something that oppressed us, now this oppression will tend to disappear, to step aside, to allow us to reach the state of well-being to which we have so long aspired.

People: the world refers to a simple, sincere, charismatic person who is truly interested in us or in our projects. It must be said that the World is a generic card, from this point of view, and it can be difficult to apply it to a specific person. 

The negative meaning of the world card when reversed

Contrary to what one might think, the World on the contrary means not a reversal (so that everything that is about to happen to us is doomed to failure), but rather an attenuation of completeness.

It can therefore be understood both in terms of time, meaning that there will be a completion, but it will not be immediate, and in material terms, that is, that our projects will be realized, but not completely, not fully as we would have hoped, or the conclusion will be apparent, illusory.

The card must therefore be interpreted not in negative, but meaning that there is still work to be done to achieve the goal we have set ourselves.

There will still be obstacles to overcome, to reach the goal we will have to make small sacrifices, or we will encounter resistance from someone, in which we must understand ourselves.

Particular attention should be paid to the excessive haste to achieve the desired result, and to the fact that we may have made “a step longer than the leg”, without having the resources, material or intangible, we needed to achieve the completeness of our project .

From this point of view, the card could indicate haughtiness, excessive pride, lack of modesty and an excessive propensity to assert our reasons without listening to others with consequences that will be tending to the negative (although not clearly negative).

Love: in relationships, the world, on the contrary, identifies the lack of satisfaction, both on our part (we are not happy with what the partner does or how he behaves), and on the part of the other. To achieve completeness we must first be able to completely eliminate conflicts, thus trying to get to live a relationship that is as fulfilling as possible.

Work and money: even from the point of view of work, our projects are progressing, to all intents and purposes, but they do so in a climate of resistance, somehow hostile, which is unable to complete itself; it can also indicate a lack of consideration, by us or by others, of the project we want to carry out.

Health: from the point of view of health it can indicate a resistance, on the part of others or ours, in achieving one’s goals. It could also indicate a mental propensity not to really want to resolve the situation, victimization, depression, which requires the help of an expert.

People: also in this case the meaning is generic, but in general a hostile person is indicated, someone who hinders us in reaching our projects.

Combination with other major arcanas cards and what can the world card mean

World + Fool: Total failure or spiritual transcendence. Destiny, predestination.

World + Magician: Someone who builds objects for beauty. Mastery in the art of hiding and deceiving.

World + High Priestess: Solitude. Someone who knows too much. A medium. An autistic person. Wait fulfilled.

World + Empress: Someone who is in harmony with life. Idyllic existence. Peace in earthly matters.

World + Emperor: Feeling of being in the center, of being in a well-ordered environment. Feeling of being tied up. There is nothing to fear.

World + Hierophant: Formality. Written agreements. Protocol. Symbolic or dramatic actions or objects. Success is achieved with willpower and consistency.

World + Lovers: The details of family life in terms of: taxes, insurance, wills, in-laws. Great love. Consent. Right choices and decisions.

World + Chariot: Need to be guided or directed. Guidance system, plan or education system.

World + Strength: Nervous tension. You need to feel committed. Mental health requires exercise, work.

World + Hermit: Increased awareness of the environment. Clear mind and acute senses.

World + Wheel of Fortune: Fortune that turns. Possible violent commotion. Quarrel or reconciliation.

World + Justice: Use of materials at hand. Organization of social forces. Vengeance. Repayment of debts. Won disputes or trials. 

World + Hanged Man: Similar in some ways to the Fool and the World. A “thing in itself”. An independent experience. Big projects and achievements.

World + Death: Compulsive activity, especially the effort to produce or complete something. Sense of necessity.

World + Temperance: Schizophrenia. Need to escape or ignore something. Completing a project. Sometimes overload of the mind.

World + Devil: Time and its use or control of all time-consuming activities. Environmental limits. Temptation that cannot be resisted.

World + Tower: Good craftsmanship. What will happen is the best that can be expected. Attempts at improvement are not wise. World upside down with the Tower: great failure.

World + The Star: Reassuring and productive person. Feeling of being in the right place, in the right situation or having found the right job for you.

World + Moon: Difficult period to promote solidarity. Good time to join a group. World upside down with the Moon: better evaluate choices and situations. Slander.

World + Sun: Patience is wise. An opportunity will soon arise. Get ready for something new.

World + Judgment: A totally new situation. If you try further divination, it will be difficult to understand the results. 

How to use The world to create your dream life? 

Arcana 21 of the World can be understood in the sense of an end and completion or a new beginning.

It can therefore urge you to complete one experience or be ready to start another.

Action is what this card requires, keeping movement alive and creating, as the ovoid shape reminds us well.

The Tarot of the World refers to the question: what can I do to get what I want? What am I imprisoned in?

A new life, even when it is apparently not possible, is actually necessary and natural.

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