The Sun Tarot Card – Meaning, Reversed, Guide, Love

All you need to know about The Sun tarot card. Meanings, messages and how to use it to create your dream life.

What’s the sun card?

The Sun is one of the most positive cards of the Tarot and in love it can indicate a stimulating encounter destined to become a stable and fulfilling relationship.

For a couple, on the other hand, it indicates a fruitful relationship and a possible marriage.

The nineteenth arcana of the Sun follows the eighteenth arcana of the Moon: from a period of doubts and anguish, the Sun, with its heat and nourishing power, illuminates and illuminates the darkness.

The Sun lifts the lunar veil of illusions that governed the situation of the previous eighteenth arcane.

The Sun, therefore, is the reason that illuminates the spirit giving clarity of reasoning and judgment, and comes to protect and bring abundance and concretization to the dreamed projects.

The sun: Image and Representation

In the Arcana of the Sun, the figure that is dominated is the Sun itself, with visible rays and which should be in a specific number.

In the Tarot there are many graphic versions of this Arcana and many questions concerning the number of rays, the shapes and the colors of these should be explored.

At this time it is extremely complex to do so, but I would like to remind you that making a Tarot deck is quite complex, because it must necessarily include esoteric, alchemical and astrological sensible notions, which recall specific energies and precise symbols; however, this is often not the case, because it happens that the imagination of some artists prevails over symbolism, underestimating the importance that the image must express.

The analysis of this Blade, therefore, sometimes becomes really complex, because describing all its symbols in a timely manner requires time and detailed knowledge.

Let us content ourselves here with seeing the Sun as a source of illumination that sends an energy to the earth that, in addition to illuminating with real light, heats up allowing the individual to have a concrete, active and real spiritual evolution.

The energy of the sun is fundamental for life itself and the more it penetrates people with its heat and light, the more it helps inner transformations.

Other very important representations in this Arcana are the presence of the two semi-naked children, or, at other times, of a child on a white horse, which refer to that capacity for real pure inner growth that they have, completely naked, clean, pure, innocent, turned to that expansion that brings a real enlargement of consciousness.

The Sun, therefore, shines bright because it is a hymn to Victory and success, and what we are acquiring in this path will allow us to go really far; its rays radiate light and heat and bring healing and harmony.

Let’s remember that we started with the Fool, a symbol of chaos energy and that the purpose is our growth. Here, with the Sun, we are well under way, but not completely at full spiritual maturity.

Divinatory meaning of the Sun Card: The sun keywords 

Keywords when upright: joy, play, beginnings, rebirths, child, fullness, vitality, energy, successes, achievement, abundance, rewarding, productive, positive, totality, light, happiness.

Keywords when reversed: confusion, lack of lucidity. Loss, failure, negative. Not rewarding, unproductive, failed. Vanity and selfishness. Pride, delays in situations expected and taken for granted. Couple frustrations. Bright expectations that are delayed and that can generate need. People who always want to “get away with it.” Ruined nobles 

The most positive qualities about the sun card 

You are facing the card of happiness and success, so pay attention to the number of positive meanings that the Sun has.

The Sun card signals the beginning of a new era, it may be that you start a new life with obvious changes or that this change is internal. You already know that happiness is within you.

Projects, work that lead to success, the reward of effort, the energy to continue with everything you believe in and perhaps also financial benefits are some of the forecasts in this card.

Love life is also illuminated with the Sun card, which symbolizes that stage of overwhelming joy at the beginning of falling in love. And if you have a partner, your relationship will begin a new stage full of understanding and complicity.

On an inner level, the Sun reflects a good moment in which you have discovered your own light, your magic and your inner power. Now you will be surer of yourself, you have believed in yourself again and your self-esteem is in good health.

In short, the card of the Sun symbolizes unstoppable energy, which can translate into good health and other aspects such as a positive attitude, vital optimism and many new or renewed illusions.

The most negative qualities about the sun card 

As you know, tarot cards also have their negative meaning, which will help you to be alert and change everything you need to change.

All the force that the Sun card has in positive disappears when it appears inverted or in a negative sense. Beware of depression because your spirits are low and you are about to give up.

At work it is as if the sun has darkened. Maybe you are restless because you think you are going to be fired or you may find yourself frustrated at a job that does not fill you.

Bad omens in love when the Sun card comes out in a negative sense. Infidelity, betrayals and various romantic disappointments are the omens that accompany it. Don’t rule out breakups and moments when you feel down and hopeless.

What happened to your self-esteem? It may have been affected by toxic people, by those people who are dedicated to turning off your light and who do not let you shine. Pay attention to your surroundings.

The best advice you can get from the negative Sun chart is that you should find out what is shading you. Search among everything you have for those things and people that make you happy to regain your shine.

And as we always warn, the meanings of the tarot cards are not firm sentences because your future is built by yourself. 

The positive meaning of the Sun card when upright

The meaning of the card in the positive, straight, is that of splendor, victory, enlightenment, overcoming difficulties: in summary, the card indicates that the path is illuminated and that, whatever the question, it is time to act.

Dark times have passed, but the goal we set ourselves is now clearer, just as the path we need to take to reach it has also become clearer: all we have to do is follow it, embrace it to reach the goal we had.

The variability of the figures in the second half of the card, however, refers to victory: the growing child, the two twins who warm up and rejoice in the illumination given by the sunlight, the victorious horse that proceeds on its way.

This card means that what we have started will lead to a victory and will have, in general, a positive outcome that we must try to carry on, precisely because we will achieve the desired results.

This applies to any question we have asked, even if it does not prevent the path to achieving the goal from being “tangled” by some kind of difficulty; in this case we must however proceed knowing that, despite these, we will be able to overcome them.

In summary, the meaning can be understood:

Love: indicates a harmonious and lasting relationship, in which there is complicity between the components. If the goal is a marriage, or the birth of a child, this goal will be achieved in the best possible way, with the support of the partner and with great satisfaction on our part.

Work and money: from this point of view, the path we must take to follow our projects, to proceed with our ambition, or with an investment we have made, is the right one. We must continue walking in that direction, with the goal that will become increasingly clear to us as we continue to proceed; the road we will take is however destined for success.

Health: From the point of view of health, the sun generally indicates a state of good health. For those who are healthy, this condition will be maintained, while for those who are not, there will be an improvement in the disease, which will make them see “sunlight” again. It should be noted that the sun in this sense can mean the end of a particularly arduous therapeutic path.

People: the sun refers to a generous, sunny, cheerful, sincere person; it can represent young people, including children, while for adults it indicates, in general, a wise person and whose advice we can trust.

The negative meaning of the sun card when reversed

When the Sun presents itself in the wrong direction, the positivity it transmits is instead reversed; the meaning becomes that of a light, yes, but illusory, that dazzles, of a goal that we thought we had achieved and that instead we have not pursued as we hoped; this generally indicates the expectation that we have of a success or a goal which, however, does not correspond to reality.

It could therefore indicate a situation of happiness but only apparent, which does not consider (voluntarily, perhaps) the fact that there are critical issues that we can no longer wait to face; ignoring problems in situations where there are problems could lead to bigger problems to deal with in continuing.

A problem that the inverted sun can identify is also the too high opinion we have of ourselves: in particular, having too high self-esteem can lead us to rely too much on our own abilities, without considering therefore humility in dealing with problems.

This can have negative consequences on various levels, particularly in the long term, when our “mistake” is lost and we can see the consequences, unfortunately not positive, of what we have achieved; it is a card that has a negative meaning, but above all that warns us of our mistakes and that must make us reflect on the fact that the path we have taken is actually the right path.

Love: From the point of view of relationships, it indicates a difficulty, perhaps not apparent but still present. It could indicate an attempt to maintain a relationship perhaps already at the end, or a condition in which we are unable to identify the other person’s problems and difficulties.

When the situation is manifest, it can indicate misunderstandings or quarrels.

Work and money: in general, it can be an indication of an overestimation of our skills and our work, which may not lead to the desired results.

A result sought with not too much effort because we are sure to achieve it, or aspects of our projects that we take for granted, making mistakes.

Health: in terms of health, the Sun indicates an improvement which, however, is only in appearance.

It could indicate a momentary improvement from a serious condition, or it could indicate a problem that we are underestimating, but that could get worse over time. In all cases, we must not underestimate the situation.

People: the sun upside down indicates a person who considers himself superior, a proud, or someone dishonest, who dazzles us with his words without having the value he wants us to understand.

Combination with other major arcanas cards and what can the sun card mean 

Sun + Fool: Comfortable environment. Easy life. Few responsibilities and little ambition. Sun upside down with the Fool: end of a happy love relationship due to a head shot.

Sun + Magician: Good health and healing ability. Movement speed.

Sun + High Priestess: Speed ​​in making friends, but sometimes problems. Great combination for the wedding. Variable weather but usually good.

Sun + Empress: Indirect actions. Intuition is preferred over reason. Sunny weather. Perfect affinity in a couple. Encounter with the love of one’s life. Happiness in love.

Sun + Emperor: Person who wants to know everything. Tendency to be unhappy unless you are in charge. Masculine beauty. Spiritual evolution.

Sun + Hierophant: Emotions and health strongly linked to time. A focus on living a better life with method and knowledge.  Beautiful and premonitory dreams.

Sun + Lovers: Lasting friendship. Better mental powers than those symbolized by the Sun alone. Marriage.

Sun + Chariot: Winning personality. Someone who has many unusual positive traits from birth or thanks to the education received. Victory.

Sun + Strength: Person who possesses a truly noteworthy attitude. Someone for whom one feels natural admiration. 

Sun + Hermit: Wealth in an active sense. You know where your place is.

Sun + Wheel of Fortune: Wealth as security. Good luck with the machinery.

Sun + Justice: Unique individual. It is not dependent on external help or direction. Wealthy family.

Sun + Hanged man: Self-centered individual. Weakness in action. An “Anti-hero.”

Sun + Death: Person who lives in the present and for the present. Positive change coming.

Sun + Temperance: Very similar to the Devil’s mystery taken alone. Excessive feeling of restriction.

Sun + Devil: Need to hide. Ability to understand the behavior of animals.

Sun + Tower: Difficult periods but enriching experiences. Excessive heat.

Sun + Star: Someone’s talents are recognized and implemented by someone else. Need to respect someone else’s material and intellectual superiority.

Sun + Moon: Increased willpower. Great time to start a diet. Also forced rest, probably due to a minor illness or ailment. Success. Good luck.

Sun + Judgment: A situation in which someone will clearly lose and someone else will win. A split between two different reality: a wealthy one and a poor one.

Sun + World: Increased influence of the diurnal cycle. All things come to the one who waits. Celebrity. 

How to use The sun to create your dream life?

The sun in love therefore comes to bring clarity and new vision on a given situation that one is experiencing.

The solar star symbolizes divine virtue par excellence, love understood in the most noble sense of the term, an unconditional love defined as “Agape”.

This love is similar to the father’s love for his son, who warms the beloved with care and joy, thus allowing him to entrust himself to him.

The nineteenth Major Arcana reminds us of the sense of trust in life: without it, the individual cannot express his inner sun, as he will be more oriented to protect himself than to share.

The trust that is the basis of true love and living, encourages us to embody and express well-being in all its aspects, such as joy, talents and abundance, and to share them with the outside world.

The Sun tarot tells us: let your inner sun illuminate you and the world.

The questions it asks are: Do I have a clear idea of ​​what I want? Am I expressing my inner sun? Am I living and enjoying the gifts that life offers me? What’s stopping me in this?

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