The Star Tarot Card – Meaning, Reversed, Guide, Love

All you need to know about The star tarot card. Meanings, messages and how to use it to create your dream life.

What’s the star card?

The Star card belongs to the Major Arcana of the Marseilles tarot and is marked with the number 17.

In most representations, elements such as a young woman surrounded by stars pour or collect water from a stream appear.

This suggests fluidity, youth and enlightenment. The Star card has a positive symbolism full of energy and vitality, closely related to keeping the illusions intact and allowing life to flow, to run its course.

Hope is also a point that can be positive or negative depending on the context.

The star: Image and Representation

It is a card that represents a naked woman, probably a muse, who is on the banks of a stream. In his hands he has two jars, one of which pours the liquid into the water, while the other is poured onto the ground, feeding the flow of a small river.

In part, this river joins the lake that receives the water poured from the other jar.

At the top of the card we can find the stars, one of which is particularly large and bright: so bright that the sky is not poorly lit, like the night, but very bright, as if the star were actually the sun that shines during day.

On one side of the card is depicted a bird, an ibis, which symbolizes the soul.

The card generally symbolizes destiny, the passage of time, harmony and hope.

The flowing water indicates the destiny that proceeds slow and inexorable independently of human will, which partly mixes with the earth and becomes cloudy, partly ends up in the water remaining clear.

The liquid is also intended as vital energy and divine protection that can enliven all that is stagnant in that pool of water and regenerate the earth.

The presence of the sapling and the flower indicate continuity of spraying, or constant care.

The tree, often associated with the acacia tree, represents an element that survives drought: it identifies the individual’s will to continue to survive despite external conditions.

The tree in itself therefore represents the will to live the present with hope and trust, being able to entrust oneself to life aware of its divine protection.

The butterfly that lands on the flower symbolizes the psyche which, freed from the coarseness of limiting thoughts, can lean on and rely on the flower.

Le Stelle, therefore, underlines and highlights the concept of resilience, that is the individual’s ability to act with creativity and confidence in the face of a difficult event and, at the same time, the possibility of being able to shine with one’s own light.

Divinatory meaning of the star Card: The star keywords 

Card upright Keywords:

  • inner light,
  • destiny,
  • expectations,
  • cleanliness,
  • wisdom,
  • trust,
  • dedication,
  • humility,
  • beginnings,
  • spirituality,
  • inspiration,
  • intuitions,
  • calm,
  • purity,
  • hope,
  • harmony,
  • favorable future.

Reversed tarot card keywords:

  • weakness
  • helplessness
  • fear
  • loss
  • waste of energy
  • unfavorable moment
  • abandon
  • unexpected outcomes
  • projects that are not carried out
  • frustration
  • bad luck
  • pessimism
  • failed hopes 

The most positive qualities about the star card

If you are wondering about love issues, the Star card speaks of a new love, a new relationship that will flow naturally.

You don’t have to force love, they say, and if you get this card, you won’t have to.

In the sense of enlightenment, the Star card is inviting you to do an introspection exercise to know yourself better, to love yourself more and to believe in yourself.

Because it is also a card that contains a lot of energy, all that you will need to move forward.

If you are interested in what the Star tarot card has to say in the workplace, you are in luck, because it speaks of your best moment.

A moment that is determined by an explosion of creativity and decision. Do not lose sight of the lighting factor that the stars suppose for a moment.

Many people want a tarot card reading because they are concerned about their health.

The Star card is a card that speaks of vigor, of youth not necessarily in the sense of years lived, but of illusions that are maintained. Strength and vitality will continue to accompany you for a long time.

In short, the Star card is a card full of hope. If you find yourself in a difficult moment in your life, you can use it to renew energy, to change the life cycle and let the water purify you as it flows.

The most negative qualities about the star card

Your love life can be marked by disappointment. If this card speaks of hope, you have to be careful about putting too much in a relationship, with maintaining hope when in reality everything is lost and with continuing to see a light on the road when in reality everything is very dark.

It is precisely the hope contained in the Star card that can cause you the most complications.

Because is hope a gift or a curse? It depends on how determined you are, it depends on when you know how to stop or stop that hope.

There are times when you have to learn to accept negative situations and put aside hope to start looking for solutions.

The work environment is negatively marked by the Star tarot card in the sense of job dissatisfaction.

More than work problems, talk about problems with your own work, with a job that does not fill you, that takes all your energy and attention and that is not well paid.

If in a positive sense, the star tarot card referred to youthful vigor, in a negative sense it speaks of the opposite.

A period in which you are without strength, in which life overtakes you and you have no desire or illusions that may be talking about anxiety problems or even depression.

As advice, if the Star card comes out negative, you will have to be able to gather all that inner strength that you carry inside. Will you manage to get out of difficulties? Of course, yes.

Do not forget that a tarot card reading cannot determine your path, it only invites you to reflect. 

The positive meaning of the star card when upright 

The positive meaning of the card is linked to good prospects, and in general to favorable destiny, also partially linked to a heavenly protection.

The stars and celestial bodies are in favorable positions, positively influencing the person’s life, which however also has positive characteristics, which he will make the most of.

The stars can indicate that an ongoing project will come to a positive conclusion, they indicate self-confidence, optimism, cheerfulness, friendliness.

The paper is an indication that what we are doing is going the right way, and pushes us to continue in that direction, for whatever kind of path we have taken.

The efforts made will be rewarded, and we are in the best condition to fulfill our wishes both thanks to our abilities and to heavenly influence.

The card can also indicate personal growth, which perhaps has already begun and is proceeding in the best way.

From the point of view of relationships, we go towards new relationships and those that already exist will tend to solidify, continuing at their best.

In summary, the meaning can be understood:

Love: it does not indicate great changes, but it indicates that the path we are having, whether it is in the beginning or is already well established, is proceeding for the best.

A relationship that has not yet started could blossom, an engagement could flow into a marriage, and the latter into the birth of children.

On the broader relational level, such as family relationships and friendships, also in this sense we are in a positive period that will lead to the improvement of these relationships.

Work and money: the star is also a good omen on the business and professional level. Its presence indicates that the projects we have started will proceed well or are destined to end well, that our passions will tend to grow; our skills will also increase, such as that of dealing with problems, or creativity, which we can apply to the artistic field.

Health: also, from the point of view of health the star indicates improvements. It can indicate that the state of health achieved will be maintained or, for the sick or for those with not only physical but also psychological problems, an improvement in their general condition.

People: indicates a balanced person, devoted, courageous, little interested in material matters and much more in spiritual ones.

She is a person, generally a woman, who brings positive advice with her, so she is a beneficial person to be close to, who can support us in a generally positive period of our life. 

The negative meaning of the star card when reversed

The reversed star tarot card indicates exactly the opposite with respect to the card on the right: if in one way it indicated luck and good omen, “being under a good star”, on the other hand it indicates bad luck in general, and the inability to adapt to a situation that does not suit ourselves.

The period we will live will not bring with it drastic upheavals, but it will be generally negative, without possibilities, with the projects we have started that are not destined to come to an end or, in any case, will proceed in uncertainty. They will take a long time to accomplish, eventually leading to frustration.

To the “bad star” is added personal intolerance, the lack of ability to adapt to new situations, the difficulty of being able to emerge, following the negative current without trying to do something that can change the destiny that has been reserved for us.

This can lead to an imbalance between the physical and psychic planes which can cause, in the worst-case scenario, the most serious problems due, in large part, to our poor ability to react to situations.

Love: Indicates that the relationship we are living, or are about to live, is not in a good period.

This does not mean the interruption, at least not in a direct way (it indicates a coldness between the partners, mutual disinterest, excessive lightness in the relationship), but the condition that we will find ourselves living, and the imbalance of one of the two partners, it could still lead to breakup.

This applies not only to the couple relationship, but also to other social relationships.

Work and money: the projects we have started are not progressing as they should, the work we do is not satisfactory, it is not well paid, there are no good relationships with colleagues. Again, nothing harmful or decisive is happening, but the condition could push us to want to change things, thus obtaining an even more negative effect than what we are experiencing.

Health: in terms of health, the period will not be positive on the physical or psychic level. Psychic disorders such as anxiety, or fear, could lead us to experience a negative situation that, on its own, is not all in all debilitating, although not positive in any case.

People: the card on the contrary indicates a person with whom it is difficult to relate, dissatisfied, with a frustrating job or relationship, which can lead to even quite serious vices such as alcoholism or drug addiction.

Combination with other major arcanas cards and what can the star card mean

The Star + The Fool: A child or infant person. Lack of cunning or depth of meaning in behavior. Reversed combo: Troubles in family, work or love.

The Star + The Magician: Peace as a reward for success. Comfort earned.

The Star + The High Priestess: Withdrawal from current life to prepare to live or behave differently. Take stock of your future. Initiation. Wisdom.

The Star + The Empress: Confidence in the truthfulness of the life or actions of others. Faith in the fulfillment of destiny. Good health and energy.

The Star + The Emperor: A victory with a material reward. A safe place where to live or work.

The Star + The Hierophant: Someone who makes and follows plans for their own personal development. It acts with a very clear purpose.

The Star + The Lovers: Person with a passion for music, especially during daily activities. The hearing of voices. Peace and love. Big love coming.

The Star + The Chariot: Intense spiritual endeavor that may succeed or fail. Be careful because not all that glitters are gold. During a trip there will be an important meeting.

The Star + Strength: A romantic imagination. Person who would rather live in a soap opera than in real life. Someone who does strange things to get attention.

The Star + The Hermit: Need for privacy. Too many distractions come from being with others. Time to be alone with your thoughts for a while. The wait will be rewarded by success.

The Star + Wheel of Fortune: Awareness that there are forces that are not under your control. Person who works with what he has instead of asking for a better opportunity. The wait will be rewarded by success. Luck is coming. 

The Star + Justice: Person who is considered interesting but harmless. Someone who doesn’t “raise fuss.”

The Star+ The Hanged Man: Avoid making judgments about the behavior of others. Period of unclear events.

The Star + Death: Person who has recently changed his way of life. Someone who sees everything as if it were for the first time, especially in the evening. Flipped Stars with Death: Serious Illness.

The Star + Temperance: Life seems to go on without anyone being directly involved. Feeling detached from what’s going on.

The Star+ The Devil: A feeling of oneness with nature. Great time to get a pet and go for a walk in a park.

The Star + The Tower: Beware of too much optimism about new plans and apparent successes. A period in which one feels emotionally “great” which can lead to underestimating what needs to be done and cautions.

The Star + The Moon: Period to be tested. If all goes well, a new skill will be acquired. If the issues do not achieve the desired results, you will have to go back and correct the mistakes made in the past.

Rather, it is an experiment, not a practical test for the sake of improvement and modification. Flipped stars with the moon: a bad deception will cause severe pain. Tensions.

The Star + The Sun: Person of considerable ability who is however at the service of someone with greater powers. Excellent combination in bargaining for services.

Warns you to stay at your place in a work situation. A pregnancy in the family is on the way.

The Star + Judgement: Someone suitable for a particular role or job. Well-used talent.

The Star + The World: Material comfort and good reputation together. A “good citizen.” 

How to use The star to create your dream life?

The Tarot Star card invite you to ask yourself how much you trust yourself, your dreams and goals.

The card could indicate the need to ask oneself how one is approaching a given situation, if driven by arrogance or if moved by understanding and trust.

The Arcanum no. 17 also suggests thinking about the most intimate beliefs present within ourselves, the beliefs on which we depend, and how much these affect or are beneficial to the surrounding environment.

Another question that the Arcanum asks is: are you shining? Are you aware of your talents?

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