The Moon Tarot Card – Meaning, Reversed, Guide, Love

All you need to know about The Moon tarot card. Meanings, messages and how to use it to create your dream life.

What’s the moon card?

The Moon card is number 18 in the tarot deck and it usually contains a large moon at the top and some dogs that look towards it next to a river in which there is some kind of crab.

This card represents the mysterious, the dark and the darkness.

When one of these cards appears in your tarot runs, you must be careful since it is announcing that something in your life is not as it seems.

It can also talk about a change that you refuse to accept or that someone around you is trying to hide something from you. Intuition is your best ally in this type of case.

The moon: Image and Representation  

The Moon, seen in full or in the first quarter depending on the representations, entirely covers the highest part of the card.

She is depicted with a female face, and rays of light, similar to solar ones, come out of her figure, releasing a real “rain” of light, which falls downwards.

On the ground there are two towers, on the sides of the map, and between the two towers you can see two wolves in the act of howling at the moon but also greedily collecting the luminous energy that the star drops.

Finally, in the lower part of the card there is a shrimp, in the act of coming out of the water to turn towards the two towers and the two dogs, symbolizing the imagination that comes out of the known to head towards new, unknown and potentially dangerous paths.

The card represents the dream, the search for a solution, the conquest of the truth, and invites people to search for the real and profound meaning of things, even facing all the difficulties and dangers that may be faced. 

The Moon card is associated with the night star and its intrinsic characteristics.

The major arcane number 18 of the Tarot represents the other side of card number 19, The Sun: if the latter illuminates, bringing clarity and warmth, the Moon brings darkness, confusion and coldness.

The Moon card is quite complex, it leads us to look beyond what appears inside and outside the person himself.

The meaning of the moon in the tarot can take on very different shades if it is drawn straight or upside down and obviously must be interpreted according to the people and situations for which it is questioned.

The moon card in the tarot is represented by a dog and a wolf who are howling at the moon. In the foreground there is a shore and a body of water from which a scorpion emerges.

Inside the Moon you can see the face of a very sad woman who seems to cry tears of light.

It is one of the most controversial tarot cards in the deck. It represents in fact the illusion and the night.

It represents a type of light that does not show things clearly and clearly and this can lead to great confusion and possible mistakes.

Unlike most of the tarot cards, the moon takes on very particular but also dangerous meanings if it is drawn straight, while upside down the most negative aspects are slightly attenuated.

The Moon reminds us that the individual is connected to lunar qualities and characteristics such as the concept of cyclicality, but also to its variety of phases and visible faces, some illuminated and others dark.

Just as the moon with its transits alters the movement of liquids, so the lunar life affects the unconscious of the individual and collective situations, altering their balance.

The lady of the night is the bearer of crises and questions, she lives there and it is up to us to understand her influence.

Divinatory meaning of the moon Card: The moon keywords 

Keywords when upright: madness, silence, night, fear, darkness, magnetism, past, mother, ambiguity, passivity, nightmares, loneliness, caution, caution, risk, disappointment.

Keywords when reversed: disturbance, instability, uncertainty, delusions, fear, altered consciousness, cloudy and inconsistent moments. Obsessive ideas. Uncontrolled passions, murky and dark feelings, melancholy, depression, madness, jealousy, lies, defamation, blackmail (also emotional). Whimsical, possessive and neurotic character 

The most positive qualities about the moon card

Remember that to benefit from the positive meanings of the Moon card, it must come out in an inverted position. And despite the darkness that accompanies it at all times, you will always find an illuminated part.

+ If you are asking about your love life and the Moon comes out, you can prepare yourself for a passionate and passionate love story. Maybe not very long-lasting, since you have to count on the different cycles of the moon that can affect your relationship.

+ At work, the Moon card speaks of dreams or wishes fulfilled. That project that goes ahead or find that job that you thought was not within your reach. The Moon has magic, so everything is possible with this card from you. Even what you least imagine.

+ The health field does not have good prospects with this card, whether it is positive or negative. The new, full, waning and waxing moon, all these changes will impact your health, so sometimes you will find yourself with energy and vitality, but other times your strength will fail.

+ On a personal level, the Moon card offers you infinite possibilities to renew yourself, to turn the page, to close one cycle and open another, to start from scratch. And pay attention, because a trip by sea can make you very happy when this card comes out

The most negative qualities about the moon card

The Moon reigns at night and in darkness. Hence, we must also have a good number of negative meanings in this tarot card.

+ Bad omens in love in the form of lies, deceit, betrayal and disappointment. As if it had been a mirage, as if it had not been real, just a love product of your dreams. Does idealizing love sound familiar to you? Well be careful, because the fall is painful.

+ That pay raise you were promised is going to be delayed. Or the rise of the rumored. False hopes dominate this work period with the Moon card, so be careful with expectations so as not to be disappointed.

+ Although you don’t necessarily have to wait for a serious illness, health suffers due to this dark and negative card. Generally, it is about emotional lability or instability that you will somatize in the form of various ailments.

+ Confusion is your general state when the Moon card appears on the roll. Anxiety problems, insecurity and it will be better to protect yourself against depression, because a period of great instability is coming.

Do not be scared by the negative meanings of the tarot. You already know that a card reading is not an unappealable sentence and that the reins of your life are held by you. 

The positive meaning of the Moon card when upright 

The Moon, on the positive side, concerns everything that is the person’s unconscious.

It is the nocturnal dimension of things, memory, intuition, reflection, fantasy and dreams; these are all faculties that require an indirect approach, not direct but reflective, and for this reason positive results are never completely positive: we cannot know where the unconscious can lead a person, in what direction it can lead him.

In the past it was linked to the success of magical practices, the search for magic and esotericism, pseudoscience; today it remains more linked to dreams, memories, the past, childhood friends and all the typical emotions of childhood.

It symbolizes the fear that we can have in the search for truth, the darkness that is clarified by the light of the moon that makes us clearer, but does not show us the direction to take.

It indicates the need to carry out an intellectual research, to open the mind to find solutions as a child would do, it invites reflection, perseverance, to deepen one’s feelings to find an alternative path to a problem that we cannot solve.

In summary, the meaning can be understood:

Love: indicates everything that is unconscious about relationships. The passion, family ties, the most spiritual part of the relationships we are experiencing, the arrival of a pregnancy, a birth or a marriage with its dose of hopes, but also of fears to face, that the card invites us , in fact, to face.

Work and money: on a professional level, even in this case, there is no precise indication of what could happen, if not an invitation to creativity: letting yourself go into creative works could be a good omen, as well as trying to dealing with children. Looking for imaginative solutions in the work could bring unexpected results.

Health: from the point of view of health, it indicates that the path we are following to maintain or improve our state of health must pass from the dream, from the exploration of one’s emotions, from a psychological deepening of ourselves. Do not seek the way in the conscience, but in the unconscious.

People: generally indicates people who dream, probably children or adults who still have some childhood traits in their character. It can indicate, more generally, any person who has a creative trait in the work they do. 

The negative meaning of the moon card when reversed

When the moon is turned upside down, it does not leave its original meaning, the unconscious, but while on the positive side the card indicates a way forward, on the contrary on the negative it indicates that the darkness becomes denser, that the unconscious path is more difficult to deal with.

Thus destructive emotions such as fear, anger, anxiety, anguish can take over, the solutions we have can seem deceptive and therefore be different from what we can imagine.

Misconceptions, failure to seek the truth, the prejudices we may have, fanaticism, make it more difficult to face the problems that await us, indicating an emotional and psychological problem that we must necessarily solve in order to face what awaits us with clarity. In fact, we tend to lie to ourselves, seeing our projects do not go as they should or in any case as we expect.

We must beware of the unobtrusive dangers, such as delusions, losses, thefts, deceptions and scams, which could be frequent if we are in an altered state of mind; also pay attention to the fact that we do not have an overview of the situation we face, because this lack could be decisive, negatively, in the failure of something we have started.

Love: From the point of view of relationships, the reverse moon indicates betrayals, quarrels, lies, misunderstandings that can be serious and lack of confidence.

This can concern the love relationship but also the relationship with other people who are close to us. In some interpretations, the moon on the contrary can also mean the effect of negative magical practices that have been directed towards us.

Work and money: from the professional point of view, the negative meaning generally concerns lies, quarrels, scams, traps, people who do everything because we do not reach our goals (perhaps because this would lead to problems in their comparisons).

In some cases it also indicates that the job position is not suitable for us.

Health: as regards health, this could be affected by a mental setting that is not optimal for our needs.

We do not have a complete idea of ​​the situation, we are following unsuitable therapies or treatments, or the psychological discomforts are reflected on the physical level, and consequently are decisive, negatively, in the deterioration of the general state of health.

People: The Moon indicates a materialistic person, ready to do anything to cheat others, linked to scams, deceptions, hostile towards our person. It can indicate false friends or enemies that we don’t expect.

Combination with other major arcanas cards and what can the moon card mean 

Moon + Fool : Unstable person often with a pout and a changing mood. It is not a good match for making judgments about human nature.

Moon + Magician : Power of concentration in difficult circumstances. Versatile person who manages to adapt his plans to the material he has available. Red magic.

Moon + The High Priestess: Deliberately used occult power. The lunar cycle becomes particularly significant. Red magic.

Moon + Empress: Pregnancy. A small change in lifestyle resulting from physical conditions. Very similar to the arcane the Stars taken alone.

Moon + Emperor: Period of stability after a successfully completed challenge. Person who completes one job before starting another. Man not sentimentally reliable.

Moon + Hierophant: Delay in scheduled actions followed by slow and careful work. Someone who values ​​cautiously before starting anything.

Moon + Lovers: Inspiration from external circumstances or from yourself. A period that can be either of slow and gradual growth of a relationship, or of gradual decline. Secret love.

Moon + Chariot: Innovations. Change of plans with the aim of obtaining better results. Avoid a trip that could be dangerous. Gossip that leads to quarrels.

Moon + Strength: Person who doesn’t trust good news or times when things seem to go too smoothly. Someone who is rarely taken by surprise.

Moon + Hermit: In good times, good work. In times of trouble, suspicious and confusing activities. Defamation.

Moon + Wheel of fortune: Manipulator of people and events. Those who refuse to be open about their intentions. Accident.

Moon + Justice: The physical ability to obtain the desired results without using suitable methods. Person who appears to be very lucky.

Moon + Hanged Man: Excessive sleep. Not serious illness. Need for mild stimulants.

Moon + Death: Lover of history. Feeling. Sometimes craving.

Moon + Temperance: A good time to complete the work that has accumulated. Physical activity phase that brings results. Overturned Moon with Temperance: Rest Period after Illness.

Moon + Devil: Physical well-being. Fusion with nature. Nice weather. Dangerous woman. Bad person.

Moon + Tower: Emotionally hard period. Time when it is important to get by in some way. Black magic.

Moon + Star: Period of serious effort. Feeling of need.

Moon + Sun: Period of hunger. Fasting is possible with this combination. Danger of getting sick from changes in temperature: cold, fever, pneumonia.

Moon + Judgment: Poverty. Fatigue. Time when you need help.

Moon + World: Need to join with others for mutual protection. Great combination for opening a new company or forming a club. Even bad national times. 

How to use The moon to create your dream life?

The arcane of the Moon invites us to ask ourselves: what am I not seeing? What is behind this situation or behavior? What is your gut telling you?

In this sense, the Moon suggests us to acquire clarity of the problem, avoiding impulsive actions and planning an action strategy.

The card also stimulates us to cunning and to play cunning through the use of charm and seduction.

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