The Lovers Tarot Card – Meaning, Reversed, Guide, Love

Welcome to anther tarot card detailed interpretation! Tarot cards have been used in the world of the esoteric for ages.

Tarot reading is one of the widespread divination techniques, although these wonderfully illustrated cards were originally used for playing card games.

In some part of the world, they are still being used as playing cards.

They originate from late medieval times, while over the course of the 18th century, it has been more and more used for divination.

How the tarot cards could reveal our destiny? Each of the cart features allegorical imagery.

These images represent archetypical figures and energies that make our world go round.

All of them affect our lives and playa role in our destiny. They have to do with our past, present and future.

Of course that these mysterious images do not change our lives.

However, they help us understand it much better.

The most popular tarot deck is that of Rider-Waite, first published in 1909, influenced by the work of the 19th occultist Eliphas Levi.

The images are of a stylized, simplified design, but they certainly possess some alluring, enchanting charm.

They are full of allegories and symbolism. In the following paragraphs we will be talking about The Lovers card.

The Lovers Tarot Card Quick Facts

The Lovers tarot card is the sixth trump card in tarot deck. It belongs to the Major Arcana suit, which counts 22 of common total 78 tarot cards.

The rest are Minor Arcana cards, divided into four suits. Major Arcana cards are numbered from 0 to 21.

The Lovers card follows The Hierophant card and precedes The Chariot. The Lovers card resonates with the power of love.

This card is rich of symbolism and meanings; just look at its colorful imagery. More on its visual appearance in the next section.

First things first, let us learn some basic facts and key terms related to the tarot card of Lovers.

Key terms for The Lovers tarot card: Union, trust, emotions, health, harmony, choices. The Lovers card is about partnership and connection.

Key essential element of the Lovers: Air

Major Arcana numerical of The Lovers card: 6

Planet and the astrological sign of the Lovers: Venus, Libra

Yes/No question for The Lovers card: Yes

Related to the card of: The Devil

Visual Description of The Lovers Card

Let us take a long and an insightful look at The Lovers card. Its colors, rich imagery and tons of symbols would help us understand its full meaning.

The first thing you probably notice are either two naked human figures harmoniously occupying the left and the right part of the image or it is the angelic being with hands spread above them.

You’ve probably guessed right, when it comes to the nude figures; they indeed resemble Adam and Eve, while their surroundings remind of the Garden of Eden.

Their ideal bodies are completely exposed, their hands open in a relaxed gesture.

Such a depictions speaks about their divine innocence and their god-given appearance.

However, on the Eve’s side stands that fatal Tree of Knowledge and the Devil-serpent crawls upon it.

It appears as if the snake whispers into the ear of Eve. The woman, for her part, looks up to the sky.

The male figure has a different tree on his side. Its leaves are odd; they look as little flames and not actual leaves. It could very well bee the Tree of Life.

There are twelve little flames on that tree, associated with zodiac signs. The fire is always a synonym for passion.

There are many meanings one could ascribe to the symbol of fire, especially in such a context.

The tree with the snake is a common allegory of temptation and the fall into sin of flesh and sensual pleasures.

The central figure occupying the upper part of the card is a representation of the Archangel Raphael. Archangel Raphael’s name translates into ’God heals’.

His robes are purple, amethyst purple, which is the color associated with higher wisdom and the divine, spiritual guidance.

In a way, he heals our human sins, he brings harmony, understanding and peace – he protects and advises the Lovers.

The landscape behind is deeply symbolic. The red mountain is of a peculiar, phallic, shape, representing the masculine principle.

The water, of course, stands for the feminine. Together, they create harmony.

Overall, the symbolism of The Lovers card imagery is that of the state of perfect harmony and pleasure before the fall.

The Lovers Card Meaning Guide

I shall make the choice.

One could understand this card in so many ways, but its core meaning remains the same.

The Lovers are all about unity, harmony and relationships, bonds, love, passion and commitment.

They are about needs for another human being, for connection, compassion, touch, emotion, mutual trust, sharing.

It is, above all, about making choices, the choices of commitment and of all of the above mentioned.

As the card could be understood as the scene of the garden of Eden, there are specific choices to be mentioned.

Of course, there is the choice associated with the temptation of Eve.

Will you fall for your temptations and taste the apple?

This card may simply indicate the questioner was being tempted by someone or something.

The temptation also poses the question of trust. Whom do you trust? At the end of the day, the key to these dilemmas are love and unity.

Together, you could be strong enough to overcome temptations, isn’t it so?

Take a look at the depiction of the Archangel. His spread wings and arms tell about his role of the guardian. He is the guardian angel to these two figures.

The angel represents the divine protection, guidance and deliverance. There is an interesting chapter in the poem Paradise Lost, by john Milton, in which still innocent Adam and Eve welcome the divine guest.

Raphael joins them at their table and discusses with them matters of the universe.

The angel instructs them of the godly path and warns them about the danger of sin.

The Lovers card represents a guidance through choices that are to be made. The Lovers encourage one to listen to their heart, which would lead us towards the good choice.

When we say heart, we mean the energy of pure, divine love, not simply amorousness and shallow pleasures.

The concept of unity and good choice represented by The Lovers card does not necessarily mean making decisions only regarding love life.

Let us think about the placement of this card within the major Arcana. Its position between the Hierophant, who embodies orthodox ways and tradition, and the Chariot, representing new ways, is not insignificant.

The Lovers card stands between the two, because it represents the point of making a choice between them.

The meaning of The Lovers card could be as simple as giving a hint of a potential romantic relationship, a date with a person you dream of, but also a transitional period between relationships.

However, the full meaning of the card would also depend on the position it appears before the questioner. More on that after we answer the ’yes or no’ question for the Lovers.

The Lovers  – YES or NO

The ’yes or no’ reading is a simple way to find an answer to a straightforward question through a tarot card.

It is a reading technique that requires a simple question to which the answer could be yes, no or maybe.

So, what would be the answer for The Lovers card?

The Lovers card would commonly appear before a questioner who faces a dilemma, feeling uncertain whether he or she should make a move or not.

Since this is the card related to choices and decisions, the answer would be a very confident YES!

The Lovers Card Upright Meaning

Let us find out what The Lovers card could indicate if opened in an upright position, facing the questioner in upright position, that is.

Although the first association that comes to one’s mind mentioning the Lovers or seeing the imagery of the card would be romantic relationship, unity of the masculine and the feminine, the card is not always about that.

The Lovers card does not deal only with romantic relationship and emotional connections, but also with different sorts of choices that do not relate solely to one’s love and emotional life.

This card is also associated with big changes in life and choices that have to be made. Such choices and decisions are often very difficult.

For example, it could be a choice what has to make between some aspects of life that are greatly important, each in its own way.

The typical case would be making a choice between romantic relationship and the career.

Although these things are not always mutually exclusive, they often simply do not go hand in hand, especially in the modern world.

Therefore, the choices The Lovers card implies could appear quite painful.

In such a situation, with the upright Lovers card, the one who asks the question would be well aware that he or she would eventually have to sacrifice something, for the sake of the thing chosen.

The card is definitely about choices that would have a huge influence on the questioner’s course of life.

The card represents duality, as well as unity. It represents those energies that are inseparable, just as they are, paradoxically, opposite.

The questioner with this card is often a person in the state of being stretched between the emotions and the reason.

As the Lovers are more about the matters of the heart, therefore the final decision, after putting all the positive and negative things on the table, should follow the heart.

The Lovers Card Reversed Meaning

The reversed Lovers card indicates problems related to giving and receiving love, with making decisions and choices.

It could also indicate making bad decisions and falling to temptations.

This position of the card tells about problems in relationships, not only romantic ones.

It suggests the relationship lacks stability and mutual trust.

If The Lovers card was reversed, then the questioner probably feels incapable of making a decision.

In fact, the questioner is afraid of making a choice; he or she remains in between them, stagnating.

This is a tough and unfavorable situation, because for the time one hesitates, a good opportunity may slip away.

This means that the questioner does not actually trust into own capacities.

The unwillingness to make a choice, in any life situation, in any area of life, indicates a weak-willed person; it is a cowardly position.

It reflects on other areas of life, regardless of what was the subject of making a choice, because here we do talk about big ones.

As it is associated with temptation and, especially, temptations of the flesh, of the carnal and material, this card tells about very superficial emotions, inability to receive the guidance from above, lack of spiritual depth.

It is about over-indulgence, irresponsibility, disrespectfulness towards others, inability to rely on someone, inability to form a stable unity.

The Lovers Tarot Card – Career Meaning

The Lovers card could be understand as a point of making choice inclined towards novel circumstances and new horizons, on the cost of well-established, traditional old ways.

It definitely has to do with renewal, with new connections and changes. These changes could come sooner than necessary or be hastily undertaken.

This card could indicate certain impatience when it comes to work and business ideas.

You have been tempted by a promising project that would hypothetically bring you an outstanding payment, without much effort invested.

While it could appear very tempting, there are probably things you should carefully check out before sailing into it.

On the other hand, it could tell about one’s preoccupation with a relationship, which make you spend fortune on someone.

Think about it. Is it really necessary? Isn’t it superficial? The core of a healthy relationship is never money.

Do not act foolishly and think wisely about your spending. Keep track of your finances whatever was the factor that steals your attention.

As The Lovers card is about desires and choices, there are some good questions to ask yourself when it comes to career. Think about what you really and deeply desire to achieve.

This time, do not let your reason trick you (yes, you’ve heard it right!), but listen to your innermost voice, your heart.

Do not get over-enthusiastic and impulsive, however, but think about the ways to reach your goals.

The Lovers Tarot Card – Love Meaning

There has already been much of the talk about love. Well, love, harmony, unity, masculine and feminine energy, romance and relationship are some of the key terms associated with this card.

If the love life was in question, the lovers have some good new for you. For single ones, the Lovers give a hint on a new relationship.

The Cupid would soon hit you by one of his arrows! The Lovers card is all about romance, about unity of body and soul of the two beings.

The card of Lovers tells about – lovers! Sometimes this card could even indicate that there could be more than one lovers to choose.

Now, that could be a very difficult situation, though, we admit, not altogether unflattering.

Of course, this does not have to be only about romantic relationship.

The interpretation should be taken in a wider perspective, depending on your situation.

It could be related to new friendships, new business relations, as well, family bonds and many more.

In all of these, the Lovers are about devotion, commitment and mutual trust.

In general, The Lovers card in a love related reading speaks about favorable circumstances regarding love life transitions.

The card is a green light for you to announce your gentle feelings to a person you fall for.

It also encourages you to express your good intentions and feelings to a person important to you.

For those who are already in a relationship or are married, The Lovers card speaks about the renewal of love, the refreshing period, creating even stronger bonds, a transition from a state of amorousness to the state of deep, divine love.

For single ones or those who have recently gone through a separation, the card is a sign of a new romance.

The Lovers  Tarot Card – Health Meaning

Let us see into The Lovers card in the context of health and well being. We have mentioned that the Lovers follow the indoctrinating Hierophant.

He teaches us to trust the system of belief and generally rely on well-established practices, in all aspects of life, including taking care of one’s health. The Lovers are to break those rules.

This primarily applies to the spiritual well-being. Perhaps the time has come to make a transition from the established values to those of your own.

Sometimes the two would eventually match; however, you have to take up this journey. Spiritual growth plays an incredible role in overall well-being of an individual.

What is the role of Lovers card regarding physical health? The answer is LOVE. Love is the ultimate healing energy.

In order to keep yourself healthy, you have to be able both to receive and share love.

The Lovers  Combined

Each card gets an altered specific meaning when combined with other cards.

Let us see what meanings could be read in different combinations of The Lovers card with other cards of the deck.

Here are several examples of The Lovers card combined with some cards from both Major and Minor Arcana.

  • The Lovers and The Empress: Emotions rule over you
  • The Lovers and The Hanged Man: A dramatic change of the worldview
  • The Lovers and The Four of Wands: A rushed marriage
  • The Lovers and The Page of Cups: Change of job
  • The Lovers and The Seven of Swords: Pay attention to a wise advisor
  • The Lovers and The King of Pentacles: Platonic relationship

Astrology and The Lovers

The Lovers are associated with the planet Venus, the same that is linked with the Empress.

Planet Venus is the planet of love, an astrological variant of goddess Venus or Aphrodite.

Its energy is feminine, sensual, pleasure-loving, passionate, committed.

The Lovers  Zodiac Sign

Planet Venus rules the sign of Libra, which is also the sign of the Lovers. Libra represents harmony, peace, unity, sharing, tolerance.

Some people associate this card with the sign of Gemini, as well.

Numerology and The Lovers

Numerical for the Lovers is 6. Number six is associated with harmony, balance, peace, kindness, communication.

Six is a mystical number unifying masculine and feminine energy.

The Star of David perfectly illustrates this divine union, being harmoniously six pointed.

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