The High Priestess Tarot Card – Meaning, Reversed, Guide, Love

Tarot readings could reveal the course of your destiny! Everyone’s fate has been written long time ago and there is nothing we can do to trick the mysterious ways of the Universe.

This does not mean we do not affect our own lives; of course we do and it is in accordance to the divine life-moving forces.

Since old days, people have been practicing various techniques of divination, in order to find out how to make the best out of what the existence has to offer.

Looking into the future through a tarot card deck is an old technique, as well. Wonderfully designed tarot cards have first been used for card games, although their images have always contained symbolic meanings.

When applied in divination practices, they are divided into the Major and Minor Arcana.

The High Priestess Tarot Card Quick Facts

I trust my intuition and I know.

The High Priestess tarot card is the second card in Major Arcana; preceded by The Magician card, followed by The Empress card.

The mindset of The High Priestess card is as cited above; she is an enigmatic figure, mysterious, associated with our inner self. To some point, she is similar with the Magician, who uses inner potentials that are to be found in our subconscious mind.

The High Priestess helps us discover and develop our intuition. She is the treasurer of secret knowledge, of hidden wisdom. We will delve into the symbols surrounding her in the following paragraph.

Let us first learn some basic facts about this card and the figure depicted. Some of the major facts about The Priestess card are the following.

Key terms for The Priestess tarot card: Higher power, attraction, withdrawal (in contrast to activity other cards imply), reflection, instinct, intuitive guidance. Trust your inner voice; it knows the best.

Key essential element of the High Priestess: Water

Major Arcana numerical of The High Priestess card:  2

Planet and the astrological signs of the High Priestess: Moon, Cancer

Yes/No question for The High Priestess card: Yes or maybe

Related to the card of: Justice, Judgement

Visual Description of The High Priestess Card

Let us examine the visual appearance of The High Priestess card in detail (we are looking into the popular Rider-Waite deck, while the famous Tarot of Marseille, Tarot de Marseille deck, is  the common source of many tarot decks design).

Look carefully at the image representing the card. You will notice a lot of blue color surrounding the figure of the seated High Priestess. Color blue is associated with wisdom, mystery and the Moon.

The blue color represents higher wisdom and divine knowledge, something this mysterious figure embodies.

However, her manner of action is ultimately opposite to that of the Magician, who is the master of externalization of the inner power, connected with universal forces he manipulates.

High Priestess works the other way around; she internalizes the energy, focusing on instincts and intuition.

The very figure of the High Priestess is seated, as enthroned. It speaks about her powerful and stable position. On both her sides the pillars rise, one black, the other white.

The black pillar is marked with the letter B, standing for ’Boaz’, representing strength. The white one is marked with the letter J, standing for ’Jachin’, representing foundation. Black and white, of course, represent energetic dualism.

Feminine and masculine, positive and negative energies are intertwined; without accepting the existence of such duality, one cannot attain higher knowledge.

The High Priestess herself mediate between the two, as she is sitting between the pillars, in her long blue and white robes. Her dress is adorned with a cross, representing heart, soul, body and mind.

The High Priestess holds a scroll in her hands. Looking at the scroll, you will notice TORA inscription, which could be associated with the sacred Jewish book or with the TAROT itself; in any case, it has to do with mystical and divine knowledge.

Her full moon shaped crown, one might say, also represent higher knowledge.

The crescent yellow moon at her feet is an interesting feature. The Moon, Luna, represents the feminine energy, emotions, instincts.

It is located at the Priestess’ feet, suggesting the base of her knowledge, the foundation of her immense intuitive power. The Moon is always associated with the feminine principle and the water.

Behind the seated High Priestess there is a decorated, beautifully woven veil or tapestry. Its rich design with pomegranates represents fertility, abundance, creative principle, growth.

It also reminds of the story of Persephone eating pomegranate seeds from the hand of Hades of the Underworld; underworld is also a source of fertility, as the earth is a womb of everything that grows.

Finally, take a glance behind the decorated veil. On the other side of the veil, behind the priestess-guardian, you could see water, a lake, perhaps, or the sea, all, once again, tightly connected with the energy of the Moon and feminine power.

The High Priestess guards the way, she is the one who encompasses all such wisdom. Only initiated could enter into the mysterious world.

The High Priestess  Card Meaning Guide

The visual appearance of The High Priestess card already says a lot about the meaning of this one. There are further details, though.

The High Priestess could also be understood as a female Pope; something that never took place in reality, right? Well, who would know for certain.

Anyway, there was a legendary female Pope, Joan (some authors claim she was an actual historical figure).

The story about Joan tells that this lady donned male clothes and eventually climbed so high that she even took the papal throne.

No one suspected it was a woman, until it was discovered in a very revealing way; allegedly, Pope Joan gave birth to a child and it happened, no more no less than during a sacred papal procession!

A fantastical tale, indeed, but what does it have to do with our tarot card? Well, the main difference between the masculine and feminine principle is the ability of a woman to give birth to a child.

It is her greatest power and her greatest weakness. It is a miracle! The powerful priest or, if you wish, a magician or another masculine figure could rule over the land and the people, but he could never perform such a miracle.

Therefore, the two are inseparable; the High Priestess nurtures the divine sparkle. The feminine nourishes it inside her womb and eventually brings it to the light of the day, as a true miracle.

This is the ultimate power of the High priestess, the inner transformation, reflection. This female Pope is not a counterpart of the an actual Pope, but the priestess; we could rather say she is a counterpart of the Magician.

The High Priestess represents the innermost power, the mystical knowledge, the intuition. Her power is threefold, so to say. She has power in three worlds, on heaven, on earth, but also below waters.

The water element is extremely difficult to rule; the water is purifying, ever changing, its depths unknown. The water symbolizes inner voice, intuition, deepest emotions, magic, imagination.

The High Priestess  – YES or NO

If you are a beginner when it comes to tarot reading, simple ’yes or no’ readings could be a good way to start.

This is a simple reading technique; it requires asking a simple, straightforward question that could be answered with clear yes, no or maybe answer. It typically requires one tarot card to be pulled.

When it comes to The High Priestess card, the answer is YES. This card possesses incredible potential of working for the highest goal, the greater benefit.

In other words, if you are inclined towards making certain moves that would have a positive impact on other people, go for it.

It is a YES answer, because it implies actions that are not rash and aggressive and that would have a positive effect for times to come.

Of course, we will see how it performs depending on the position of the The High Priestess card in front of you.

The High Priestess Card Upright Meaning

The High Priestess appearing upright, that is, upright from your angle of view, it represents all the fantastic qualities of this powerful card. It stands for brilliant intuition and even psychic abilities.

This card implies the existence of spiritual knowledge; the person with such card is capable of comprehending universal secrets.

A questioner who pulled the upright High Priestess card enters the path of learning, the one that goes through the mysterious waters of divine knowledge.

It could mean that you are about to meet someone who possesses such knowledge, a spiritual guide, in a way.

If the questioner was a man, this card could indicate a relationship with a woman of immense knowledge and intelligence.

The High Priestess embodies the creative and nurturing feminine energy, motherly love, guidance and protection. All those are more intuitive and instinctive than rational.

Emotions play an incredible part; emotions are moving force. The upright card suggests you should trust yours. The soul and the heart sometimes know better than the rational mind.

The upright High Priestess card encourages you to follow your inner voice and pay attention to things that otherwise appear unimportant to many.

For example, analyze your dreams, do not take the omens and signs along the road for granted; they all might carry a message for you. Just use such information wisely.

The High Priestess Card Reversed Meaning

If the card appears reversed, turned upside down from your point of view, then the meaning is different.

It indicates a blockage in your inner processes; you are unable to recognize the inner voice, your emotions confuse you.

Such a position of this card tells about a state of confusion, in which the person is not sure either about the feelings or about the thoughts.

You should not try to pursue intuitive answers forcefully. Well, you are aware it sounds ridiculous, as there is no way to force intuition.

You probably lack patience, which leads to forceful mystification of things that are not mystical in nature.

It leads only to superficial knowledge and repression of your inner self that gets no opportunity to develop.

The High priestess reversed could also be understood as a warning. You are easy to succumb to others’ judgment and opinions, instead of following your gut.

Have you ever experienced the bitter taste of working in others’ way, instead of trusting your heart? It is an unpleasant feeling, but it proves there is your inner self!

Take time for an introspection, withdraw from situations that make you feel emotionally or in any other way uncomfortable; it is not a place you want to be.

Do not trust everyone, but always consult your heart and soul. Do not act rashly, but retreat. Sometimes it is the hardest thing to do, but only then you could access the real wisdom.

The High Priestess Tarot Card – Career Meaning

What does the High Priestess have to say about career? As we have already stated that this card is about the intuitive and about reflection, introspection and, very importantly, withdrawal, it suggests you carefully think through about what you want to achieve.

The opportunities will come your way, but you have to let them come.

The High Priestess card is not one directly associated with money and wealth; its power is intellectual, spiritual and emotional.

So, you should focus more on learning and on fulfilling your dreams than on simply earning money. Your career path should be something that, in the first place, makes you feel good.

Maybe you feel like stagnating; a reversed card could reflect such a situation. Think about what you really want to achieve.

It is more a matter of your passions than of goals implemented from the environment.

Study your passions, take time to figure out what really makes you enthusiastic and only this way you will succeed.

The High Priestess Tarot Card – Love Meaning

The High Priestess card is associated with mysteries, with hidden emotions, with everything that is behind the veil, so to say.

In terms of love, it could translate into a platonic relationship, into a connection between partners or friends, as well, on a level higher than the physical.

It indicates a relationship in which two people understand each other without saying a single word.

On the other hand, as the High Priestess is a seeker of higher, divine knowledge, the card is also associated with ascetic life, with isolation and solitude.

In depth reading, including other cards will help you understand the message better.

In some cases, the solitude is desired for introspection; in other, it indicates your mysterious part have led you into loneliness.

As  the High Priestess is an ultimately introspective card, a person who pulls it should focus more on their own emotional needs.

Now, that does not mean one should neglect the others and their feelings. It simply indicates the time has come to let your heart speak for yourself.

Sometimes we neglect ourselves, for the sake of others’ benefit.

The High Priestess Tarot Card – Health Meaning

Speaking of health and the High Priestess, we could say she is an emotional healer or that the card indicates our body heals through emotions. Intuition plays an incredibly important part in our well-being.

In other words, your intuition works with your body, never against it; listen to it, for the sake of ultimate well being. The body and the soul are inseparable in this sense.

You should never neglect your emotional and spiritual self, as it could lead to actual illness.

Think about how you feel drained and unwell when you are concerned. Try to find a way to bring your emotions into balance.

Stay on the course of spiritual journey, the High Priestess implies.

There is a special message for future mothers, as the card has to do with fertility; they should especially trust their gut when it comes to signs both the body and the inner self send.

The High Priestess Combined

Each of the Major Arcana cards would have a specific meaning if combined with other cards from the deck.

We will give several interesting examples of The High Priestess card combined with other cards and their meanings. Here we go.

  • The High Priestess and the Magician: Dishonesty in a relationship.
  • The High Priestess and The Empress: Conception.
  • The High priestess and The Ace of Wands: The revelation of the obscure.
  • The High Priestess and The Nine of Cups: Keep the secret of your happiness away from others.
  • The High priestess and The Three of Swords: Surprising news.
  • The High priestess and The King of Pentacles: Great success.

Astrology and The High Priestess

The High Priestess tarot card is associated with the astrological planet Moon (in astrology, the Sun and the Moon are also called planets).

The Moon represents the unconscious, the emotions, the deeper knowledge, intuition, psychic abilities, mystical knowledge.

It is a feminine principle planet, associated with the element of Water.

The High Priestess  Zodiac Sign

As the Moon rules the zodiac sign of Cancer, this is the sign associated with The High Priestess card.

As you most likely know, Cancer is usually taken as the most emotional of all zodiac signs.

Cancers are highly intuitive and characterized by intense emotions, similarly to their Water ’cousins’, Scorpios. Cancers are very sensitive and prone to hiding emotions.

Numerology and The High Priestess

The High Priestess is the number 2 card of the Major Arcana. Number two possesses specific vibration; it represents dualism, pairs, connection, relationships.

This number is associated with insightfulness, meditation, balance and harmony, amongst other things.

The Priestess is enthroned between the TWO pillars, one black, one white, in perfect harmony.

This is also the number of divine life purpose and the mission of the soul.

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