The Fool Tarot Card – Meaning, Reversed, Guide, Love

All you need to know about The Fool tarot card is here. Meanings, messages and how to use it to create your dream life

What’s the fool card?

The fool card is a card that is carried away by emotions but that its actions always end with good results, representing the initiative in any circumstance where it is necessary to be impulsive to move forward.

Its dual nature makes it combine two completely opposite poles, representing the energy of chaos and harmony as the vital essence of being, combining wisdom and folly to solve problems, it is a card that symbolizes a crazy young man, separated from the rules of society who is constantly searching for its path.

The strange nature of this card, reveals a crazy, carefree young man away from reality as one of his strengths that thanks to his duality allows him to solve problems.

The mystical meaning of the Fool card announces the beginning of a new path and the final closure of a process, a card that announces momentous changes that depending on the position you adopt will determine your future.

The fool: Image and Representation

It represents a carefree, crazy young man, away from the sane side of life, wandering lost and aimlessly on the path of life, he is not taken seriously; he wanders from one side to the other looking for his way, dressed as a jester leaning on a staff that symbolizes his will, while he sets out on his way to the future.

He carries on his back a bundle hanging from a stick that represents that he has left his old life behind to seek a new direction, a wolf tries to stop his advance by biting his leg, slowing his progress, either to represent his old problems or to try stop him from heading off to nowhere.

He appears not to live in reality or is not aware of it, he is not governed by the laws, symbolizing a rebellious young man who seeks his way regardless of what others think, only looking for the best for him.

The dualistic meaning of the fool card

The meaning of the card is very dual, coming to represent both chaos and harmony at the same time, which makes it one of the most powerful tarot cards.

The left of the card symbolizes the past along with the problems, people from the past, burdens and lived events, its head represents the present, the moment currently lived, the now, the right side of this tarot card is the unknown, the future, everything that has not been covered yet, people to meet, and the person you can become.

The fool goes against the tide, is not a friend of conventions and lives outside the prevailing social schemes.

We could say that he is an authentic character, something that is very positive, but the truth is that his dose of negativity is also high. You may feel identified with some of the positive meanings of the crazy card. Let’s see which are the main qualities of this card.

The 5 most positive qualities about the fool card

1 The Fool card is very favorable if we are talking about new projects in your life. You find success in being an authentic person, in believing in your project regardless of what others think.

2 The fool card is a tarot card that reinforces your independence. You do not allow yourself to be influenced too much by the opinion of others, you are yourself at all times and that is a virtue that you must treasure.

3 This card may be talking about new experiences, new life cycles, radical changes in your life.

4 It is also a card that speaks of freedom. Without prejudices, without obligations, without schemes to follow. With determination, with vitality, with energy and with fun.

5 The fool represents instinct and intuition when it comes to letting yourself be carried away by life. In love, at work, in decision making … but don’t mistake instinct for impulsiveness.

The 5 most negative qualities of the Fool card

As expected, the free character of the Fool takes its toll in a society marked by labels. And he himself can sometimes behave irrationally and irresponsibly.

Much attention to the negative meanings of the Fool card in the tarot.

6 When the card shows its most negative side, it shows a person who is impulsive and far from logical reasoning. You may be selfish and only think about your own well-being.

7 Love when the Fool’s card appears is marked not by healthy independence, but by the emotional ups and downs of those who do not want to decide to take another step in the relationship.

8 Balance is nowhere to be found on the Fool’s card, indicating that he does not know how to gauge how to take life in its proper measure, or takes it too seriously or jokes about it.

9 The Fool card in a negative sense reflects immaturity, with all the problems that this entails at the work, partner and family level. Accepting responsibilities is not for this card.

10 Chaos is well represented in this tarot card. Without schemes, without organization, without obligations, without reasoning. Living on impulse is not the secret of happiness either.

Divinatory meaning of the Fool Card: The Fool keywords

There are some keywords related to the Fool card that can resonate with its meaning and what this card wants us to know

This card means:

• Madness
• Extravagance
• Irrationality
• Lack of discipline
• Deafness to advice
• Obsession
• Mania
• Initiative
• Enthusiasm
• Pleasure
• Exhibitionism
• Licentiousness
• Recklessness
• Lack of reflection
• Immaturity
• Insecurity
• Impulsiveness
• Superficial promises
• Lightness
• Contempt for the important things

Opposite meaning (Reversed Card):

• Wrong decisions
• Apathy
• Indecision
• Lack of initiative Insecurity

The positive meaning of the Fool card when upright

The positive meaning of the Fool is in general that of irrationality as a synonym of good luck, as a creative drive that allows you to achieve your goals without following a pre-established path but following the instinct, the feeling that leads us to understand, in a way illogical, what is the right path to take.

Madness is therefore not seen in a negative sense but, on the contrary, lightheartedness, innocence, spontaneity and the unconscious in general allows us to understand which is the most correct path to follow.

The card represents non-conformism, but also the desire to pursue an ideal at all costs, it represents the journey, understood both in a physical sense (that is, an incoming departure, perhaps resulting from a momentary and impulsive choice), and in a psychological sense (a mental revelation, a grasping of something that previously could not be well identified) is metaphorical, understood as the journey that is life in this world.

In summary, the meaning can be understood:

• Love: represents adventure, freedom and also happiness. Love is there, there is no lack of it, but it is lived with happiness, lightheartedness, and the card also indicates the follies made out of love, trying to conquer (with a positive outcome) the loved one without following the classic patterns.

• Work and money: from this point of view, the Fool generally represents the journey, the departure for a business trip for a decision taken at the last moment, but also an unexpected journey that allows us to “break”, for a while, with the routine of daily life. It can also be a break that is not related to a physical shift, so a break with the old job, or with one’s life patterns in general.

• Health: the card represents health, both physical and psychological, light-heartedness, the possibility of opening up new paths, of having new experiences without having to worry about the problems we already have or that may arise.

• People: The Fool refers to a nonconformist person, who believes in his ideals, but also who uses madness in his choices, like an entrepreneur who loves risk, a brilliant person, a person able to show us what we have in front of us. a different point of view from the one from which we usually observe it.

Negative meanings of the fool card when reversed

The meaning of the Fool in the negative still represents madness, but in this case understood in its most negative sense. Madness as violence, as irrationality that leads to nothing, madness as madness in one’s choices, blocking in the progress of daily life, escape from reality in a moment in which one should remain firmly in the same.

The Fool in the negative can indicate manias, obsessions and, last but not least, addictions, which could lead to very negative actions towards themselves or the people around them.

The problems to be solved are not faced with the right rationality but, on the contrary, they are managed in a way that is clearly inadequate to what you want to achieve: alcohol, drugs, gambling can be some of the consequences of these choices.

There is a search for freedom, but this is not sought in the correct way and without realizing it you risk ending up from one difficult situation to another from which it is even more difficult to get out.

In some cases, this could represent the presence of a strong external conditioning that leads us to make irrational and incorrect choices for us.

It can also indicate inconclusiveness, the fixation on problems that make no sense and whose solution does not lead to a resolution of the problem we have set ourselves.

In the most serious situations, it indicates real madness and can be linked to a mental pathology.

• Love: Generally, indicates a love that is not reciprocated, or a lack of dialogue, or tensions, or a betrayal; all characteristic events that can result in crazy and irrational behavior, inconclusive for various reasons and which, on the contrary, risks worsening the situation. It can also represent the search for solitude and the desire to escape from the relationship we are experiencing.

• Work and money: from a professional point of view, it generally indicates inconclusiveness, unreasonable choices that have had negative results, trips that are not served, the desire to escape from a situation that, however, should be managed with all our strengths.

• Health: Generally, indicates the presence of mental problems that we should solve as soon as possible, knowing ourselves better. It can represent anxiety, nostalgia, depression, the presence of an unresolved trauma such as unprocessed grief.

• People: indicates a very changeable, false, harmful person who changes his mind very quickly and whose actions could cause us problems. It can indicate violent people, such as outlaws.

Combination with other major arcanas cards and what can the fool card mean

The Fool + The Magician: A child in the world trying to sell himself well to someone. In love: childlike person and young adult but old in mind. Ideal partners but one is really young and impulsive, the other is sensitive and capable at work.

The Fool is more inclined to have fun. The Magician is too old for entertainment, but he also manages to let himself go.

The Fool + High Priestess: New joy, trust yourself, you are a highly intuitive person (you have to listen to your inner voice!). In love: New beginning, perhaps new partner. You or your partner could be very spiritual.

You have Venusian qualities of attraction towards the opposite sex (High Priestess has them) but you are very demanding, you prefer spiritual and intuitive people.

The fool + Empress: A childish vision of the world and a beautiful person, sensual woman, very maternal with others, so you could become like a “son” to look after. Maternal relationship. Or a person who finds new glory in a new way of life.

In love: one of the two is infantile, the other is the one who nourishes, who loves being maternal with the other. He is kind and honest. Great combination in love.

It can mean young love. Relationship that nourishes. Childhood relationship. Young love. Sensual partner. Joy in the family. Feeling free. Feeling like a child again. People comment on your looks.

New relationship. You don’t look back, you put the past behind you. New home, friends, love.

The Fool + Emperor: New beginning, something that lasts. Your life changes completely, in an intense way. Possible help from an authoritarian man who will help you with his skills.

The Fool + The Hierophant: A person with a childish vision of the world. Older and more responsible person who likes to teach and is more stable.

The Fool + The Lovers: A person who lives life as a child finds true love.

The Fool + The Chariot: You see the world with the eyes of a child, and you have the willpower to do everything, where everything also includes the question that has been asked. If it is about love, you will find a spiritual love that appreciates the little things in life, a love that is always with the mind of a child.

Optimistic and loving in nature / lives every day as a miracle. He never cares. If it comes to money, you will have a lot of willpower not to give up, and eventually win. In general, you will start a new life, with a positive attitude.

Feelings that are reborn, you will feel strong to face anything and you will know how to avoid negative events. It is the Fool who has matured a little.

The Fool + Justice: Person who finds justice, resulting in a new beginning. It is difficult to find such a romantic, reliable person who has faith in the universe. A new beginning… for those who have done the right thing.

The Fool + The Hermit: New beginning in which, however, you are alone, in pain, you have no one to share it with.

The fool + The Wheel of fortune: Going with the flow and following our instinct will bring a great outcome while it will show the Universe’s plans for you.

The Fool + Strength: Take a dose of confidence, you have the strength to face the challenge!

The Fool + Hanged Man: (air + water) New beginnings, you don’t look back, there is self-love, problems in being sure of one’s actions. Oppose by trying to be strong in your actions.

This combination may try to hold you back in your actions. This time things won’t come true … Keep being strong. What you had in mind has failed, but it may come true later!

The Fool has no patience but must learn it, because it is the winning strategy to adopt. If the reading is about love, you may feel discouraged, but it will soon come for you too. Head shots.

The Fool + Death: The World at your feet, your old life dies. Person who is reborn, new life. Look at the surrounding cards to understand better.

The Fool+ Temperance: New beginning, enjoying reality like a child. Moderation at home, and the need to “give things some time”. All kinds of luck possible, but with delays, enjoy the moment anyway!

Temperance brings fortunes to the home, thanks to moderation. Maybe there is little money, so you are forced to moderate your life …

But then you feel great about your body and this makes you find love, it makes you feel creative and bring new hobbies and make you extroverted, get yourself meet new friends. The one who has patience has everything!

The Fool + Devil: You feel free and worry-free, driven by desire and lust. Be careful. Maybe you are looking for high, sexual encounters or other addictive tendencies, look at the surrounding cards.

The Devil is inherent in s*x. The Fool asks you to create a new beginning. Think first … “Childish person looking for sexual encounters and high”. ”

Sexual relationship coming up, or a one-night stand”. “A childish person who is dominated by his desires !!” “New way of looking at life, but pain and addictions. Probable obsessions. Be careful.

You could do stupid things without thinking, promiscuous sex, relationships that started only by instinct. In love: A pure person in heart and soul, but not very reflective.

The Fool + The Tower: Elements: Air + Fire (Uranus + Mars). Intense and unexpected Martian energy! The air feeds the fire, makes it more intense. True passion! Feeling like a child. In love: New life with this partner, or sudden breakup (see surrounding cards). In finance: new beginning but then sudden and initially not pleasant change.

Fool + The Star: A new beginning is believed. Feeling and looking like a child + hope and renewal / rebirth. Everything is possible. The universe is at your feet, it gives you everything you need. Visualize and meditate. You will attract positive things into your life especially if you are grateful and appreciate what you receive.

The Fool + The Moon: “a child who enters the adult world, trusts his instincts”. “Child in love”. “Feelings for someone you have met or will meet”. “Painful emotions, difficult period … romantic attachment to someone”. “Uncertain period … but somehow you feel free”. The Moon is not a fast card.

The Fool + The Sun: Success, joy and luck, for a “child” who faces the world for the first time.

The Fool + Judgment: New beginnings, you see the world as a child, joy every day. It is necessary to make a difficult choice, which for better or for worse, could change your life! Possible rebirth in love life.

The Fool + The World: A child enters the world. Get everything you’ve ever wanted. Material needs satisfied. Infinite happiness. New relationship possible.

Problems with the house solved (new house). Possible unexpected gains (economic stability). Possible meeting with a soul mate.

How to use The fool to create your dream life?

If you go for a one card reading and The fool shows up you need to cherish its message and use it to create your dream life.

Basically, don’t be afraid of daring for more. Make it special.

Use it as a chance to dive into something new, something you’ve never done before with an open mind and an open heart. This is your chance to take action!

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