The Chariot Tarot Card – Meaning, Reversed, Guide, Love

The cards are on the table! What secret do they hide? Tarot cards reading has been widely popular since the late 18th century.

Originally, wonderfully and mysteriously illustrated cards were being used for playing various card games; you have perhaps heard of tarock, tarocchini or some other variant.

There have been various designs of tarot decks, with Tarot de Marseille being a standard pattern.

The most widespread tarot deck used for readings is the famous Rider-Waite deck, originating from the end of the first decade of the twentieth century.

This is probably the first set of tarot images you would find if searching for tarot meanings and practices.

Now, let us give you some very basic information about tarot card interpretation.

Tarot opening is, in its essence, the same as the case is with other divination practices.

That said, tarot cards do not give you information that has been written in the stone.

Our destinies have been determined long time ago, but divination techniques help us only to discover some parts of it, laying beyond our everyday knowledge.

They serve us good and help us follow our life path, in accordance to the powerful forces of the universe.

The Chariot Tarot Card Quick Facts

Tarot card decks usually count 78 cards in total.

The first 22 are called the Major Arcana, numbered from 0 to 21, since the card of the Fool is numbered 0.

The rest 56 cards are called Minor Arcana and they are divided into four minor suits.

The card of the Chariot is the seventh card of the Major Arcana, a very interesting one, full of enchanting symbols.

Seven is, as you probably know, a number with an extremely strong spiritual potential. Let us now learn some rather basic facts about The Chariot card.

In the following paragraphs, we will describe the card into detail, both visually and symbolically. Here are the facts about the Chariot.

Key terms for The Chariot tarot card: Moving forward, enthusiasm, energy, taking charge, willpower, positive attitude. The chariot is all about the optimism and triumph.

Key essential element of the Chariot: Water

Major Arcana numerical of The Chariot card: 7

Planet and astrological sign of the Chariot: Moon, Cancer

Yes/No question for The Chariot card: Yes

Related to the card of: The Tower

Visual Description of The Chariot Card

Take a look at The Chariot card. The first thing you would notice is probably the striking difference to the preceding one-figure cards of the Emperor and the Hierophant.

While these cards are seated on their thrones, established firmly in their highly ordered and systematical world, here we can see a male figure in a chariot.

The man appears young, in his prime, golden-haired and handsome.

He is dressed as a warrior and his armor features tons of highly spiritual, mystical symbols, such as the stars on his crown, the crescent moons on his shoulders, mysterious runes on his skirt.

The skirt reminds of those of ancient Roman soldiers.

The star on his headpiece represents light, divine guidance; it is the guiding star. It is the star that represents his belief and optimism.

This figure beautifully represents the pursuit for glory, desiring not only to reach the stars, but to be the one.

The Chariot deals with the archetype of a daring hero, indeed. His overall clothes and equipment are associated with alchemical symbols.

Such symbolism undoubtedly has to do with the power of transformation. The Chariot rider is a warrior and a victorious one.

His breastplate features a square, which is a symbol associated with the earth; it tells about the connection between high ideals and the solid ground.

The stars adorning the chariot canopy symbolize the connection with the divine.

The beautiful warrior appears very self-confident in his chariot, his face is calm and noble looking.

There are castles in the background, which could be understood as the rider’s home, the place he comes from, the place from which he starts his exciting journey towards the new world.

It could also be the place where he would return, his safe harbor.

You are probably eager to learn about the two mysterious figures positioned before the chariot, the two sphinxes, one black and the other white.

Can you recall another card featuring black and white symbols? Yes, it was the card of the High Priestess, with its black and white pillars.

The two cards appear as they have nothing in common.

However, they are both ruled by the same planet, the mysterious Moon. Now, to the sphinxes. They are meant to be pulling the chariot forward.

They represent the unconscious and the conscious energy, aspect.

The black one stands for the unconscious and its energy is feminine.

The white one is associated with the conscious, the masculine principle.

The two sphinxes, of course, are in a harmonious relation; they represent the ultimate duality of elements that cannot exist without one another. These forces move the chariot ahead.

The warrior has a difficult task before him; he has to control them both. If they move in different directions, the journey could turn into a disaster, instead of the triumph.

The chariot itself appears to be a royal one, indicating one has more liberty of the movement and the greater access to various corners of the world.

This is a very powerful symbolism, indicating the one who pulls this card would have more flexibility and some striking opportunities in life, if he or she was brave enough to embrace them.

The Chariot Card Meaning Guide

I am on my way and I shall triumph.

The Chariot is sometimes called the Victory or the Centurion, which tells a lot about its active, triumphant, daring nature and optimistic spirit.

Therefore, he has all the necessary skill and strength to take control over the powerful forces embodied in the image of the black and white sphinxes.

If you look closer into these two, you would notice they appear quite calm.

However, our subconscious and conscious element are often in a dispute with one another, even if we are unaware of such a process.

It would make us feel insecure and wonder about whether our goals are right, whether we have a chance to succeed and so on.

We may start doubting our own abilities and feel afraid before the uncertainty of the future.

The warrior in a chariot represents overcoming of such fears; this card suggests we have an incredible potential to achieve great things.

However, the Charioteer breaks away from the comfortable, well-known surroundings.

He leaves the castle behind, because his thirst for novel adventures is insatiable. He is a visionary, setting on a quest.

This card embodies the amazing force of focus, determination, strong will.

The warrior is brave and self-confident. At least he appears so; the card represents the start of a journey, the moment in which all seems well-set.

However, he will face difficulties on his was, just as each one of us faces obstacles in life.

The noble, bright and optimistic depiction of the Charioteer suggests you are definitely capable of overcoming difficulties on your personal path.

The Chariot card tells that the time has come for action, for moving forward.

This card is about ambition and enthusiasm, great motivation and spirit of victory. It is, for the greatest part, about the belief in oneself.

Hence so may mystical symbols around. The stars are association of the spiritual, heavenly world, the mystical, spiritual journey, which is a part of every great and fulfilling actual journey.

The moons are also the symbol of mystery, of the inner guidance, the emotions. The Charioteer is greatly influenced by his intuitive self; well, all daring warriors are guided by their heart.

The warrior should be noble, his intentions should be good towards others. The Chariot is, indeed, about the individual path, in the first place.

However, in order for it to be a good one, it has to be in accordance with general moral values.

Yes, the Charioteer would break away from some rules and obligations, perhaps, but he would not see to cause calamity to others.

Finally, his two chariot pullers, the black and the white sphinx, are probably the greatest challenge to him. The greatest challenge we have to overcome are always ourselves.

The struggle is primarily internal; once we are able to harmonize our conscious and our subconscious, our emotions with our reason, our body with our soul, we become true masters of our destiny.

The Chariot  – YES or NO

Sometimes we have a very clear and simple question to ask the cards.

Simple ‘yes or no’ reading technique is a fitting choice if we are in doubt over something well elaborated.

This reading technique typically calls for one card to be opened. The answer comes in a form of yes, nor or, at times, maybe.

What do you think the answer would be if the Charioteer, the brave warrior was pulled? The Chariot card is an optimistic YES.

The card would commonly appear before a questioner who has some brilliant ideas, but is very likely insecure about putting them into action.

The Chariot card encourages you to take up the reins and head towards success. Yes, you should risk at times.

The Chariot Card Upright Meaning

The Chariot card in an upright position, that is facing the questioner, appears as a very promising omen.

In its literal sense, it could be interpreted very simply; the questioner is about to travel.

However, the journey could be a metaphorical one. It could also be a combination of the two!

It could possibly mean that you will soon take up the journey that would change your life.

The change will be felt on all levels of one’s existence, the material, the physical, the spiritual, the emotional and so on.

First and foremost, The Chariot card tells you that you should take up the journey, grab the opportunity to widen your horizons. You could achieve amazing success.

In other words, you shall triumph.

The upright Chariot card suggests that the power is indeed in your hands. You have control over the situation, you are the one to make things happen.

Sometimes the card comes as a great encouragement to the insecure questioner and gives winds into his or her sails. This card is the card of victory to the brave ones.

The Chariot card tells one to believe in their abilities, knowledge, capacities, strength and more.

It does not tell that hardships are not the part of your way, but it definitely wants to make you sure that you are perfectly capable of conquering all the demons.

Focus, motivation, action, enthusiasm and daring spirit are the key terms. Do not be passive.

The rider of the chariot is dressed up as a noble knight, a brave and admirable warrior. In that sense, it also suggests that the life is a battlefield, figuratively speaking.

Yes, you will probably have rivals, even enemies.

However, by balancing your greatest moving powers (embodied in those sphinxes), you will be able to outmaneuver them all.

Always have in mind the knightly qualities. This warrior is not an aggressive, destructive conqueror, but a noble, divinely inspired one. He listens to his heart and his intuition.

His element is ever flowing water, because he is flexible, ready to change, willing to set on a long and exciting journey of spiritual transformation.

The Chariot Card Reversed Meaning

The reversed Chariot might frighten you at first, because it indicates a state of confusion, lack of motivation and will, failure, internal struggle, imbalance between the conscious and subconscious self, the dreams of the bright and starry future turned into dust.

Do not despair, brave charioteer! All is never lost, for you have the power to regain control and collect yourself together.

Such confusing and deeply distressing process is usually something one becomes aware when it has already taken up over you.

Through gradual lack of action, one starts slowly losing motivation and drive.

Eventually, it leads to great insecurity and yet even more unwillingness to take up the action, in order to change it. It is a vicious circle.

However, if the card appears reversed, you should actually take it as a waking call.

All brave warriors face such times, remember that, but they strive for the glory, for noble deeds, for fulfilling their missions and oaths.

Therefore, it is time first to reconsider your plans, to stop and think about what is the thing you truly desire to achieve.

Do not let your fears win you over. Yes, you will find thousand and one excuse why you should never take up any action; resist them. Do not give up as soon as things become difficult.

However, you could retreat, take time to rearrange your troops, to express figuratively, as any warrior would do. Do not be afraid to make a risky move here and there, but be very, very careful.

Finally, the reversed Chariot card could mean that one lusts for triumph and glory so strongly that he or she rides the chariot over the necks of other people; the chariot pullers are in total discord.

One tries to achieve success by the lowest means, by trickery and deceit, by aggression, by cruelty, being merciless and arrogant.

The Chariot Tarot Card – Career Meaning

The Chariot card is one of the best cards when it comes to career success, especially for those who have only started a new project, entered a new field of business or, for example, enrolled an academy to get a proper education for what they would like to do in the future.

Be brave, be focused, dare to take up the risk and enter something new.

By taking a risk, we do not mean you should thoughtlessly engaged in just any business that seems attractive.

Consult both your reason and your heart; the will know what to do, they are the cooperating sphinxes.

The Chariot card is all about the optimism and the accomplishment of a goal. You should concentrate on your goal. Do not let inconveniences that come along your way break you down.

The Chariot Tarot Card – Love Meaning

The noble Charioteer is a positive card to pull in a love life related reading. It generally speaks about the love life full of sparkles.

If combined with the preceding Lovers card, the Chariot represents having control over love life.

This is a lively card, so to say. In that sense, it represents a love life characterized by some sort of rivalry between the partners.

The Chariot card also speaks about one’s irresistible charm and readiness to pursue love. The brave knight is always difficult to resist.

Take action if there was someone you nurture gentle feelings towards and tell them.

The Charioteer faces challenges, so it could also mean that you will have rivals and that you will have to fight for one’s heart.

The Chariot Tarot Card – Health Meaning

In health readings, the Chariot card is also very promising.

Since it is about optimism, overcoming difficulties, spiritual journey, taking control over your life, it tells that the power of healing is in your hands; it tells about the power of self-healing.

First things first, you have to believe in yourself and your abilities. The Chariot card brings you courage.

Our difficulties could make us stronger, if we use them wisely. The rider of a chariot will face obstacles; sometimes he or she would have to experience weakness, both in body and mind.

Do not let such weakness make you lose your faith. No one likes to feel weak, but the only way to move forward is to accept it, in order to heal it. Only then you could move ahead towards your goals.

The Chariot Combined

Here are several examples of meanings The Chariot card creates when combined with other tarot cards.

  • The Chariot and The Fool: Long journey, chasing dreams
  • The Chariot and The Emperor: Returning home
  • The Chariot and The Queen of Wands: Having control over your life
  • The Chariot and The Ten of Cups: Happy family
  • The Chariot and The Two of Swords: Truce
  • The Chariot and The Ace of Pentacles: Missed opportunity

Astrology and The Chariot

The Chariot is associated with the astrological planet Moon. The Moon is about intuition, inner voice, change, mysterious energies.

It is associated with the element of Water; water indicates life, change, transformation, searching for deeper knowledge.

The Chariot Zodiac Sign

The zodiac sign of the chariot is Cancer. Cancers stand for the most emotional sign in the Zodiac.

In that sense, the Charioteer is greatly moved by emotions. The other sign associated with the card is Sagittarius, the enthusiastic, honest and free spirited intellectual seeker.

Numerology and The Chariot

The number of The Chariot Card is 7.

Number seven is a highly spiritual number, associated with spiritual journey, spiritual awakening, enlightenment, individualism, study, research, spiritual acceptance, development, manifesting, perfection.

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