Temperance Tarot Card – Meaning, Reversed, Guide, Love

All you need to know about The Temperance tarot card. Meanings, messages and how to use it to create your dream life.

What’s the temperance card?

Temperance is the 14th card of the Major Arcana in the tarot and its name already anticipates many things of its meaning.

If you are looking for emotional balance, you are in luck, because this card indicates that you are at the right time to achieve it.

For something is the letter of measure. In the middle is virtue, that is what this card comes to symbolize, which also acts as a mediator in discussions, extinguishes fires and resolves conflicts that announce births or vital renewal.

Everything serenely, with measure, without passionate outbursts. Temperance is the arcane number 14 of the Tarot.

This card signifies a time of healing, reconciliation and regeneration. Often called “Holy Patience”,

Temperance is all about the need for a brand-new phase of reflection to achieve the right balance between feeling and reason.

The Temperance card follows the major arcana number 13 Death and precedes the arcana number 15 “the Devil”.

The tarot indicates that, after death, there is a phase of transformation in which vital energy is renewed; in the course of this phase a balance is reached that allows not to fall into old errors or old unhealthy mechanisms.

The Temperance tarot symbolizes reflection and the consequent taking responsibility for one’s actions.

The mystery of this card also refers to a period of purification and moderation, from which peace and tranquility will necessarily arise.

The temperance: Image and Representation

It is a winged female figure, which may correspond to a goddess or an angel, but in other representations also to the Archangel Michael who fights alongside God, shown in the act of pouring a liquid between two different amphorae.

In the center of the forehead there is a golden circle, the representation of the sun, of beneficial forces.

The liquid poured from one amphora to another indicates a regenerating liquid, a vital fluid, which moves slowly but inexorably.

Water represents nutrition, especially maternal nutrition for children, while the figure is the one that allows the flow of life to proceed without interruption.

Temperance is one of the cardinal virtues of Christianity, it indicates moderation and calm.

From an esoteric point of view, the image is understood as the search for balance, the ability to welcome, the inner balance that allows you to live in a measured, moderate way, aimed at avoiding excesses.

Emotions must be balanced, nor must we have excessive behavior or let ourselves be discouraged by the unexpected.

It’s the angel of universal life, in Marseille cards dressed in red and blue, respectively the color of action and spirit, appears intent on pouring from one urn to another a vital fluid, a regenerating liquid: sensitivity, intuition, spirit, reason, raw matter.

This act of alchemical transmutation, which blows the vital spirit into inert matter and makes the changeable and stable the unstable, very closely resembles the Christlike transformation of water into wine miraculously performed at Cana.

It is no coincidence that the star that adorns his forehead assimilates it to the spirit of the Sun (and Christ is a solar deity), while it grazes it, maternal symbol of birth and nutrition, brings it closer to the legendary figure of Ganymede, the water pourer or of life and knowledge, corresponding to the eleventh sign of the zodiac, Aquarius.

In addition to the diffusion of knowledge, Temperance therefore represents the inner metamorphosis, healing, regeneration, the perfect balance between the solar principle, masculine, and the lunar, feminine one. It is connected to the letter nun of the Hebrew alphabet.

Divinatory meaning of the Temperance Card: The Fool keywords 

Let’s see which are the best keywords representing temperance tarot card and its energy and main meanings.  

  • Recognition
  • Restrain
  • Temper
  • Balance
  • Calm
  • Patience
  • Confidence
  • Heal
  • Fluency
  • Caution
  • Peace

Reversed Temperance tarot card keywords  

  • Unbalanced
  • Hysterical
  • unbalanced, or who represses his own energy (imbalances, including drug addiction and dependencies)
  • Indulgence
  • Excesses
  • Intoxication
  • Imbalance
  • Abuse
  • Drugs
  • unusual facts that force us to abandon relationships
  • situations or environments
  • overflow
  • excesses 

The most positive qualities about the temperance card

If in your reading of cards, you are asking about your love life, forget about a love story full of rapturous passion.

Rather it speaks of a calm and calm love, a true love born of respect and trust.

+ La Temperance’s letter represents a fruitful moment in the workplace with consolidated projects that will finally see the light of day.

It is a cooperative work or teamwork in which you will be the soul, but which you will handle with intelligence and solidarity.

+ If you are concerned about health, you are in luck. Because Temperance symbolizes that period in which good habits and a healthy life provide you with the energy you are looking for and the good health you need to keep going.

Remember that it is your own effort, only with tarot cards you will not achieve it.

+ On an inner level, this card represents emotional balance. You have reached that point where you love yourself as you deserve, you are independent and you give yourself what you need.

You know what you need to be happy, you have it and what you have not yet achieved, you will already achieve. Because you are sure of yourself and because you believe in yourself

The most negative qualities about the temperance card

In love a stage of imbalance awaits you. Perhaps because in your relationship there is not that equality that is needed to live a healthy relationship or because love has simply ended and you do not dare to recognize it. Do not insist on living in heartbreak.

+ If you are asking about your work life, pay attention to the lack of motivation and initiative because they can harm you a lot.

What if you are suffering from burnout syndrome? The Temperance card can help you decide to stop for a moment and regain strength.

+ You are not at your best when it comes to health. It does not have to be something important, but a general bad way in which you lack strength and small ailments are sapping your energy.

+ On an emotional level, the Temperance card represents that excess of worries that does not let you live.

It’s time to turn those negative meanings around and recover the most positive aspect of this card. 

The positive meaning of the temperance card when upright

The positive meaning of the card concerns the search for balance and the constant flow of life, which is accepted without opposition and without fear.

The main characteristics are moderation, discipline, the ability to remain solid in the face of problems; not to give in to passions, nor to give in to anger, or to vices, are the main indications of this card.

In the face of any problem that arises, it is necessary to act with balance, it is necessary to adapt to the circumstances and proceed calmly and with confidence, because what we want to achieve can be achieved in this way.

It indicates the smoothing out of quarrels, the disappearance of problems that have arisen in the past, the harmony in the environment in which one lives, both from the family and relational point of view, and from the working point of view, in the relationships between colleagues.

It also indicates the ability to positively transform situations that happen to us, even those that are not positive in themselves; make the best of things, be positive overall, be democratic, listen to the opinions of others to be able to take the right position.

Referred to other people, it can also indicate the ability to find a person with these characteristics, who can help us in the problems to be faced and also to make the most of our abilities.

In summary, the meaning can be understood:

Love: it is a clear indication of harmony, in the couple and in the family. There is communication, there is a consolidation of the relationship, an improvement in a relationship that has experienced a period of crisis. If there is a marriage, it will be fulfilling, the values ​​on which we are based will be respected and will not be questioned.

Work and money: even in work we have a harmonious situation, perhaps the conclusion of something we have worked hard for. The card does not, in itself, indicate the arrival of news, so it could mean from this point of view a period of stalemate due to which, however, there will be no negative changes.

Health: also in this case a harmonic situation, referred to the physical plane but even more so to the psychological one. Those who are healthy will keep their state intact, while those who are sick will have a break from suffering, a relatively calm and peaceful period despite the situation they are experiencing.

People: Temperance indicates harmonious people, good counselors, a sociable person, who is able to give advice.

It can be a wife, family member, friend, but also a person who is wise in his discipline or a counselor. It can also indicate a spiritual guide. 

The negative meaning of the temperance card when reversed

When the card appears reversed, the values ​​of harmony and balance are broken, becoming the exact opposite, that is, disharmony and imbalance.

On the individual level it indicates a person who makes impulsive decisions, often inconsistent with themselves, or very unbalanced, or still stubborn.

It indicates people who are unable to use their rationality properly, but who are overwhelmed by emotions.

The person tends to live an excessive life, to fall prey to vices, cannot overcome obstacles and therefore tries to deal with them in the wrong, incorrect way.

If there are any successes, they are fleeting, or they are short-lived, and this can lead to acting in the wrong way or to frustration.

It can also represent a wrong ideology that causes a wrong choice of values, of the way of life, in the way of relating with others.

In general, it also indicates the mental closure towards others, towards problems and towards some possible solutions that are often rejected a priori without taking them correctly into consideration.

The meaning can therefore be understood:

Love: the main component is disharmony. There are misunderstandings in the couple, there is incompatibility or there is an attempt to prevail between the two partners over each other.

Disharmony can lead to the rupture of the couple relationship, as well as to the rupture (or the difficult life) of a family relationship, a disharmony that can be difficult to resolve if not with a clear intervention.

Work and money: on a professional level it also indicates the disharmony of living with colleagues.

Projects started have not been successful, or are not taking the right direction, and this problem results in our wrong reaction, which risks making the situation even worse.

More generally, it can indicate a disharmony in reaping the desired results when we are at work.

Health: from the point of view of health, the biggest problem, on the contrary is our thinking in the face of disease.

The state of health tends to get worse, but the problem with this condition is that we are unable to accept it, worsening the situation mentally, something we must try to avoid.

The “loss of the will to live” can lead to depression.

People: in general, it indicates unbalanced people. It can represent unreliable people, prone to anger, bewitched by vices, too light, unable to make decisions.

In some cases it can represent an unbalanced person on the opposite, that is, who lacks the ability to choose, an apathetic person.

Combination with other major arcanas cards and what can the temperance card mean 

Temperance + THE FOOL: it is the beginning of a state of depression, better to contact an analyst, a neurologist or a psychiatrist.

Temperance + THE MAGICIAN: things are not going badly at work, despite this, you are not entirely convinced. You would like much more now.

Temperance + THE HIGH PRIESTESS: at the final check, you will realize that you have wrong your evaluations, it was not all so negative.

Temperance + the EMPRESS: if you do not clarify your ideas immediately, you will remain covered up in your doubts for a long time.

Temperance + the EMPEROR: you propose badly, you are not sure of what you say or do, and whoever judges you does not think like you.

Temperance + the HIEROPHANT: everything is proceeding, but don’t seem too convinced, maybe you are just not picking.

Temperance + LTHE OVERS: you feel a great sense of distrust and perplexity towards those around you.

Temperance + the CHARIOT: perhaps you no longer believe in anything, or perhaps you fear that it is just a joke. It is all true instead: you did it!

Temperance + JUSTICE: you don’t feel ready to take an exam or a competition; or you fear for the outcome of a lawsuit or for the result of medical tests.

Temperance + the HERMIT: uncertainty and insecurity play tricks on you. You feel victims of the situation.

Temperance + the WHEEL OF FORTUNE: you are never happy. You have had a good result but it is not enough, you expected more.

Temperance + STRENGTH: you try to show others some small optimism, but you have a hard time keeping yourself in balance.

Temperance + HANGED MAN enough with doubts and uncertainties. The time has come to take stock and then to act.

Temperance + THE DEATH: fear of death, of a personal, economic or even professional defeat. Insecurities.

Temperance + the DEVIL: you feel very irritated and agitated. Everything overshadows you, you don’t feel at ease anywhere, with any person.

Temperance + the TOWER: fatal presentiments, fear for yourself, but also for friends and relatives, fear that strange events may happen.

Temperance + THE STAR: you are afraid of disease, hypochondria. Exasperated hygienic delusions. Warning: you can touch paranoia.

Temperance + the MOON: the situation is not exactly as you describe it, but convincing yourself otherwise is really a very difficult task.

Temperance + THE SUN: you have the feeling that something in your relationship is not working as you would like, and this immediately puts you on the alert.

Temperance + the JUDGEMENT: you categorically refuse to suffer, to feel bad. But in the end you think about it too much, and therefore you still risk illness.

Temperance + the WORLD: the dilemma is always the same: to leave or stay? And if you stay, what do you do? And if you leave, how will it go? Think very well. 

How to use The temperance to create your dream life?

The mystery of Temperance therefore invites a period of reflection, moderation and calm.

This card advises us to dedicate time to the purification of the mind, spirit, body and environment that surrounds us: it is only through an action of discernment that we will arrive at the solution of the problem that afflicts us.

It is necessary to have a gentle approach to things, internal and external, to find one’s balance.

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