Star Anise – Spiritual Benefits and Properties

Star anise is an Asian evergreen tree that produces characteristic hard-skin star-shaped and multi-purposeful fruit.

Native to regions of Vietnam and China, Illicium verum or star anise is known by various names, amongst which Chinese star anise or badian.

The Latin name Illicium derives from the term illicio, meaning ‘to seduce’; the term verum translates as ‘genuine’, or ‘true’.

The name badian is unclear. It possibly derives from the Chinese term ‘eight horns’ or Persian ‘fennel’.

The fruit is commonly used as a spice and spiritual agent, while the aromatic oil is widely exploited for cosmetic industry purposes.

The flavor of star anise is similar to that of aniseed, although the two belong to completely different genera.

Besides culinary and cosmetic uses, Chinese anise provides many spiritual and health benefits due to its valuable properties.

Spiritual Benefits of Star Anise

Star anise is known for various spiritual benefits. This aromatic spice soothes the soul and mind, promotes sound sleep, and awakens creativity and spiritual awareness.

In addition, it has protective and cleansing spiritual properties.

This unusual star-shaped fruit enhances spiritual connection and helps with divination, bringing good luck and happiness in life.

Star Anise for Protection and Cleansing

Star anise is one of the most favorite herbs in the Buddhist tradition, along with cloves; their qualities combine into a perfect mixture. Star anise is said to ward off negative energy and is used in rituals for protection.

Burning star anise or powdered fruit can be applied as incense for space-cleansing purposes and protection.

According to an early Hindu tradition, star anise can remove negative vibrations from your home if you place the fruit in each corner of your home. It chases away evil forces and enhances the vibrations of positive energy.

Some people hang star anise garlands above their doors for the same purpose. The garland protects your home from evil spirits and negative energy, creating a protective spiritual shield.

Star Anise for Pleasant Dreams

Star anise promotes good sleep and pleasant dreams, wards off nightmares, and soothes your body and mind, helping you rest. The fruit has sedative properties. To sleep better, put star anise below your pillow.

Moreover, star anise enhances the potential of the Third Eye and awakens intuitive powers. Struggling with difficult questions and challenges can damage the quality of your sleep, lead to nightmares or even keep you awake at night.

The star anise below your pillow can help you awaken your intuition and reach the answers through your dreams. You can also use star anise powder.

Star Anise for Mind, Body and Soul Purification

Star anise is a cleansing, purifying, and protective spiritual herb. To cleanse your mind, soothe your body, and calm your soul use star anise when bathing. Add some star anise to the water. Make your bathing ritual a full spiritual experience.

Star anise baths have a rejuvenating, energizing, and purifying effect. The bathing ritual with the starry aromatic spice can calm and balance your emotions, and suck away stress and tension from your body and mind.

Star Anise for Divination and Spiritual Connection

If you are into divination, star anise is a perfect herbal agent for you. Burning star anise on your altar (if you have one) promotes good vibrations and balances the energy at your place. Burning star anise increases the potential of all your spells.

Star anise can assist you in finding answers to your questions through divination. For intensifying the power of your chants and spells use ground star anise or powder and burn it as incense.

Star anise makes an effective divination pendulum. Pick a fine big-sized star anise to make your pendulum. Secure it with a colored thread by either simply binding it with the fiber or by pulling the thread through a previously made hole.

The cord should be purple, black, or yellow, and made from natural materials. Hold the star anise pendulum in your power hand and make it still. Ask the question in the yes-or-no form.

Star anise pendulum making circular movement means yes, swinging back and forth means no, and non-moving star anise means your question is not of the importance you think it is.

Star Anise for Good Luck and Fortune

Star anise attracts good luck, positive energy, optimism, prosperity, and money, and has protective powers. To attract good fortune you can use star anise in various ways. To ensure the constant effect, carry it with you.

You can simply put it in your wallet or a purse. You can make a wearable charm, a necklace, or a bracelet. To attract money and fortune, make a star anise spell bottle. Spell bottles are an amazing way to promote good luck.

To make a spell bottle or a spell jar use all of your creativity, research spirit, and intuition. The content of your spell bottle depends on what you would like to achieve.

Star anise is best for protection and prosperity spell bottles. To attract money and prosperity, make a mixture of star anise, cloves, and cinnamon and put it into a jar. Combine star anise, chamomile, bay, and aventurine crystal to ensure protection.

You can charge star anise with your purposes and intentions, especially if you have a specific goal. Use your power hand to hold the star anise and simply chant your prayer. You can find some examples of the chant and adapt it to your needs.

If you do not know which is your power hand, it is easy to determine. Put your hands together so that your palms touch one another and your thumb fingers overlap. The one on top determines your energy hand. It does not necessarily be your naturally dominant one.

Once you have charged your star anise with your intention, carry it with you to ensure the best effects.

Star Anise for Creativity and Clairvoyance

Star anise enhances creative abilities and awakens inspiration. This spicy herb is a lucky charm for highly imaginative and intuitive people experiencing a creative blockage. Its aromatic scent and soothing energy promote clarity of mind and creativity.

In addition, star anise is very popular when it comes to enhancing psychic abilities, clairvoyance, and spiritual potential. In combination with quartz, star anise cleanses the mind of all the negative and burdening thoughts and helps you reach your higher inner self.

In general, star anise is beneficial to all those who wish for more spiritual awareness or show some psychic abilities. In addition, the star anise is a marvelous agent for creative and imaginative individuals.

Star Anise for Happiness at Home

Star anise oil has various purposes, from cooking to the cosmetic industry. Besides, it can be used to promote happiness and harmony at your home. Diffuse Chinese anise essential oil and sprinkle it in the western corner of your residence.

You can steam the fruit for the same purposes. Star anise diffusion harmonizes the energies around, brings a serene atmosphere, and enhances awareness. For those who enjoy meditation and similar practices, star anise essential oil or steamed fruit could be a perfect touch.

Star Anise Spiritual Properties Recap

Star anise has a wide range of spiritual applications. This spicy star-shaped fruit has multiple uses in terms of divination practices.

You can use it as an altarpiece and spell agent, a lucky charm, or a pendulum.

Another common spiritual use of star anise is burning as incense. You can either use a single star anise or ground or powdered.

Overall, star anise may boost your creativity, widen your spiritual perception, protect you and your home from negative forces, and attract luck and prosperity.

Some of the spiritual properties of star anise align with proven health benefits that come from the consumption or application of this interesting little fruit.

In the following paragraphs, we will explore some of the most important star anise health benefits.

Health Benefits of Star Anise

Magical star anise proves to be an incredible herbal agent. It promotes good vibrations, helps with divination, purifies the mind, rejuvenates the body, and enhances psychic, creative, and spiritual abilities.

In addition to its spiritual potential, star anise promotes good health.

The health benefits of star anise are numerous.

According to some studies, the aromatic plant lowers the risk of carcinoma, rejuvenates the skin, and boosts our immune system.

Star anise also helps digestion and circulation, aids sleep, and reinforces respiratory organs.

Star Anise May Boost Immune System

Star anise may improve our immunity. The spicy plant has antibacterial properties and its effect is well-studied. For centuries people have used star anise to treat bacterial infections.

Star anise is a treasure for pharmaceutical companies. This spice can kill bacterial strains resistant to antibiotics.

The ability of star anise to treat stomach bacterial infections makes it a perfect herbal remedy.

Star Anise May Treat Insomnia

We have already mentioned star anise promotes good sleep. This plant has natural sedative properties, as confirmed by a multitude of studies. The spice contains magnesium and valuable antioxidants.

Moreover, the captivating star-shaped spice helps the release of sleep-inducing neurotransmitters.

Star anise may be a perfect natural remedy for insomnia patients and people with disrupted sleep patterns and low-quality sleep.

Star Anise and Respiratory System 

Star anise can be beneficial to respiratory system health. It can be used as a natural remedy for the treatment of respiratory infections such as the sore throat or cough.

The spice has antibacterial properties which can prevent infections caused by bacteria.

Star anise tea can alleviate the severity of early flu inflammation and prevent further complications. If you have severe symptoms, talk to your doctor.

Star Anise Against Fungal Diseases

In addition to its antibacterial properties, star anise is a natural antifungal remedy. Some of the common fungal infections star anise is used for are candidiasis, ringworm infection, and others.

Star anise tea boosts the immune system and helps our body get rid of fungal issues.

A wide range of common fungal issues do not cause serious threats to our health, but the star anise can prevent any complications and prevent the spreading.

Star Anise May Regulate Blood Flow

This aromatic spice contains a good amount of iron. The iron content in star anise is beneficial to your bloodstream.

It empowers red blood cell growth which is necessary for proper circulation and oxygenation.

Although it is highly unlikely you can ingest enough star anise at one take to experience the full effect, you can still benefit from adding it to your menu.

Star Anise May Optimize Digestion

Taking star anise right after a hearty meal can boost the digestion process. According to some evidence, star anise supports digestion.

The spice improves the bacterial status in your intestines and helps better nutrient absorption.

Star anise can also ease cramps, and reduce bloating and flatulence. Its effects are similar to that of some other digestion-promoting spices, such as ginger, cinnamon, turmeric, etc.

Star Anise May Regulate Hormones

Researchers studied the effect of star anise on both male and female hormones. It shows that this starry spice can have a beneficial effect on both.

Star anise can balance hormones, resulting in a better quality of life and overall well-being.

Star anise is beneficial to men, providing higher energy levels and libido. Women can greatly benefit from star anise, as well. The spice alleviates menstrual cycle issues, including irregulate patterns, and a wide range of pre-menstrual syndrome problems, such as mood swings.

Star Anise for Healthy Skin

The cosmetic industry greatly benefits from star anise, creating effective skincare products. Star anise is full of antioxidants. They suppress and keep away free radicals responsible for the aging process.

The oxidative stress to which our skin is exposed leads to wrinkling of the skin, loss of elasticity, and other issues.

Star anise minimizes such effects. This cosmetic ingredient rejuvenates and softens the skin, promotes scar healing, and helps your tan remains youthful and unblemished.

Possible Anti-cancer Properties of Star Anise

The impressive amount of antioxidant elements in star anise led scientists to research its anti-cancer potential.

Star anise contains quercetin, thymol, kaemferol, coumaric acid, and other valuable agents for fighting the oxidative stress effect.

Star anise contains trans-anethole, which, according to one scientific study reportedly possesses anti-cancer potential.

To be more precise, the Malaysian team of researchers found it shows activity against fibrosarcoma, cervical cancer, breast cancer, and EAC.

Further researches are ongoing. Scientists try to find out if star anise can be helpful in the treatment of bowel cancer.

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Are There Star Anise Side Effects?

Star anise can be very beneficial to our health.

However, you should know that large concentrations can lead to side effects.

While using it as a culinary ingredient is unlikely to bring any harm, keep in mind the following.

Star anise supplements or remedies can interact with certain medications.

Hormonal drugs and cancer medications are of particular concern. If you take prescribed meds, talk to your healthcare provider.

Star anise can balance hormones, meaning it can strongly affect hormonal status.

If you have any hormonal imbalances, ask your doctor for advice.

In case you take hormonal medication, you should check if star anise interacts with any of them.

Star anise can cause an allergic reaction. The most common allergic reaction to star anise is itching, rash, and stomach discomfort.

Gastrointestinal issues could range from barely noticeable to severe.

If you suspect a star anise allergy, seek an expert’s advice before consumption or use.

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