Spiritual Meaning of Smelling Sandalwood

Since ancient times, it has been believed that plants with beautiful fragrances also possess spiritual power.

In this article we are going to talk about sandalwood and its spiritual aspects.

Actually, we are going to explain you what spiritual experience you can have when you smell sandalwood.

But, before we start talking about the spiritual aspects of smelling sandalwood, we are going to tell you what sandalwood is.

What Is Sandalwood?

Sandalwood is a popular Indian tree that is known for its wonderful fragrance.

Since the oldest times, this tree has been used in many rituals that are related to religion.

Sandalwood comes originally from India and Southeast Asia, but today it can be found everywhere in the world.

This tree is usually about 150 feet high and its branches have the length about 100 feet approximately.

Sandalwood tree is very strong and thick.

Due to its strength and thickness, sandalwood can resist termites and rot.

It is known that sandalwood has been used in traditional medicine for centuries. It can treat acne, psoriasis and other skin problems.

Although there are many types of sandalwood, it is believed that the most valued type of sandalwood is Indian sandalwood.

We are going to tell you now how you can use sandalwood.

How to Use Sandalwood?

We have already told you that sandalwood has been used in perfumes since long time ago.

Due to its great fragrance, sandalwood is a very appreciated ingredient in cosmetics.

Sandalwood is used as a component not only in perfumes, but also in body lotions and many other similar products.

It is also known that sandalwood has its use in medicine.

Since the oldest times, sandalwood has been used for its therapeutic properties as well.

It is usually used for treating many skin problems, such as eczema, psoriasis, etc.

You can also use sandalwood in your bath because it will help you relax and it will have beneficial effects on your body but also on your mind.

If you want to have complete relaxation of your body and mind, it is recommended to add sandalwood essential oil into your bath.

Another option in which you can use sandalwood oil is to increase the level of moisture in your bedroom.

The essential oil of sandalwood is used very often for bedroom humidifiers.

Symbolism of Sandalwood

The symbolism of sandalwood has been known since ancient times.

This tree is usually associated with youthfulness, vitality, prosperity, healing and even immortality.

We are going to tell you now something more about the symbolism of sandalwood in general.

Vitality. One of the most important symbolic meanings of sandalwood is vitality.

Sandalwood is known for its fragrance and it is interesting that this fragrance can remain for decades.

Sandalwood will not lose its vitality after a short period of time, like some other woods that are also aromatic.

Because of that we can talk about vitality as one of the most important characteristics of sandalwood.

Protection. We have already mentioned that the trunk of sandalwood is very thick and strong. Because of that it is protected from insects, such as termites, for example.

It is known that insects can eat only the outer layer, but they cannot touch the inner layer of sandalwood because it is very strong.

According to that, we can say that sandalwood can be a symbol of protection.

When it comes to people, it means that sandalwood can protect you from negative energy and bad people around you.

Intuition. It is believed that sandalwood has a power to encourage your intuition. If you use sandalwood in any way, then you will start feeling things around you.

Your intuition is going to tell you what you should do and what is wrong. You should follow your intuition because it will help you find the right way in your life.

Prosperity. It is known that in Hinduism this powerful tree was related to prosperity and wealth.

It is believed that if you smell sandalwood or if you have this tree somewhere near you, it could be a sign that you will be very prosperous in the following period.

You will have success at work and good luck will follow you also in other areas of your life.

Healing. Another spiritual meaning that may be related to sandalwood and its symbolism is healing. It is believed that this tree can heal us.

Namely, if we smell sandalwood tree, we are going to experience its healing effects.

Below in this article you will get to know more about the spiritual meaning of smelling sandalwood.

Spiritual Devotion. Even in ancient times, it was believed that sandalwood can symbolize spiritual devotion and spirituality in general.

Sandalwood was used in many rituals and prayers in the past.

It is also known that in ancient times temples were built of sandalwood, as well as many deity statues.

There was an old tradition in Hinduism to use the paste of sandalwood and to put it on the chest or on the forehead.

This way people had the opportunity to connect with higher forces and to discover what is hidden in their subconscious minds.

Nowadays sandalwood has also spiritual powers and it is used in many rituals and ceremonies all over the world.

This wood is particularly used in East Asia, but also in some other parts of the world.

What Is the Smell of Sandalwood Like?

First of all we have to say where this beautiful fragrance of sandalwood comes from.

Actually, sandalwood has great smell because its roots produce santalol and precisely this plant fluid gives the sandalwood its fragrance.

It is known that santalol is one of the most common ingredients in many perfumes and other cosmetic products.

The smell of this tree is exotic and sweet at the same time. Its fragrance can also be woody, but it will depend on the region where a sandalwood tree comes from.

According to the Buddha, sandalwood is considered as one of the best scents on earth.

In addition to its extraordinary fragrance, sandalwood has also a spiritual meaning.

Spiritual Meanings of Smelling Sandalwood

We have already told you that sandalwood has been used in religious rituals since the oldest times.

Now we are going to explain you what spiritual meanings sandalwood can have.

Spiritual Cleansing. It is believed that if you smell sandalwood, it will have a strong spiritual effect on you.

Since the ancient times, it has been believed that sandalwood has the power of spiritual cleansing of your body and mind.

Actually, it is believed that the smell of sandalwood can cleanse your mind and also your spirit from negative energy.

If you smell sandalwood, it will help you get rid of all negative energy and feel better.

Also, sandalwood smell will help you get rid of bad spirits that may be around you.

Spiritual Healing. We have already said that sandalwood has cleansing properties and in connection with this we can mention spiritual healing as well.

It is believed that sandalwood can improve your spiritual health in general.

If you have had too much negative energy around you in the past and if you have not been able to think clearly, it is believed that the scent of sandalwood can help you heal your mind.

Self-Confidence. It is also believed that if you smell sandalwood, it can work on your whole body and psyche.

This way sandalwood smell can help you become more confident in yourself and stop being jealous of other people.

You will learn how to appreciate yourself more and how to build your own identity.

Balance. Another spiritual meaning that is related to smelling sandalwood is balance.

This magnificent smell will help you find balance between different aspects of your life.

Most important to know is that the smell of sandalwood will help you have control over your emotions and make balance in all areas of your life.

Good Mood. The smell of sandalwood is also related to good mood. Since old times, it has been believed that sandalwood can eliminate sadness and bad feelings.

If you are going through a difficult period of your life, it is believed that the smell of sandalwood can help you feel better.

This adorable smell can alleviate all bad feelings and make you happier.

Even though the smell of sandalwood can alleviate sadness and other bad feelings, it cannot be said that it will cure depression or some more serious health conditions.

Relaxation. Sandalwood is very often associated with relaxation as well.

Actually, its smell has the power to relax you and to make you feel better.

If you smell sandalwood a couple of times, it will relax your body and your mind.

The scent of sandalwood will calm your nerves and help your body relax in the best possible way.

Therefore, it is often recommended that people under stress smell sandalwood, because it is believed that this way they will solve the problem and they will feel better.

Healing. We have already mentioned healing as one of the most important symbolic meanings of sandalwood.

Healing is also one of the most important spiritual meanings related to the smell of sandalwood.

It is believed that if you have the chance to smell sandalwood, it is going to heal you.

Sandalwood can heal not only your body but also your mind and your spirit. It is proved that sandalwood has calming effects.

Because of that sandalwood is usually used for meditation and also in many relaxation therapies all around the world.

If we take into account that most diseases come from stress, it is believed that sandalwood can help in the treatment of numerous diseases, because it calms down and this way it removes stress.

Not only will sandalwood heal you, but it will also boost your intuition.

It is believed that if you smell sandalwood, it will help you enter your subconscious mind and reveal many things about yourself.

Creativity. Another spiritual meaning related to smelling sandalwood may be creativity as well.

It is believed that the smell of sandalwood can encourage your creativity.

If you smell sandalwood, its scent will have a strong effect on your brain cells and it may stimulate the creative energy in you.

You are going to discover some of your qualities and creative abilities that you did not know about before.

We hope that we have helped you understand the symbolism of sandalwood much better.

If you get a chance to smell sandalwood, you can be sure that you are going to feel its spiritual effects on your body and mind.

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