Spiritual Meaning of Smelling Coffee

Life is full of mystical phenomena, even though many of those pass unnoticed, due to our busy lifestyles and our focus on other things we deem important.

However, sometimes the manifestation of the mystical is so strong that we cannot avoid it.

Have you ever experienced certain sensations you cannot explain or seen things that immediately drew your attention, such as certain symbols etc?

Have you ever caught a scent that you cannot connect with any visible source?

Let us talk about clairalience – clairscent potential or clairolfaction.

It is a type of a psychic ability, which is associated with our sense of smell in particular.

In short, it represents the ability to sense scents that are not physically present.

It means to sense smells that you cannot find an actual source in the real place and time, as if they come from the spiritual world.

Indeed, that could be a possibility. Some people experience this, but not all are aware of it.

There are many types of these spiritual scents, to call it so.

For example, people experience scents of places they are or have been very attached to, such as their old family home, their country, street, a room full of memories, a city or whatever else.

People can smell someone’s perfume or the scent of one’s hair or skin, if they long for the person who is far away or someone who left this world.

Spiritual scents could be messages from our deceased or signs from our guardian angels.

Clairalience would often have to do with deep nostalgia and, in fact, it is not actually smelling certain scents by your actual physical body, that is, your nose.

It is an inner experience that has to do with the spiritual and psychic.

What is clairalience and how does it work?

If we would to translate the term of clairalience or clairolfaction, we would call it ’clear smelling’.

It is called so, because it stands for the essential experience of a smell that does not have with your nose.

It is an ability to smell things by your inner self. Your brain will translate these spiritual vibrations and frequencies into what we would call a scent or smell.

The ability of clairalience is closely associated with our feelings and our thoughts.

For example, you may be thinking about someone very dear to you – it could be your beloved grandma who is not with you anymore, it could be a person you parted with.

It could be your romantic crush or an actual partner who is far away, someone who makes your heart go wild.

It could be your parents whom you do not live with or anyone else who has a place in your heart. And then, all of a sudden, you experience fragrances that have no visible source.

Out of nowhere, you can smell your favorite dish your grandma used to make for you, or that specific scent of her garden.

You may think you smell the scent of your old bedroom, in your parents house.

Or maybe you caught yourself daydreaming about someone you are really attracted to and long for and you can literally feel their perfume, the scent of their presence in any sense and you only crave them more.

It happens to us when we think about some old days and nice memories, that we, at least for a second, think: I can almost smell the scent of that place. And sometimes, we can actually smell it and it feels both strange and pleasant.

Of course, not all scents are associated with good memories and dear people, there is always the other side of the coin.

Sometimes it also happen that we think we can smells something that is not right there and the scent reminds us of something we cannot recall, no matter how hard we try. The experience is odd, as if you smell a scent from another life.

Clairalience and spiritual powers

Unexplained scents could be a sign from higher realms, from our guardian angels, our ancestors or both.

It is believed that all people have their guardian angels, good and guiding spirits watching over us.

Our heavenly guardians do not communicate with us directly, but through various channels.

They often sent us subtle signs of their presence, in order to make us know there are higher powers caring about us.

Guardian angels work through symbols, numbers, phenomena of light, through sounds and smells.

They use various channels in order to send us messages of guidance, love and support.

Mysterious scents are one of the ways our guardians communicate with us or help us communicate with souls from the past, souls that are no longer around us in our waking life.

The work of angels is always benevolent and meant to provide us with optimism and strength.

Guardian angels know us and they have an insight into the depths of our soul.

When it comes to mystical scents we may experience through clairalience, they know precisely what fragrance to send to us.

Clairalience and the scent of coffee

Now, the scent of coffee is one most of us are very familiar with, regardless of our coffee drinking habits.

Coffee is just about everywhere and it has a very ritualistic sense to many people.

Coffee is typically associated with breakfast, afternoon break and so on.

The habit of drinking coffee is widespread around the globe, in all kinds of settings.

It is also very tightly associated with socializing. You know, if you want to meet someone, you call them to meet over a cup of coffee.

Friends would often call each other to have a coffee, which is basically just a common saying, a synonym for: let’s meet up, even if they would drink something entirely different.

The coffee culture is quite amazing.

Coffee is associated with having a leisure time, taking a break, socializing, having good times, relaxing, but also with being busy and needing a fuel to keep alert, wake and focused.

The scent of coffee can trigger thousands of different thoughts in people, for each individual would have their own attitude towards coffee culture, towards coffee drinks alone, each would have their specific habits of consuming coffee.

When it comes to clairalience and the scent of coffee, it is not easy to give a simple and straightforward answer to the question of: what does it mean?

The truth is, the phantom smell of coffee would have different meaning to different people.

Nevertheless, we can draw some basic ideas.

Let us see into the possible meaning of smelling coffee, in terms of clairolfaction, that is, the smell of coffee occurring when their are is no coffee around.

Spiritual meaning of smelling coffee

The scent of coffee could come from different forms of coffee: roasted coffee beans, finely grounded coffee and processes associated with both, from a prepared hot coffee drink etc. It can be associated with a place where coffee is processed.

Therefore, if you experience the smell of coffee as if it was coming from a coffee factory, it could be associated with an actual place of this sort, which is, again, associated with certain experiences you had in life.

Maybe you were thinking about a past event and suddenly, you think you can smell freshly roasted coffee from a coffee shop or a coffee factory, even though at the time, you did not pay any attention to it.

If we take it more spiritually and in a more abstract sense, the scent that has something to do with the production of coffee or processing coffee could be seen as a sign from above.

It could mean that there are thing in your life that have to be thoroughly processed.

It could be a sign of something big coming your way, in terms of business, for example, remind you, at the same time, that it requires the whole process, a lot of effort and investment.

Nothing falls from the sky, so stay in your track and follow your goals.

Spiritual meaning of smelling coffee drink

If all of a sudden you start smelling a scent of freshly made coffee drink, when there is no coffee around you, it very likely has to do with your memories and connection with some specific place where you usually have coffee or where you used to have coffee.

Coffee drink is usually associated either with a place or with certain people, and it could be both.

It could occur when you think about someone special you would often have a coffee with; the universe is telling you that this particular relations is something important.

When the universe sends you those unexplained scents, which immediately remind you of something in your life, it is usually a sign that this particular person, event or place is somehow important, it has to have a deeper meaning.

For example, if the coffee scent occurs when you think about a good friend, a dear relative, someone you are attracted to, your parents or anyone else, you should probably call them or actually meet them.

Scent of a coffee drink that comes out of nowhere, could be also a sign that you need to take a break and have some time for yourself, including your leisure time alone and time spent with people you feel comfortable around.

Smelling coffee in a dream

People who have the ability of ’clear smelling’ would often experience scents and fragrances when they dream, that is, their dream experience is likely to be more realistic.

If you dream about coffee, it could happen that you literally smell it.

The meaning would greatly depend on how you feel about the particular dream or a situation within the dream.

Normally, if you had a nice experience and the dream about coffee was pleasant, the presence of the actual scent of come makes it only more intense, in a positive sense.

Think about the details of the dream and try to put it into the context of your current life.

A dream in which sensations are strong, such as those in which you are being able actually to smell something or feel something physically, probably has a deeper meaning.

In general, smelling coffee in a dream could be considered a good sign, unless you connect some very bad experiences with this particular scent.

The interpretation is highly individual, so there is no formula to understanding this type of a dream.

It could happen that you literally have a clairalience experience in a dream, associated with the smell of coffee, without actually dreaming about coffee.

This type of a dream is very unique, rare and very complex, since it has many layers.

In order to understand such a dream, you have to think about the first association you have about the scent of coffee in reality.

Try put that association into the contexts of the dream.

The next step would be trying to connect the very dream with your waking time.

Scent of coffee and guardian angels

Unexplained coffee scent could be a message or simply a sign from your guardian angels, although we usually associate them with other types of scents, such as floral fragrances, for instance.

However, and especially if the scent of coffee is something you find calming and relaxing, your guardians could send you such a scent, in order to assure you they watch over you and that you are not alone, whatever troubles and stress you might experience.

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