Biblical and Spiritual Meaning of Shoes In a Dream

Why do we dream? Dreams have always fascinated humankind, from commoners to the wisest philosophers, scientists and other experts.

Along with the scientific discoveries, we have been interpreting dreams as messages from a higher realm.

According to some conclusions, the act of dreaming is a subconscious way of processing new information and situations in life.

While human body cannot be in full action 24 hours a day and it needs proper rest, in order to function, our brain never sleeps.

Some say dreams are a result of our brain creating narrative that would help us understand new situations not in their realistic setting, but in a metaphorical way.

The first to undergo the psychological interpretation of dreams was Sigmund Freud.

According to his study, dreams represent our suppressed desires, that is, they are a channel to release the tension.

Situations we encounter in dreams are sometimes so bizarre that we would have hard times understanding them as a suppressed desire or a processing of something real.

There is still much to be learned about human brain and the act of dreaming.

Dreams are often full of symbols, as many objects, phenomena and actions are loaded with symbolical meanings.

Since far past, people have been thinking of symbols in dreams as prophetic messages.

Many notable figures of the past would consult those skilled in dream interpretation; it is known that many rulers and military commanders would rely on astrology, divination, dream interpretation, as well.

Many everyday objects have a powerful symbolic meaning throughout time and world cultures. Shoes are definitely such an item.

Let us say a couple of words on shoes symbolic meaning, before we move onto interpretation of dreams about shoes.

Symbolism of Shoes

Shoes are something we literally see and use every day.

From our comfy home slippers and sneakers to classy shoes for men or fancy high heels for ladies.

There are all kinds of shoes associated with particular cultures and sub-cultures.

There are shoes for various occasions and they come in uncountable designs, shapes, colors.

Shoes are a very important aspect of fashion industry, they are associated with our status and place within society, our origins, age, profession, hobby and so on.

A common saying tells us that what one wears does not actually make who they are; we may lead a philosophical debate on such a saying.

However, we could agree that what one wears (on feet, in this case) tells much about who they are.

Although our clothes and shoes should not be the base of formation of our identity, they are tools of expressing our identity.

So, the type of shoes is always a message.

For instance, shoes are often referenced in the Bible, where they have various meaning.

Shoes can be associated with expressions of servility, but also of being unholy.

Shoes also represent protection, as they play a major role in protecting our feet, that is, ourselves,  on our life path.

The act of taking off shoes is considered an act of respect, in different cultures.

The act is usually linked with the entrance to some sacred place.

Various cultures associate shoes with dirtiness, as they touch the ground and because our feet are the lowest point of our whole bodies.

In Arabic world, shoes have specific symbolism – if you show someone the sole of your shoes or, worse, hit a person with a shoe, it is considered the worst of the insults.

Nevertheless, shoes have always been a symbol of social status.

Having no shoes is associated with ascetic life and humbleness and holiness, but also with poverty and the lowliest class, as the latter cannot afford to have shoes.

Shoes have also been a symbol of freedom, when given to slaves, for example.

Various practices have been associated with shoes, such as kissing a shoe of a monarch, as an expression of admiration and respect.

Shoe colors have also been loaded with meanings.

For example, in Byzantine hierarchy, shoe colors played a major role – the emperor wears red shoes, while representatives of the court nobility wear shoes in color of their rank, blue, green and so on.

Gender and shoes is also an interesting subject. Today, we typically associate high heels with femininity.

However, heels were originally worn by men, that is, Persian horse-riders, for practical purposes of keeping their feet within stirrups.

There is so much more that could be said about shoes and their symbolic meanings.

Since shoes have such a strong symbolism and play an important role in our cultures, their meaning in dreams is particularly interesting.

Dreams About Shoes – General Info

Okay, shoes are a common place in our modern surroundings, yet, they still carry powerful symbolism.

As an everyday object, shoes may frequently appear in our dreams.

If shoes in your dreams is something that caught your attention, it would be useful to try to interpret the dream.

Let us go through some basics. Seeing shoes in dreams may be associated with fresh start in your life, with your life path in general, with self-confidence and much more.

Shoes in dreams may suggest a new path opens before you. You will ‘put on your shoes’ and move forward; you are ready to go.

Shoes in dreams could be associated with an actual journey or a metaphorical one.

If you dream about them often, it could be linked with a major change in your life.

Think about how the shoes in your dream fit you.

If they are nice and comfortable, they reflect your current situation in life as being pleasant or they suggest you should relax and enjoy your life.

You feel or you should feel content and safe.

Shoes are associated with feet and ground. In a dream, shoes represent your base, your grounding.

They are a reminder to stand up for yourself and hold your ground, or to stand up for someone or something you find extremely important.

The type of shoes appearing in your dream could reveal various things.

Worn out shoes stand for a wide range of meanings, from poverty to the life lived by full lungs.

Classy and expensive shoes indicate richness and wealth, but also someone you will get in touch with.

Each interpretation of the meaning of shoes in dreams will be highly individual and unique, dependable on the context – the context of the very dream and actual life situation at the moment of dreaming.

Dreams About Shoes – Various Types

There are various types of shoes related dreams. Let us look into some of them.

You may dream about simply seeing a pair of shoes, without anyone wearing them.

They type, color and state of the shoes you see could reflect your desires, something you are inclined to, but also something you would rather avoid.

It depends on how you feel upon seeing them.

Of course, you may dream about wearing a pair of shoes.

Wearing a pair of shoes in dreams is often a reflection of your current situation life; the type of shoes, how they fit you, how you feel about wearing them tell about how satisfied you are in life.

Seeing a particular type of shoes on others could indicate the type of a person you are about to meet.

It also tells about your attitude towards someone or give you a hint on what you should do when it comes to someone in your life.

Dreams about brand new shoes

Dreams about new shoes are typically interpreted as a good sign, although the meaning will differ, depending on the setting of the dream and, of course, your wake life.

If you dream about having or receiving brand new shoes, it is a sign of assurance and self-confirmation.

It suggests something new, big and great is coming your way or it represents an accomplishment, a reward and acknowledgment in life.

If you are buying new shoes in a dream, it indicates you will be able to take care of yourself or to reward yourself for a success or effort.

Alternatively, wearing new shoes and being very cautious about them means you are unready to stain them, figuratively; you do not want to risk making a mistake in life, so you try to keep things polished and under control.

Seeing brand new shoes in a dream could reflect your tendencies, desires and plans.

You would like to have them, but they are still out of your reach.

Dreams about changing or trying on shoes

Dreams about putting shoes on an off, trying different pairs, choosing shoes in a store, exchanging shoes with another person are loaded with various meanings.

If you dream about trying shoes, it suggests there could be many opportunities before you – you are, perhaps, a bit indecisive.

You still need time to try new things and to figure out what option is best, which pair fits you perfectly, figuratively speaking.

If you dream about exchanging shoes with another person, it is a message of becoming close with someone – you want to experience life through their eyes and vice versa, you want to know each other better.

However, if exchanging shoes is followed by negative emotions, it indicates a situation in life in which you will likely have to take on responsibility for someone else and their deeds.

Maybe you will have to do something for a beloved person, but you may also be manipulated by someone.

Dreams about wearing someone else’s shoes

This type of shoes dreams is related to the latter interpretation, but it could have various other meanings.

If you intentionally wear someone else’s shoes in a dream, because you fancy those shoes, for example, it reflects your suppressed desire to become someone else.

Maybe you are not very satisfied with your current status, situation or you simply lack self-esteem, so you want to take on another role.

If you were forced to wear shoes that are not your own, it indicates manipulation, imposition of other’s values, inability to resist the role someone else put you in, even if you do not want to take it.

In either case, you have not been true to your values and needs.

Dreams about having no shoes

Dreams about having no shoes, walking barefoot, being unable to find your shoes are associated with a vast palette of all kinds of meanings.

Having no shoes has been associated with slavery and poverty, but also with humbleness, ascetic life, spiritual journey, but also individual, bare strength.

Dreams about possessing no pair of shoes occurs in people who are very anxious about their material well-being, regardless of their actual financial status.

It is a reflection of one’s constant and paranoid fear of losing material possessions.

Having no shoes in dreams could also reflect your strength, personal and genuine, depending on a scenario.

For example, if you have no shoes and still manage to escape a dangerous situation, is a reminder that all that matters is who you are, not what you have.

You posses enough strength to go even through hardest of times on your own.

Walking without shoes is associated with spiritual journey.

If you cannot find shoes in your dream, it means you have to focus on aspects in life other than material and physical. You are likely to experience some sort of spiritual awakening.

Walking barefoot represents humbleness and openness, readiness to transform, to reconnect with the earth you thread on, but also with the heavens above.

Dreams about high heels

High heels in dreams are associated with glamorous lifestyle and celebrations.

Dreaming about a classy pair of high heeled shoes indicate a life on ‘high heel’.

High heels in dreams are often associated with attraction and seduction.

If you dream about wearing high heels that fit you perfectly, it reflects yourself-confidence and the sense of stability in your life.

If you feel uneasy and do not find high heels in a dream a comfortable footwear, it indicates you are trying to play a role that others expect from you.

Seeing high heels in a dream is associated with the awakening of the feminine principle within you, as in modern society, high heels are primarily considered female footwear.

Dreams about boots

Dreams about wearing boots suggest you are a self-confident and probably adventurous and courageous person.

Boots are usually worn in circumstances in which we need some addition protection, from cold weather, from harsh terrains and so on.

Boots in dreams indicate you will go through exciting and/or turbulent times, but you are well-equipped to answer the challenge.

Of course, the type of boots would suggest a closer meaning.

You could dream about classy riding boots, rubber rain boots or robust hiking boots, for example.

The type will indicate concrete meaning, when interpreted in the context of your wake life.

Dreams about dirty shoes

Dreaming about dirty shoes could mean many things.

If you dream about wearing dirty shoes or that your shoes got dirty during certain activity in a dream, it means some things in your life could not be avoided. You will have to have to step into something.

You will have to get your hands dirty, as the saying suggests, for better or for worse.

This dream suggests there are some things to be done by your own hands, which is a positive meaning. You will need to invest personal effort into something.

Alternatively, it indicates some shady business and misdeeds.

It also indicates humiliation and shame over something that has happened.

Dreams about putting a shoe on the wrong foot

If you dream about wearing shoes on wrong feet and walk around like that could reflect one’s eccentric and creative nature, and also speak about one’s self-confidence.

You are not afraid of expressing your uniqueness and do not care about what others think.

However, this dream could also indicate uneasiness about not belonging, feeling rejected, lonely and abandoned for who you are.

If you dream about trying to put a shoe on the wrong foot, it reflects your stubbornness in things you should probably change.

You find it extremely hard to admit that you were wrong about something and insist on keeping to your opinion.

Dreams About Shoes – Colors

Various shoes colors appear in dreams.

In the past, colors played a major role in hierarchy and served as a mark of insignia, as we have seen.

Throughout history and cultures of the world, colors gained a lot of meanings.

Red shoes are traditionally associated with royalty and high status, and could also be a symbol of passion.

Purple shoes could have similar meaning, but they indicate the connection with the inner-self, for purple is the color of higher wisdom.

Blue shoes could also be an insignia of high status.

Spiritually, blue color is associated with calmness, emotional stability, inner strength.

Green is the color of nature and green shoes in dreams are a doubled symbol of grounding, of having roots and a good base.

Golden shoes symbolize luxury, show business, celebrity lifestyle, being under spotlight.

Brown shoes stand for support, modesty, being down to earth and connected with the world.

Yellow shoes indicate happiness and joy.

Biblical meaning of shoes in dreams

As we have mentioned, shoes are referenced many times in the Bible.

We should bear in mind that in the ancient times, shoes would usually stand for sandals and they were a practical mean of protection, something that would make our steps easier.

Wearing or not wearing shoes is associated with different meanings, according to the context.

For example, there is a passage in Joshua, in which those who mourn are barefoot, which was considered the act of respect.

In Matthew, we learn that only the wealthy people wear shoes.

Even within the Bible, shoes have various meanings.

Some people ask about the biblical interpretation of high heels in a dream; actually, there is no answer to this question, since high heels were not worn in biblical times.

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