Spiritual Meaning of Pastry In The Dream

Pastries are different kinds of food made of flour, water, fat, and other ingredients which typically have a high fat content.

Many kinds of different baked products are considered pastry, and are usually made of flour, milk, sugar, baking powder, butter, and eggs.

The word pastry comes from the French word pastisserie which was used for food made in dough, and it was not usually sweet.

In time, its use become prevalent for sweet products made from flour.

Pastry was made since ancient times, and it was often made as an offering to the deities.

Pastry has a higher fat content from bread, and many people have an addiction to pastry which often causes serious health issues, especially weight problems.

Despite of that fact, millions of people daily engage in enjoying pastry of all kinds.

Consuming it brings a joy so great that most people are reluctant to give it away even if it means sacrificing their health.

Consuming pastry can sometimes take on addictive forms.

Spiritual Meaning of Pastry in a Dream

Dreaming of pastry can have different connotations, but they are usually good in nature.

The simplest explanation of this dream is that you have cravings for pastry, and you just want to eat some.

In general, pastry is considered a pleasure, both in real life and in our dreams.

In dreams, it is an indication of good of joyful experiences, receiving good news, and prosperity.

Pastry could represent seemingly unachieavable goals which you could attain by putting in extra efforts.

They will certainly prove beneficial and worthwhile in the end.

In a dream, pastry could symbolize our relationship with the past, our ancestors and family.

It accentuates the importance of tradition and ancestral roots.

This symbol in a dream could indicate issues with dependance.

Maybe the dream is a sign to become more self-reliable and stop being overly dependent on others.

It could also indicate being overwhelmed with some circumstances in your life.

Maybe some person in your life is draining your energy.

For some, a dream about pastry could reveal your sense of insecurity about your abilities. Maybe you feel that you are not good enough.

Maybe you are dependent on someone’s expression of validation to feel good about yourself.

Pastry in dreams is a general sign of improvement of your life circumstances.

If you are currently experiencing some struggles, especially of financial nature, this dream indicates that things will soon change.

Your financial situation is about to become more stable, and you could even expect some new streams of income.

This dream often indicates a time of prosperity when it is suggestible to start some projects you have been only dreaming of doing. It is guaranteed they will be a success.

Specific Meanings of Pastry in a Dream

Dreaming of seeing pastry

Seeing pastry in a dream could indicate receiving some gift soon.

Depending on the size of the pastry you dreamed about, the size of your gift will be bigger or smaller.

This dream could also indicate receiving some news soon usually from a distance.

Seeing pastry in a dream could also mean some long-awaited success is on the horizon.

Maybe you have put in a lot of effort in some endeavor and the time has come to reap the benefits.

This dream could also indicate being patient and being rewarded for your patience.

A dream of just seeing pastry could indicate indulgence, luxury, pleasure and comfort.

Maybe the dream announces some circumstances where you will be in a position to indulge in luxury pleasures and comfort.

This dream is often a reflection of your current life circumstances filled with joy and deprived of worries.

It could also predict such circumstances coming into your life soon.

If you were only looking at pastry without eating it, this dream could be also a reflection of your strong willpower.

Maybe you have excellent self-control, and the dream is an expression of this trait you possess.

Maybe in reality you have some temptations that you know are bad for you and you are trying to resist, and this dream confirms you will be able to do so.

A dream about seeing pastry could indicate receiving benefits in various forms and from different sources. It is a general sign of abundance.

For some this dream could indicate fertility.

It could also be a sign of unexpected profit and money gain. It can be a sign of a well-earned financial award for your efforts.

In some cases, this dream could indicate a stream of good fortune and can represent a period when we should be taking action towards achieving our goals.

Dreaming of cutting pastry

If you were cutting pastry in your dream, such a dream might indicate guests from a far that could bring you some presents.

This dream has a generally good meaning.

Cutting pastry in a dream could signify giving money with others.

It could reveal your generous nature.

This could also be a reminder to share your abundance with other.

Maybe you are stingy by nature and your subconscious is suggesting that it is time to change and become sharing your blessings with others so you could all enjoy and not only you.

Sometimes this dream could indicate being able to financially provide for your loved ones.

In some cases this dream is a sign that you will be forced to financially provide for them because of some unforeseen circumstances. 

Dreaming of eating pastry

If you were eating pastry in a dream, such a dream is a good sign.

It could indicate receiving a gift from someone that lives far away.

The taste of the pastry can give you some more clues about this dream.

If the pastry was delicious, the gift will be given to you without expectancy of giving something back in return.

If the pastry tasted bad be aware when accepting the gift because the person might have some expectancy from you.

Eating pastry in a dream could symbolize your connection to your family and tradition.

Maybe you are very respectful of their heritage, and you appreciate all your family has done for you.

Sometimes this dream could indicate new opportunities to improve your finances.

This might be a sign of new business opportunities, career change, promotion, or something similar that will help you earn more money.

Dreaming of someone eating pastry

If you observed someone eating pastry in your dream, this could indicate admiring this person for some trait they possess.

Maybe you would like to possess this trait yourself and be more like this person.

This dream could be a reflection of some shared experience with this person who is eating the pastry in your dream.

Sometimes this dream indicates that the person eating the pastry in your dream will somehow help you to acquire abundance and improve your financial situation.

The person you dreamed about doesn’t have to be the exact person that will help you increase your finances.

That might be someone who has some of their traits, someone who is similar to the person you’ve dreamed about, which is how you will recognize this person.

It might be someone that you already know or someone that will appear in your life, and this person could help you grow your business, you might partner with this person, or they might help you in some other way. 

Dreaming of making pastry

If you were making pastry in a dream, that could indicate going abroad for your holidays or relating with strangers.

It could also mean learning a foreign language.

Making pastry in a dream could indicate a job opportunity that will help you increase your finances.

For those who have financial worries this dream is an indication that they will soon be over.

It could be a sign of being able to profit from your past efforts.

Dreaming of selling pastry

Dreams about selling pastry don’t have a good connotation.

Because pastry indicates prosperity and success of your endeavors and in general, selling it in a dream is a sign of possible loss and disappointment.

This dream is often a sign of making wrong decisions, especially related to work issues, and making money.

Maybe you will choose to miss on some business deal which will soon prove to be very lucrative.

If you were selling pastry in your dream, that could mean being offered a work engagement abroad, which you won’t accept.

This might turn out to be a bad decision and a missed opportunity.

This dream should be considered a bit of a warning about your actions in the near future.

Be attentive to any potential business opportunities or opportunities in general because this dream is an indication that you might experience loss due to lack of judgement.

Dreaming of buying pastry

If you were buying pastry in your dream, such a dream usually represents a favorable sign.

It indicates prosperity and growth, wise business decisions and increase of your finances.

You could experience some fortunate circumstances that will enable you to earn enough to provide financial security for yourself and your family members.

Buying pastry in a dream is often a sign of an excellent job offer and a chance to earn a lot.

It is an indication of significant improvement of your finances, and you will finally be able to take care of yourself without depending on others for help.

If you were experiencing times of lack and not being able to pay your bills, this dream is an announcement that things will soon change in your favor.

For those who are planning on starting their own business this dream could be an announcement of successful business deals in the near future.

Sometimes this dream could indicate meeting someone from a different country or a different background from yours. It could mean developing feelings for this person.

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