Spiritual Meaning of Losing a Wedding Ring

The ring is a piece of jewelry that always have a distinctive and distinguishable connotation in each civilization.

Occasionally it’s just about an ornamental piece of jewelry, and at times it is a metaphorical contemplation of the position, energy, and essence of the person who carries the ring.

Also, when we take a look at wedding rings they have a special meaning, as this type of ring is a mandatory item that is swapped with the future husband or wife at every ceremony of getting married.

The symbolism of a Wedding Ring

Did you know that the first rings were worn by ancient Egyptians and there it was associated with their highest god, the God of the Sun, Ra?

It is assumed that the swap of rings during weddings goes back not hundreds of years, but thousand.

In ancient Greece, rings were swapped between lovers as a sign that these two will be protected during the marriage.

In Roman civilization, it was thought that the wedding ring should stop the wearer from getting attached to anyone else, as he or she is already promised, someone.

Later on, in the Middle ages, the wedding ring becomes a symbol of eternal love; a reminder of the love from the spouse.

Even today a wedding ring is a declaration of love in all parts of the world, a component of jewelry with which the newly married couple has sworn their undying love and dedication to each other.

The very formation of the wedding ring, the hoop, and the circle, is an emblem of forever.

But also the hole in it has a symbolic meaning of its own; it is the representation of the door.

It is more than the door, it is a one-of-a-kind entrance that guides to the unexplored.

It was thought that the mere act of swapping wedding rings during a wedding ceremony in the church is a sign of lasting and undying love.

Spiritual Meaning of Losing a Wedding Ring 

A wedding ring represents the connection between two people who have pledged to spend their whole lives next to each other, for better or for worse.

He will always remind them of what they committed themselves to when they said the fateful “YES” and will help them find the strength to endure all the obstacles and challenges that married life puts before them.

When two people commit to being with each other and when they put their signatures in the wedding book with a ring on their hand, they must respect what they vowed on that day, for the rest of their lives.

The wedding ring will carry the energy of that signature and your oath as long as you wear it, and when it’s not on your finger, it’s strange how something pulls you to put it back on. Like a magnet that attracts you and makes you feel bad if you don’t wear it on your hand.

Some people gain weight in marriage, their fingers get fat and then they can’t wear a wedding ring because they have poor circulation.

There is a possibility that the ring can be thinned to fit you again.

You have to go to a jeweler who will solve that problem for you because if the ring is not in your hand, you will feel bad and even worse if you lose it because of that, which is bad luck.

If you managed to lose your wedding ring, it means that you were careless toward your spouse and that there are problems in your relationship that you neglected.

How many people do you know who have had this happen to them? a little, right?

This is because they cherish their marital status and respect their partner, which you failed to respect.

This is a sign that you need to come to your senses and understand that the marriage union is sacred, which must be respected for better or for worse, as you have sworn.

If you wore your wedding ring around your neck on a chain, because you are not able to wear it on your finger and it fell on your finger and you were unable to find it, it means that your married life will be put to the test and that will happen very soon.

This is probably something that happens because you are approaching crisis years in your marriage.

You should, with the blessing of your spouse, get the same ring that you could consecrate in the church so that happiness will accompany you in your married life and so that you will be stronger in your will and desire for you and your family to be much better than it is now.

You should not neglect the fact that you have lost something that has far greater importance than the precious metal from which it is made.

You are probably approaching the crisis tenth anniversary of your marriage and things have become a little tense and that is quite normal in any marriage.

The fact that your ring fell off the chain means that you can also lose your spouse if you don’t let him know that you care about him.

Try to remember how you were at the beginning of your relationship and what made your spouse happy and try to surprise him again with some little thing or action that will make him happy and also wake up dormant emotions.

If you have a child, try to have a grandmother or grandfather take care of him and go out with your partner to a nice restaurant or a trip, where you will be alone a little and open your soul to each other.

If you lost your wedding ring while swimming in the sea, it can have a much deeper meaning than the physical process itself where your fingers were slippery due to the cold water and humidity and their circumference decreased due to the temperature.

You can only attribute it to that, and it can also mean that your spouse has become very negative in your relationship and that the ring has absorbed a lot of bad energy and that the Sea has decided that it is better not to wear it.

The sea radiates positive energy, abounds in salt, and when a person enters the water, he is purified and regenerated.

That wedding ring you were wearing was negative energy against positive energy in the seawater and it fell off your hand because you couldn’t purify yourself with it on you.

You should talk to your partner about his bad influence on you and your mood and try to resolve it as soon as possible so that you can continue your life together.

Because otherwise, the question is how long you will be able to bear the energy that is being sent to you and that is holding you back from being who you are.

Noble metals absorb our energy and this is a common fact.

That is why it is said that you should not wear someone else’s jewelry, because it possesses the energy of its wearer, and it can be both bad and good energy, and you cannot know that, and for that reason, you should avoid this so that energy does not transfer to you.

If you lost your wedding ring while you were in the church, it may mean that a higher power is telling you that you should also perform your wedding in the church and not only fictitiously in a municipal institution.

For two people to tie themselves before God and for their souls to become one and drive away the darkness that will try to intervene in their married life, it is necessary for the wedding to take place in a church with the approval of a religious person.

The fact that you lost your wedding ring in the church is a warning to you that you must perform the wedding ritual in the church as well to drive away forces of darkness interfering in your life.

You feel by the fact that you have become less patient and kind to your partner and sometimes you burst out of pure peace as if something has taken over you and you often argue at home.

When you do what we advise you to do, you will notice a drastic change in the behavior of you and your partner and you will understand why everything was moving in the wrong direction.

If you lost your wedding ring while sleeping and you can’t find it, as if it had fallen to the ground, it could mean that your spouse has not been faithful to you for a long time and is just waiting for the first real opportunity to tell you.

This is something that you have been feeling for a long time, but you just don’t want to admit it to yourself because it is something that will hurt you tremendously and you won’t be able to move past it.

Start getting used to this thought because it is very real and this sign only confirms your suspicions.

But don’t feel sorry for someone who, despite the oath he took, did this heinous act and belittled you in every sense of the word.

You have to gather your strength and move on with your life because who knows why what happened is good?

There is another soul for you who will be able to appreciate you as you are and you will be much happier and more satisfied with yourself and your life.

If you lost your wedding ring somewhere in the house and came to terms with the fact that it is no longer there and found it after a few months in a place in the house, it may mean that your love will start to flourish again and that the feelings that you lost will return to you.

You fell into an emotional crisis with your spouse and wondered if your life together makes sense at all.

But that all changed at some point, when your partner showed you and proved in one moment how much you mean to him and how much he loves you, and love and that feeling from the beginning of your marriage was reborn in you.

Put that ring back on your hand and wear it with pride because you managed to overcome a big crisis that not everyone can withstand.

The loss of a wedding ring generally has a bad meaning, and sometimes its loss is a sign that you need to change something in your life so that both you and your partner will be better, and these are the cases when you find it after losing it. But if he disappeared forever, it has a different meaning.

If you lost it somewhere in the house, there is a high probability that you will find it, but if you lost it in a place where you can say goodbye to it forever, it is a completely different story.

If you lost your wedding ring in a shopping center, it may mean that your marriage will fall into crisis due to the financial problems you are in.

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In every marriage where there is a lack of love, as soon as financial problems arise, quarrels and arguments begin about who brought it to this point and who is to blame for the current situation.

Those situations are only momentary and if the partners love each other, they will find a way out of it all and restore the balance that has been disturbed.

But considering that you lost the ring where someone else will find it and appropriate it for themselves, it means that in your case, finances will only speed up what was inevitable to happen at some point, which is, unfortunately, a divorce.

Your partner has been lacking emotions and empathy for you for a long time, and this will only be the trigger that will start the whole procedure.

You will probably lose your job and he won’t be able to take it anymore and there will be fights and arguments, hard words that are also hard to forget, and that will bring your union to an end and put an end to it.

Be prepared for the worst possible scenario, especially when you claim to have lost your ring.

If you lost your wedding ring while you were hiking, it may mean that what you are looking for and expecting from your spouse is too much and that you should reduce your criteria a little, so that your partner does not leave you because of it.

Try to be realistic and see yourself through his eyes and understand that desires are one thing and possibilities are another.

Everyone has their limits and you should not expect more from someone than they can handle and provide.

You didn’t have fun with your spouse for a long time before getting married and you didn’t get to know him well enough, and then when you started living together, you started to notice some things you don’t like and now you’re trying to change them.

It’s okay to help your partner become a better person, but it’s also not okay to try to make him do something other than change his personality.

It would no longer be the same person and over time it would become unhappy that it lost itself to obey your will.

This can lead to the love diminishing or even extinguishing with your partner, and that’s why you have to be careful.

You have to set common goals to reach the peak of your love, and you will be able to do that only if you both work in sync and with a common goal.

If you lost your wedding ring on the street by falling out of your pocket, it means that you are no longer in love with your partner as you once were and that you are devoting more time and energy to the person with whom you are cheating on your spouse.

The fact that you kept the wedding ring in your pocket means that you are hiding from that person that you are married and that you will have to tell the truth about your status at some point.

If you are already so dissatisfied with your life with the person you live with, don’t mislead them that everything is fine, because you swore to be faithful for better or for worse.

Talk to your partner and try to save the marriage if at all possible and don’t do anything behind his back, because that’s something that will only backfire on you.

Be honest with each other and try to restore the communication you had the day you were in love.

If you lost your wedding ring at your workplace, it symbolizes that you are a person who is more devoted to your work than to your family.

This is something that has started to bother your spouse extremely because it has been going on for a long time and your marriage has come down to you coming home from work, having dinner, sleeping, and going to work.

You will have to find a compromise, because this is a situation that will lead you to the point where, of everything you had until now, you will only have your job left, and only then will you realize what you lost because of it, so you will regret it, but it could be too late for that.

So try to balance work and home so that your married life stops suffering.

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