Spiritual Meaning Of Forgetting Dreams

It has been known since ancient times that our dreams can bring us important messages from the universe.

They represent the way in which the higher powers communicate with us.

Dream research has always attracted people’s attention.

There is a belief that dreams can tell us a lot about ourselves, but also about the events around us.

Our dreams can be interpreted in various ways, but the most important thing is to find their spiritual meaning.

What is it that the heavenly forces are telling us through our dreams?

What meaning can dreams have for our future?

These are all questions that have always caused great controversy, and it is precisely in this text that we will deal with dreams and their spiritual meaning.

Actually, in this text we will tell you what it means if you forget what you have dreamed of.

Very often it happens that we wake up and we simply cannot remember our dream.

Sometimes it happens that we can only remember some general situations but not the details that are very important for the interpretation of the dream.

If it ever happened to you to forget what you dreamed the night before, then this text will certainly be interesting to you, and we hope that it will be useful for you, too.

We will tell you in this text what it means if you forget your own dreams.

We are also going to explain you what spiritual meanings it can have.

Is It Normal to Forget Your Dreams?

First of all we have to say that it is completely normal to forget a dream and you should not be worried about that.

It surely doesn’t mean that your memory is bad or that you have a mental illness.

In most cases we forget our dreams immediately after waking up.

You may be disappointed because you have forgotten your dream, but you should know that it happens to most people.

Why Do We Forget Our Dreams?

There are a couple of reasons why we are forgetting our dreams all the time.

The first reason why it happens is that our brain does not function at the same way while we are sleeping and when we are awake.

However, it is possible that later during the day we remember some details from our dream.

Another reason why you have forgotten your dream is that there wasn’t REM phase in your sleep.

It happens usually to people who take antidepressants and some other similar medications.

Also, people who consume a lot of alcohol usually don’t have REM sleep and it happens that they easily forget their dreams.

Sometimes it also happens that your sleep is interrupted by alarm and you cannot remember what you were dreaming about.

There are also other reasons why we forget our dreams.

If you had quality sleep overnight and if your brain had a chance to rest, you will have more chance to remember your dream.

On the other side, if you didn’t sleep well, the chance to recall your dream will be reduced.

Also, if you had a lot of mental stress recently and if you are very tired because of working too hard, you will not have enough energy and your mind will not be able to recall your dreams.

In this case your mind will be concentrated on the things that are making you stress in a real life.

It is typical for people who are working too hard to forget their dreams.

These people don’t have time for themselves and they are feeling tired all the time.

Such people are exhausted and they easily forget their dreams, because the quality of their sleep is very bad.

Also, if people have nightmares, they will try to forget these dreams as soon as possible.

It is also known that a self-defence mechanism can be one of the reasons why we are forgetting our dreams.

People who have survived bad things in life simply don’t want to recall their dreams because they are afraid of their contents.

Another reason why we forget our dreams is that we may think that they are not so relevant.

Their meanings may not be important for us and because of that we usually forget these dreams.

As we have already mentioned, it can happen that we recall our dreams later during the day.

At least, we can recall some parts of our dream.

Relation between Our Dreams and Our Subconscious Mind

It is known that there is a strong connection between our dreams and our subconscious mind, but many people are afraid of this fact.

Because of it, many people actually don’t want to remember their dreams.

They also have a fear of having dreams.

Such people are usually closed and they simply don’t want to face with their subconscious.

It is especially typical for people who had trauma in their lives to run away from their subconscious.

For these people the content that is hidden in their subconscious may be unacceptable.

It may be too disturbing for their psyche and the best way is to forget it.

These people have dreams as well, but they forget them easily because their mind helps them in that.

It happens often that if we remember our dreams we remember also our memories from the past and it can be very painful.

In order to avoid it, many people simply want to forget their dreams.

As we have said, it is especially typical for people who had a trauma in the past or some bad memories and they don’t want to go through that again.

On the other side, there are people who can’t wait to discover what’s hidden in their subconscious, and dreams are the ideal way to do that.

Through their dreams these people have the opportunity to find answers to many questions from the past and to revive some old emotions.

Their dreams help them discover a part of themselves that they haven’t known before.

Interestingly, people who are really interested in knowing what they dreamed usually don’t forget their dreams as easily as those who run away from their dreams.

However, it may also happen that people who enjoy dreaming and interpreting dreams cannot remember what they have been dreaming of.

The reason for that may be the fact that they have had a lot of strong dreams recently and their unconscious psyche is simply tired of dreaming.

Because of that it is possible that their unconscious psyche needs to take a break and it needs to be well-rested for some other strong dreams that will be full of energy, emotions and spiritual messages.

Now when you know what the most common reasons of forgetting our dreams are, it will be easier for you to understand its spiritual meaning.

What Is the Spiritual Meaning of Forgetting Dreams?

We have already explained that dreams are related to our subconscious mind and they carry very important messages.

They will help us understand our deepest emotions and they will connect us with our souls.

Dreams can help people to find out who they really are.

They help people meet their true selves and it is very important.

Logically, if you forget your dream, you will not have the chance to get a message that may be hidden in the dream.

It means that you will not have the chance to find out the secrets that may be hidden deep in your subconscious mind.

It will be forbidden to you to go deep into your mind and to find out the secrets that are related to your life.

If you forget your dreams, you will never have the chance to understand who you really are.

You can even forget who you really are.  You can distance from your true self and never find out secrets that are crucial for your life.

If you forget your dreams, you may never have the opportunity to dig deep into your subconscious mind and discover your true self.

You will keep living your monotonous life and every day will be the same.

You will not have the chance to change anything in your life.

There are a lot of people who choose this way. They simply don’t want to know what their dreams are telling them.

They don’t want to hear a spiritual message that may be hidden in dreams.

They are afraid of what they could hear and they simply run away from their dreams. The easiest way is to forget them.

Also, there are people who think their dreams are irrelevant. These people also forget their dreams easily.

There are people who don’t want to dig in their subconscious mind and they choose never to find out the secrets that may be hidden in their mind.

How to Remember Our Dreams Better?

The best way to recall your dream is to write it down immediately after you wake up.

It means that you should have a notebook and a pen beside your bed.

This way you will have the chance to write what you were dreaming of before your dream fades.

Most important is to write a couple of notes and later over the day you can try to interpret them.

We have already mentioned that there are people who want to know what they are dreaming of and people who are not interested in their dreams.

As we have said, there are more chances to remember your dream if you really want to find out its meaning.

People who want to find out the secrets from their unconscious mind usually remember their dreams.

It’s all up to you. If you want to know what spiritual message is hidden in your dream, then you will be able to recall your dream.

On the other hand, if you think that your dreams are not important or if you refuse to know their deeper meanings, then your mind will help you to forget them.

Anyway, we have to say that it is always a better option to find out the secrets hidden in your dreams and the secrets hidden in your subconscious mind.

In this case you will have the chance to get to know yourself better and to make important changes if they are needed in your life.


In this text you could see why it is important to remember your dreams and why it happens that we forget our dreams sometimes.

At the end of this text, we can say that all people are dreaming, but not all people can remember their dreams.

Some people cannot remember their dreams because of many reasons, while other people simply don’t want to remember them and their mind has a power to refuse these dreams.

As we have said, people who don’t want to find out the secret meanings of their dreams can lose a lot.

They may never know who they really are and they may never find out the secrets hidden deep inside them.

Most important is to know that our dreams can help us enter our subconscious mind and this way understand life much better.

If we enter our subconscious, we will have the chance to get to know ourselves better, but also to understand better all that is happening around us.

If you search deep into your subconscious, you will have the chance to see clearly many things from your past as well.

Our dreams can recall important persons from our past. It can be a nice experience, but also very painful.

Because of that many people refuse to know what spiritual messages their dreams can bring them.

They don’t want to know anything about their dreams, because they consider them irrelevant or they simply want to avoid facing some things from their past.

Anyway, we recommend you to explore your dreams whenever you can.

They can help you reveal the most hidden parts of yourself and go deep into your past.

Your dreams will help you get to know yourself and understand your feelings and actions better.

Because of that, it is necessary that you get rid of the self-defence mechanism and stop running away from your dreams.

You should not allow yourself to forget your dreams because they can change your whole life.

Don’t miss the opportunity to explore your subconscious and to learn the most hidden secrets about yourself.

You should do everything you can to remember your dreams, because if you forget them, you will probably miss out the opportunity to change your life.

As we have said before, you should prepare a notebook and a pen and put it next to the bed.

It is the first thing that you can do to remember your dreams.

Also, you should get enough sleep because only this way you will able to recall your dreams.

If you are not sleeping well, you will probably forget your dreams.

We hope that this text was helpful for you and that we have told you all you need to know about forgetting dreams.

We have explained you what spiritual messages may be related to your dreams and also what is a spiritual meaning of forgetting your dreams.

We hope that from now on you will try to remember you dreams whenever you can.

This way you will have the chance to get to know yourself better and to make some important changes in your life.

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