Spiritual Meaning Of Fish Jumping Out Of Water

Fish are aquatic animals over 500 million years old. Their natural habitat is water and being in the open air is harmful and deadly for most species of fish.

Fish sometimes jump out of the water, and this is due to a variety of reasons.

Fish jumping out of water symbolism

People have noticed fish jumping out of the water for centuries and different cultures have attributed different meanings and symbolism to that act.

Observing fish jumping out of the water can be a sign of an upcoming message regarding someone’s growth and progress.

Seeing a fish leap out of the water might be a sign of opportunities coming to fulfil your desires and improve your life.

Sometimes seeing a fish jumping out of the water can be a sign to be attentive to the upcoming changes in your life.

For the Native Americans, fish jumping out of the water is a sign of the Divine Spirit. They also consider it as an announcement of an upcoming change for the better.

Fish jumping out of the water is generally perceived as a good sign indicating good things coming into the person’s life.

Fish is also perceived as a sign of good luck, especially by indigenous communities. They are also seen as a sign of abundance and good fortune, as well as fertility.

For some cultures, fish symbolize new beginnings. They are also a sign of an upcoming transformation.

It is possible that seeing one jump out of the water could be a sign of the beginning of a new path in your life.

Seeing this occurrence could be a sign from the Universe averting your attention to the new experiences awaiting you.

This event might be a sign for you to listen to the voice of your intuition because you will be gaining some new insight.

In Celtic culture, fish was considered a sign of fertility and abundance. Especially the salmon fish was considered sacred fish.

This fish was considered a symbol of knowledge, wisdom, and transformation. This fish was considered a bond between the spirit world and the world of the living.

Seeing a fish jumping out of the water was considered an omen of connecting to the other realms of reality, receiving messages, and knowledge from the other world, and experiencing strong transformative phases.

In Christian symbolism, fish was considered a symbol of Christ and his sacrifice for humanity. Seeing a fish jumping out of the water might be a sign to renew your faith.

Maybe you have forgotten the power of gratitude and appreciation for the blessings you’ve been blessed with by God.

Seeing a fish jumping out of the water might be a reminder from the Universe to remember all of your blessings and express your gratitude to those who deserve it, and especially to God.

For the people of Asia, especially China and Japan, fish represent a special symbol since ancient times. They are considered a strong symbol of good luck, especially the carp, or koi fish.

They are also considered a symbol of business and career success and happy marriage, especially two carp.

They are a popular symbol of longevity and prosperity.

In Africa, fish is also considered a symbol of prosperity, abundance, and fertility.

In other cultures, fish is associated with our emotions and changes.

The fish is a symbol of transformation and seeing one jumping out of the water can symbolically represent the process of transformation you have undergone or you are going through.

Fish jumping out of water meaning

When you see a fish jump out of the water, this might be a sign of the beginning of a new chapter in your life.

Seeing one might also indicate a sign to follow your intuition and guidance towards the things you want in life.

It might also be a sign to look within and discover your true purpose in life.

We are not meant to be stagnant but to grow and evolve, and this might be your sign that you will experience growth in some area of your life.

The fish jumping might be your encouragement to leave the known behind and immerse yourself inside the unknown.

This will lead you to experience new things and especially to feel free.

The Universe might be giving you a sign to make some changes and have some new beginnings.

This might be a calling to leave the past behind because it is not serving your highest purpose.

The fish jumping from the water might be an encouragement to feel free to take some risks and be sure that they will pay off.

Things will begin changing for the better and if you were feeling stuck and bored in your current life circumstances, seeing a fish leaping out of the water might just be the sign you were waiting for.

This is a sign to start making the changes you were postponing for a long time.

For some, these changes might be insignificant, but for most people, this will indicate making some major changes, such as changing jobs, changing living space, changing country, or getting married.

The changes and new beginnings you could soon experience will be a great improvement to your life.

This event might even indicate starting a relationship, getting married, and sometimes starting a family because the fish is a symbol of fertility.

You are about to enter some new phase in your life and everything will be great.

For those who are hoping to become pregnant or to become a parent, this might be a sign that their desire will soon be fulfilled.

If you were struggling financially, seeing a fish leap out of the water might be a sign from the Universe that your situation will significantly improve.

It is important to have faith that things will improve, and the fish also reminds you to be optimistic.

Seeing a fish jump out of the water is a good sign overall. Sometimes it can indicate the need to get in touch with our feelings and our emotions.

It is possible that we suppress our feelings and not allowing ourselves to express them openly.

Possibly we harbor some negative emotions and the sign that the jumping fish is sending us is to face our emotions regardless of how hard it is.

Confronting our negativity and trauma will help us free ourselves from them and clear all of our blockages.

When we learn to deal with our emotions, we will do it regularly. Seeing this symbol is a sign to dig into yourself and discover whether there are some underlying emotional issues you need to address.

Spiritual meaning of fish jumping out of water

Fish leaping out of the water has a variety of spiritual meanings. The most significant ones are:

  1. Negative emotions and feelings

As we mentioned previously, fish symbolize emotions and feelings, often suppressed.

Seeing a fish as it jumps high out of the water can be a sign of the need to face piled-up emotions and negativity. These might be feelings of frustration, fear, anger, or resentment.

Such feelings are eating the person from within which is they must confront them. It is possible that they are avoiding doing that and the fish jumping from the water is a wake-up call for them to begin facing these negativities inside them.

  1. A warning

Sometimes a fish jumping out of the water in front of you might be a worrisome sign for you. Maybe the fish is making you pay attention to something in your life that is a threat and you haven’t been noticing it or you have been ignoring it.

This is especially important when you want to make some important decisions. Don’t make rash and inconsiderate decisions because you might have a lot of regrets. Think through it before deciding.

  1. New circumstances and situations

Seeing a fish as it leaps out of the water might also indicate experiencing new things in life. It is possible something or someone new entering your life which will certainly be unexpected just like the fish unexpectedly leapt from the water in front of you.

You might get a job offer out of the blue, or meet someone who will turn out to be your long-term partner by pure chance, or some unexpected opportunities might arise to fulfil your desires.

This sign warns you to be prepared for what is coming and not be caught by surprise.

If the fish scared you or you felt disturbed and anxious, in some cases, this might indicate some difficulties and challenges arising and you will be forced to deal with them.

  1. Harmony and success

The most important spiritual meanings of a fish jumping out of the water are harmony and success.

This represents a sign from the Universe that things in your life are aligning and moving towards the successful outcome or the outcome you have wanted.

You will be able to establish balance in your life through a set of fortunate circumstances and you will begin working towards your goals.

In some cases, this will mean someone appearing in your life to help you establish harmony and restore your balance.

  1. Stress and stressful situations

Seeing a fish jump out of the water can be a sign of the stress you might be feeling currently. You might be currently in some situation that overwhelms you and fills you with anxiety.

You might be under a lot of pressure and you don’t know how to handle it.

This experience just reminds you that it is time to detach from the stress and the situations that are causing it and relax. You need to restore balance in your life to be able to function properly.

  1. Peace and calm

Sometimes, in contrast to the previous meaning, observing a fish jumping out of the water can symbolically represent the state of calm you are currently experiencing.

It might be a sign that you are exiting the times of stress and anxiety and entering some new times of peace and balance.

If you are currently under a lot of stress, expect peace and tranquility to come your way.

  1. Bad behavior

In some cases, seeing a fish jump out of the water might indicate bad or inappropriate behavior and attitude which needs to be addressed.

Maybe you are behaving inadequately to people that don’t deserve that and this is a sign to remind you to stop such behavior.

  1. Renewal of energy

For some, this sign will indicate their energy is being replenished and revitalized. This might mean that the person will enter a phase of life where they will have more time to rest and relax, and this will at the same time fill them with rejuvenated energy.

  1. Abundance and prosperity

One of the important meanings, as we already mentioned, is the symbolism of abundance and prosperity. Seeing fish jumping out of the water is sure sign things will improve for the better in your life, and this includes your finances and material situation.

This can sometimes indicate the fulfilment of your desire to attain something you like and dream about. This will likely happen unexpectedly.

  • The need to reflect upon the past

In some cases, seeing a fish jump out of the water can be a sign that some issues from the past need to be reflected upon.

Maybe there are some things you wish you had done and some things you wish you hadn’t done, but this is the time to make peace with your decisions and learn your lessons from the mistakes you have made.

  • Increase of luck

For some, seeing a fish jump out of the water is a sign their luck will change for the better. If you have experienced a surge of unhappy events, prepare yourself to experience some stream of good luck.

You might consider doing things you were postponing doing because you feared the outcome. There is a great chance of things unfolding in your direction. You might also experience some new opportunities to finish some long-awaited dreams.

  • Releasing stress

Seeing fish leaping out of the water might symbolically represent the release of your accumulated stress and anxiety and feeling better.

If you have been under a lot of tension and stress lately, seeing this image might be a sign for you that things will for sure be better and you will be able to relax your mind and body from the overwhelming stress.

  • Seeing things in a new light

In some cases, fish jumping might be a sign of seeing things from a new perspective which will improve the way you feel and improve your life in general.

You might be someone who is closed off to experiencing new things, and this might be a sign that you begin to change and be open to novelty and doing things in a new, improved way.

Fish symbolism

Fish is a lucky symbol in many cultures throughout the world. Fish is an important source of food for millennia of human existence which is why it has many fortunate meanings attributed to it.

Fish is a symbol of luck, but also wealth and abundance, protection during travel, creativity, and peace.

Fish cannot be without water for a long time. Some species die within minutes of being outside water.

They cannot be separated from their natural environment, which is water, and this is why their symbolism is strongly attached to our emotions and unconscious.

They are also a symbol of faith and Christianity, a symbol of freedom, harmony, and spirituality.

Why do fish jump out of the water?

In their natural habitat, fish usually jump out of the water:

  1. To catch their prey.
  2. To avoid becoming prey to another fish.
  3. To avoid some obstacle in their path.
  4. To cross over a land obstacles and relocate.
  5. When something scares them.
  6. Because they can do that.

Aquarium fish also jump out of the water. The main reasons for that are:

  1. Not having enough oxygen.
  2. The water temperature is not alright.
  3. The water in the tank is dirty.
  4. There are too many fish in the tank.
  5. The fish is infested with parasites.


Seeing fish jumping out of the water is certainly an exciting sight, especially if there is more than one fish.

This is, however, more than just a pretty sight, and as we have seen, it can have many significant meanings, in most cases very beneficial and fortunate ones.

It can be a sign of good fortune entering your life, experiencing abundance and prosperity, changing your life for the better, experiencing some major transformations to improve your personality, etc.

Fish jumping might also be a sign of some new beginnings, releasing stress, experiencing harmony and balance, or having some other meanings.

Your job is to discover the special meaning it has in your life.

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