Spiritual Meaning Of Donkey In A Dream

Humans domesticated the donkey more than four millennia ago.

According to historians, Nubians domesticated donkeys to use them as pack animals.

Living in the modern day, we have forgotten how valuable the donkey was to ancient people and in a rural setting.

A donkey can travel great distances carrying a lot of loads. They were an indelible part of ancient cultures and highly valued by people.

Did you know that some Egyptian pharaohs buried donkeys with great honors like some would bury a horse?

These animals are associated with trade, prosperity, travel, and civilization. Donkeys have a distinguished place in ancient mythology and legends.

They were introduced into Europe around two thousand years before Christ. From Greece, they reached Italy, France, and Spain. Dionysus was associated with donkeys. Or vice versa.

Donkeys have been around Europe for a long time, but they came to America only in the late fifteenth century with Christopher Columbus. In the Americas, gold diggers relied on the donkey to reach the sources of the precious metal.

On an interesting note, many donkeys escaped their owners during the times of the Gold Rush.

That way, these animals reached different corners of the continent. Today, donkeys are distributed all around the world.

Donkey Symbolism

Although the first thing that comes to mind when talking about the donkey is the animal’s proverbial stubbornness, there is much more to say about its symbolic meaning.

Did you know that the ears of donkeys are incredibly sophisticated? Their sense of hearing is far better than ours.

A donkey’s ear can catch sounds coming from great distances, something that we can only imagine.

The donkey symbolizes clairvoyance, being prepared, and seeing ahead. By the sounds they hear, donkeys can predict what could happen.

They represent the activity of listening, good judgment, and wisdom.

Donkeys can sense danger. They represent cautiousness and awareness.

As a spirit animal, the donkey warns you to protect yourself or try to avoid something dangerous.

Yes, we tend to associate donkeys with stubbornness and even stupidity.

However, the donkey is a clever animal. It stubbornly refuses to move if it feels endangered.

Although we may think of it as stupid, it is an advantage.

A donkey is well aware of its capabilities. The animal knows what it is capable of and what it is not.

Human beings often lack this element of self-perception, even though it could be an advantage. Do you know the story of Balaam and his donkey from the Old Testament?

Donkey Stories and Beliefs

The story about the talking donkey and Balaam comes from Numbers 22:21-39.

According to the narrative, a highly regarded soothsayer named Balaam mounted his donkey and went to curse the Israelites, following the deal he had with Balak, the king of Moabites.

To make the story short, God was not satisfied with Balaam’s final decision, so He sent an angel to prevent Balaam.

The angel blocked Balaam’s way, but the man could not see him. His donkey, however, refused to move in the ordered direction.

Three times the donkey tries to avoid the path Balaam directs it to go. What Balaam does is certainly not a noble act.

He beats the donkey every time the animal refuses to follow his orders. However, everything the donkey does is to protect its master.

The angel of the Lord blocks the narrow path, so there is no other way to go. The donkey sees the angel. Balaam does not.

The donkey refuses to move and Balaam angrily beats the poor animal. And then the miracle happens. God opened the mouth of the donkey, the story says.

The animal asks its master: „What did I do to make you beat me?“ Balaam answers that the donkey made him a fool and swears he would kill the animal if only he had a weapon. The poor donkey proceeds by reminding Balaam of being his faithful servant to that day.

God finally opens Balaam’s eyes and he sees the angel. The angel asks Balaam about his sinful action of beating the donkey, not realizing the foolishness of his path. Balaam admits he has sinned and goes back.

This biblical story is probably the best example of the proverbial stubbornness of donkeys and the good side of it. It also adds to the symbolism of intuition, protection, and sensing danger.

At the same time, it testifies to the long historical and cultural presence of donkeys.

Donkeys represent adaptation, survival, and working hard. They also stand for patience and humility. Now, let us see what a donkey means in a dream.

Dreams About Donkey – General Info

Seeing a donkey in a dream could mean various things. It depends on the donkey’s activity or your activity.

In addition, seeing donkey of different colors carry different meanings. Generally, the donkey symbolizes stubbornness, endurance, humility, simplicity, diligence, and honesty.

The animal also represents modesty, genteelness, patience, and truth. Donkeys are also associated with peace.

Donkeys are herd animals, so they also stand for the importance of community.

If a donkey appears in your dream, it could carry an important message.

The meaning depends on how the donkey looks like, what the animal is doing, and what you do. To get the deepest meaning of a dream, you should put it into the context of your current life situation.

Dream about seeing a donkey

If you dream about seeing a regular donkey, pay attention to how the animal looks. Is it well-fed and healthy, or skinny and ill? Does it look calm or not as much? The donkey in a dream reflects your inner state.

The donkey represents self-awareness. The animal comes to your dream to make you look inside your soul and think about your recent actions. If the animal does not look well, you have been too hard on yourself.

Maybe you are stubborn about something that does not bring you any good, but for some reason, you refuse to give up. If the animal looks good and happy, you are persistent in something that benefits you, and you should go on with that.

Seeing a lot of donkeys in a dream is considered a good sign, according to some interpretations in Islam. Many donkeys indicate wealth, money gain, prosperity, and fortune.

If the donkey is yours, it is a good omen. Owning a donkey in a dream is considered a promise of good and fortunate life and respect. The interpretation of donkey dreams could vary depending on their color.

Dream about a white donkey

Seeing white animals in a dream is generally taken as a good sign. White animals are associated with grace, purity, chastity, honesty, trust, and faith. The white donkey represents stability, peace, and tranquility.

A white donkey comes to your dream to remind you of good and pure things in your life. It enters your dreams to bring back the hope and faith you might feel like losing. A white donkey symbolizes optimism.

Whatever the place you are currently in life is, and however it feels, a white donkey indicates better days ahead.

It reminds you of the importance of keeping hope and faith alive. It is a lovely and positive omen.

Dream about a black donkey

A black animal is rarely considered a good sign.

However, we should remind ourselves of the positive symbolism of black cats in Britain, for instance. There, black cats are considered lucky. It is not the case with a black donkey, though.

Black donkeys in a dream are not an as promising sign. A black donkey indicates problems you will have to deal with.

At the same time, the black animal awakens your potential. It should remind you to act cleverly and with a cool head.

Do not let the problems take the best of you. It may sound like a cliché, but yes, we all have difficulties.

Everyone faces challenges and difficulties to overcome. A black donkey may indicate an upcoming problem, but it also reminds you you can successfully overcome it.

Remember, donkeys are resilient and intelligent animals. They know their limits, a lesson we people could take from them.

Dream about riding a donkey

Dreams about sitting on a donkey or riding this animal are positive.

Now, maybe you like to imagine yourself achieving great victories and successes riding a beautiful battle-horse, but riding a donkey in a dream indicates slow and steady success.

Riding a donkey in a dream represents humility, modesty, perseverance, endurance, patience, cleverness, and thinking ahead.

Remember, Jesus Christ himself rode a donkey upon his entrance to Jerusalem.

By riding a donkey, he suggests he comes as meek and humble, meaning he does not want to win people by force, he has no military power.

That is what his strength lies in. Therefore, a dream of riding a donkey is an incredibly positive sign.

Sitting on a donkey has mostly positive meaning in Islam, as well. According to Ibn Sirin, the meaning varies depending on the donkey’s color.

Riding a black donkey is associated with respect. Sitting on a green donkey speaks about religiousness.

Riding a red donkey means you will get involved with big affairs, the worldly ones. Sitting on a pregnant donkey is a happy sign and it stands for good news.

The only variant of a dream with a negative meaning is sitting on a yellow donkey, as it indicates illness.

In addition, falling from the donkey’s back betokens financial loss and trouble.

Dreams about a blind donkey

Seeing a blind donkey in a dream is not taken as a good sign. Dreams about a blind donkey are usually associated with money and wealth.

If you see a blind donkey, it means you are likely to lose your savings and wealth.

If the donkey is blind only in one eye, you will likely face some financial problems.

More precisely, it would not be easy to gain money.

Alternatively, as donkeys represent clairvoyance, and seeing things out of humans’ reach, a blind donkey may indicate you will not realize the presence of danger in good time.

You will not be able to see the approaching danger or a problem.

On the other hand, donkeys have a distinguished sense of hearing.

A blind donkey in a dream may try to say you should rely on your inner senses. In other words, trust your intuition and look through the eyes of your soul, not your physical ones.

Dreams about a wild donkey

Dreams about a wild donkey probably reflect your attitude towards your surroundings and especially authorities.

You stubbornly refuse to accept the rules and you feel extremely unwilling to obey anyone. You think you know the best.

On the other hand, this dream may reflect the sense of imprisonment.

You want to run free from obligations and the burden put on you by somebody else.

You feel overburdened and would like to get rid of the load.

Maybe you are working in not a humane environment.

On the other hand, it could be that you have taken on more than you can handle; it could have something to do with a job, relationships, family problems, etc.

The wild donkey symbolizes your desire to be free.

See what you can do about it in your waking life if that is the case.

Alternatively, a wild donkey embodies something that is out of your control.

You would like to have more control over situations and people around you, even.

However, it would be good to accept the fact that you cannot control everything and everyone.

Dreams about an injured donkey

If you see an injured donkey in a dream or if you dream about riding an injured donkey, it means you will have some difficulties with your travel plans.

Your trip might be delayed, for one reason or another.

This dream reminds you to be more cautious, especially when it comes to traveling.

There could be minor difficulties along the road. Be thoughtful and prepare yourself well.

Dreams about a dead donkey

Dreams about a dead donkey are not necessarily bad, but are not pleasant and are not about particularly enjoyable things.

A donkey symbolizes patience, steady progress, and hard work. A dead donkey represents an end to it.

Your hard work has come to an end because you do not see a future in it anymore.

Although it certainly does not feel good, there will be new opportunities. Do not underestimate whatever you have achieved so far.

Even if it did not lead you to a grandiose major success, it has great worth.

You can only benefit from your experience, even if the process has ended. Use what you have learned so far and move ahead.

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