Biblical and Spiritual Meaning of Bathing In The Dream

Strange are the ways of our dreams, one might say. True, there is still no consensus on what dreams really represent and how do they function.

Since far past, dreams have been inspiring and challenging the greatest of minds,  philosophers, poets, scientists, but also  everyone else.

One of the most common understanding of dreams suggests they represent our channel for processing events that happened to us during our awake time.

Our brain processes new information all the time, even when we are asleep.

While our body cannot function without proper rest and ‘turning off’, our brain is a powerful perpetuum mobile mechanism and still a great mystery to the science.

According to one of the greatest minds of psychological science, dreams represent our storage and processor for suppressed desires, things we cannot manifest in our waking life.

Certainly, there must be some truth in such a statement.

Our dreams surely reflect at least some of the experiences we have in life; it could be events we firmly believe we have gone through and processed long ago, but also those that bother us on the subconscious level.

Dreams reflect situations and experiences that make us happy, as well.

We may dream about someone if we constantly think about a beloved person, for example.

Our love, worries, joys and fears definitely reflect in our dreams.

However, some of the dream scenarios are so awkward and strange that we can never connect them with actual experiences.

Since old times, people thought of dreams as a realm in which the communication is happening between us and a higher realm.

Dreams have been taken as signs and prophecies.

Perhaps the truth is something in between or a mixture of all possibilities.

In any case, dream interpretation might be of great use, as it could reveal certain corners of our mind we do not put much attention to.

Symbolism of Bathing

Now, dreams are full of various symbols, as we, of course, dream about many things, activities and phenomena with a strong symbolical background.

Many of the things we do on regular basis have powerful symbolism.

What about bathing? In modern times and urban surroundings, we take bathing for granted, as an essential part of our everyday life.

We bathe at our home, we go to pools and spas and so on.

However, the practice of bathing has had a long and turbulent history.

So, bathing is basically a practice of washing our body, by flowing water or by immersing our body in a bathtub.

Bathing could also be used for healing purposes and for ritual, religious ones.

Ancient people bathed on regular basis. Ancient peoples of India, Ancient Greeks and Romans considered bathing as an essential part of maintaining hygiene of the body and being healthy.

You are certainly familiar with Roman thermae, for example.

It is known that medieval Japanese would often bath in natural springs, while Mesoamerican cultures practiced bathing daily, according to conquistadors’ reports. Christian world praised hygiene of the body, as well.

Although early Church has made some restrictions, when it comes to mixed male-female bathing Roman practice, for instance, it still supported the act of bathing.

The Byzantine world, inheriting from Ancient Greek and Roman culture put special emphasis on building great bathing houses.

However, we are also familiar with reports of avoiding bathing for unimaginable periods to a modern person, in times of late medieval century and further, across Europe.

Today, we mostly take bathing as something normal and necessary to everyone.

Bathing or immersion into water could be associated with religious practices.

Spiritually, bathing has to do with purification, rites of passage and so on.

It is important to note that bathing, when it comes to maintaining personal hygiene, is primarily associated with private space and intimacy, something one would not do in front of others.

Bathing is, of course, associated with nakedness.

Dreams About Bathing – General Info

Bathing is something reserved for your private space and it is associated with being naked, that is, being without any mean of protection, save for your own body.

Much of the interpretations derive from these two factors.

Of course, the exact meaning of the dream depends on where were you bathing, were you alone, were you actually wearing something and other details.

We will offer some basic interpretations for various scenarios.

One of the basic meanings of bathing in dreams is purification; the dream about bathing indicate the process of purification, mental hygiene, spiritual awakening, getting rid of negativity in your life. Bathing in a dream may reflect one’s deepest need to relieve the tension.

The meaning of a dream would depend on what type of a liquid did you use to bathe, if it was water, was it dim or dirty, or was it clear.

You may dream about bathing in freezing water or in warm or too hot water, as well.

All these variants tell something about your current state of being.

There are various types of bathing dreams. You may dream about seeing someone taking a bath or bathing yourself, you may dream about bathtub or another space for bathing.

Also, you may dream about giving someone a bath.

Let us explore various bathing scenarios in dreams and try to get behind the meaning.

Of course, in order to understand the actual meaning, you will need to put it into the context of your waking life.

Dreams about taking a bath in your bathtub

This type of dream does not appear unusual and it may signify different things.

If you were relaxed while taking a bath in your dream and the dream was overall nice, it reflects you being content and feeling safe in your closest surroundings.

In addition, this dream tries to tell you there is nothing to worry and you should feel safe with your loved ones and at your home.

Alternatively, if you felt uneasy while taking a bath, the dream reflects your tension and perhaps some unresolved conflicts at home.

For some reason, you do not feel comfortable with your family and at your home.

If you wanted to take a bath in your dream and then you suddenly ran our of water or there was not enough warm water, there could be some minor inconveniences and troubles at home, whether it was an argument with a loved one or an actual damage in the house.

In general, a pleasant bathtub bathing dream, be it at your home or in a hotel, spa or whatever place of relaxation, is an indicator of good and relaxed time ahead, and of good health.

Dreams about taking a cold bath

If you dream about taking a cold bath, the interpretation depends on how did you feel in the dream and what the circumstances were.

If you dream about having experienced a sauna/cold water treatment, it is generally a good dream. It is a sign of good health and physical ability.

If you dream about immersing yourself into a bathtub of cold water, it could mean different things.

People do not typically do that, right? If you felt good and did not freeze in the cold bathtub, the dream tells about your cold attitude towards certain things in life.

In other words, you will keep yourself collected in troublesome and challenging situations, without letting things get you out of your track.

On the other hand, if the cold bath dream felt uneasy and scary, it is a reflection of paralyzing, freezing fear that holds you back in reality.

Cold bath in a dream may also metaphorically represent a challenge, something you would rather not experience, but you dare to do it, in spite of being, well, freezing you out.

Dreams about bathing in hot water

Bathing in hot water may be pleasant if you like it and if the water was not too hot.

Dreaming about bathing in hot water could be a reflection of your warm and passionate nature. Hot water is a metaphor for powerful emotions.

Such a dream brings into your awareness the passion you feel for someone or for something.

As bathing in hot, but not too hot water, is a pleasant experience, the dream indicates a period of rest, relaxation, taking pleasure, enjoying your life without much trouble.

Dreams about bathing in dirty water

If you dream of taking a bath in dirty water, it is not a good sign.

It means there are a lot of unresolved problems and tensions in your life, some you feel you cannot rid off.

This dream also suggests health issues.

Dirty water may also indicate danger, shady business, generally, things you do not know how to resolve.

Dreams about bathing in clear water

Clear water in dreams is always a good sign. Dreams about bathing in clear water, wherever it takes place, symbolizes purification, rebirth, healing process, youthfulness.

It is a channel for you to relieve the tension, to get rid of negative emotions and thoughts.

Dreams about bathing in clear water suggest there are no unresolved arguments and problems in your life.

You will see everything clearly, just as you can see your own skin through pleasant and crystal clear water.

Dreams about bathing with someone

Dreams about bathing with someone could have many meanings, depending, of course, with whom do you take a bath in your  dream.

If you dream about taking a bath with your partner and the dream leaves a positive impression, it tells about your closeness and openness towards one another.

If you dream about taking a bath with a stranger, it could be a disturbing dream, or simply awkward, depending on how did it make you feel.

If you felt completely fine in your dream, it tells about your friendliness and openness, your trust in people.

If the dream was negative, that is, if you felt ashamed in front of that person, the dream indicates suspicion in real life (it could be grounded in reality, of course, but not necessarily).

The same stands for bathing with someone you know.

If you dream about bathing with someone you know, the dream may indicate some unresolved things amongst you to, something you should resolve face to face, in privacy.

Dreams about giving someone a bath

Dreams about giving someone a bath are dreams that indicate care, love, support and devotion.

This dream reflects your deepest and honest feelings towards someone whom you would love to be close to or someone in need of your help, whom you love.

Bathing is an intimate things, so bathing someone is an act of incredible closeness with that person.

This dream is typically not one of romantic desires, it is a dream of deep, purest love for someone.

Maybe there is a close person to you in need of your great support, one you can offer them.

If you are already taking care about someone who cannot help themselves on their own, the dream may simply be a reflection of such circumstances.

Dreams about bathing a baby

If you often dream about bathing a baby, it could be a sign of a creative crisis that will soon pass.

This dream could, of course, simply be a reflection of your actual everyday situation, if you have a baby.

Dreams about bathing a baby could also symbolically represent your sincere care and gentleness towards someone whom you consider tender and fragile.

You would love to give that person love and gentleness.

Dreams about bathing an animal

If you dream about bathing an animal, it depends on what is the animal in question, of course.

If you dream about bathing a little animal, a pet, a puppy or another fluffy little creature, the dream indicates your need to take care and protect those who cannot stand for themselves.

If it is a strong or a resisting animal, like a horse or a cat, and the bathing process actually comes as a challenge, it tells about your tendency to tame someone, to get close to someone wild in heart and unready to settle, someone impressive, but hard to approach.

Dreams about seeing someone taking a bath

If you dream about secretly watching someone taking a bath, it suggests you are afraid to get closer to people in your life, you rather remain observer, which is not always the best choice.

Watching someone taking a bath in a dream may have to do with suppressed intimate desires.

Dreams about bathing with your clothes on

If you dream about having your clothes on while bathing, regardless of the place, the dream probably has something to do with the lack of self-esteem, very likely associated with your own perception of your own body.

If you are alone and you bathe with your clothes on, it suggests you have some body perception issues, which is something to reconsider.

If you find yourself in a public bathing place and keep your clothes one, it is a dream that reflect embarrassment or guilt.

Maybe you have done something you are ashamed of or something wrong, which you are trying to hide.

Dreams about bathing in nature

Dreams about bathing in nature is usually a good sign.

Be it bathing in a lake, at the sea, in a river, in a waterfall or wherever else, this dreams tells about your reconnection with nature and about purification process.

The symbolism of purification is particularly strong in dreams about bathing in flowing water, such as a river or a stream.

Negativities that bother you will go away, you will feel renewed, rejuvenated, more in touch with the earth.

Dreams about bathing in the river

Dreams about bathing in the river are typically positive.

River in dreams represents changes, progress, moving forward, transformation, new chances.

Rivers also give us direction by their flow.

Dreams about bathing in the river are not the same as those about swimming in the river, for you could swim with the flow or against it, which gives a dream very specific meaning.

Bathing in the river has you more or less static in the waters.

Bathing in the river in a dream indicates the process of purification, rebirth and regeneration, which could be associated with the New Testament testimony of Christ baptized in Jordan river.

Dreams about bathing in the ocean

This dream could indicate some vast changes in your life. It could be a sign of new horizons, new waters opening before you.

However, vast horizons and wide waters always come with great risks and dangers.

The dream about bathing in the ocean could be about certain situations that will put you in great danger or those that will be emotionally overwhelming.

As you probably know, water symbolizes our emotions.

Waters as big and powerful as oceans, stand for intense, uncontrollable emotions.

Biblical meaning of bathing In a dream

Biblical meaning of bathing is associated with the act of purification and with cleanliness of one’s soul.

Perhaps the most widely known biblical reference to bathing is baptism of Jesus Christ, in Jordan river.

In this case, bathing has a strong religious connotation.

The central act of baptism is submerging of the body into water, as an act of purification of the soul.

It also represents rebirth, a spiritual rebirth and renewal.

Water washes away the sins we committed, it is a mean of purifying our souls and making us ready to enter the Kingdom of Heaven.

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