Snake Plant – Spiritual Meaning

The snake plant or as it is named in Latin, Dracaena trifasciata, is one of the most popular houseplants.

It belongs to the Dracaena species, and it is native to Asia and Africa.

The planet has leaves which resemble swords and can range from 15 cm to 250 cm in height.

Usually, the leaves of this plant are green and banded with a yellow border.

This is a very durable and easy to maintain succulent plant. It can survive in dark places as well as places with strong light.

The growth is slower if the plant doesn’t receive enough light.

The plant also prefers warmth and can struggle when the conditions are cold.

Because it is so resistant, the snake plant is an ideal plant for inexperienced gardeners.

Beneficial properties of the snake plant

Brings food fortune

The snake plant is believed to have protective qualities and is a bringer of good fortune.

Because it is believed to be a good luck plant, it is a common choice for households and also for offices.

Absorbs negative energy

This plant has been considered to have many mystical and spiritual properties, especially due to its ability to absorb negativity and negative energy.

For this purpose, the snake plant is used in cleansing ceremonies.

Chases evil spirits away

It is used for chasing evil spirits away, especially for those people who are doing some work where they are exposed to entities from other realms of existence or working with negative people where they might get overwhelmed with their energy.

Restores peace and harmony and improves the energy of the place

It is a plant used in feng shui practice because it attracts good fortune, but also because it is believed that helps restore peace and harmony in the household.

According to feng shui practice placing the snake plant in a classroom improves and eases learning.

These plants are believed to eliminate negative feelings such as jealousy and bitterness. They are best placed in rooms where people argue a lot. They also eliminate the negative effects of radiation from appliances.

Purifies the air and removes toxic pollutants

The snake plant is also considered an air purifier.

It is believed to remove toxic pollutants from the air, such as nitrogen oxides, benzene, xylene, trichloroethylene, toluene, and formaldehyde in small quantities from the air.

The snake plant purifies the air during the night as well.

Many plants release CO2 in the air after sunset, but the snake plant continues to convert CO2 into oxygen which is why this plant is an excellent plant to keep in the bedroom.

Helps combat allergies

The snake plant clears the air, releases oxygen, and adds moisture to the air, which helps with lessening the impact of allergens such as dander and dust.

Poor quality of air is a source of many health issues, such as asthma and allergies, which is why the snake plant is an excellent aid in fighting allergies.

Helps with insomnia

Because the snake plant is clearing the air and the space where you sleep, it will indirectly help you get a better night’s sleep.

Bad air and negative energy will certainly prevent you from a good night’s sleep, and the snake plant is a great help to overcome problems with falling asleep because it clears your environment.

Easy to maintain

Because of its durability, and ability to thrive in various conditions, the snake plant is considered a symbol of resilience and strength.

It is a reminder that we can overcome many difficulties and come out of these situations stronger and more resilient.

The plant snake is a symbol of regeneration and rebirth and is used in spiritual practice to help clear the space and bring positive changes.

Helps improve mental health

Keeping plants in the house is beneficial for the mental health of its tenants. Plants have a therapeutical effect, especially due to the beneficial effects of the green color.

Can be used to relieve minor physical ailments

The snake plant is believed to reduce inflammation, help reduce blood pressure, heal burns and skin wounds, help improve the immune system, and help with headaches.

Helps you go through hard times

The snake plant is believed to encourage you to endure tough times.

The plant is very enduring and is a reminder that you too have the power to overcome any difficulty you come across.

Spiritual meaning of the snake plant

The snake plant has a variety of symbolism and meanings that are attached to it. The common meanings are:

  1. Protection

The snake plant symbolizes protection and is often used for this purpose.

The plant is considered an excellent purifier because of its properties to purify the air from harmful toxins.

It is a plant that continues transforming CO2 into oxygen during the night which not many plants can.

The snake plant is also believed to give protection to its owner from harmful negative energies and entities.

For these reasons, it is an excellent plant to have in the home.

  1. Strength and resilience

The snake plant is an important symbol of strength, especially because of its natural properties and resilience.

It is known to thrive in various conditions and doesn’t require much care and attention to survive.

This plant can even survive in dark corners and cold places, although it will slow its growth.

For these reasons, the snake plant is considered a symbol of strength and can serve as an inspiration and reminder of our strength and resilience in difficult times even though we might be prone to doubt them.

These plants can prosper even when neglected which is strong proof of their strength and resilience.

The plant reminds us of our ability to overcome any challenge that is put before us.

  1. Adaptability

The snake plant is also considered a symbol of adaptability and intelligence. These plants are very adaptable and can adapt to different surroundings and conditions.

The plant doesn’t need much to prosper and can withstand some harsh conditions in which most other plants would not be able to survive.

As such, the snake plant reminds us of our ability to adapt to all kinds of situations we find ourselves in. We can also be adaptable and find ways to thrive in some difficult times.

  1. Balance, peace, and harmony

The snake plant is also considered a symbol of balance and harmony because of its ability to eliminate negativity from a person or a space.

By destroying negative energy within us and in our surroundings the snake plant enables peaceful and harmonious energy to be restored which in turn makes us calm.

This is a great plant for any environments filled with the negative energy of its inhabitants or is a source of negativity for some other reason.

It is also an excellent plant for anyone who wants to balance their environment and restore peace and calm within themselves.

  1. Selflessness

Snake plants are also considered plants symbolizing selflessness. These plants are not at all demanding and are satisfied with only a fragment of care and attention in comparison to other plants.

For this reason, these plants are considered a symbol of selflessness.

They remind us of the importance of not being overly demanding and thinking about others sometimes instead of just focusing on ourselves and our wants and needs.

  1. Good luck

Snake plants are considered to be the plants that attract good luck, especially by feng shui practitioners.

This plant is a must in your home if you want to bring good fortune into your life.

The place you should put the plant inside your home depends on the area of life where you need to improve your luck.

Spiritual meaning of snake plant flowering

The snake plant is considered to have a special spiritual meaning during flowering.

Good luck

Snake plant flowering is especially a sign of good luck. It can also be considered a sign of new beginnings and starting anew.


Also, a snake plant flowering might be a sign to you to make some necessary changes in your life.

This is especially true if you feel your life is in a bit of a rut and nothing seems to be moving in the desired direction.

Healing and health improvement

Snake plant flowering can also be a sign of healing and health improvement.

If you have been experiencing some health issues lately, the flowering of your snake plant is sure sign things will improve, and you will certainly feel better.

New beginnings

The flowering of a snake plant is a sign of new beginnings.

If you have been planning to start something new, this is an excellent sign that things will take on their course, and it is also a sign that things will unfold the way you want them to.


The flowering snake plant is also considered a sign of abundance, especially financial abundance.

If you have been struggling with paying your debt the flowering of your snake plant might be a sign that your financial trouble will soon be over.

Spiritual meaning of dead snake plant

A dead snake plant also has a spiritual meaning.

Absorbed negative energy

It is believed that a dead snake plant means that it has absorbed all the negative energy from your home.

It might be a good thing to know that your negative energy has been removed.

The death of your snake plant can be a sign of releasing all negativity that will enable fresh starts in your life.

A sign to focus on your wellbeing

If you have been feeling stressed out and filled with anxiety, the death of your plant might indicate the time for you to focus on yourself and remove the causes of your bad feelings.

The end of a difficult period or cycle

Symbolically, the death of your snake plant might indicate the ending of something bad in your life, like a difficult period or a cycle.

The ending will enable new beginnings and phases to commence.

New beginnings

The ending is always a sign of something new, so the death of your plant is often indicating new things coming your way.

It is a sign never to despair when you lose something because it is just a way for the Universe to make space to introduce something better into your life.

Bad news and bad fortune

Some believe that a snake plant dying is not good news, especially because of how durable and resilient it is. They consider the death of your snake plant a sign of bad fortune and bad news.

Some extreme views consider the death of this plant a sign of losing a loved one.

Contact from a deceased loved one

For some, the death of a snake plant is a sign that someone from other realms of reality is contacting the person to bring them a special message from some deceased loved one.

The best place to keep a snake plant

You might be wondering where is the best place to keep a snake plant.

At the house entrance

According to feng shui, the best place to keep a snake plant is at the house entrance.

The main reason is the ability of the plant to absorb negative energy and improve the environment.

This placement will ensure the protection of the home from bad energies, especially from the energy you bring from outside, or from people that come to your home.

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Conclusion – Is snake plant good or bad luck?

A snake plant is certainly not a sign of bad luck.

The snake plant is a worldwide spread plant which symbolizes good fortune and has many beneficial properties.

This plant is a sign of good fortune and abundance. It helps clear your space and energy field from negative energy and influences.

It has protective qualities especially because of its ability to absorb harmful toxins and negative energy which in turn improves your well-being.

It is a special plant that keeps purifying your air even during the night when most other plants stop doing so.

This plant is a mood enhancer and is especially beneficial for your mental health.

Especially when it is blooming, this plant is a sign of financial abundance and prosperity.

If you have financial problems, the flowering of this plant could indicate the end of these problems and better financial times.

The flowering of the plant is also a sign of new beginnings and nice changes in your life.

This might indicate the need to make some changes in your life.

The flowering of your snake plant is also a sign of the improvement of your health.

For those who are experiencing health problems, this can mean that your health will get significantly better.

The snake plant is a reminder of our strength and resilience and helps us through tough times.

The plant is known to survive in difficult conditions and reminds us also that we can go through many challenges and win.

The plant reminds us that we have the power of adaptability and that we can adapt to whatever circumstances we come across and survive.

This is also a plant that due to its properties helps restore balance and harmony in the household and helps us restore our calm and peace. It is an excellent plant to keep in the home.

When this plant dies, usually it is believed that it has absorbed all the negative energy from the house and its tenants and it is a good sign, indicating that the space is cleared of bad vibes.

The dying of the snake plant is also considered to clear the space for new things to enter the person’s life.

Some even consider it a sign of bad luck and bad news, especially concerning someone’s demise.

Surely the death of your snake plant can be a reminder to you to begin taking better care of yourself and your well-being.

Maybe you have been neglecting yourself for some time, and the death of your resilient plant is a warning to you to begin paying attention to your needs and health.

The death of a snake plant can sometimes be a sign of the ending of a difficult period or phase in your life.

Maybe you have been going through some tough times and the death of your plant symbolically indicates the ending and some better times ahead.

This is a wonderful plant that keeps you protected, balanced, and happy.

It reminds you of your strength and resilience but also reminds you to be selfless and less demanding.

It is a plant that is easy to take care of, and a very important addition to your home, with multiple beneficial properties.

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