Smell of Roses – Spiritual Meaning

The smell of roses is a sign of the divine presence. The appealing fragrance of the queen of the flowers indicates the angelic presence.

Roses symbolize love, passion, divinity, royalty, and much more.

If you happen to smell their heavenly scent out of nowhere, it could be a message from another realm.

Smell of Roses Spiritual Meaning 

Throughout history, roses have been associated with virtue, love, sacredness, and high places.

Many associate roses with the love of God and with Mother Mary. Depictions of the Mother of God feature roses.

This beautiful flower has a smell of high frequency, associated with divine realms.

The scent of roses recalls the places unseen, tranquil, and heavenly. Guardian angels often speak to us through spiritual smells, light, and similar signs.

Smelling the scent of roses out of nowhere means that angelic spirits are around. They are our guardians from heaven.

Although sudden and inexplicable smells could appear perplexing and even disturbing, there is no reason to worry.

The scent of roses in particular is considered a sacred odor. What is sacred cannot do us any harm, on the contrary.

The smell of roses has a calming, relaxing, pleasant, and purifying effect. Guardian angels want to tell you everything is fine and you should relax.

The heavens above watch over you. Angels send you this sophisticated and enjoyable smell to assure you that you are not alone.

The Scent of Roses Meaning – A Voice of the Ancestors

Clairalience is an ability to smell scents that do not have any visible source, that is, smells produced virtually out of nowhere.

The source of such smells is divine and mysterious; no one can tell where they come from but there are certain assumptions.

Not everyone can experience spiritual smells. Some people have psychic abilities, so they are capable of clairalience.

However, it is not a rule. For one reason or another, the gates of spiritual smells can open up to anyone.

Speaking about spirituality and gates between the worlds, spiritual scents often indicate ancestral presence or the message from those who have passed.

The smell of roses sometimes signifies the activity of ancestral spirits.

The beloved deceased ones or ancestors from far past, those you have never met, may try to send you a message by using spiritual smells, including the smell of roses.

They want to assure you that they watch over you. Your ancestors want you to remember them and honor the memory of the past.

Also, they may try to protect you from threats and danger. If you experience a sudden roses smell in a critical situation, maybe your ancestors send you a warning.

The Scent of Roses Meaning – The Living and The Dead

The smell of roses is associated with love – the mightiest force that makes the world go round.

Your beloved deceased ones and your ancestors love you and send you a blessing and support from their realm.

The boundaries between the two worlds become thinner at times.

Although the scent of roses may indicate love and support from your ancestors it could also be a call to settle some unresolved issues.

The spirits of the deceased may wander around in search of peace.

Both the living and the dead may feel as if something is not right between them.

The smell of roses may be a message from a wandering spirit wanting you to make peace within them.

If there is anything left unresolved you can think of regarding a deceased family member or any other person you’ve been personally connected to, focus on it.

Try to understand the situation and see if there is anything you should do to let it go.

The scent of roses is pleasing and calming, and it should be understood as a positive sign. It is a call to settle things down, a peaceful call.

Maybe you did not have time to say goodbye to the person in question or their spirit feels so.

Dedicate some time to honoring the memory of that person and speak to their spirit. If there was something bad between the two of you, you can still reconcile.

The burden of unresolved conflicts and questions unanswered may heavily lay upon the shoulders of the living and it could be burdening to the spirits of those who have passed away.

Spiritual smells often indicate the time has come to move on.

The delicate scent of roses indicates the need for forgiveness and making peace with those on the other side.

Forgive them, and let them go, or accept their forgiveness. The smell of roses could signify someone from the other side forgives you for what you did wrong.

The Scent of Roses Meaning – Changes and New Beginnings

The smell of flowers sometimes occurs long before the new season has started.

The pleasant flowery scents may indicate the begging of spring and some people can smell them long before the change of season.

Spiritually, the scent of roses coming out of nowhere may indicate a change, a new beginning, or renewal. If you smell roses out of nowhere, a minor or a major change may come your way.

The smell of roses signifies rebirth, joy, happiness, fresh start.

Roses bloom at different times of the year, so the change may appear at any time. If you were expecting something, the sudden smell of roses is a sign it could happen very soon.

The mysterious and captivating scent of roses indicates a shift in your journey.

It could be a great spiritual shift. You are about to experience some kind of personal spiritual revelation.

Smelling roses without knowing where the scent comes from is always a positive thing.

Many people want change, but find it hard to admit. Deep down inside, people are always afraid of experiencing or making a change.

The divine scent of roses should soothe your restless soul and assure you things are going to be alright.

The transitions in life do not always feel pleasant, regardless of how beneficial the outcome might be.

Your guardian angels and heavenly forces send you the scent of roses to help you find peace within yourself and embrace the changes that come your way.

The Scent of Roses Meaning – Love Relationships

The rose is the most widespread symbol of love, devotion, passion, romance, and relationships.

A beautiful bouquet of red roses signifies unconditional love, affection, and attraction. The deeper the shade the deeper the feelings.

A sudden smell of roses may indicate a new romantic relationship. You will meet a person you will fall in love with and the feelings be mutual.

The intense scent of roses indicates passion, intimacy, dedication, and connection.

For example, you may experience the scent of roses around someone who attracts you.

If the person is not the actual source of the scent (does not use a rose perfume, a cosmetic product, etc.), this mysterious and captivating smell may indicate fiery passion and/or true love.

The smell of roses is an indicator of gentle feelings, compassion, and a deep connection with someone.

You can also smell the scent of roses when a person you love is distant.

The connection between the two of you is so strong that it could travel any distance.

There is also a possibility that the smell of roses indicates a presence of a deceased romantic partner.

The bond of love you have crosses the limitations of space and time.

The Scent of Roses Meaning – Luck and Fortune

The miraculous, inexplicable scent of flowers in general, and roses, in particular, could signify luck and fortune coming your way.

The stunning rose is the queen of flowers, associated with high places, royalty, dignity, prosperity, and wealth.

Smelling roses could be a sign of a change for better regarding your career, current job, relationships, or whatever else you deem extremely important.

The sudden scent of roses indicates success in a specific area of life.

The universe wants to encourage you to pursue your dreams and goals.

The scent may occur at times when you feel insecure, doubtful, and frightened, questioning your choices.

The rose scent is a sign of luck and bliss. Your guardian angels and the heavens above want to assure you that you thread on a good path.

Using the relaxing and calming scent of roses, they encourage you to carry on.

When you smell the rosy miraculous fragrance out of nowhere, focus on your goals.

You can make a wish, meditate over them, and let your mind and soul come into balance regarding the ideas you have in mind.

The Scent of Roses Meaning – Balance and Harmony

Apart from the connection with the ancestors or beloved who are either deceased or far from us, favorable spiritual scents are meant to help us find balance within ourselves.

Spiritual flowery scents are considered some of the most favorable ones.

The smell of roses has a calming effect. The rose essential oil has a revitalizing, rejuvenating, and beautifying effect.

Since ancient times, rose oil has been in use for cosmetic purposes and perfume making.

Although we do not talk about the actual smell of roses but a spiritual scent, it is good to know how much valued the very rose fragrance has always been.

The sudden occurrence of the rose scent may indicate an inner need to relax and calm down.

This miraculous, soothing scent should diminish any pain and trouble you feel. In a way, it acts as a spiritual cure.

Oftentimes we overexpose ourselves to stress, pressure, obligations, and so on.

The result is both physical and mental exhaustion. Many people are not even aware of how tired they are. Fortunately, our guardian angels know better.

The scent of roses immediately acts as a calming agent. It is a sign from the heavens to take things easy, relax, and have an inner conversation.

Take a break from some obligations, if you can, and you certainly do not have to do everything at the same time.

Treat yourself with kindness, respect, and above all, love. Roses are the ultimate symbol of love. The scent of roses is a sign for you to relax and balance your life.

The Scent of Roses Meaning – The Odor of Sanctity

According to Christian tradition, the gentle smell of roses tells about holiness.

The term ‘odor of sanctity’ refers to a scent produced by a holy man or woman, a saint. The scent is deemed a miraculous occurrence.

This holy scent is associated with the presence of the Holy Spirit.

Although it is not the only sign of someone’s holiness, it is an important one.

The odor of sanctity usually occurs after the holy person’s death.

The scent is a sign of that particular person’s holiness, along with the preserved body, etc.

According to some authors, the miraculous scent might occur even during the life of a holy person.

The odor of sanctity, often associated with the smell of roses, tells about God’s work.

In this context, the miraculous scent of roses symbolizes purity, holiness, the Holy Spirit, God’s work, the prevalence of the soul over physical existence, and uncorrupted nature.

The Scent of Roses Meaning – Virgin Mary

The scent of roses is associated with the Mother of God who is sometimes called „Our Lady of Roses“.

According to tradition, the first Roman Catholic saint from the Americas, Saint Juan Diego received a message regarding roses from Mary.

To assure the bishop of Mary’s presence amongst them, he had to pick and bring some roses on advice from Mary.

It was wintertime and no roses were blooming around. Saint Juan Diego found roses atop one hill.

He brought roses to the bishop and among them, there was an image of Our Lady of Guadalupe.

Having this story in mind, the scent of roses may indicate the presence of the Virgin Mary and her blessings and work.

According to some reports, the scent of roses sometimes occurs at the shrines dedicated to Mary. The miraculous scent of roses is also associated with some female saints.

Roses symbolize gentleness, love, femininity, and grace. These qualities are the purest in the figure of the Mother of God.

The scent of roses indicates motherly love, safety, care, nurture, holiness, spiritual connection with Mary, and her presence.

The Scent of Roses – Personal Revelation 

The scent of roses coming out of knower is a sign of spiritual awakening. It indicates your connections with the divine realms.

You are about to experience a miraculous revelation that would help you grow spiritually.

Before a person goes through a major spiritual change, the heavens send them many signs.

Human intuition and willingness to open to such experiences help in recognizing these indicators of a miraculous event.

Personal spiritual revelations could occur all of a sudden, but not necessarily.

It usually happens that a person feels as if something is about to change inside them in a spiritual sense.

The individual is prepared for a spiritual revelation and changes through receiving subtle signs. One such sign can be the scent of roses.

The scent of roses prepares you for a deeply personal spiritual insight.

Some people say the pleasant smell of roses occurred to them early in the morning, announcing the beginning of a new day, and no roses were around.

The scent of roses is a sign of awakening and spiritual awareness.

If you keep smelling roses, pay attention to other spiritual signs – symbols you keep seeing, angel numbers, etc.

Think about your dreams and how these reflect on your life.

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Smell of Roses Spiritual Meaning Summary

Overall, the smell of roses experienced through clairalience, all of a sudden and without any materially existing source of the scent is a sign from another realm.

The scent of roses, as we have seen, could be a sign from the ancestors, the deceased, distant people, and heavenly forces.

The spiritual smell of roses is a good omen. Although it might feel strange to smell something that is not around, the rose fragrance should not worry you.

However, if you experience phantom smells all the time, it would be good advice to consult a health expert.

In general, the scent of roses indicates love, heavenly guidance, protection, the call from the ancestors, and the connection with the saints and the divine realm.

The mysterious and pleasant scent of roses brings harmony, peace, love, and serenity.

Experiencing the scent of roses through the ability of clairalience is a blessing from the heavens above. It means your spiritual self is growing and awakening.

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