Skeleton Dream – Biblical and Spiritual Meaning

Skeleton just like everything else can appear in our dreams.

It is usually a sign that something is wrong or it may indicate on our bad behaviour.

When you dream of skeleton in your dream, it is possible that you are currently doing something that isn’t right.

It may be a sign that you are selfish or that you are mean to others.

Sometimes this dream appears when you are going through relationship issues, perhaps your relationship is failing and you aren’t doing anything to save it.

Another possible reason for the appearance of this dream is that you are caught up in your past and you can’t really seem to let go of it.

Sometimes skeleton in a dream may be a warning sign for you to take care of yourself.

Perhaps you are taking your health for granted and somehow everything seems to be pointless to you.

It is important that you remember the course of your dream and to remember details you see, that way you can find the right meaning.

The Most Common Dreams Of Skeleton

Dreaming of a giant skeleton

This dream isn’t really the best sign for the dreamer.

It represents hardships that are coming your way, they won’t be easy for you to overcome them at that point.

But, you’ll need to find the right way to overcome these problems and to live your life to the fullest.

Do not ignore problems and hardships that arrive, that behaviour won’t help you change anything and it can only cause more problems.

When you have a situation that’s bad, you should try to find a way to resolve it right away and not wait for it to go on.

Once you have a habit of ignoring problems, you only end up having even more problems and that won’t get you anywhere.

Dreaming of a skeleton in a casket

This dream is not a good sign at all.

It represents health issues or a severe illness.

It may even just be a warning sign for you to change your ways in order to not get to the point where it’s too late for you.

Sometimes we forget that all of us will die, no one is going to remain alive here.

But, sometimes we are the ones that are choosing the faster road to death with our lifestyle.

It is important to eat well, to sleep well and to take care of your mind and body.

Drink your vitamins, eat your breakfast on time, do something that makes you laugh and eventually you’ll see how your life is going to change.

If you are having hard time doing all of this on your own, then be free to ask for some help and guidance.

Don’t go through everything all alone if you are not comfortable that way.

Also, be sure to take it all easy, step by step until you reach the lifestyle you want to reach.

You can’t make a difference in one day, you have to be patient and repeat those actions every day and that’s not really easy.

Discipline is important and it is one path to success, but sometimes it can be truly hard to be disciplined.

If it was easy everyone would do it, that’s why not everyone is famous.

So, be sure to be disciplined enough to live a healthy life.

Don’t kill your own body before death arrives.

Dreaming of a baby skeleton

This dream isn’t really a good sign either, it represents misfortune.

It also represents a period in which you won’t be lucky.

Nothing will go in the right way for you and you won’t be able to succeed at anything.

This period will be hard and you’ll probably have a lot of breakdowns, but keep in mind that this won’t last forever and that this is going to pass.

Failure is a part of life and you’ll go through extremely hard situation, but that shouldn’t be something that makes you stop believing in the good.

Tomorrow can always be better and you can always try this again later.

Sometimes things don’t work out and that’s good for you, even if you feel like it’s bad or like God is punishing you that’s not the case .

Sometimes things get delayed for your protection and you should be grateful for everything you get in life.

Dreaming of turning into a skeleton

This dream represents your current emotions, you are not happy and everything seems so hard for you to deal with.

There is a lot of things going on in your life and somehow you can’t really cope with everything.

You feel like your whole world is falling apart and like there is no answer to these problems.

You haven’t been happy for a while now and it is starting to show.

Perhaps you need to start doing something that makes you happy, this way you’ll become happier than you were before and at the same time you’ll distract yourself from everything that’s going on.

This is just a phase and it will end soon, don’t be afraid and don’t give up now.

You are capable of doing great things in life.

So try to find something that can distract you and at the same time help you.

Dreaming of killing a skeleton

This dream may seem weird and unusual for the dreamer, but it actually does have a positive meaning.

You see, this dream means that you are going to face your problems and you’ll solve them all with ease.

You are truly strong and capable of doing everything on your own, you are not the type of a person that sits around and waits for someone to rescue them.

That’s great for you and you should continue acting this way.

There is no room for fear and you have the ability to change this entire world.

Dreaming of skeleton and death

Death is our final destination in this world, we can’t avoid it and we can’t really know when we’ll die.

It is good that we don’t know, imagine everyone being able to know how their story is finishing, people would go insane because of it.

That’s why it’s important to accept death as it is, we are all going to become skeletons unless you are not burried but burned down.

This dream reveals your hidden worries and your anxiety issues.

You are constantly overthinking everything and you are always under some kind of stress that you made in your head.

This is not healthy and you are only wasting your time doing nothing.

Try to focus on the present moments and don’t think too much.

Find some distractions or start doing something that can really help you with this issue.

Maybe you should talk about this to someone you trust or even to a payed professional.

Don’t be ashamed to ask for help, it is important to keep your sanity and to be healthy.

Take care of your mind and be sure to acknowledge your issue here.

Don’t think that this is normal or healthy because it’s not.

Overthinking is just a way to create problems that don’t even exist.

You can overthink everything every single day and in the end it won’t get you anywhere.

It will only cause anxiety and sometimes even depression.

Dreaming of fighting the skeletons

This dream appears when you can’t make the right decision.

You want to do something, but you are having issues between your brain and your heart.

This decision will be made based on one but not the both of them.

This is usually about love, perhaps you love someone who isn’t really good for you, but you just want this person.

Sometimes you have to listen to your heart while other times you must listen to your brain, your intellect.

If this relationship was toxic and if the two of you are only tearing each other up, then there is no need in pursuing this.

No matter how much you love someone, if this person doesn’t respect you then this won’t work.

Or if that person constantly hurt you or made you look like an idiot, then it’s not going to be good.

In this case you should listen to your brain.

But, if you love someone and all odds are against you but you deeply feel that you are soulmates then listen to your heart.

When you love someone you say it and you say it loud.

No matter what happens and no matter who hears, even if your whole world collapses because of it, say it loud.

Because it is easier to live when you tried something and it didn’t work out than to live with regrets of not speaking up when you needed to.

Dreaming of skeleton running

This dream represents your relationship.

You do not love this person and somehow you are forcing everything to work out when there is no need for it to work out.

Sometimes relationship doesn’t end the way you wanted it to end, that’s fine.

Just don’t waste someone’s time when you clearly aren’t invested in this relationship.

Think about others too and not just yourself, if you love this person then you can make it work.

Someone who loves someone doesn’t give up easily, they don’t give up at all.

But, if the love is gone and if you already are moving on then let this person know what’s happening.

Don’t stay in a relationship where you are not with someone you want to be.

If you think that this isn’t your soulmate then go and search for your soulmate.

But, don’t hurt someone so much that they can’t move on because you left trauma in their life.

Be kind and be gentle with everyone.

Dreaming of skeleton in bed

This dream means that you and your loved one are having issues currently.

Somehow the spark the two of you had is missing now and you can’t seem to get it back.

Perhaps you are not romantic like you used to be and you are not enthusiastic about your relationship like you used to be before.

This is not something to worry too much about.

Look, if you love this person then find a way to bring back the spark.

Go on dates again and try hard to make them feel appreciated by you.

Support them and let them know how much they mean to you.

There are so many failed relationships because people stop trying.

Relationships take a lot of work and a lot of forgiveness from each other, you are a team and you must work together in this.

People give up too easily, when things get hard then they immediately give up everything.

That’s not good and that’s not something to be proud of.

Nowadays people give up on everything, they don’t value anything and that’s why relationships are failing.

When things get hard you must stick together and find a way out of it.

Dreaming of a skeleton in the closet

This dream represents your relationship with your past.

Somehow your past is still haunting you and making you feel like you aren’t going to have a good life.

This isn’t something that can’t be solved.

It is up to you, you can live in your past always look at your past mistakes or you can live in the present and build yourself a better future.

Your past is your past, you are in control of it and you are the one who can choose not to spend time thinking about it.

Don’t let your past define you and don’t let anyone tell you that your mistakes can’t be forgiven.

God forgives everyone and He is the one that can erase your sins, not people.

Focus on the present moment, do something good that can improve your future.

Also, be sure to understand that you are only wasting your time with that act.

Remember the lessons from your past and move on with your life, there is no need for you to be stuck in a time that doesn’t exist anymore.

Dreaming of someone else turning into a skeleton

This dream doesn’t have the best sign for the dreamer, it usually means that you are the bad guy in your story.

You are the one who is ruining your happiness and acting like a selfish person.

Somehow you tend to forget about people that are in your life, you don’t think about their feelings and their emotions.

And yet you blame everyone else when things go wrong for you, you don’t want to admit that you are the one to blame and that everything is your fault.

It is time for you to accept the truth and to see things as they are.

Stop living in your fantasies and stop acting like a victim when you are not a victim.

You are not being nice to others and you don’t even think about justice, everything you do is for your own selfish reasons and somehow you don’t see anything wrong there.

Stop and look around you, people are already leaving you because no one is going to put up with you anymore.

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