September Libra vs October Libra: Personality Differences

Libra sign rules the period from approximately September 22 until October 23. Depending on the year, these dates might differ, for a day before or after.

Because some Libras are born in September, and some in October, we might wonder whether there are some differences between the personalities of these two types of Libras.

The answer is “yes”, they have a lot of differences.

Besides the similarities that they share, there are some major differences between their personalities.

To answer the question about the different personalities of Libras born in September and those born in October, we must first define decans and talk about the differences in these two types of Libra personalities from that perspective.

What are decans?

Decans are subdivisions of one Zodiac sign. They are a creation of ancient astrologers who divided every sign into three periods of approximately ten days, or 10 degrees per decan since the Sun moves on average one degree per day.

To each decan is assigned a rulership of a different planet, as a secondary ruler to the planet ruling the main sign.

The secondary ruling planets add additional traits to the ruling planet.

Types of Libra according to decans division

The ruling planet of Libra is Venus, and the rulers of the decans are as follows: 0 – 9 degrees of Libra is ruled by Venus and Moon, 10 – 19 degrees of Libra is ruled by Uranus and Saturn, and 20 – 29 degrees of Libra is ruled by Mercury and Jupiter.

1st decan Libra

The first decan of Libra is ruled by Venus and the Moon, and this gives people born within the first decan more emotional and maternal qualities besides their love for the arts and beauty.

Unlike typical Libras, these people might be more home and domestic types, preferring the stability of relationships and home life.

2nd decan Libra

Libras from the second decan have added qualities of the planet Saturn besides the qualities of the planet Uranus, which gives them a dose of stability and structure.

These people are more serious and organized than Libras from the other two decans. Because of these qualities, they make great lawyers or politicians.

Also, due to the influence of Uranus, these people might be quite unpredictable and could also be considered unstable.

3rd decan Libra

Libras from the third decan are additionally ruled by the planets Mercury and Jupiter, and this makes them more optimistic and adventurous than Libras from the other two decans.

They are funny and interesting to be around. They love socializing and learning new things.

Personality differences between September Libras and October Libras

In general, the differences in Libra personalities born in September and October, stem mainly from the decans and their ruling planets.

There are also some significant differences in their personalities depending on how close the birth date of the Libra person is from the previous or next sign.

For example, those born in the first days after the Sun begins transiting the sign of Libra can have some Virgo qualities, because Virgo is the sign that precedes Libra.

Other Libras who are born just before the Sun entered the sign of Scorpio, which is the sign that comes after Libra, can have some Scorpio traits.

September Libras

Libra season starts when the Sun enters the first degree of Libra, after leaving the sign of Virgo.

This usually happens on September 22, but it can also happen on September 23 or September 21 because the Sun moves differently every year.

Libra season coincides with the start of the Fall and usually happens around the Fall equinox which marks the moment when the day and night last the same.

This symbolically represents the beginning of the season of Libra which is the sign of balance and equality.

For this reason, September Libras are more in tune with balance than Libras born in October.

September Libras are also more family-oriented, home, and relationship types. They are also warm and nurturing. We might say they exhibit Cancer traits on many occasions.

September Libras are ruled by Venus, the ruling planet of Libra, but also the Moon, which gives these Libras motherly nature, and makes them more caring and giving than typical Libras.

They have a nature which is very welcoming and caring, and non-typically for Libras, they prefer the warmth of their home to going out and having fun.

People enjoy their company because they are excellent hosts. They know how to make the right atmosphere to make everyone feel welcome and accepted.

This is a general Libra trait; they bring people together. They make others feel comfortable and are very empathic as well.

They tune in to other people’s feelings and know exactly what to say to make them feel better.

People instinctively trust them and open up to them, feeling comfortable speaking about their problems with them.

Because of their traits, these people are often considered peacemakers. They instinctively strive towards restoring balance in relationships between people.

They are also very diplomatic and know exactly what to say to help people resolve their differences. They don’t do it hastily and in aggressively, but quietly and subtly.

Venus influences these Libras more than their October brothers, and this makes them more charming and romantic and kind than Libras born in October.

These Libras genuinely care for others and know how to demonstrate their affection.

They nurture their relationships with other people and make sure they demonstrate their love to their loved ones and friends.

Libras born in September are very romantic and know how to make their partners feel special and loved.

October Libras

Libras born in October belong to the second and third decan, and besides the traits which all Libras share, also have the traits of the ruling planets of their decans, Saturn, and Jupiter.

The second decan which is around October 4 until October 14 is under the secondary influence of Saturn, and the third decan which is around October 14 until October 23 is influenced by the planet Jupiter.

Depending on the exact date of birth, besides general Libra traits, these people exhibit traits like being very structured, organized, diligent, following duties and regulations, being optimistic, intellectual, etc.

Libras born in October, from the 4th until the 14th are often more disciplined and responsible than other Libras.

They are prone to following the rules and being more serious than a typical Libra usually is. They are also very hardworking.

We might say that these people exhibit Capricorn traits in many instances due to the influence of the planet Saturn on this decan.

Those Libras born in the third decan, from around October 14 until October 23, are more adventurous, easygoing, outgoing, funny, intellectual, and prone to learning and making discoveries.

They are not easily settled down and love to be in constant movement. They appear and act a lot like Sagittarius people, due to Jupiter’s influence over their decan.

These Libras are more logical than emotional, unlike September Libras. They seem more realistic and rational and are thus very dependable.

They are not driven by their emotions like September Libras can be.

October Libras are very creative and artistic, but their creativity doesn’t provide just beauty but can provide you with real solutions well.

These people can also be fighters for social justice, and quite rebellious while doing so.

Unlike the calm and mediatory approach September Libras have, October Libras know how to raise a voice when necessary to fight for the rights of the deprived.

These Libras are very social and have large groups of friends and acquaintances. They are very communicative and easily make friends.

They have a variety of subjects to talk about and it is never boring in their company.

They are usually the soul of every party and love to be in the centre of attention. They might appear shallow, but they are not a least bit shallow.

These people are very intelligent and knowledgeable, and their appearance and bubbly approach to people might cause people to have the wrong impressions about them.

Main personality differences between September Libra and October Libra

Although Libras, both September and October ones, share some main traits like logic, love for justice, communication, diplomacy, love and talent for art and beauty, sociability, etc. some traits are different with September and October Libra types, sometimes within the same characteristics.

Below are some of the major differences between them:

  1. Diplomacy, peacemaking, and justice

Although all Libras are diplomatic by nature and instinctively strive towards balance (like their symbol the scales represent them), the way they express this trait differs between September and October Libras.

Both types of Libra desire to maintain balance in all their relationships but they have different approaches to doing that.

September Libras try to find a peaceful way of achieving balance and harmony. They would do anything to maintain peace in everyone’s relationship.

They are not always as concerned about what is right and just, but just about ending the hostilities and restoring peace.

They cannot stand discord in any form. They resolve conflicts with kind words and a conciliatory tone.

October Libras on the other hand are all about fairness and what is right.

They don’t care much about the means of fighting for justice and what is right, and sometimes their actions can be quite extreme.

Justice is very important to October Libras, and they are prepared to fight until they prove their point and do what is just in a certain situation.

While September Libras will carefully choose their words to resolve a situation, October Libras won’t be as careful.

They will speak their truth into your face not caring much about your reaction.

September Libras will often find themselves in the role of peacemakers, seeking situations where they will be mediators to other people.

They most likely won’t try to discover whose side is right in the conflict but will only try to extinguish the fire.

October Libras on the other hand will seek to see justice being served, and although they will also try and help mediate a conflict situation, they will do it in a different manner, gathering all the facts and determining the culprit for the conflict.

They do it with passion and usually don’t give up until they see injustice being amended.

They are also prepared to fight for what they believe in, unlike September Libras who will do whatever it takes to avoid fighting.

  1. Emotions and logic

Libras born in September are perceived as more emotional and loving than October Libras. It is like they are more emotional than rational, and their emotions are put before their ratio.

These Libras tend to act impulsively and emotionally, without thinking the situation through.

They have opposite reactions to October Libras, who tend to think through a situation, weighing all cons and pros before making a decision or reacting.

October Libras are very logical in general, while September Libras are very emotional and impulsive. October Libras tend to never make their decisions based on their emotions.

It is not that October Libras are not emotional. They are protective of their emotions and make sure they avoid situations that could potentially harm them, especially emotionally.

October Libras tend to be more realistic, while September Libras are idealistic.

Both types of Libras are emotional and romantic but have different ways of expressing these traits.

October Libras simply have a more mental and logical approach to love and emotions. They are driven by their thoughts and opinions rather than their emotions.

This often makes them prone to overthinking which is a great problem for them and other people around them because they always seem to doubt their decisions.

Libras are generally indecisive, and October Libras tend to be more indecisive than September Libras.

  1. Communication

Libras are excellent at expressing their ideas and thoughts. They are an air sign, which is also a great asset when it comes to their sociable and communicative nature.

They are great at making contact with people and enjoy sharing conversations with them. They are knowledgeable on a variety of subjects which eases their talks and makes them an interesting talker.

Libras are naturally kind and pleasant company, and people love to be in their presence. Interacting with people and socializing in person or through social media is very important for them.

September Libras are more closed-off and home types in comparison to October Libras which prefer going out and socializing.

This makes October Libras more communicative than September Libras who prefer sharing conversations with their loved ones and friends, while October Libras love to put themselves out there and talk to different people to make new acquaintances.

October Libras are also very eloquent and able to have meaningful conversations on different topics with anyone without appearing shallow or ignorant.

These Libras can present their ideas in an interesting and meaningful way. They also can look at a situation or subject from many different angles and present it from different viewpoints.

They can have some deep meaningful thoughts and ideas which make people think about them.

  1. Charm and charisma

While October Libras are more communicative, expressive, and sociable, September Libras appear more charming and friendly.

Libra is ruled by Venus which is the planet of beauty in all forms as well as romantic love.

Those Libras born in September are under the stronger influence of Venus.

Those born in October are also influenced by Venus, but also the planets Mars and Pluto, the ruling planets of Scorpio a sign which comes after Libra.

September Libras are typical Venus children, beautiful, super charming, diplomatic, romantic, and always in a quest for balance. They might appear reserved when it comes to flirting and expressing their interests.

They are also more adaptable and capable of getting along with almost anyone. They can be captivatingly beautiful and irresistible but in a gentle and charming way.

Besides having beauty and kindness as general Libra traits, October Libras are also energetic and flirty, and these traits are added to their other Libra traits.

They are also irresistible, but in a sensual and alluring way, more similar to Scorpio’s irresistibility. They are very attractive and can make anyone they want interested in them.

These people have a lot of ways of putting their spells on those that interest them.

  1. Love and Relationships

The sign Libra rules relationships, but September Libras which are ruled mainly by Venus are more romantic and focused on relationships than October Libras.

Relationships are very important for all Libras, but their approach to relationships differs.

While September Libras have a more dreamy and romantic approach, October Libras have a more rational and we might add, calculated approach to relationships.

Also, September Libras usually cannot be without a companion, and this is why their emphasis is mainly on relationships, while October Libras put their emphasis on love between two people regardless of the commitment between them.

  1. Character

Even though it might not seem like this, September Libras can appear bossier and moodier than October Libras who are more relaxed and have an easygoing personality.

September Libras likely become annoyed easily, and they can also be very rude when something is bothering them, but they will offer to help you without you asking them.

October Libras on the other hand are fun to be around, but they might not be as reliable when you need help.

Of course, when things are really important they will be there, but in other cases, you better look for someone more reliable when you need assistance.

Also, September Libras tend to be more indecisive than October born Libras, who usually know what they want.

Both types will second guess their decisions after making them because it is a part of their personality.


Libra sign is the sign of beauty, balance, and harmony. It is ruled by Venus which gives people born under this sign all these traits.

However, not all Libras are the same, and they have some differences.

Libras born in September are somewhat different from Libras born in October.

The difference is based on the date of birth and the secondary ruling planets of these dates.

Those born in the first decan are ruled by Venus, and their secondary ruler is the Moon.

Those born in the second decan are under the influence of the planet Saturn, and those Libras born in the third decan are influenced by Jupiter.

All these planets give their traits to people born on different dates during the reign of Libra.

We should also take into consideration the influences of the planets Mercury, Pluto, and Mars, which are the rulers of Virgo and Scorpio, the signs which precede and follow the sign of Libra.

All these influences make the September Libra more charming and lovable than October Libra and make the October Libra more easygoing and communicative than the September Libra.

While September Libra wants to restore balance at all costs, regardless of the culprit, October Libra will fight against injustice and will do all possible to see the culprit punished.

September Libra are great at resolving conflicts and mediating between quarrelling parties, while October Libras will try to find out who is to blame for the conflict while resolving it.

September Libras are prone to making emotional and impulsive decisions, while October Libras make rational decisions based on thinking through the circumstances and weighing the pros and cons.

For this reason, October Libras are prone to overthinking and not being sure about their decisions.

This indecisiveness is a characteristic of both types of Libras. They are very indecisive and never convinced they’ve made the right decision.

While September Libras cannot be single and put the emphasis on the relationship, October Libras are more focused on the love aspect of a union and they don’t need commitment without love, which September Libras sometimes accept as an option.

September Libras are very charming and lovable, while October Libras might be a bit loud and dramatic.

They are both charming but in different ways, and to different people.

September Libras attract with their beauty and charm, and October Libras attract with their sensuality and energy.

They are both very good-looking, but they use their attributes in different manners.

October Libras are better at expressing their ideas and thoughts and communicating with almost anyone, while September Libras tend to be a bit closed off and focused on their circle of people and friends.

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