Seeing Water In Dream Is Good or Bad?

Dreaming is a profound experience with deeper explanations and answers than we might think.

This thought is a seemingly obvious notion to explain as researchers have examples of even animals dreaming while deep in the REM phase.

Despite the advanced scientific research, there is still a significant amount to be uncovered about dreaming as a concept – even the fundamental question of why we are dreaming while sleeping is left almost unanswered.

Taking a chance to look at our dreams can be burdensome for those who do not give their dreams a deeper meaning.

But the approach is crucial in discovering the questions and answers of the soul.

You might be one of those people who cannot remember their dreams, but everyone dreams about three to six times per night.

Before, various misconceptions existed about the length of our dreams, which was proven false.

Our night dreams can last between five and twenty minutes, depending on the complexity of your usual dreams or what message they wish to convey.

When our awake mind does not have the proper tool or time to deal with something in real life, our subconsciousness takes to dreamland instead.

And while you might forget around 95 percent of your dreams by the time you open your eyes, some particles from the deep state of mind are transferred to your consciousness to ponder.

Almost by definition, even though we cannot pinpoint dreaming to one quote, you are aware of every dream you have at some level.

Maybe not after waking up, but your subconscious mind stores information with each passing minute.

They may be disconnected, illogical to your experience, or fragmentary as you connect the dots, but every dream we have carries a message that you need to understand.

Ultimately, dreams have a home in your brain. Every encounter that we have is stored somewhere safe.

Not for you to dwell upon for too long, but enough for our mind to pick up.

And it is thoroughly fascinating that random images and sensations created due to the neural activity of your brain sensors can be woven together to conceive such a complex hallucination called a dream.

Luxury or Necessity

Even though dreams serve as an inspiration for many extraordinary events and inventions, not each has to harbor such a tremendous burden.

The impactful factors are individual sources of dream interpretations according to what you need to hear or learn through your dreams.

Before we dive into dreaming as a phenomenon, it is valid to mention that dreaming is seen as an overnight therapy often.

The famous saying goes – “time heals all wounds,” but sometimes we are not aware of the past traumas and pain that can build up over time.

On the surface, your mind and heart might appear healed after experiencing immense pain and tragedy, but your subconscious mind remembers.

REM sleep is the only time of your dream cycle when your mind is entirely barren from anxiety-inducing emotions.

During this time, your brain detaches you from those emotions and allows you to re-process upsetting memories in a safer environment.

Difficult and traumatic experiences, even during the day, cause a nick in your mood, soul, or mind, and you might find emotional resolutions while awake your dreams have a distinctive way of dealing with every emotional turmoil when you are asleep.

When you are awake, your thoughts have a logical development of events, but that changes when you dream.

Some researchers are showing the potential of dreams to compress emotional reactivity to various uncomfortable factors while awake.

Your dreams could be a way to confront emotional dramas in your life through various (sometimes comical) situations.

This notion is why we listen and find meaning in even the most disturbing dreams, as we can learn to heal through them.

Since dreams are autobiographical thoughts materialized, it is sometimes ambitious to give them one applied explanation to fit everyone.

But some experiences could have the same base from which the context applicable to you follows.

Consolation Prize

Explanations of how dreams occur are not easy to explain, but it is also almost obvious why they happen.

Dreaming is an orderly manifestation of your events and how they connect with your mind.

But our dreams are much more than just what happened yesterday.

Whenever something happy, sad, upsetting, or scary happens to you (of course, not limited to only these emotions), your brain stores the new information in a drawer-like cabinet.

And while some events are stored for a longer or shorter period, they have a trace in a filing cabinet either way – even when you are unconscious of the decision.

Those file cabinets do not get opened as often but are safely tucked for your subconsciousness to peak and take out whatever it needs.

Sometimes a happy, loving drawer is cracked for your dreams to replay a joyful accident or memory you wish to relive.

Other times, we might not get so lucky.

When your body, mind, and soul get a hit, it does not feel pleasant to play through various stages until your mind feels safe enough to store it safely in a drawer.

But your dreams tend to snoop around, feeling the drawer bulging with information not adequately processed.

As we have a safe environment to play while dreaming, your brain offers a situation where you can control the events happening.

Dreams feel like a well-rehearsed scene, where you often know your next line – something you might not experience in everyday life.

Sleep allows us to consolidate and process the information in our time without exterior influence.

Dreams can lend a helping hand in the removal of unwanted memories, prepare you for future events, and warn you about something that you might be missing.

The most common emotions we experience through our dreams are fear and anger.

Even when you feel like no way out is left, dreams remind you to play the minute-by-minute to your accord and take out the message your soul is sending you.

Sail Into Your Subconscious

If you have ever paid enough attention to your dreams, you probably understood that we often dream about mundane things.

Not every night dream you have carries this wonderful ethereal message, but some focus on everyday concepts to separate your emotions and show you what needs fixing.

Everything you add to your dreams adds to your perception of your path and how it changes with each new color and thought.

Experiences are different, so our dreams can act like sponges soaking up information for future reference.

And while you can brush off dreaming about cooking, working, running, being chased, or appearing naked in public, these dreams can tell you much more than their surface meaning.

Most people do not realize that these dreams are called universal dreams.

They endure time and have existed long before the recorded literature.

And while these dreams can appear in everyone’s beds, they can have a unique meaning and interpretation for your experience.

They can be explained through a hearty stew – the universal meal with various ingredients worldwide, but carrying the same nourishing elements of a wholesome meal.

Food aside, universal dreams can have a universal explanation.

But since we are unique beings with proper culture, upbringing, history, ambitions, and so on, we can use a dream key to accumulate the most probable meaning of our dreams.

Some universal dreams are dreaming about being chased and attacked, experiencing an injury or death, having vehicle trouble, seeing some object (especially a house) on fire, flying, falling, and finally drowning.

Unfortunately, not every dream is dreamy in the sense of aesthetic experience, but we can endure nightmares that do not have negative feelings in the end.

Experiencing fire, pain, trouble, or fear in your waking life is not pleasant for anybody, but having the same notion in your dreams can bring clarity to your traumas and problems.

And while universal dreams can be derived from a unique experience, there is one dream that covers it all – a water dream.

Vital Element of Life

Dreaming about water, in every sense of the word, is somewhat a common experience for everyone.

Water is one of the essential elements of our life, flowing around us in various forms and necessities.

We are made of water and need it for living, washing, bathing, cooking, and drinking, so on.

Deeply linked with our subconscious, dreaming about water can symbolize many distinctively different things, depending on what your soul needs to hear.

What link dreams about waters is the representation of our emotional state.

As life without water is unimaginable, water dreams are considered the universal symbol of what lies beneath.

There are many scenarios in which our mind connects the dots to create a common dream symbol, yet so powerful simultaneously.

Thinking about our unconscious mind, we can understand it through the iceberg comparison.

What lies beneath are your thoughts, urges, emotions, feelings, memories, losses, and everything outside our conscious awareness.

Water is an element woven through every aspect of nature, so understanding what it means to be transferred to your dreams can be beneficial to clear out negative thoughts, energies, emotions, and blockages that are stopping you from growing.

Dreaming About Ocean & Sea

As deep as the ocean, our subconscious seems to be bottomless.

Dreaming about various topics that are (or are not) happening in your life could be puzzling to your conscious mind.

But if you dream about deep water, such as the ocean and sea, you are likely to feel the same – full of deep and solid emotions.

You can rest assured that your feelings are clean and honest, following the purity of your heart.

You have a lot to give others, but sometimes forget to repeat the same for yourself.

A balance of emotions is needed as this dream proves you have taken control of important aspects of your life.

However, it is crucial to recognize the state of the water in your dream.

If your ocean level is calm and steady, you have stability in your life.

Whatever next you set your mind to, you can rest assured that things will go smoothly and without delays and problems.

But if your water level has crashing waves that ruin the soothing feeling, you might want to take this as a warning – not everything is like it is supposed to be according to your well-being.

You will take this as a sign to make a crucial change that can save you from losses and disappointments.

This thought could mean a booming business idea or a problem in a financial sense.

Be ready for the incoming stress, but do not hesitate to find peace within yourself.

The storm might be rough, but you will ride out of it!

Dreaming About Bath & Shower

While your water levels are shallower, the depth of the dreams is getting deeper.

Daily showering is favorable to your overall health as you strip away all the dirt and negativity that piles up and let it flow down the drain.

A similar notion happens to your dream showers, where your subconscious reminds you to release the pent-up emotions and blockages holding you down.

You need to take care of yourself more and rewind to self-love and self-care more often.

Washing away the old, negative aspects of your life is a positive affirmation that you are replenishing your emotions and energy.

Bath dreams are always positive dreams to have, so enjoy your dream bubble bath as much as you wish!

Drinking or Boiling Water

The notion is similar to dreaming about baths, as you nourish your body through water intake.

It is crucial to remember to drink water as you hydrate every cell in your body that needs it to function perfectly.

Drinking water in a dream can be a great way to rediscover your need for rejuvenation and refreshment.

Seeing boiling water represents emotions flooding you from the inside, reminding you to stabilize them in order not to suffer an extensive loss.

It is not always so straightforward and not about the liquid itself. But rather about the hidden desire to find some relief, a new beginning, or a fresh start in various ways.

You might feel like being bored or empty, stuck in the same place mentally, professionally, or romantically.

So while drinking dream water, your subconscious mind reminds you to reconsider shifting some variables in your life and find that youthful excitement again.

Dreams About Drowning

One of the scariest dreams to have, certainly not pleasant to experience either in your dreams, is dreaming about drowning.

The fear and anxiety you might have felt during a dream like this are then brought to your consciousness as you lay in bed, probably drenched in sweat.

The water level in these dreams does not matter much, but rather the intensity of the emotions that swallow you up.

These dreams are not easy to understand but carry an honest reminder to take control back.

Your emotions, stress, anxiety, and problems are swallowing you, making you feel like you are drowning each day, and the reigns of your life are not in your hands anymore.

You might also be overwhelmed as your mind reminds you to let go of the past and the memories that do not serve you.

As you hold onto some unresolved issues from your past, you are hurting yourself more than you might realize.

If you dream about falling into the water, after which you drown, you are at your limit about everything.

Your suppressed feelings and emotions are bubbling up to the surface, and your life needs a clean slate.

Let the past stay in the past as you continue on your path proudly.

Clean or Dirty?

As we mentioned, the state of the water is also exceptional to notice.

Dreams can have a fascinating focus on details, as your subconscious uses all paint colors in your arsenal to paint the picture and send a message.

And this notion can be applied to the water contamination in your dreams.

We might agree that clean water is always better to see and experience.

Well, dreaming about clean water agree with that, as clear water symbolizes the clarity you might desire in your life.

Your emotions, thoughts, and solutions might seem puzzling to your conscious mind, and seeking tranquility is closer than before.

Keeping things straightforward and putting yourself first is the best policy.

Dreaming about dirty or contaminated water is not a pleasant sight to see.

You are stuck in a situation you are trying to escape, feeling trapped or lost.

You have been feeling distressed, anxious, and scared for too long, as your subconsciousness is urging you to find a way out.

Dreams about dirty water connect to your emotional or spiritual dysfunction, and this barrier is holding you down.

It is time to dispose of unwanted emotions and clear out everything that is not serving your purpose!

Dreaming About Rain & Various Weather

Rain and flood dreams are a metaphor that ties the explanation back to drowning in the ocean or sea.

Flooding is associated with immense feelings which might be swallowing you up – not only in the literal sense but also as pent-up emotions that need draining.

Your life might be out of control in various senses, resulting in feeling overwhelmed by it.

Rain, contrastingly, is washing away those emotions that build up over time.

You might want to let go of the things that do not serve your highest self and reestablish yourself from the null point.

There is so much weighing you down, and this is the perfect time to heal from past traumas, unresolved pasts, and emotional sorrows of your life.

If the storm raging is bigger than rain, such as a tsunami, tornado, hurricane, or simple waves, you might want to reconsider your surroundings.

There is a pessimistic force around you, and pilling up stress and anxiety in the unfulfilling environment could be lethal.

The subconscious is a powerful force to make you look and listen before it is too late.

Be considerate of yourself first, and the rest will follow.

Seeing Water in a Dream, Good or Bad?

Water as a dream sequence shows your deepest feelings lying inside of you.

Your unconsciousness flushes each nook and cranny of your subconscious mind, revealing your real emotions and thoughts.

Dreaming of water says all about your emotional and mental turbulence, love, passion, fears, problems, peace, and sentiments you have with yourself and others.

However, it is a magnificent sign of healing, growing, and rejuvenating yourself from past mistakes, traumas, and problems.

Your sight of the dreams you experience is what changes your perspective.

It can be grand and applicable if you are willing to listen.

But it does not have to hold any meaning otherwise.

We as people are blessed with divine gifts and premonitions that can save us from any potential harm, often misplaced due to our ignorance of messages that our subconscious and soul are sending us.

And dreams serve their purpose when you change how you think, feel, or react to scenarios in your life.

In conclusion, water dreams are shifting your attention to something you are missing from your sight, reminding you to look at the disturbance of your inner peace and fix where it leaks.


Whether your dreams are pleasant fantasies or discordant nightmares, they serve as helpful notice to stop and decipher potential trouble or a problem.

Dreams about water have a strong relationship with your subconscious, reminding you of your spiritual, emotional, and mental transformation.

Some blockage is holding you down, and a cleanse is needed.

Water is the source of life, but it can also carry our emotions until a fair abundance of setting yourself free from restrictions is present.

Dreams about water act as a sign of the potential shift in attitude and perspective towards life.

You are getting your emotional release as you wash away troubles from the past and reemerge as your best self!

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