Seeing Dead Person Sick In Dream – Spiritual Meaning

Saying that the world of dreams is the world where there are no limits is pretty accurate.

There are no limits to what we can dream, and dreams are the only place where we can meet loved ones who are gone, who left us in a physical way, or some other.

But, often times this is not a pleasant dream, we can wake up feeling disturbed and scared, and the scenario of the dream itself may be quite disturbing.

At other times, we can feel great for that one chance of seeing someone who is dead in reality, regardless of the circumstances of a dream itself.

Now, today we will speak of one specific scenario of a dream, that revolves around seeing a dead person sick.

But, before that, we will speak of the dream about the dead people in a general way.

Later on, we will discuss the specific scenario of a dream.

Seeing Dead Person In Dream in General

We have to say that dreaming about dead people is not really pleasant in the majority of cases.

However, we must add that this may be one most memorable dreams we can have, although this type of dream does not necessarily have to be a nightmare.

For some just seeing someone who is dead – to be very alive and speaking, can be truly satisfying.

Also, looking through numerous dream interpretations, we have to say that the understanding of the dream itself depends on the specific situation as you dreamed it.

Always remember as many details as possible from your dream so that you can interpret them better.

It is also relevant to mention that we could be dreaming about someone who is dead in so many different ways: that that person is dying again in a dream, that that person wants to tell us something, to give us something, maybe we don’t even know that person, you can also dream that someone who is alive in reality died in our dream.

Also, we can see just as we have said, the dead person who is in some different “state” in our dream, for example being sick.

Now, in the most general way, seeing a dead person in a dream, regardless of the fact that that person has been dead for many years, or has died recently, is a dream that speaks of your emotional state.

If the dead person from your dream is not dead in reality, then such a dream depicts the moment that left incredible trauma on you, and you have not recovered yet.

You have emotional scars, and there is still room for recovery.

This event (try to recall what it can be for you) seems traumatic for you, and you still haven’t gotten over someone’s death or some other traumatic occurrence, and you are still in mourning and did not heal properly.

What you need is the process of healing and this is the dream that reminds you to do it.

Take your time and try to recover from all that emotional pain in your soul.

Such a dream could mean that someone (it does not need to be the dead person from the dream, but someone that is dear to you and it is no longer present in your dream, and the dream and the person are just the manifestations of that emotion) missing you.

Probably you have a hard time dealing with such emotions.

In some alternative way, dreams about dead people may even come as an indication that you are currently, in your real life, going through major changes in your life, or that some core-shaking transitions are yet to come.

Because death is nothing but a transition from this world to another world; from one state to another; but still there is depicted the human inability to process it, just as a transition, not the end of all that we know, as human beings.

Pay attention to the mood of the dead person in your dream, when you had a such dream – it is said that if that person is angry, then there is a certain amount of guilt inside of you.

Such a dream indicates that you feel guilty about something, that you quarreled with that person while they were alive, so they remained angry.

They have to come to you to remind you of that.

But, this type of dream could be very good because it gives you time to prepare for what will happen and you will know that you should not start new things in this period because they will be doomed to failure.

Dreaming of the dead person being alive (in a dream) is generally interpreted as a personal inability to deal with some hard and painful emotions.

This dream is very common in the lives of people who did not expect something they cared for to end, it does not need to be the death of a loved one, but it can.

Such an event deeply affected them, and the dream comes as a personal way to struggle.

One statistic shows that the dreams of dead people are most common in the lives of people whose loved ones had a violent or quick death, such as a traffic accident.

And as a consequence, they, from time to time, dreams of them in this way, as a way of dealing with emotions that still linger inside of them and are not processed yet.

Seeing a Dead Person Sick In Dream Spiritual Meaning 

Now, all dreams are associated with our inner being and therefore have a spiritual meaning.

The same case is with this dream.

In some cases, such a dream could simply announce that you are about to change, and the process to do it may be a bit hard.

The change, in reality, could mean that you are moving, getting a new job, a marriage, a new relationship, or birthing a child – something will change in your life.

But the accent is not on this, the focus is, on the fact that you changing from the outside, but not one change has started from the outside there is always a decision that came before, and this is important to know.

Here the focus also on the sick part (something that implies struggle) while being dead means that one thing in your life has died, that things are changing, but that to a certain extent you have a problem in that transition.

There are those who claim that this dream usually signifies good predictions, that you will achieve prosperity, that your plans and goals will come true, and that you are currently on a good path in life.

In this interpretation, the death that is depicted in the person, is alive, and it is sick, and that means that you are making it disappear, like the killing of the Death itself.

Of course, death here is a personification of all things that you see as “bad”, “painful”, scary”, etc, and finally, you are looking at them as they will slowly disappear since sickness will take its toll on them.

And in a version of a dream where you are helping that person to get better means that you are having second thoughts about your plan, and it may take its toll on you.

This concrete dream could have a really positive meaning and says that some positive and bigger change will happen in your life, and you can expect a lot of joy.

If the dead person is sick but seems to be better, and you are the one who helps it to get better, to in some way revive it, then such a dream could be very good because it tells you that things are going to work out, despite the small odds.

A very negative meaning is when the setting for this dream is a graveyard; then you need to recall your relation to that dead person from a dream and remeber what has been making it sick.

Was it you?

Maybe it will be unpleasant, but you may feel that you are the sickness, and now is the time to deal with and process these toxic emotions.

If the dead person from your dream is sick and is asking out of you to help him, then this dream is seen as a bad omen.

In the future, some failure will happen to you and you will have losses.

It does not mean that someone or you will die, but it surely means that you will lose something that is out of great value to you.

Seeing a Dead Person Sick In Dream Biblical Meaning 

Those who believe in a Holy Book, also believe that when you dream of a dead person, that means that that person is watching you over from heaven.

This is considered to be a positive meaning because it shows you that the forces of the other world are watching over you and that everything you start now will be successful.

Have in mind that even the Bible does not recognize this dream as something that will predict bad things that are about to happen in realty

Yes, they could be understood as a warning, but they are ones that could lead you toward something good.

To dream of a dead person who is sick, whether they are almost dead or have been for many years, usually means that the person was quite dear to you and that you miss them.

But, you do not need to be scared that such a dream is a representation of a bad omen.

In this sense, the dream of this topic can also show your experience and the call to take a look at some things that you have taken for granted, that belongs to the experience that seems completely ordinary and unimportant; but there is a kind reminder that those things in your life are what makes life.

Be grateful for those that you take for granted.

And when you dream of the dead sick in your dream – such a dream could mean that a loved one really visited you in dream, because he has a great love for you.

That person wants to take over all of your pain, and everything that is in your life that is making you toxic. You are the one who is sick in fact.

If the dead from your dream is sick and is asking for help, then, the meaning could be that someone wants your help, but that you need to be careful – or you may get sick, and not be able to help them (as they are already dead).

In any case, even if this dream has a good or a bad meaning, it is highly

recommended that after this dream you go to church and light a candle for the dead, or visit the grave of that person so that she knows that you have not forgotten her and that you are in mourning.

Also, take some time for healing, if you need it.

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