Seeing a Black Dog – Spiritual and Dream Meaning

Dogs are man’s best friend, they are loyal and playful some would say perfect pets.

But, in this article we are talking about black dogs and their meaning in dreams.

Black colour in dreams rarely has a positive meaning, it represents something dark.

Black can also be a symbol of trouble, difficulties, hardships.

Black dog in a dream is also a bad omen in most cases. It rarely has a positive meaning.

Every dream has its own meaning, what is important when it comes to dreams is to remember the small details.

Colour, shape, actions are factors that can make the big difference when it comes to meaning.

Just like we mentioned earlier black is a bad symbol, black dog is also a negative symbol.

In many cases it represents hardships, troubles with your emotional state and behaviour.

It may represent some inner issues and troubles with expressing your feelings.

There is also a chance that this type of a dream appears when you are avoiding your problems.

Some people have a habit of running from difficulties and their issues, that is why they get even more problems.

This dream may even be an indication on possible issues with your family.

Perhaps you are having some family issues that are going to get more serious than you thought.

Or maybe you will receive some unpleasant news about your job or it could be connected with your love life.

Maybe you are feeling like you should end your relationship with your significant other, or you are experiencing some conflicts with yourself.

These dreams appear because you have a lot going on in your life and it is not really good.

There will be troubles and trials ahead of you, you must be prepared.

Sometimes this dream doesn’t really have a special meaning.

That happens if for example you have a black dog, or someone you know has a black dog.

Perhaps you were thinking about him and it reflected in your dream.

Or perhaps you have had a black dog who died and you miss him.

There is also a chance that you are afraid of black dogs, or there could be a certain black dog that attacked you and you have unresolved trauma about it.

But, still you should search for the meaning of your dream.

Also, try to remember the size of a dog in your dream.

That could represent the size of an issue in your life, it could tell you if the problem is serious or not.

You can dream of seeing a fearsome black dog, a black dog chasing you, an angry black dog, etc.

There are several interpretations of this type of a dream. It may even appear as a nightmare sometimes.

If you are dreaming of a black dog chasing you, or perhaps a black dog attacking you then it could make you feel afraid.

This unpleasant feeling may even stay during the day after you woke up from the dream. That attack may even wake you up immediately.

Also, keep in mind that there is a possibility that your friends will leave you.

This dream is connected with your circle of friends and people that are close to you.

It may be a sign that they are not your real friends, you are not aware of it but your subconscious mind is.

Just try to analyse the situation around you and you will be surprised.

Hopefully you will find the meaning and improve your life.

The Most Common Dreams Of a Black Dog

Dreaming of a fearsome black dog

This dream is a warning sign in most cases.

It symbolises troubles and trials ahead of you, also you will probably be disappointed by something or someone.

There is a possibility that someone you love is going to hurt you or maybe that person is going to do something behind your back.

This could represent troubles inside of your home, perhaps certain family issues or issues with your spouse.

So, this dream represents some kind of a problem in your mear future.

You should be ready for these upcoming challenges.

Also, be sure to have faith and patience during this stage.

Always remember that bad times pass just like good times do.

Dreaming of a group of black dogs

A dream like this does not have a positive meaning.

It is actually a warning sign you should not ignore.

This dream is a message from your subconscious to be careful who you are hanging around with.

In the upcoming stage you will experience lots of disappointment and you are probably going to end up being hurt by the ones you trusted the most.

Friendships, just like every other relationship, are messy and hard sometimes.

You go through ups and downs, but unfortunately in this case there is no up.

You will discover that you actually do not have real friends around you.

You are constantly relying on people who are likely to turn their backs on you in times of hardships.

What you need to understand is that every person can leave you at any point.

You must stop trusting people too much and depend too much on them.

Your so called friends are going to do something that is hurtful and disrespectful towards you.

So be aware of possible betrayal, you do not have so much real ones by your side.

But you shouldn’t be so sad about it, it is better to know that they are not right for you right away.

Imagine if you trusted them with something big and they ruin your life.

Just depend on yourself, hopefully you will find new friends with good intentions.

Also, do not search for friends just because you are lonely or scared.

If you want good people around you, you must be a good person to attract them.

Dreaming of a black dog chasing you

This dream could mean that your issues and problems are chasing you.

In other words, it is possible that you are running from your responsibility and problems.

Perhaps your subconscious is trying to tell you that it is important to resolve your problems right away, if you continue avoiding everything then at some point it will all break.

No problem is that big when you resolve it right away, but when you are saving it up for later then new problems arrive and it all becomes a chaos.

Also, you may be running away from your feelings.

Perhaps you are in love with a person you can’t have, maybe this person is in a relationship or maybe they simply can’t be with you because of some other reasons.

Perhaps you are afraid of facing that fact and you are ignoring it.

You need to grow up, mature a little bit, stop acting like a child.

Your life is in your hands, you can’t act like that and think that you will get some good results because you won’t.

It is time to step up and be a normal person.

Find a way to resolve your issues, start by resolving one at the time.

Good luck.

Dreaming of you being a black dog

This dream represents some mixed feelings.

You are feeling like you could possibly hurt others.

Perhaps you are considering making a decision that could harm your loved ones or someone else.

Maybe you are thinking about doing something illegal or perhaps some kind of fraud.

Or, there is a chance that you are considering moving somewhere without telling anyone.

There is also a chance that you want to break up or divorce your partner.

So, as you can see this dream somehow shows your ability to hurt someone.

It is up to you and it is up to you to decide what you want to do.

Sometimes people get hurt and you may be the cause, but sometimes you can’t avoid hurting someone.

Maybe you are making a decision that is good for you, in that case there is no need to explain yourself to anyone.

Do things for yourself, but don’t be too selfish and unconcerned about others around you.

Dreaming of playing with a black dog

This dream has a negative meaning, it is actually a bad omen for the dreamer.

It represents hardships in your near future.

A lot of things will get complicated and wrong, you will go through some hard times.

Every good thing comes to an end, just like every bad thing does. You see, you must be patient.

Some things can’t be changed and you have to accept them as they are in order to stay sane.

If you start acting irresponsible or like a crazy person you will only make things worse.

Black dog is rarely a positive sign, and in most cases it represents certain difficulties.

Maybe you will experience some sort of illness or someone close to you will experience it and you will find out.

Or perhaps you are going to lose a job and won’t be able to provide for yourself or for your family.

Maybe you are not going to succeed at something you wanted to succeed in.

Perhaps you are denied at your college, maybe you couldn’t apply while your whole family expected you to do so.

Or maybe you have let yourself down because you have done something you never thought you’d do.

There are many possible scenarios of troubles and hardships.

Perhaps your past illegal activities are catching up to you, maybe you made enemies who want to harm you now.

Hopefully everything gets better, just be patient and seek out for some help if necessary.

Dreaming of seeing a black puppy

This dream is an indication on your trouble with expressing your feelings.

Perhaps you are not being fully honest with yourself and others.

Sometimes this dream may be a sign that you are still not mature.

Perhaps you have some childish ways or thoughts that are preventing you from big things in life. It can even represent your naive nature.

Maybe you are trusting wrong people and that could cause certain damage in your life.

Or maybe you are having small issues that are not even worth mentioning, but you making them bigger than they already are.

It could also mean that you are currently having some difficulty with growing up mentally.

That could be connected with your relationship, maybe you are not mature enough for a serious relationship.

If you want to keep it you must change.

Dreaming of a giant black dog

This dream is considered to be connected with the size of your problem, but in some cases it is deeper than that.

This dream could be a sign of your ambition, perhaps you have set up some big goals you must achieve in your life.

Your desire to achieve them could make you do some things that are not so morally correct.

You want it all and you want it now. That is the problem, you must be patient.

If you are doing everything in a rush or if you are using some strange methods in order to achieve your goals then it won’t end up being good.

You could end up hurting a lot of people that love you, that is not ambitious that is simply selfish.

Get a hold of yourself, think about the costs of your decisions.

Dreaming of taming a black dog

When you have this dream, then there is nothing to worry about.

It is actually the most positive dream of all dreams of black dogs.

Taming a black dog represents you taming your bad side.

Perhaps you had some ideas and things you wanted to do that are bad, but you controlled yourself.

It could also be a sign that you are religious, maybe you had some temptations but still went with the right path.

It also means that you will end up doing great things if you continue going with this mindset.

Discipline is the key to success.

Dreaming of being bitten by a black dog

Unfortunately this dream is an indication on bad company.

Someone is trying to harm you somehow, someone you are close with.

This could be your friend at work, maybe he or she is jelaous of you.

It could also be a family member that has hidden agenda.

Whoever that person is, you have to be cautious and careful.

Keep your guard up, do not let it down easily.

Stop telling people too many things about you, especially your weaknesses.

You have to always keep in mind that not everyone wants what is best for you

That is why you should rely only on yourself, never trust anyone too much that you give them the power to destroy you.

The thing is that it is hard to find a true friend, but when you do you should take care of that person because that is really rare.

Dreaming of a black and white dog

The most common one is Dalmatian dog.

In this dream it is important to pay attention if there are more black spots or white colour.

White represents a good side of you, while black the bad side of you.

If you see more of white, it means that you are controlling your bad side.

You are making right choices and acting responsible.

While, if there is more black colour on the dog then it means that you are letting your desires lead you.

This is bad because it means that you are lacking discipline and that you are having issues with your moral side.

Perhaps you are making choices that could ruin you and your reputation.

If that is the case, this dream is a sign for you to stop acting recklessly.

Start taking things more seriously.

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