Seeing 111 When Thinking of Someone – Angel Number Meaning

Angel numbers are a great way to change our lives, but we need to learn how to listen to these numbers really carefully.

Most people who interact with Angel numbers actually do not know how to properly make use of these messages, and that’s why they never really feel the blessings that would usually come through for them.

It’s important that we are all aware that Angel numbers are a blessing.

We need to be thankful for them, and we need to be in contact with our guardian angels if we truly want to develop a loving and lasting relationship with them.

It’s very important that we are always focused on growth.

You are here because you have been encountering Angel number 111, but it’s notable to mention that Angel number 111 is not a simple number that you can just listen to once and then fix your whole life.

You have to be focused and understanding, as well as already implementing many of these things in order to grow.

Your guardian angels know that you are ready to apply some of these lessons and that they have to do with the people that are in your life.

That is why today we are not discussing the general meaning of the Angel number 111, but the meaning that relates to people that you have or had in your life.

Do remember that your guardian angels will be there for you even if you seem to not understand these numbers well, and they will give you more insight if you need any.

Do not be afraid to contact the universe, and learn how to be OK with not knowing everything at all times.

Let’s get started and first talk about the general meaning of the Angel number 111, and then the meaning that is related to some of the more important people in your life.

111 Angel Number General Meaning

The Angel number 111 is a unique number that talks about manifestation.

It is important that we are aware of the power that we have, and that we understand that karma will help us in life.

Karma will often present to us ways that we can live a better life and ways that we can manifest the things that we truly want for ourselves.

So, if you feel like manifesting is something that you are already good at, you might want to remaster your skills once more.

Your guardian angels want you to start doing manifestation meditations, and these will help you connect with the higher power that is divine.

This will be a really great way to manifest things and invite more sacred souls into your world.

You also have to be grateful for everything that you already have, because the Angel number 111 is not going to let you have new things if you don’t already appreciate what has been given to you.

Another really important manifestation method acknowledged by this number is the pillow method.

Since the meaning of the number 111 is all about authenticity, we must manifest it while we sleep.

Because when we sleep, we are the true versions of ourselves and we are not being misguided in any direction.

Try to write an intention on a scrap piece of paper, and tuck it under your pillow while you sleep.

Try to focus on it while you are falling asleep, and you will see that your guardian angels will consider this their new mission.

The meaning of the number 111 says that you need to learn how to be nice to everyone, even though they are not nice to you.

Digit 1 is all about unique values, and one of the more important values in life is being yourself.

It doesn’t get more unique than that. If you are nice to everyone, you will see that not everyone will be nice to you. That doesn’t matter at all.

What matters is that you are nice to those that might be struggling and nice to those who do not see light in the world.

The last important message sent by Angel number 111 is the message of taking nothing for granted.

We very often forget about the things that we have until we lose them, and this is something that we often do because we are so busy with the material life that we are living.

However, if you tell people that you love them, if you appreciate the things that you have, and if you work on habits that might not be really great at the moment, you will see that change can happen and that this change is really meaningful.

Seeing Angel Number 111 When Thinking of An Ex

What happens if you keep seeing Angel number 111 as you are thinking of an ex?

Well, there are some really important messages that you need to follow if you think of your ex and see Angel number 111, or vice versa.

Your guardian angels want you to know that you are unbreakable.

Whether this person made you feel as if you were fragile, or if they made you feel like you would never be able to live your life without them, know that your guardian angels would never bring you down to this level.

They know that you will get hurt, but people will never ruin you.

We need to understand that other people do have an impact on us and that we want to spend as much time with those that we love as we can.

We cannot judge everybody based on a single action, and we need to learn how to be forgiving.

Life is not simple but it is much easier to go through life with an optimistic attitude.

However, if somebody tries to bring you down continuously, and if all they do is essentially try to make you feel as if something you have done or thought is bad, then this person is trying to bring you down to their level.

You want to hang out with people who are above your level, as this always gives you a chance to grow and change.

Know that your guardian angels would never want you back in those situations where you felt like you were little and unworthy of love.

Whether this is something that has been invoked by a certain person or a certain event, your guardian angels want you to know that you need to be aware of the communities that you are a part of.

Your environment will heavily impact the way that you think and the way that you feel emotions as well.

This is why you need to find yourself enjoying life and learning how to embrace the new and better communities that will push you to the next level.

The last message that is important and sent by Angel number 111 and related to your ex is that you should not waste your time on toxic people.

Many people hate when we move on and they cannot control us anymore.

This is something that they don’t enjoy, and they feel as if you have triggered them.

However, it is very important that you learn how to let go of this toxicity, and how to live a life like there is no tomorrow.

Seeing Angel Number 111 When Thinking of A Crush

If Angel number 111 is the one you see when you are thinking of a crush, we have some very important news for you.

You have to trust the universe with the timing. If something is not right, the universe will not let you get hurt.

If you get hurt, that means that you have missed all of the signs the universe has sent you, and you have done things your way.

There is no shame in doing things the way you think they’re right, but you need to understand that timing is very important to the universe.

Timing is a way for the universe to send us messages that will actually change us at the moment when we needed them.

If you force certain relationships and if you try to get someone to love you so hard that the whole concept consumes you, know that it is unhealthy.

You have to be compassionate, you have to be honest about how you feel, you have to be forgiving, but don’t be naive.

People will tell you what they think about you. People will let you know whether they like you.

Don’t let other people play the hot and cold game and don’t wait for them.

If they wanted to come out they would’ve.

If they liked you, they would have told you. Don’t waste your time on people who are either insincere or unsure about their intentions.

Your guardian angels and Angel number 111 want you to know that although your crush might not be the person that you are looking for, know that you will not be alone.

Think about your past experiences, and think about whether this is something that you would like to repeat.

If no is the answer that comes up, remember that you cannot change the past, but you can always create a better future.

This is why your guardian angels and the universe trying to help you now make the same mistakes again.

If you do choose to make the same mistakes again, and if you do choose the tougher way of learning, know that the universe will just bring the same lessons back to you.

You cannot move on to the next level before you are aware of the lessons that you were encountering during this year.

Although it might be something that you are confused by at the moment, life lessons will often come in the shape of a person or an event that really displeases you.

However, you still have the obligation to learn and to change.

Seeing Angel Number 111 When Thinking of Someone You Love

If Angel number 111 pops up when you are thinking of someone that you love, we have to let you know that important life advice is coming your way.

First of all, your guardian angels want you to know that inner healing is very important to establish proper and loving relationships with those around you.

If you don’t heal from within, you cannot enjoy interactions with other people.

If you do not heal from within, you will never see the true and authentic version of yourself either.

Your guardian angels want you to know that you have to be honest with yourself.

What are you most afraid of others finding out about you? What is the biggest and most mortifying lie that you’ve told yourself? What are you ashamed of?

What are the ways that you judge yourself? Why are we talking about these questions now?

Well, when we try to create nurturing relationships with those that we love, we are often sabotaging ourselves in the process.

Self-sabotage is a form of hate, and we want you to stop doing that to develop some really beautiful and meaningful relationships with those around you.

Know that the person that has popped into your mind when you have seen number 1 is someone that will not judge you.

They might seem a little bit rough on the surface, but they will not judge you for they have gone through a lot as well.

They understand that life doesn’t have to be fair all the time.

Because of this, they can be a great support system, but you have to love them back.

People will never give their emotions to you without feeling that you can support these emotions and that you can reflect them.

The last meaning of Angel number 111 is related to self-reflection.

You need to think about what your relationships used to look like, and whether you are good at balancing romantic and platonic relationships.

There are a lot of people who enter a romantic relationship, and then completely forget about all of their friends and family.

This is something that will not serve you well in life, so if you tend to do this, your guardian angels really urge you to learn how to balance the two better.

People will often hold grudges against you because they think that you are prioritizing someone else above them.

Seeing Angel Number 111 When Thinking of Someone Who Passed Away

If you keep seeing Angel number 111 and thinking of someone that has passed away, the universe wants to give you its condolences.

They know that this death might not even be something that has happened in the bust weeks or months, but we carry the deaths of those that will live for a very long time.

Your guardian angels want you to know that grief is totally OK.

If other people are pushing you to grieve foster, you cannot do that because divine timing is letting you process the emotions properly.

Your guardian angels want you to learn how to better appreciate this person, and how to in a way pay respects to who they were.

You can try to do several interesting exercises, such as creating a list of everything that they have thought you and everything that you are a living example of because of them.

This way we see that this person lives through us and our actions, and this is something that we are often forgetting.

We can be proud of ourselves for learning how to make a person’s life even more worth it than it already was.

Think about what you want to learn from this experience. Every life lesson that comes our way invokes certain emotions.

Sadly, we cannot always get happy and exciting news, and sometimes we learned through grief and sadness.

Think about how you want to use this experience. Do you want to learn more about religion?

Do you want to think about your relationship with the person that has passed away?

Do you want to make sure that the world remembers them in a way?

You just need to figure out your mission, and everything will be easier from that moment on.

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Concluding our story about Angel number 111 is really important because your guardian angels have one more important message for you.

If you are someone that doesn’t believe that life changes easily and quickly, think about how you felt yesterday and how you feel today.

Sometimes the difference between yesterday and today can seem very subtle, but every day you grow so much that you completely change the way that you are living.

Your guardian angels see all of this growth, and they commend you for being brave enough to introduce new ways of living to your household.

We are not meant to live on our own, and people are not islands.

We have to be interacting with other people, and we have to learn how to appreciate this type of connection.

This is why you need to listen to your guardian angels, and let them guide you toward those that will actually be a rock to you.

You can also be someone else’s rock, which is always a commendable thing to do.

Don’t forget that your guardian angels want you to be a little bit more forward with the way that you are thinking and they want you to be connected to the concept of divine gratitude.

Don’t be ashamed to ask for more help. It is only human to ask for help.

If you are stubborn and want to do everything on your own then you should know you will probably make more mistakes than usual because you will be reckless.

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