Sea Dream – Spiritual and Biblical Meaning

Dreams are a mysterious realm all of us journey through, once in a while.

At least, it seems so, since human beings dream all the time, actually, that is, each time we fall asleep.

The thing is, we do not always remember our dreams.

Dreams could be very different in quality and in the effect they have over us.

Dreams could be joyful and pleasant, relaxing and lovely, but they could also be very disturbing and even turn into what we call nightmares.

Since ancient times, people have been fascinated by our ability to dream and dreams in general.

It has never been clear where do dreams come from and what sort of activity or phenomenon they represent.

Even with the latest scientific discoveries, new methods and research, the mystery of dreams is not solved yet.

However, there are some lines to be drawn. It is certain that dreams reflect our daily lives, at least to some point.

Many times you will indeed dream about the things that have happened to you recently or, at least, you will be able easily to connect them with the latest experiences.

Dreams sometimes reflect our desires, our hopes and wishes.

For example, if you were in love with someone, it is not surprising to dream about that person, regardless of the actual nature of your relationship with that one, if any.

While our body is in the state of rest, our brain works full time, on another level, processing our many experiences, information gathered over time and so much more.

It is known that dreams channel our suppressed desires, but it is likely they are more than that.

In old times, dreams have often been taken as mysterious signs, prophecies, omens.

There are so many stories of great rulers, prophets, philosophers, religious figures and so on having dreams of the greatest importance.

Whatever the truth behind dreams was, it would be of great use to tray to interpret your own.

Dreams definitely tell about your inner world, about where you are at life.

Dreams could help you understand your own thoughts, emotions and attitudes much better.

People dream about various things and phenomena.

Dreams about sea are amongst the relatively common ones.

However, sea dreams could take many forms and the setting could be dramatically different, depending on who, when and why dreams about the sea.

Let us start with some basics and then move onto the specific dreams about the sea and scenarios related to the sea. What is the symbolical meaning of the sea?

Sea Symbolism

What is the sea, in essence? Sea is a vast water space, in the first place and water is one of the essential elements this world was made of.

Great water spaces have always been fascinating to humankind.

Waters have always symbolized the incredible power of nature and, through it, the force and strength of higher powers that affect our life on earth.

Seas and oceans are so great that they both divide and connect parts of the earth, the continents.

Seas and oceans are associated with journey, mystery, unfathomable depth, incredible power.

In symbolical sense, the sea represents various things, but there are some universal meanings that could be found in any culture around the world.

Water represents the source of life, in the first place.

In various traditions around the globe, the sea is associated with might strength, the source of food and life, the cradle of existence, in a way.

The sea could also represent something that is a bit scary, because it is vastly unknown.

The sea is beautiful, wide, deep, it inspires awe and respect in humankind.

It amazes us, yet it scares us, at the same time.

They sea is powerful and we cannot control it, however hard we try.

There is nothing more beautiful from standing at the coast and gazing into the beautiful turquoise and cobalt waters, with sun rays reflecting on their surface, but there is also nothing scarier of getting caught by a sea storm.

The raging sea has the power to wipe out the whole settlements and take many lives.

It is for a good reason that in many cultures there are awe inspiring sea gods, powerful masters of the depths and the waves of the sea.

People imagine sea monsters living in the depths of the oceans and seas, as well.

In various mythological and belief systems, in religious texts of various confessions, there are mentions of dangerous sea beings.

The threat of the unknown is still associated with the depths of the sea, even though, in modern times, new technologies made us capable of looking deep below the surface of big waters, even if we cannot reach them physically.

We may know something more about the sea waters than our long gone ancestors.

However, we still cannot reach all its ends and it still remains an unexplored, beautiful, fascinating and terrifying realm.

Dreams About Sea – General Info

Dreams about the sea fall into the category of deeply symbolic dreams and are not uncommon, precisely because of the powerful sea symbolism all around the world.

Its meaning in dreams is associated with the most important characteristics of the sea itself and its symbolism.

In dreams, the sea, as a water space, stands for many things that could be associated with the symbolical meaning of water – waters are always strongly associated with human emotions.

Just a quick reminder: Water element zodiac signs are considered the most emotional ones.

Water is universal symbol for human emotions.

Therefore, the appearance of the sea and its activity in a dream tells about the dreamer’s state of emotions, regardless if the dreamer was aware or not of it, in their waking time.

People may wander if seeing sea in dream is good or bad, but there is no straightforward answer to it.

It will depend on how the sea appears in your dream and how you feel about it.

For example, one can dream about a stormy sea and it does not necessarily have to represent danger.

We shall discuss this in more detail later in the text.

Let us now go through some of the most common dreams about the sea.

In the following paragraphs we will mention some sea dreams that are not as common, as well.

Dreams about the calm sea

Dreams about the calm sea are relaxing, usually very pleasant and positive dreams.

These dreams could reflect your need to take rest, go on a vacation, relax on the sea shore, enjoying the calming and satisfying sound of the gentle waves.

Such a dream could be indicative of some calmer and more pleasant times ahead.

Standing on the shore and looking over the vast  water spaces, while the sun reflects on its beautiful calm surface is an incredibly optimistic dream.

It tells about the new horizons, new opportunities in life. It is a dream of good times and stability in life.

It is a dream that confirms the right judgment.

Such a dreams tells the decisions you are going to make will have an overall positive impact on your life.

The dream about calming sea does not have to be so intense and reassuring, but it could simply tell that now it is the time to take rest and enjoy your life a little bit more, regardless of your actual circumstances.

The wide world is still around you, there are seas you will travel, one way or another.

The calm sea calls you on a pleasant journey and, through your dreams, suggests there is more to life than your current preoccupations, anxieties and worries.

Dreams about the turbulent sea

If you dream about the raging, turbulent sea, the meaning would depend on your place in the dream and on the impression you get from the view of the raging sea.

For most people, such a dream is a reflection of disturbing, chaotic and ever-changing (negative) emotions.

There is something in your life that disturbs you, something you feel you are not in control of and unable to deal with.

Water is an universal symbol of human emotions. You are probably facing some intense emotional times.

Those do not have to be bad and completely negative, but still disturbing.

Uncertainty, anticipation, new experiences, good or bad, they all could bring us into the state of troubling thoughts and feelings.

You may literally feel threatened by something in your life and it could reflect in a dream about the turbulent, wavy sea.

Think about your actual physical place in the dream. Were you in position to get hurt by the sea or not?

Alternatively, this does not have to be a bad dream at all.

The sea represents power and the raging sea stands for an incredible strength and might not easy to control.

It could represent your won strength and power.

Maybe you are not aware of how much strength you actually possess, of how powerful you are.

There is a mighty sea god within you, so to say. Maybe it is an inner power you should bring into awareness and embrace.

Dreams about a sea storm

Sea storm in dreams is usually taken as a bad omen. It indicates troubles and hard times ahead.

None of our lives is ever peaceful and pleasant; we have to go through many trials and tribulations, in order to grow and became who we are meant to be.

Life is a rollercoaster of experiences, ideas and emotions.

The stormy sea symbolizes the more turbulent and uncertain aspects of our lives.

If you are currently going thro hard times,  it would not be strange to dream about seeing a sea storm or being caught in a sea storm.

This dream reflects one’s helplessness in the face of events. Sometimes, we cannot affect events and those struck us.

However, sea storms do not last forever.

They may be terrifying and devastating and they can take many things away from us, devour whole ships and crews, breaking the order of things, but they eventually cease.

This is hat happens in life, all the time.

Therefore, a dream about a sea storm could indicate loss, troubles, obstacles and difficulties, trials that will eventually make you stronger.

Although this is definitely not a very optimistic dream in essence, you can see the light at the end of the tunnel.

To say it more in tune with the dream – you will see rays of the sun as the storm calms down.

Sometimes it happens ion the dream, as well.

If that was the case – a dream about the sun breaking the thick clouds after the raging sea storm – it is a sign of hope and relief, a good omen; bad times will pass and we will learn to value what we have much more and be driven to live our life to the fullest.

Dreams about sailing across the sea

Dreams about sailing across the sea could take many different forms.

In general, it is a good or a neutral dream. It is about new paths, new ideas, new horizons.

It does not indicate of any particular outcome.

Dreams about sailing are a metaphor for life journey.

If we are to take up an optimistic perspective, such dreams are about the new discoveries; eventually, all roads lead somewhere and you will find out what it could be, and you will be richer for at least one experience.

Now, perhaps you have a goal in life, something that is very distant from you at this point of life, but you are ready to pursue it.

The dream about sailing across the sea reflects your pursuit; it will be an adventure. Good winds and following seas!

In general, dreams about sailing across the sea are associated with adventurous spirit, the need to move and explore the world, the desire to learn and experience life.

Those are dreams about human liveliness, intellectual hunger, ambition and/or pure curiosity.

Most of people are curious to find out what awaits on the other side of the sea or ocean.

We all want to reach some new coasts and new paths to thread.

Dreams about sailing or journey across any vast space, without a visible end, are dreams that reflect the very essence of human nature.

Dreams about being lost at sea

Dreams about being lost at sea are not as common as dreams about seeing calm or turbulent sea, but are not extremely rare and strange.

They are similar to dreams about being lost in a desert, for example.

This is a dream about being lost in a wide, open space without having a shelter, without seeing any path or way out.

This is a dream of helplessness; it could be indicative of a period ahead or it can reflect your current situation in life or simply your state of mind.

The dream about being lost at sea is a dream about having no clue how to deal with certain circumstances, being unable to decide upon a path to take; everything seems very similar and the same in its uncertainty.

There are times in life when we all feel as if we were lost at sea.

The waves carry us one direction or another, without our consent or control.

Although this might appear scary, such a dream is not necessarily a bad sign or indicator.

Sometimes, it is necessary to let it go, to surrender to the seas of time and life.

We cannot control everything; we will get tired and exhausted, eventually.

Maybe it is the time to stop trying to hard, especially if you cannot see any results.

However, if you feel extremely anxious in life, as if the surroundings and circumstances dictate your life and make you unhappy, contemplate over it and try to find your direction.

Dreams about the clear/unclear sea

Dreams about dirty waters are generally a bad omen and a reflection of problems in life, especially in an emotional sense.

If the sea was calm and dirty, it stands for some opportunities that seem easily accomplished, while in truth those might be failures.

If the sea was dirty and stormy, it is a warning sign – do not step into something dangerous, regardless of the prize.

If the seas were crystal clear, it is, of course, a good sign, a symbol of clean mind, good opportunities, honesty and truth.

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