Right Thumb Itching – Spiritual Meaning

In times when the almighty Universe desires to get our awareness, it operates in the most innovative methods to demand attention, and only when we are not spiritually awake we do not see it.

But when we are, then we can see its magic.

The Universe uses visions, dreams, Divine numbers, whispers, etc, but occasionally it uses the forces of nature to draw our attention – like seeing birds flying over your head, or seeing thunder, or a cloud in a certain shape.

But, in the same way, the Universe can use our bodies to make us see and understand a certain spiritual message.

Is this superstition?

Although there is no determinate definition of superstition, it implies a belief in some supernatural forces, a desire to influence unpredictable factors, and a need to get rid of uncertainty.

And following this lead, we can say that the person’s individual beliefs and past experiences demonstrate why a person is irrational and why that person believes in things that cannot be scientifically explained.

But, we can say that to think that only because we cannot explain (for now) something, does not mean that it detaches us from the Universal force, and the unity we make with it.

Now, your body speaks to you in different ways – diseases by themselves are a wonderful voice of the Universe, that you are not doing something right and that you need to change your current ways.

This is a more concrete speech that comes from the Universe, and at times such a voice can be a bit more subtle.

For example, you can hear voices where there is no one around you, or you can see things that are not there, experience a deja vu event.

Small parts of your body can hurt, or itch and it means something, for sure.

It is not a superstition when you know that the Universe is one connective tissue and that our bodies speak to our souls, and that it is enough to show some awareness.

So, your thumb itches, and this may be a strong spiritual message – especially when the thumb in question is the right one.

Such an event is seen as a signal that the Universe is simply curious about you, and the way you live your life.

Also, this is a sign that something will happen very soon, and that your life can be changed by a simple flick of a finger, with just one snap.

But, this event also means that you are not alone and that you are being guided in the spiritual direction; and the fact that the thumb in question belongs to the right hand, then you are called to be prepared for the major shift.

Anticipate some troubles involving all the critical dimensions of your life.

An itchy right thumb is seen both as a good and as a negative side depending on how it itches and where it occurs.

Right Thumb Itching: Spiritual Meaning

If your right thumb on your hand itches and its left side is itchy, it may mean that you will see something that will pleasantly surprise you.

It can be the behavior of a person with whom you got a completely different impression the first time you met him.

You have to understand that each of us has our good and bad days and that people should never be judged at first glance.

You will be very pleasantly surprised and you will be glad to be in her company.

If your right thumb itches and its tip, only the tip and you have the feeling that it hurts even, such an event has a strong spiritual meaning.

It can represent your desire for success in every sense, to the extent that you have become burdened and ready for anything, to gain the respect of the people you work with and socialize with.

You have to understand that “stepping over the dead” to succeed has its consequences.

And those are that people will have respect for you and not respect, and there is a big difference between the two, would you agree?

Try to understand those two differences and why would you want people to respect and appreciate you so much because of your success and material wealth.

A man is valued and respected by his actions and by the fact that he is, above all, a man.

If your right thumb itches, and it tickles more than it itches, and you know that there is no physical way to scratch it, then such an event, from the spiritual point of view, may mean that you are a person who considers yourself to be better than the people around.

You are from a rich family (or the family that sees themselves as much better than the rest, even if this has never resonated with you) and because of that, you enjoy a certain status in society. Or just because of that and for no other reason.

You have to understand that the value of a person is not measured only in the money he owns, but that there are also spiritual values that a person must possess.

You will not get far in life with your self-love, because wealth can be spent, but what remains is what is inside us, which is our personality and our soul.

That’s why you should have respect for people who are not as rich as you because believe that you can learn a lot from them.

What’s more, we recommend that you surround yourself with such people to learn valuable lessons for your future life.

Now, of course, different parts of your right thumb can itch you, and if the lower part of it, itches, then such an event, could suggest that you can expect an inheritance from a relative from abroad about whom you have only heard stories at family gatherings.

But you never had the chance to meet him, nor did you ever speak to him, you never even saw him in pictures.

This is a person who has no offspring and everything he has, he will write only to you.

Your life will change completely because it will be a great wealth. That’s something you can expect soon.

But the fact that the lower part of your right thumb itches and that you will take on so much wealth means that there will be a condition for it in the will so that it could all be yours.

You will probably have to commit to picking up his work where he left off.

So it will also require certain obligations and not just spending inherited money.

In any case, your life turns upside down.

If your right thumb itches deep inside, it may mean that someone will seriously insult you in the coming period.

It will be someone you trust and whom you consider a friend, and that’s why his words will hit you hard.

This is something that will happen at a celebration and in front of many people, and you will be in awe and will not know how to react.

We advise you not to react, but to pick yourself up and leave so that you don’t react hastily and say what you don’t think an affect you, which is exactly what your friend will do.

You step aside and leave him in his shame and what he said.

At times, the right thumb itch is the event that speaks of the material side of your life, and, it can say a lot about your attitude toward the spiritual versus the material side of life.

If your right thumb itches when you count money, it may mean that you will unfortunately have to give most of what you counted for bills that are behind you.

It is possible that you had some interruption in your business and that they accumulated in the account and now you will give most of your salary for it.

If your right thumb itches while being baptized, it may mean that you have done something wrong and that you now regret what you have done.

It is not a big sin, but you are a person who believes in God and tries to live according to his principles and commandments, and now you repent.

It is possible that you reacted suddenly in a situation and offended someone.

You are a meek man and you have surprised yourself with your actions.

But sometimes a person has to make a mistake, repent, and strengthen his faith and prayer.

God forgives much greater sins than your harsh words, and do not despair.

If your right thumb itches while driving, it may mean that you need to be careful in traffic because your mind wanders while driving.

Your job is probably that of a professional driver, and you do it very conscientiously.

But lately, you’ve been having problems that bother you and you don’t know how to solve them and you’re thinking about it while you’re driving.

This is something that you know and must not do on your own, so that you do not cause an accident and that someone does not get hurt.

Get yourself together or take annual vacations or sick leave to deal with those issues before getting back behind the wheel.

Can you imagine a professional soldier who has to dismantle a land mine on which a colleague stopped him and while he was doing that he was thinking about yesterday’s fight with his wife? It’s you behind the wheel when you drift off, a ticking time bomb.

Take care and rest yourself and solve problems.

If your right thumb itches while studying, it may mean that you are not devoting enough time to your education.

Everything is ahead of the book for you and that will be reflected in your grades soon.

Everything has become more important to you than school and books.

A night out, boys, and girls, alcohol, parties, and everything that young people like you like.

But you also have to understand that you should be moderate in everything, and you have started to exaggerate.

To be your person tomorrow and be able to do a job that you love and that interests you, you will have to study and that is the only way.

The sooner you realize that, the better it will be for you.

If your right thumb itches from a spiritual point of view, it may mean that you are a person who was born under a lucky star and that the universe dealt you excellent cards.

You can achieve everything you want, thanks to the fact that you are a very positive person, and radiate that to the people around you, to whom, when they are next to you, good things also happen.

The universe has been generous with some of us and dealt some very bad cards, and your task is to help them and lead them on the right path, and that is exactly the purpose of your existence.

The light gave you that energy to bring balance and work through you where needed.

That energy you possess is not yours alone, and you become aware of it.

You should unselfishly give it to people who are in any kind of problem, especially to people who suffer from depression and anxiety.

In this way, you will realize your purpose and enlighten your soul even more because the one who gives, in the end, receives many times over.

If you ever feel a lack of energy, it may mean that you have just transferred it to someone whose life it will save, because it will shake his soul and strengthen it and give it the strength to resist the darkness that has overtaken it.


As you were able to see, there are so many different scenarios your body can speak of the spiritual meanings; and advice it can give it you.

The type of power you place out when you have an itchy thumb, in this case, the thumb that belongs to the right hand, defines the type of power you obtain from the Universe.

This is the way that the Universe operates. If you are prepared and ready to welcome the transformations arriving your way, everything will ultimately function in your best interest.

So, from the spiritual point of view, when your right thumb itches, then it comes as an indication that your treasures and god-given gifts are not being used.

You can do much more – this may be the signal that you are called to move beyond the obstacles you have set in front of yourself.

The biggest boundary in the world is the one that we have set in front of us, so the message here is to go beyond the limit.

The Universe desires you to get out of your shell and be the best version of yourself.

Also having this experience often is a sign to be more optimistic than you have ever been – so the right thumb shows the place where you should put your focus.

And it could be a sign of optimism and hope, good fortune, and lucky events that will follow you along the path.

In the end, think of this idea, an idea that could change your life.

Some people think that when your thumb itches constantly, you’ll gain or earn a lot of money, and it will come to you so easily, and so smoothly that you will be surprised by it.

It can be your lucky thumb – this is not just because, and you should test it.

And others claim that te right side is associated with the rational mind so that soon you will be in a position to make good, and reasonable decisions that will alter your life.

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