Red Candle – Spiritual Meaning

Candles are ignitable wicks embedded in some flammable substances, like wax, or tallow, which provide light, and when the candle is scented, they also provide fragrance.

Once the wick is ignited, the candle is lit and as it burns the candle becomes shorter.

Candles have been in use for millennia to light people’s houses and make people function after the sun sets, but since the discovery of electricity, their use has diminished significantly.

However, candles are still used in religious and other kinds of rituals as well as decorative objects and house scents.

Red candle symbolism

Red is considered the color of passion, energy, and lust. Red candles are mostly used in spiritual activities and rituals to help someone’s s*xuality, induce lust and passion, as well as to create power.

Red candles are also used to lift the energy and mood of a person.

This candle color symbolizes power, but also beauty and courage. They can also symbolize danger coming from excess passion, energy, and activity.

Red candles are used to ignite someone’s passion, or passion in a relationship, but also to attract some material things into our lives, especially money and prosperity.

Red candles can help you materialize your goals and bring them from your thoughts into your reality when combined with the right intentions and mental states.

They are also used to promote and boost someone’s strength, desire, passion, s*xuality, fertility, and energy, but also feelings of anger and competitiveness.

The meaning of red candles is mostly related to passion and vitality, but also determination, aggression, and courage.

Red is the color of the root chakra, and this color candle can help in the process of unblocking this chakra.

Red candles help clear the energy flow through the entire body, not just the root chakra. They are an excellent tool for chakra-balancing rituals.

Red candle spiritual meaning

Red candles can be used for different intentions and can have a variety of spiritual meanings.

Below are some of the most significant ones:

  1. Inspiring optimism and action

Red is considered a color of action and energy. Red-colored candles are used to inspire people to take action and boost their energy.

They awaken the optimism within you and make you believe that what you want is possible and within your reach.

If you are feeling unmotivated in some situation and you need something to lift your spirits and motivate you to take action, burning a red candle can be the thing you should do accompanied by some optimistic affirmations which will give you courage to take action.

  1. Clearing negative energy

Red candles can be used to expel negative entities in your space.

They are excellent when doing purification spells and rituals to clear the space of negative energy.

They are especially useful to clear up the space where the atmosphere is gloomy or negative.

Sometimes this can be caused by harmful spirits residing in this space, and sometimes this negative energy can be your accumulated negativity.

If you are feeling down, lacking courage, or depressed, it is advisable to burn a red candle to clear your space and brighten your mood.

  1. Attracting vitality and power

Red candles are excellent to boost your vitality and make you feel powerful and able to achieve whatever you want.

When you feel a lack of energy and you cannot seem to pull yourself together, burning a red candle can help invigorate you and make you feel stronger.

  1. Attracting wealth and prosperity

Burning a red candle during a ritual where you are attracting abundance and prosperity into your life is a great way to boost the attracting energy that will bring you your desired outcome.

If, for example, you want to promote the success of some project you are working on, or you want to boost your success, you should be burning red candles.

For those who are seeking a new job, a job promotion, or a pay rise, red candles are also recommended to use during the ritual of sending your intentions to the Universe.

The candle will help you to attract new opportunities into your life to improve it, as well as a chance to earn more money.

  1. Awaken your passion

Red is the color of passion and lust, and red candles are often used to ignite someone’s passion and s*xual drive.

They can also be used to spark the passion in a relationship.

If you feel that there is not enough fire and passion in your relationship, then burn a red candle saying the intention to change that.

Also, if you feel as if you have lost your sex drive and desire, burn a red candle intending to reignite the passion within you.

Red candles can also increase your fertility so be careful when you are doing rituals related to relationships if you are not planning to become a parent any time soon.

  1. Boosting a spell

Red candles are excellent to boost the energy of other candles when they are burned together. They can increase the results of a spell or intention. Just say your intention and burn a red candle alongside the candle that corresponds to your desire.

Red candles have the power to intensify the energy around a desire and amplify it so it can come to you faster.

Red is one of the most powerful colors in candle magic and you should be aware of that because you might attract some unwanted outcomes if you use red candles carelessly, especially with bad intentions.

  1. Self-protection

Even though black candles are usually used for protection from negative entities and energy, both black and red candle can be used for this purpose.

Black and red candle can be used together.

First, you can burn the black candle to eliminate or neutralize the negativity within or around you and clear the existing blocks.

This will clear the path for your intention to manifest. After that, burn the red candle to help you manifest your intention.

Red candles can also be used as a means to protect you from psychic attacks and ill-wishing aimed at you. Red candles can be used against people who have bad intentions towards you.

Red candles can also be used to improve your health, both physical and emotional. If you are facing some health issues, it is advisable to burn a red candle to raise your energy and help you fight them.

  1. Love spells

Red candles can also be used in love spells. For those looking for an ideal partner and relationship where there will both be love and passion between the partners, burning red candles is a must.

This will certainly help you achieve your goal of finding your perfect mate and the passion you are looking for sooner than expected.

However, you should be careful when using red candles to attract a passionate love relationship.

Their energy is very powerful and you might end up attracting a passionate lover that doesn’t see you as commitment material but finds you very attractive and only wants to be intimate with you without ever considering you suitable for something deeper and more meaningful.

Be careful with what you desire and how you use these powerful energies that you evoke by burning candles, especially red-colored ones.

Red candles indicate lust and passion and you might end up getting only that.

Also, be careful when using red candles because they increase fertility, and you might attract unwanted pregnancy with someone who only wants to be your lover and not your long-term partner.

  1. Restoring faith and hope

Red candles can also be used in prayer when we need to restore our faith and hope.

Red candle prayer means burning a red candle while saying our prayers to God and the Universe to help us regain our faith and hope after a difficult situation in life, such as loss, heartbreak, or similar.

Candles have been used during religious rituals, in churches and other religious objects since ancient times. They symbolically represent the connection between us, or the material world, and the divine world of spirit.

Candle magic

Candles have been used in rituals since ancient times. They are used in churches and religious temples, but they can also be used at home in the special space or altar you dedicated for this purpose.

Candles are also used in candle magic. Candle magic represents using candles of different colors to perform rituals and cast spells to increase their power. Candles of different colors and scents are used for various desired outcomes.

The burning of a candle of a specific color during a ritual increases the frequency of that color and its influence.

The fire that helps the candle to burn has a purifying and energizing effect and helps raise the frequency of the person performing the ritual, the person in whose name the ritual is performed or a place.

Candle magic is sometimes used for establishing communication with the spirit world and our angelic guides. They are considered a tie between these two worlds.

The candle burning and its flame can give a lot of insight and information to those who know how to read them. There is a different interpretation when the candle burns fast or slow, or the flame is strong or weak.

Candles are used to release or amplify energy. They represent the element of fire.

They also symbolize transformation which is necessary to bring the changes you desire into your life by performing your candle rituals.

Burning a candle during a magic ritual or spiritual ritual is considered an act of connecting the physical to the spiritual realm.

Depending on the candle color different goals can be achieved. It is necessary to carefully choose the candle colors.

Dealing with the forces of other worlds is not a game and should be done with caution.

Only experienced individuals should perform these rituals. You don’t want to attract unwanted energies into your life because of your thoughtless actions and literally “playing with fire”.

Dark spells can be harmful and cause dangerous situations so be careful when using candles for magic and other rituals.

Candle rituals

Candle rituals imply setting intentions and burning the candle in the color that is most suited for that intention.

Before beginning a candle ritual, it is important to set your intention. Think well about what your desired outcome is. This will help you choose the right candle or candles you will use during your candle ritual.

After you have set an intention, it is important to energetically cleanse your space and your aura using sage or some other cleansing tool.

It is recommended to write your intentions to symbolically bring them from your mind into the physical realm.

For these rituals, it is advisable to use candles placed in tall transparent glass to be able to observe the flame with ease.

When burning the candle you should say aloud your intentions or think about them in your mind. Some prefer to visualize their goal and then burn the candle to release their intention into the Universe.

You will feel what is the best way to prepare for your ritual and perform it. You might choose to meditate first and prepare your mind for the process.

When you feel you are ready, light the candle, think about your intention, or say it aloud. You can observe the candle flame for a while, repeat your intentions or do whatever you feel is right at that moment.

When you feel that your intention is sent to the Universe, snuff the candle. It is best not to blow the candle out if possible. After that, thank God and the Universe for helping you as if you have already received your desire.

During the ritual, the size of the flame will indicate the level of energy and intensity of your desire and intention.

A big flame is a sign that your intention has a lot of power and is likely to be fulfilled soon. When the flame is weak, this might be a sign of the need to wait a while for your intention to be manifested.

Fast burning flame is a sign that there are no obstacles to the fulfilment of your intentions, while if the flame burns slow, this is often a sign of obstacles or limiting beliefs you have, which are also obstacles you need to work on resolving to clear the path to your desires.

It is also important to pay attention to the flame and whether it stains the glass where the candle is put.

If the fire leaves a black stain on the transparent glass, this might be a sign of some obstacles and energy shifts that need to happen for you to get what you want.

Also, when the candle wax sticks to the glass, this might indicate having inner resistance to the desire you want to manifest, and the importance of working on releasing it.

Red candles are often used in candle rituals. They are linked to the Zodiac sign Aries and the planet Mars. Their use is most effective on Tuesday because Tuesday is the day of Mars.

The energy of red candles is very powerful and you should be careful, especially when using red candles in revenge rituals against your enemies.

You might easily attract accidents, injuries, and actual fire, and you certainly don’t want that to happen.

Red candles are used in rituals where you want to manifest your intentions fast because they represent fast-moving energy.

The best time to burn a red candle when you want to improve something or attract something is during the phase when the moon increases in size (new, waxing moon).

When you want to remove something, you should burn your red candle during the phase when the moon is decreasing (waning moon).

Other candle color meanings

Candles of various colors are used in candle magic to help you achieve your goals.

Pink candles

Pink candles are associated with romance and love. For those who are looking to find love, burning pink candles is recommended.

A pink candle is better than a red one for this purpose because red is more related to lust and physical love, while pink ones are associated with true love.

Pink candles attract a true love commitment with someone, while red candles can attract passion and non-committal sexual encounters.

If passion interests you more than love, then red candles are for you. If you want to attract truly committed love, then choose pink ones.

Yellow candles

Yellow is a stimulating color. Burning a yellow candle is excellent when you want to improve your focus on your goals.

Candles in yellow color also help in doing your inner work, embracing your imperfections, and the imperfections of the world around you.

Orange candles

Because the orange color is associated with creativity and creation, these candles are excellent for boosting your creativity and helping you in your creative endeavors.

These candles are also great for calling in new friendships that will have a lasting and meaningful nature.

They are also candles to burn when you want to cheer yourself up and lighten the mood in your house.

Green candles

Green candles symbolize growth and advancement. For those who desire to level up their life, green candles are an excellent choice. Burning green candles with the intention to become more prosperous will help you get there.

Green is the color of money, and this is why these candles are used in rituals performed when you want to attract money.

Black candles

Black candles have a protective role. They are used when you desire protection from someone or something. After you use the candle it is recommended to release the negative energy and let go of it.

Black candles are also used for destroying negative patterns and habits.

These candles should not be used all the time, but for a specific situation, you want to protect yourself from. They have a powerful energy that shouldn’t be messed with.

Light blue candles

Light blue symbolizes truth and acceptance. For those who are struggling to accept some situation in their life and come to terms with something, a candle of light blue color is an excellent choice.

Saying an intention to calm down and release the past and burning this candle will help you leave these negative emotions in the past and move on with your life.

Also, for those who want to discover some truth about themselves or something, this is an excellent color candle to burn.

Dark blue candles

Dark blue candles are related to intuition and illusion. If you want to boost your intuition or get rid of some illusion that you are obsessing about, you are recommended to use dark blue candles.

Dark blue candles will help you to get in touch with your inner guidance and help you raise your vibration. They might help you get in tune with the Universal truths and knowledge that will help you on your path.

Purple candles

Purple is the color of dreams and vivid dreams. If you want to discover some truths and gain insight from your dreams, purple candles can help you do this.

Purple candles are also a great tool for cleansing your vibrations.

Gold candles

Gold candles are used for raising your vibration. This color candle will amplify your intentions.

They can be used in pairs with other color candles that are related to your intentions to boost their energy and help you to manifest your intentions soon.

White candles

White candles are great to use for new beginnings and starting fresh. When you want to leave something behind and clear your energy from the past, you can burn this candle to help you do that.

Also, if you want to restore peace and calm in your life use a white candle. These candles help create harmony and tranquility.

A bit of candle history

Before candles, oil lamps were used to produce light. The first candles were made by the Romans, around 500 BC.

They produced them from tallow. In ancient times, candles were made from natural fat, tallow, and wax.

Candles were also made in ancient China, around 200 BC, and were made from whale fat.

In the Middle Ages, mostly used were candles produced from tallow. Candlemakers collected kitchen fats saved for this purpose from various households and produced candles.

They also had small candle shops where they sold the candles they produced.

Candles were also made from beeswax, which was cleaner than other types of candles and didn’t produce a smoky flame.

Because beeswax was very expensive, not many people could afford to burn such candles in the Middle Ages. Beeswax candles were used mostly in church ceremonies and rich households.

In the Middle East candles were also mostly made of beeswax which was expensive as well. Common people used oil lamps and the rich could afford to burn these expensive beeswax candles.

In time, candlemakers began using other substances for making candles, such as colza and rapeseed oil, and spermaceti, a substance made from the sperm whale.

The first machine for candle production allowed a continuous production of candles and this increased the supply of this product which in turn reduced the price, and more and more people could afford to burn candles to light their homes.

In the 1850s, candles started to be made from paraffin wax, which made them more affordable.

After the invention of electricity candles were no longer needed to illuminate houses and nowadays they are used as decorative objects and room fragrances.

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