Queen of Spades Card – Meaning and Symbolism

Almost every person on the planet knows about cards, but not many people know the story about their origin.

In fact, it isn’t clear for sure where were cards first developed.

It is believed that the first card deck was created in China in 1000s.

From there, cards somehow found their way to Europe, through traders or possibly crusaders.

They first appeared in Europe by the end of 13th or beginning of the 14th century, possibly in Spain or Italy.

These cards were an item to admire, luxurious hand-painted.

Because of how expensive their making was, cards were reachable only to small group of people.

In time, their production became cheaper, so more people were able to acquire them.

As they spread across Europe, cards were given new visual identity.

The suits we know today were used in France.

Also, the French added the two colors (black and red) to the suits.

The final addition to the modern card deck were the two Joker cards, added by the Americans.

Spade Symbolism and Personality Traits

The spade is one of the suits of the card deck. The word originates from the Italian word “spada” which means sword.

For this reason, the spade suit is called swords suit in tarot.

This suit symbolizes intelligence, communication, wisdom, work, physical activity, action, life and death, acceptance, etc.

People who resonate with the spade suit are usually very active, both physically and mentally.

They enjoy different physical activities, and their mind needs to always be occupied with something, otherwise, they become bored. These people are avid travelers.

Even though it seems that they are only interested in the material side of life, these people are very spiritual beings, and very much interested into developing their spirituality further.

It is important for them to fulfil the need of their souls as well as to fill their wallets.

Queen Card Meaning

The Queen is a card which symbolizes giving and support, pride, sensitivity, charm, femininity, devotion, sociability, gracefulness, attractiveness, ideals, love, responsibility, creativity, inspiration, devotion, drama, intelligence, brilliance, arrogance, indecisiveness, laziness, controlling nature, impatience, co-dependency, self-indulging behavior, frivolous behavior, emotional behavior, stubbornness, neurotic behavior, short-tempered reactions, vindictiveness, bossy behavior, unpredictability, escapism, etc.

The Queen card represents the principle of birth.

Their authority is almost as high as the authority of a King, and they represent the female principle of rulership. 

Queen of Spades Card – Meaning and Symbolism

The Queen of spades symbolizes achievements and ability.

It is a symbol of leadership qualities and great success.

It also symbolizes talent and creativity.

This card is a sign of ability to communicate truth and true feelings.

It is a sign of independence, education, well-manners, excellent expression skills, etc.

It gives talent for public speaking, writing, education.

The Queen of spades is a symbol of a sharp mind and strong and determined will. 

Queen of Spades Card Personality Traits

Queen of Spades people are selfless and share their wisdom with others.

They have the ability to lead other people, but it is up to them to awaken and use these abilities.

It is all up to their free will whether they will choose to rule others.

Queen of spades people often don’t end up in a position of authority and power or they don’t even accomplish much in life despite all their qualities and talents.

When this happens, many of these Queens begin to complain about their life and spue their bitterness over others who are more successful than they are even though they don’t possess the same qualities as the Queens’.

They need to realize that the sole reason for their lack of success is their behavior, actions, and decisions.

They shouldn’t blame anyone else for their failure.

It often happens that these people end up in much lower positions and doing jobs beneath their abilities.

It is usually through a set of circumstances that they end up in such place, but this happens to make them aware of the need to fight and put effort into achieving their dreams.

It is not enough to just possess talents and qualities, they need to take action and make the most of them.

Because of their often bitter and resentful attitude towards life and people, blaming others or circumstances for their misfortune, these people often don’t achieve much in life.

They are very spiritual by nature, but often this aspect of their personality is blurred and put aside by their strong focus on the material side of life.

They need to become aware of their responsibility for their life.

This is when things begin to change for them.

It is important for these people to begin using their intuitive powers and listen to the messages of their inner voice.

It can guide them and prevent them from making the wrong decisions about money and work, which are important spheres in their life.

For these people a career in writing and communications is an excellent choice.

They are also excellent as teachers and transferring their knowledge and wisdom to others.

They are also very educated and finish their education with ease.

The Queen of spades person experiences issues with law, and they usually struggle to get their way in this area.

For these people, love and relationship happiness often comes later in their life.

Their extreme independent nature is opposite to the idea of commitment, relationships, and marriage.

Their views of romance and relationships might be overly idealistic and don’t fit easily with real life circumstances.

This is what makes them be very picky and miss on right opportunities because they have a vision of their “ideal mate” in their head.

The quest for the right one might lead them to many affairs and frequent change of partners.

After many disappointments they finally learn the qualities they actually need to look for in their partner.

Because they appreciate the material side of life, these people might be prone to looking for wealthy partners who hold positions of authority.

In reality, they rarely end up with someone who is wealthy.

The nature of the Queen of spades is feminine, which is why the person whose birth card this is, possesses feminine qualities; they are giving, caring, nurturing, protective, gentle, and kind beings.

If they find themselves in a managerial position, they do this job excellently because they combine the principle of discipline and justice in their approach to their subordinates.

The Queen of spades is a just leader and people they manage usually have a lot of respect for their work, mostly because they feel respected and valued by the Queen of spades.

These people are responsible and do their job with care.

For many Queen of spades people it often happens that they spend the first half of their lives doing jobs beneath their qualifications, and underpaid.

Most of them feel humiliated and degraded by this, but the ones who are able to overcome these feelings and keep their ambition alive, manage to reach the level they deserve.

They reach the position of authority and the paycheck which makes them satisfied.

It takes a lot of self-discipline and sacrifice for that, which is why many of them give up before the end and remain bitter and resentful blaming everyone for their faults.

They feel especially bad if they need to work as a subordinate under a figure of authority.

Many of them don’t accept authority well. These situations bring out the worst in them.

These people learn fast and are usually very curious. They might have a difficulty while deciding their future career because they are interested in many different things.

This prevents them from focusing on one thing and becoming a master in the area.

For these people it is often the case that they don’t manage to use their full potential because of scattered attention and lack of focus.

Only when they manage to focus their attention on one goal they are bound to succeed.

Women whose birth card is the Queen of spades might appear a bit masculine or have a masculine outlook of things.

They are grounded and direct, and it is easy for them to openly speak their truth.

It is essential for these people to work on developing an optimistic outlook on things and never succumb to negative patterns of thinking.

They should also avoid legal issues and disputes because there is a high chance of getting the shorter end of the stick.

The Queens of spade might become successful writers or creative artists.

When the Queen of spades is satisfied with their position and role in life, they can show the best of their nature to the world around them.

They are caring and eager to be of service to others.

Maybe the best advice for a Queen of spades personality is to focus on building their own busines or use their knowledge to help others as an independent consultant.

Only when they don’t feel the pressure of someone’s authority they can work and give their best.

Queen of Spades personality is born on January 2nd. 

Queen of Spades Card in Tarot and Cartomancy

The Queen of spades doesn’t have a good reputation in cartomancy and tarot.

It represents a negative woman, who is usually lonely and hostile towards others.

This woman is full of resentment and repressed anger.

This card can also be a sign of conflicts and jealousy.

It can indicate something or someone with these qualities blocking the achievement of a goal.

If the Queen of spades appears in a spread this can mean that someone might try to stop the client from getting what they want possibly out of jealousy or some other negative emotions.

The purpose might be just to harm the client.

The Queen of spades card symbolizes lies being told to harm someone.

When the card appears in the spread it might be a sign of warning to the client to make good judgment and take all matters into concern before making some important decisions.

It also indicates not to make emotional decisions and judgments and be rational about a situation.

This card in a spread is a reminder to consider all the facts before making the final judgment.

Sometimes this card appears in a spread as a sign to the querent not to rely on other people’s opinions and judgments and start using their own head for a change.

It reminds us to be objective and not subjective when making conclusions and deciding.

In some cases, the Queen of spades in a spread can indicate speaking the truth about some matter or hearing the truth from someone.

It encourages us to speak the truth no matter how harsh it might be.

This card is a sign of direct and unbiased talk.

When the Queen of spades appears upright in a spread it can indicate emotional thinking, irrational decisions, restlessness, subjective conclusions, etc.; it can also indicate feelings of jealousy, bitterness, and resentment.

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