Prophetic Dreams About Lions

Dreams are still an unexplored area of our being and existence.

Although the newest scientific advances go much deeper beneath the surface of the dreams, compared to old times, it is not possible to make a clear consensus on what do dreams really represent.

Dreams are definitely a mirror of our daily lives, at least to a certain degree.

If we obsess over something, it is very likely we would have a dream about it.

Sometimes, we dream about things we find irrelevant in real time.

However, dreams reflect our thoughts and our experiences.

Throughout the day, we acquire too many information.

Our brain cannot process all of them consciously and some of those enter our dreams.

Dreams also represent the hidden part of our soul and our mind, for we dream about things we consciously or subconsciously suppress.

According to well-known psychoanalytical theory, our dreams represent our suppressed desires.

Some say dreams are nothing but images our brain creates while we are asleep, without any particular logic.

Still, some of our dreams are striking in meaning they represent and the impact they have over us.

Dreams are full of symbols and symbolical meanings, some of which universal and others deeply personal.

It is for a good reason that people have often considered dreams prophetic and extremely meaningful.

People have been interpreting dreams since old civilizations.

Many leaders, philosophers, inventors, scientists and, above all, saints and prophets, considered dreams a channel for some higher power.

They would sometimes decide the course of their action, based on their dreams.

Dreams have often been taken as omens, good or bad. There are various stories about dreams, throughout the world cultures.

Dreams have always been an essential part of every mythology, belief system and religion.

Can we speak about dreams as prophecies? There is no clear answer to this questions.

What we certainly know is that, throughout history of civilization, dreams have very often been taken as prophetic.

Sometimes, we cannot even tell if dreams represent past events, present times or even future, or they are a mixture of everything.

Dreams are fascinating and still unfathomable, and definitely loaded with symbols.

Lion Symbolism

Dreams about lions fall under the category of dreams with very powerful and straightforward symbolism, although the meaning varies, depending on individual cases, of course.

Various scenarios result in different meanings.

However, the symbolism of lions is pretty universal.

Lion, the ‘king of all animals’, as the beautiful big cat has been perceived throughout ages, is probably one of the most impressive and beautiful, yet scary and dangerous living creatures.

Since ancient times, the lion symbolizes power, strength, courage, royalty, pride and authority.

All empires and kingdoms have been amazed by this beautiful animal, taking it is the symbol of royal power and might.

Lion’s impressive muscular body, strong and fast legs, its feline moves and appearance, adorned with the animal’s lavish mane, leave everyone speechless.

Lioness, the female lion, is equally impressive, though in a specific way.

The lioness symbolizes sacrifice, motherly love, protection, guardianship, incredible strength and power.

No wonder all peoples of the earth have been in awe with these big felines.

In various cultures and societies, including Egyptian, Persian, Greek and Roman, the lion was considered the ultimate symbol of the highest authority and power, of justice and immortality.

Lions take prominent places in world’s traditions and mythologies.

Lions have not been considered only symbols of royal might, power and justice, but also of danger and threat.

Lions are beasts worth of every admiration, but they, for a good reason, inspire fear in human beings.

Let us mention the story of the famous Greek hero Heracles and the Nemean lion, the majestic beast with claws that could pierce even the strongest armor, with golden fur that cannot be hurt by the mortals , eventually killed by the hero.

In Buddhist tradition, the lion represents wisdom, prosperity and enlightenment.

In Islam, lions are associated with protection from evil forces. In Fengh Shui, so called ‘foo dogs’, a lion-dog-like creatures, are ultimate symbols of protection and prosperity.

One of the most powerful zodiac sign is that of Leo, the lion, ruled by the mighty Sun and the masculine principle.

People born under this sign are dignified, self-confident, a bit loud and attention seeking, but brave, generous and warm-hearted, true leaders.

Lion’s symbolism has its dark side, as expected.

This mighty animal is associated with aggression, wild, uncontrollable nature, self-centrism, arrogance, the complex of higher value.

A Face of Cherubim and the Lion’s Den

In Christianity, lions have been associated with strength and resurrection and it also symbolizes spiritual wisdom.

In the Bible, lions are mentioned many times, both positively and negatively.

For example, Jesus Christ himself was named ‘the lion of Judah’.

Throughout the holy text, lions are mentioned in association with God, but also as destructive and even evil symbol. Sometimes, the devil is associated with a roaring lion.

Probably all know the story of the prophet Daniel, the God-loving man who was thrown into a den of lions, as a punishment.

He was punished because he rejected the order of Persian king – the mighty monarch banned prayers to God.

However, through God’s power, the mouths of lions were shut and godly prophet

Daniel survived what would otherwise be certain death.

In the Bible, lions are also mentioned as one of the four faces of cherubim guarding the throne of God.

As such, the lion represents God’s justice, power and strength, the Almighty’s supreme authority over everything there is.

Dreams About Lions – General Info

We have only scratched the surface of rich and deep symbolism of lions, but it is good enough for the start.

Now that we know something about lion symbolism, let us talk about dreams in which lions appear.

What does it mean to dream about lions? What kind of a ‘prophecy’ those dreams bring?

Dreams about lions are associated with ideas and concepts already mentioned.

Those are dreams associated with personal strength and power, authority questions, our place in the hierarchy of life.

Seeing a lion in a dream could be both a positive or a negative sign, depending on the context and details of the dream.

The lion could represent your own power, the amount of power you have over a certain situation, for instance.

Think about your current situation in life. Are you the lion or a zebra, figuratively speaking?

The lion represents our instincts, our desires, our strength.

The lion is the symbol of personal power.

If a lion appears in a dream in the time you have some very important decisions to make or during the times of struggle, it could be a very affirmative sign.

The dream reminds you of your own strength.

Even if the times are hard, you could emerge victorious and, even if you fail, you will preserve your status, your dignity and your reputation.

People value you for your efforts, determination, your noble personality, your royal attitude, in spite of the dread circumstances.

The lion in a dream could represent your instincts and desires, a sort of a predatory part of human nature.

There is a prey you chase; the lion in a dream embodies that part of your self. This could be both a positive and a negative meaning.

Lions are, after all, wild animals, beasts we cannot control. A lion inside you could be the same.

Maybe you find yourself in a situation in which your lowest instincts take control over you, instead the other way around.

Lions in dreams usually represent an aspect of the dreamer’s personality, especially if a dream is plain, if you, for example, only see a lion in a dream, without any specific interaction with the animal.

How the king of the jungle behaves is a reflection of your current state of being.

Dreams about being turned into a lion

Dreams about being turned into an animal, in this case, a lion, are not very common dreams.

Nevertheless, they have a powerful symbolism.

If you dream about yourself being a lion or a lioness, it could tell you much about your own personality.

You are self-confident and strong, loyal, just and noble person, with an attitude of a good king.

You are ready to do whatever it takes to protect dear people around you.

You are becoming stronger, more independent and more noble in recent times.

Being a lion in a dream represents an inner growth, bringing into awareness some traits you were not aware of.

This could be a very positive dreams, as it is usually associated with the positive symbolism of lions.

Alternatively, if you dream of being turned into a raging, roaring, wild lion, the dream represents your suppressed desires, your instincts and your inability to have them under control.

You will have to work on your assertiveness.

Dreams about a friendly lion

Now, let us think through some more specific scenarios.

Lions are dangerous and wild animals, so dreams about meeting a friendly lion could be quite impressive and meaningful.

What does it mean to have a friendly lion in a dream?

If you dream about approaching a lion who is friendly and does not attack you, but allows you to pet it, like a domestic cat, it is a very positive dream, but it could have a twofold meaning.

On one side, if the lion represents yourself, it means you will be able to tame the wild part of your own being.

You are in control of your powerful nature, in a very positive way. Instead of using your claws, you choose to be gentle and warm.

Instead of trying to impress people by your authoritative stance, you will become a bit softer than usual.

People who have a very strong sense of self, those who embody the lion-like traits, those who find it very important to preserve a self-image of someone fearless, all-powerful, strong, reliable and protective, often suppress their gentle part of the self.

The friendly, cuddly lion in a dream is yourself. You see, the lion will never lose its reputation as the mightiest of animals, even if it appears tamed and lovely.

Do not be afraid to show your softness. Even the greatest kings and warriors need a bit of gentleness in life.

Alternatively, the friendly lion could represent someone else. Maybe it was someone you are in awe of, someone you are even afraid of.

The dream suggests you should not be. Act naturally, and allow the other one to throw away their armor.

This dream suggests you will be able to ‘conquer’ someone who appears all-powerful, dangerous and unapproachable.

Dreams about a lion chasing you

Dreams about being chased by a lion are usually very scary.

As lion may represent your own self, this dream suggests you have problems with controlling your own temperament. You are trying to avoid controlling your own behavior.

On the other side, the lion chasing you embodies situations and people having control over you in a very negative and aggressive way.

Someone tries to impose on you, by using their power and perhaps even some sort of violence.

Think about whether there is such a person in your surroundings, someone imposing, arrogant, narcissistic.

It could be some of your family members, your partner, your boss. It could even be a person you consider a good friend.

For a reason, you are afraid to face them and speak up for yourself.

Alternatively, this dream could suggests you are under a threat or current circumstances of your life are threatening and you will find yourself in a trouble.

Do not let the dream scare you, but think through it; there is always a solution.

Dreams about lioness

Lionesses symbolize maternal instincts, motherhood, courage, sacrifice and protection.

Lionesses are hunters and the ones who fiercely defend their offspring.

In a dream, a lioness could represent a powerful female figure in your life.

Maybe you are not even aware of her care and effort or you simply take it for granted.

This lioness person does not need your gratitude, she is happy only to see you taken care of and safe and secure.

A lioness in a dream represents pure motherly type of love and ultimate protection.

Dreams about killing a lion

Although dreams about killing a lion in a dream could appear upsetting, it is usually a positive type of a dream.

This dream is actually an upgraded friendly lion dream, if we could say so.

To kill a lion in a dream means you will finally tame and control the wild part of yourself.

In order to grow as a person, in order to overcome some challenges in life, you will sometimes have to let go of your stubborn ego and get rid of your pride.

After all, these are only a façade. Be more approachable and natural and people will value you more.

To kill a lion in a dream is a metaphor for the death of the egocentric, selfish, arrogant and prideful part of a human being.

People are often afraid to ‘kill’ the ego, because they think others would perceive them as weak and too soft.

However, it is exactly the other way around.

Once you ‘kill’ the aggressive wild beast within, you will reborn as more noble, more humane and definitely a more admirable and lovable person.

After all, it is what everyone of us secretly desires.

Dreams about lion cubs

Dreams about lion cubs are very positive. Lion cubs may be playful, cuddly and lovely, like children.

Eventually, they will turn into mighty lions and lionesses.

The dream about lion cubs tell about the innocent, young part of yourself. It should remind you of the child within.

Alternatively, it reminds you to be kind and protective of the young, weak and vulnerable around you, children specifically.

This dream should awaken tenderness inside you.

You should nurture your compassionate nature and be willing to engage with the gentle and playful part of your own being.

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