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New Reality Fast Track Training



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Are you ready to finally make all your dreams come true with absolute clarity and certainty?

If you don't have a clear and sure way to manifest your dream life, OR If you feel confused and doubtful when you think about your dreams and goals, you need to 

GET ON the Fast Track with me!

 The Fast Track contains a powerful "6 sacred step manifesting process" which I have previously only shared with a handful of people. The steps are simple, but it took me 22 years of trial and error to finalize and perfect them. They will completely change the way you manifest!

For the past 22 years, I have read hundreds of books, and trained with masters from various spiritual traditions in order to discover the secret to turning thoughts into physical reality.

For the first 8 years, I tried everything out there, and nothing worked.

Then the miracle happened during the darkest time of my life.

My spirit guides whispered the Fast Track into my consciousness. Suddenly, the "missing pieces" appeared and the divine puzzle became complete. 

Within 30 days I manifested my dream life: I got the job I wanted. I manifested the abundance I so much desired. I met an amazing man whom I'm still happily married to today; and most importantly, I realized that there is a fast track and I can teach others to do it.

Within 30 days I manifested my dream life:  I got the job I wanted. I manifested the abundance I so much desired. I met an amazing man with whom I'm still happily married today. Most importantly, I realized that there is a Fast Track to manifesting, and I can teach others to do it.

That was over 15 years ago. Time passed and I continued to study the in’s and out’s of manifestation, visualization, energy work, and more. I continued to perfect the process. After creating the "Choosing Gratitude" Youtube Channel, I started to share the Fast Track with a handful of my inner circle clients.

I was amazed at what the Fast Track helped them accomplish.


And now I want to share my secrets with you!

I am so excited to share with you my new reality fast track!

What can you expect on the Fast Track?

  • One-on-one sessions tailored to your specific goals and challenges. - Priceless!

  • Free Chinese Astrology Divination (Limited to 3 questions) - $299 value

  • One-on-one action-filled and result-driven manifestation sessions - $ 799 Value

  • Intuitive energy journeys to master visualization and manifestation - $399 Value

  • Learn 6 powerful sacred steps which I never shared before. - Priceless!

  •  intuitive messages from my guides about your specific situation. - Priceless!

  •  energetic support and clearing with Reiki - $199 Value

  • 4 private, 50-minute sessions with Karin - Priceless!

  • 4 Post session coaching emails -$199 Value

  • My Ultimate Subliminal Course! -$349 Value

Total Value - at least $2244 ! 
ENROLL TODAY for only $599!

It doesn't matter if your dream is big or small - we can make it happen together. Let's get started today!

Click "buy it now" and start this amazing journey with me today!

How to get started?

Step1: Add your desired session to your cart and make a secure payment. 

Step 2: Upon order confirmation, you will receive instructions on how to book the sessions online. You will be asked to provide an order number during booking.

Step 3: A coaching agreement will be emailed to you separately.

*We don't offer refunds on booked sessions or no shows, however, you can reschedule up to 24 hours prior to your session start time. 

New Reality Fast Track Training

New Reality Fast Track Training