Piano Dream – Spiritual and Biblical Meaning

Piano is a keyboard instrument invented around 1700 by Bartolomeo Cristofori.

The piano was created as an improvement of a previous musical instrument, the harpsichord.

Cristofori was an expert in creating harpsichords. He worked for the Grand Prince of Tuscany, Ferdinando de’ Medici.

He named his new instrument “cimbalo di cipresso di piano e forte”, which later turned into pianoforte, and finally, the piano.

In time, the instrument kept getting improved by other piano builders.

Modern pianos are built in two main configurations, the grand and the upright piano. Also there are electric pianos, electronic, and digital pianos.

Piano Symbolism

The piano can have a variety of symbolism.

It is considered a symbol of romance because of the sound it produces.

Pianos have a gentle and comforting sound, which associates the listener to romantic feelings and encounters.

Piano is also the symbol of peace and happiness, and overall satisfaction.

It can also symbolize joy and contentment.

Symbolically, pianos are a sign of family ties and family unity. In the times before radio, television, and social media, the family gathered around the person, usually a family member who played some compositions on the piano.

This was not a common occurrence in many homes, because pianos were never a cheap instrument.

However, symbolically it is seen as a symbol of family bonds and happiness.

Because it is an expensive instrument, especially in the times when it was created, not many households were able to afford owning a piano.

This is why this instrument is a symbol of wealth and luxury.

Piano also symbolizes privileges and social status, even in this day and age.

Not many people are privileged enough to be able to play the piano, even today. It is an expensive instrument, and it takes up a lot of space in the house.

This is why only the wealthiest were able to afford it, and it the situation is similar today.

Playing the piano means that more than your basic needs are provided for and you have the luxury to own a piano, play for the classes, and have enough time to practice playing it.

This is why this instrument symbolizes high social status and society privileges.

Spiritual & Biblical Meaning of Piano

Spiritually, the piano can symbolize peace and contentment.

By playing the piano, the musician becomes one with the instrument, and gets into an almost meditative state where it is possible to establish contacts with others spheres of existence.

Playing the piano, but also any other instrument, requires a lot of sacrifice and self-control.

There is a lot of similarity to following the spiritual path towards God and discovering spiritual truths.

Both paths require sacrifice, and they can often merge into one.

Specific Meanings of Piano in a Dream

Dreams about piano can have many different meanings.

Because piano, like any other instrument, is not easy to master, the dream about this instrument can be a sign of being in complete control of something in your life, or your life in general.

Often this can refer to controlling your emotions.

We might have this dream while trying to control our emotions or stop some feelings.

The location where the piano was in your dream is important to decipher where you are experiencing these control issues.

If you dreamed about a piano in your bedroom, this might indicate trying to control your intimate urges.

If the piano was in your work office, this might indicate being able to control how you react in public.

Sometimes this dream can indicate being overly confident and overly controlling of yourself and others.

This dream can also be a result of some daily experiences regarding pianos.

Maybe you’ve seen one, heard someone play it, or you played it yourself. Often our dreams reflect our daily reality.

Dreaming of playing the piano

If you were playing the piano in your dream, this might be an indication of your desire to establish peace and harmony in your life.

You can decipher the area of your life where you would like more balance and peace, through the location where you were playing the piano, for example, your home, workplace, etc.

Sometimes playing the piano might indicate hearing some unpleasant news regarding your work or a project.

Maybe something you planned to be a success will turn out to be a failure.

Dreaming of learning to play the piano

If you dreamed you were learning to play the piano, this might not be a good sign.

Maybe it will require a lot of effort and time on your behalf to deal with some issues you are currently experiencing.

This dream might indicate the need to master self-control and establish balance in your life.

Dreaming of teaching someone to play the piano

If you dreamed of teaching someone to play the piano, this is usually a good sign indicating your happiness because of someone’s success.

Maybe you will help someone achieve some goal and you will sincerely be happy for it.

This dream is often a sign of your satisfaction with someone’s achievements.

Dreaming of practicing to play the piano

If you dreamed you were practicing to play the piano, this might indicate trying to master your self-control in some situation.

This dream could indicate needing to sacrifice for a goal that is important. It won’t be easy, but this dream reveals your readiness.

Dreaming about playing the piano at a concert

A dream where you played the piano in front of a big audience is usually a sign of a disturbed subconscious.

You might be expecting to find yourself in the public eye for some reason and you feel exposed and scared.

Maybe you need to practice performing in front of some audience or under stressful circumstances, like giving a lecture or something similar, and the dream has put you in a similar situation during your sleep, revealing your worries.

Dreaming about singing and playing the piano

If you dreamed you were playing the piano and singing at the same time, this dream is a sign of some situation where you will be able to express your opinion or your emotions to someone or a larger group of people.

Dreaming about listening someone play the piano

If you dreamed of hearing the sound of piano, the interpretation of this dream will depend upon the pleasantness of the music you were hearing.

If the music was delightful and you enjoyed listening, this is a sign of absolute satisfaction with how your life is at the moment.

If, on the other hand, the music was unpleasant, this might indicate worries and stress about your current life circumstances.

Dreaming of buying a piano

If you were buying a piano in your dream, this is possibly a sign of a major investment you could soon make to improve your social status and the way you are perceived in public.

It is also a sign that you finally feel able to provide yourself some luxury.

Dreaming of selling a piano

If you dreamed you were selling your piano, this can indicate some issues related to your family and heritage.

Maybe you will renounce of your inheritance which can cause problems further. This act might offend some of your relatives.

Sometimes this dream can indicate giving up on some family inheritance to help a relative or someone else.

Dreaming of a broken piano

If you dreamed seeing or playing a broken piano, this is usually a bad sign, indicating loss and failure in some areas of your life.

This dream is often a sign of relationship problems. Maybe you and your partner are not getting along well, you don’t communicate or you don’t understand each other.

Maybe the affection and love is gone, or you are simply going in different directions.

Dreaming about a piano out of tune

If you dreamed about a piano that was out of tune, this might be a sign of some issues you are currently experiencing in your life.

Maybe you feel that some part of your life lack balance and organization.

Maybe you feel that a part of your life is in discord with other parts and you need to do something to get them in tune.

Dreaming of a piano without a sound

If you dreamed of seeing a piano which didn’t produce any sound, this dream is not a good sing.

It can indicate lack of confidence to express your opinion or your emotions. It can also be a sign of being suppressed by someone to express your voice and emotions.

Dreaming about an antique piano

If you dreamed about an antique piano, this might not be a good sign. It can indicate some obstacles coming your way.

Maybe the problems you will encounter will require using all your confidence and inner wisdom to solve.

Sometimes this dream can be a sign to ask for someone wiser to help you find some solutions. You can also learn lessons from some previous mistakes.

Dreaming of listening to someone singing to a piano song

If you dreamed you listened to someone who was singing to a piano tune, this is a very good dream symbol.

It is a sign of some romantic moments you could soon experience.

This dream might indicate romantic encounters with your partner, or even experiencing a romance with someone you didn’t see a long time.

You might also become attracted to someone you didn’t notice before.

Dreaming of someone giving you a piano

If you dreamed someone gave you a piano as a gift, this might indicate someone crossing your boundaries.

Maybe someone is interested in you and is overwhelming you with attention. 

Dreaming of finding a piano

If you dreamed you found a piano somewhere, this is a good sign, and usually indicates receiving some good news.

If you are waiting for the outcome of some action, you can be sure that the news won’t disappoint you.

Dreaming of throwing a piano

If you dreamed you threw a piano because you didn’t need it, this is a disturbing dream symbol.

It is possible that your dream means that you have fears of failing at something that you consider very important.

Maybe you tend to give up before you try which is detrimental behavior.

This dream is sending you a message to be more optimistic about life in general, especially about your business.

You cannot expect failure and hope for success. This behavior tends to ruin you financially in the long run and you should seriously consider changing as soon as possible.

This dream encourages you to be more confidence and take some risks because they will pay off. Also, get rid of your fears.

Dreaming of a digital piano

If you dreamed you played or saw a digital piano, this is a good dream symbol.

It can be a sign of some fun times and events, change of mood for the better, and overall happiness you are about to feel in the upcoming days.

If you had your earphones during your playing the digital piano, this dream can indicate your desire to rest and retreat from the hectic lifestyle you are living currently.

Dreaming of a grand piano

If you dreamed of a classical grand piano, this is a great sign regarding your emotional life.

It might indicate romantic encounters and generally pleasant events with your loved one.

This dream might indicate some special events, like proposals.

Dreaming of reciting while someone plays the piano

If you dreamed of reciting a poem while someone was playing the piano, this dream usually reveals your fear of public appearance and speaking.

It is possible that you are expecting some public speaking or a similar situation, and this dream reveals the tension you feel expecting this event.

You might be subconsciously preparing for this situation.

Maybe you are not expecting such event, but you have a fear of public appearance, and your subconscious might also be giving you a reminder to confront these fears because they are preventing you from reaching your full potential and missing some important opportunities.

If someone else was reciting a poem in your dream while the piano was playing, this might indicate a situation where you will be immensely proud of a family member or a loved one for their achievements.

Dreaming about a white piano

A white piano is very rare and special instrument.

Dream about a white piano might be a sign of your pure soul and clean reputation.

You are someone who is very honest and reliable, and others admire and respect your qualities.

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