Pallas in Gemini: Meaning and Traits

When you read your daily horoscope, do you ever wonder how many people resonate with the text? The answer is simple: more than many.

That’s precisely what often makes you doubt its credibility.

But if you want something genuinely relevant and more applicable to you individually, you must scratch under the surface.

Of course, that’s not an easy task if you’re not an astrological professional or don’t know where to start.

But we’ll make your job easier because we know how you can get deeper into astrology and your natal chart.

Go beyond your Sun sign and ascendant. Although those can tell a lot about your personality and how you come across to others, they’re more general and don’t tap into your personality complexity as much.

The best starting point for acquiring an expanded understanding of your birth chart is to learn about the less-discussed aspects, such as comets, nodes, and asteroids.

This article starts with Pallas, the symbol of a warrior spirit and innate wisdom.

Sit back and enjoy this astro learning process that will provide you with a greater understanding of your personality and aspirations.

Here’s everything you should know about Pallas in Gemini.

Historical and Mythological Background

Pallas, also known as Pallas 2, is the asteroid belt’s third-largest body. It was also the second asteroid that was discovered after German astronomer Wilhelm Olbers spotted it in the skies on March 28, 1802.

Ceres was the first to be identified in 1801, starting the discovery of asteroids.

Pallas is a quite large asteroid with an ellipsoidal shape. According to Britannica, it resembles the carbonaceous chondrite meteorites.

Scientists have also learned that Pallas’s surface contains minerals, another unique feature of this asteroid.

However, this is the biggest asteroid a human spacecraft hasn’t visited yet.

Therefore, we have a limited view of this unique celestial body, and there’s still much to learn.

But what we know so far is that it has an astoundingly violent history due to experiencing numerous blows and impacts.

After all, this asteroid has an unusual orbit, making it logical that it will have a rocky journey. It shouldn’t be a surprise Pallas is more cratered than Vesta and Ceres.

But thanks to those craters, this asteroid has likely created hundreds of tiny asteroids in its orbit.

Pallas also has a more significant proportion of rock to ice than the larger Ceres, which makes it additionally distinctive.

Moreover, this asteroid is currently in the Canis Majoris constellation, and its distance from Earth is 230,364,211 kilometers.

But Pallas takes much longer to orbit the Sun (1680 days, to be more precise), meaning that a year lasts 4.60 years on that rocky asteroid.

The closest Pallas has been to Earth in recent times was in 2014, but if it ever hit our planet, it would boil away all its oceans, leaving it dry and sterile.

Hence, even though Pallas’s size is comparable to Great Britain’s, it’s powerful, and an encounter with this asteroid would be nearly fatal.

And what about its name and the story behind it? – Pallas was named after the Greek goddess of wisdom, Athena Pallas.

Legends and Mythology

She was the ruler of crafts, was, foresight, and Athens’s patron deity. However, it may be confusing that this goddess has two names.

But it’s vital to mention that the name Athena wasn’t reserved for one goddess only. Instead, it often served as a descriptive title, which is one of the theories why Pallas had that name.

Pallas was also a common name; you’ll find more than one God or Goddess when researching it.

It also refers to the Greek word pallakis, meaning a girl or a young woman.

That means there might not be a fascinating story behind her name.

On the flip side, some historians claim that Pallas was a nymph and a daughter of Triton, the god of the sea.

That makes her the granddaughter of Poseidon and Amphitrite.

According to Mythology Source, Pallas lived in Lake Tritonis in Libya and befriended Zeus’s daughter Athena early in her life.

The two girls became best friends and learned the art of combat together.

They both loved martial arts and weren’t submissive or quiet like other goddesses and nymphs.

However, the legends say that Athena killed her friend accidentally or it was Zeus who shot Pallas because the two girls were fighting.

Regardless of what scenario is more likely to be true, Athena never wanted Pallas to die, and she mourned her death for the rest of her life.

Because of that, she added the name Pallas to her name as a tribute to her dearest companion. But how does all of that translate to astrology?

Pallas in Astrology

Pallas symbolizes our creative expression and intelligence but also point to what could force a woman to sacrifice or neglect her creativity.

This aspect can also illuminate the daughter-father issues or any fatherly figure in a woman’s life.

On the flip side, Pallas can show whether a man has problems with their mother or a similar female model wreaking havoc in his natal chart.

This element can forecast whether you might suffer from any conditions affecting the head, womb, or heart.

Pallas indicates femininity, cold reasoning, independence, wisdom, and the capability to turn experiences into lessons.

But it may also show whether you have any affinity towards arts, such as crafts, sculptures, painting, and writing.

This aspect should point to the part of your natal chart where the source of savviness lies and what you can use to excel in your imagination and creative thinking.

Pallas will also highlight what triggers you to fight for what you believe in and what values you would die for or confront your fears.

If it has a favorable position in your natal chart, it means you’re ready to go above and beyond to defend your convictions and stand up for other people’s rights to hold their beliefs.

Here’s how that matches Gemini’s character and energy.

Gemini – Intelligent, Communicative, Playful

People born in the Zodiac sign of Gemini are optimistic and nurture their inner child, regardless of how many blows they encounter through life.

They’re youthful and leave people in awe of their relaxed nature and easy-going attitude.

These natives are intelligent and composed but don’t hold back when having fun.

You can find them hanging out on a children’s playground, even as adults.

They don’t care about societal expectations and standards. These people have their own philosophies and beliefs and will not change for anyone.

Pallas in Gemini – Meaning and Traits

Those born with Pallas in Gemini have a knack for music, science, books, poetry, and arts in general.

If you were born with this position in your natal chart, you’re likely a gentle soul with a warrior-like mindset.

Pallas in Gemini results in intellectual and clever people interested in legends, storytelling, and mythology.

They enjoy adopting new skills and knowledge and typically have various hobbies.

Although these natives might get discouraged if they don’t immediately succeed at learning something, they don’t quit until reaching their goal.

If other aspects in the natal chart fit are well-balanced, this is a great aspect.

These individuals are pacific, compassionate, expressive, and communicative. They enjoy interacting with people and sharing their knowledge and wisdom.

As a result, these natives often choose to be healers, mentors, teachers, leaders in the education landscape, or journalists.

Flexible minds are among their best traits, and they can jump quickly from one subject to the other thanks to their mental sharpness and wittiness.

When they find themselves in uncomfortable situations, they can easily find a way out because they think strategically.

These natives are typically teachers’ favorites as kids due to being curious, willing to learn, and inquisitive.

They learn quickly and have no issues with abstract concepts and numbers.

Moreover, these individuals are stellar negotiators and debaters.

But they’re also friendly, warm, and helpful. Others can rely on them and put them on a fast dial because these natives will be the first to appear when their friends need support.

Besides, they’re entertaining and can crack a joke even on the most trivial topics.

These natives are open-minded, curious about other cultures, and well-cultured.

That explains why they like to travel so much and collect knowledge and fun facts from different corners of the world. How does that change depending on gender?

Woman with Pallas in Gemini

There are not many differences between men and women born with this position in their natal chart.

However, women with Pallas in Gemini may feel more of an urge to prove their independence and capabilities than their male counterparts.

It is not that they crave admiration and rewards. Instead, these women want to show they’re no better or worse than men and can do everything just as well.

They’re eloquent, communicative, charming, and have captivating personalities.

These ladies have an engaging way with words that can impress others.

Even if they find themselves in risky situations, they will talk their way out and make the most of it.

These women stand up for their beliefs and don’t allow anyone to bring them down or make them doubt their wit and skills.

Man with Pallas in Gemini

Men with Pallas in Gemini are intelligent, charismatic, and persuasive.

They can talk with people for hours without turning it into a dry or forced conversation.

Thus, these men are good at making others comfortable and at ease.

They never exclude anyone and ensure no one feels like an underdog or outsider.

Their natural logic and pragmatism make it easy for them to understand how something functions and whether it’s useful.

As a result, these men can revamp and innovate old things and make them relevant again.

They have a knack for math and science and may choose any occupation requiring them to work with numbers, formulas, or abstract concepts.

These men are humorous and see something positive in every situation, allowing them to be innovative and solution-oriented.


People born with Pallas in Gemini are funny, relaxed, empathetic, and artistic.

They can communicate with anyone, regardless of their interlocutors’ background, and make them feel good.

Overall, it’s a favorable position, especially if other aspects in the natal chart align well.

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