Pallas in Capricorn: Meaning and Traits

Are you curious about learning more about your birth chart and going beyond the usual – the Sun sign and Ascendant?

If you nodded yes, you’re in the right place to discover the most complex aspects of astrology.

Dive into the landscape of minor planets, comets, and asteroids, and discover how they impact your personality, choices, struggles, potential, and life.

Pallas is among the best starting points, as this placement illuminates your intelligence and creativity.

This aspect can tell you a lot about your values, principles, direction in life, and convictions.

That can help you improve your decision-making, be more confident about what you want, and identify the best way to reach your goals.

But first, let’s learn more about this asteroid and when humans came in touch with it. Here’s everything you should know about Pallas.

Historical and Mythological Background

Pallas (alias Pallas 2) is the third largest asteroid in the Asteroid belt; it has a somewhat eccentric orbit and orbits between Mars and Jupiter.

This rocky celestial body takes 1680 days to complete its orbit around the Sun, which equates to 4,60 years.

Therefore, time flies more slowly on Pallas, the second asteroid scientists discovered after Ceres.

German astronomer Wilhelm Olbers found it on March 28, 1802, after looking for what he believed was a missing planet between Jupiter and Mars.

This asteroid is unique because although it is not a remnant of a long-time lost planet, it has a surface covered with minerals and traces of hard blows it received throughout its journey.

That’s why it’s much more cratered than Vesta and Ceres and has a violent and rough history.

And where does its name come from?

The asteroid was named after Pallas, the Greek goddess of foresight, crafts, wisdom, and rationality, who was also the patron deity of Athens.

Various legends and myths exist about Pallas and her past, but the most common is that she was the daughter of Triton, the God of the sea.

She was likely of Libyan descent and unlike other girls from a young age. Pallas loved to fight, learn about armor, and how to be an excellent warrior.

Hence, Pallas didn’t dream of marrying a king or a prince but of being the ruler and not depending on anyone. That’s what brought her and Zeus’s daughter Athens together.

Both girls loved martial arts, making weapons, and improving their combat skills. Thanks to that, they became best friends and inseparable companions.

They practiced together, which involved physical confrontations and battles.

Although all these fights were supposed to be a learning lesson, one led to Athens accidentally killing Pallas.

However, another myth claims that the two girls were fighting, and even though none of them had ill intentions, Zeus didn’t perceive it that way.

He thought Pallas might hurt his daughter, which is why he hit her with a deadly arrow.

Regardless of what version is accurate, Athens never wanted to hurt or kill her best friend.

The turn of events forced her to live forever with regret and profound sadness.

As a result, Athens added her best friend’s name to hers, carrying it as a tribute and memory.

She never forgot Pallas, dedicating the victories in her fights and life to the deceased girl.

Here’s how that aligns with astrology.

Pallas in Astrology

In astrology, Pallas represents our independence, creative expression, determination, and fundamental values.

This aspect is a reminder that everyone has an inner power and that by unlocking it, we can stand for our beliefs and defend our principles.

Pallas is the embodiment of Mars, Jupiter’s, and Saturn’s energy, meaning that it’s possible to overcome the greatest challenges and exit as a winner.

Although this aspect has a fierce streak, it balances creativity and meticulousness.

It nudges us to think thoroughly before making decisions, analyze situations from different angles, and come up with various scenarios.

That allows us to be more data-driven and avoid rushed decision-making and unnecessary confrontations.

Moreover, Pallas encourages us to evaluate things and weigh the pros and cons. It shows what’s worth our time and effort and what should be left in the past.

This aspect allows us to detect patterns and brainstorm the best strategy. It keeps our heads collected and cold instead of giving in to intense and uncontrolled feelings.

Pallas prioritizes rationality, wisdom, practical experience, and knowledge instead of emotions and being ruled by the heart.

This aspect allows us to tap into the foresight of our ancestors and use it to avoid misinterpretations and miscalculations.

However, that doesn’t mean Pallas is passive and inert, far from that. Instead, Pallas is fiery, brave, and a real fighter.

This aspect can allow us to connect with our fierceness and expand our wisdom and knowledge. Pallas helps us keep our minds sharper and hearts less impulsive.

Besides, it reminds us we can confront the most intimidating obstacles because we have what it takes to do so. The key is to unlock that mental, spiritual, and emotional power.

However, the energy of this asteroid is not as apparent in our lives compared to regular planets.

We can feel it much more when it’s active in the sky and aligned with the Sun.

Here’s how Pallas matches the energy of a Capricorn.

Capricorn – Hard-working, Committed, Frugal

People born in the Zodiac sign of Capricorn are quiet, composed, resolute, goal-oriented, and unobtrusive.

They have their own paths and follow them without making too much noise or attracting unwanted attention.

Although ambitious and capable of reaching great heights, small things make them happy.

These natives don’t need much to feel joy and to be grateful.

They appreciate simplicity and want to secure success and a good reputation, not because they’re greedy but because they want comfort and safety.

These natives don’t want to wonder whether they’ll have enough of whatever they need in the future.

Instead, they’ll work for it and toward it, unstoppable and committed to their goals.

That’s also why they’re frugal and dislike it when people waste resources mindlessly.

Here’s what that means for Pallas in Capricorn.

Pallas in Capricorn – Meaning and Traits

People born with Pallas in Capricorn are patient, composed, and have the urge to keep things under their own control.

They dislike surprises and unexpected situations.

Although certainty might be overly mundane for some, these natives appreciate it and feel at ease when knowing what to expect.

They tend to overthink due to their need to always be ready for every scenario.

These strategic thinkers are excellent at coming up with unique solutions for intricate problems.

They also have an immaculate determination and only stop when they reach their goals and address their needs.

It is difficult to freak them out because they have plans A, B, and C for every situation.

They have an orderly approach to work and life and an admirable win to be successful and establish themselves professionally.

These natives are disciplined and unafraid of significant responsibilities and substantial projects. They stand up for their convictions and have no problem proving their point.

These natives respect law, order, and rules and expect others to do the same. They believe everyone is responsible for contributing to the world and their community.

As a result, they do their best to demonstrate how they contribute and what difference their actions and effort make. They don’t joke around and wait for things to happen; instead, they make them happen.

People with Pallas in Capricorn know well what they want and how to get it. They might take somebody else’s advice, but they likely end up doing things their own way.

Although these natives have no issues taking and following orders to advance their professions, they prefer leadership positions and managing others.

These natives typically dream of building an outstanding career that will secure competitive salaries and a comfortable life.

However, they are not the most imaginative and creative people out there. These natives are good with numbers, hefty documents, and complex tasks, but abstract ideas and creativity are not their forte.

They are realists and only focus on things and plans they know they can make happen.

Otherwise, these natives won’t invest their energy into overly risky jobs and possibilities.

They like to play it safe and understand what they can count on. These natives are practical and strive to be confident about the potential outcomes of every move they make.

As a result, they prefer rather traditional jobs that require face-to-face presence and rely on well-established rules and standards.

These natives are also much better at understanding things and issues than explaining them and presenting them to people.

They’re good at expressing themselves but prefer someone else to communicate with people and convey messages.

These individuals are introverted and like to stick with a small circle of people they can trust.

Moreover, they must see an issue to understand it because it’s necessary for them to know how something functions and what causes the specific state of things.

These natives require proven and credible data and insights before making a decision and never do anything on a whim.

Woman with Pallas in Capricorn

Women with Pallas in Capricorn are realists and pragmatic thinkers. Everything they do has a reason and a desired outcome.

These women are determined and devoted to their objectives, aspirations, and wishes.

They have multiple different strategies and ideas on how to accomplish something.

These women research everything about a particular matter when interested.

Thanks to that, they acquire enough knowledge and details that illuminate the best method and technique to approach an issue. Because of that, it’s rare to see them fail.

These women are proud of all their successes and bravely flaunt them.

They expect well-deserved recognition and rewards and don’t take it lightly if someone overlooks their effort.

Moreover, these women are excellent at solving problems and overcoming obstacles. They have impressive stamina and never back off from their dreams.

Even if it has been 20 years, these women will still strive to accomplish an old goal. They are soft-spoken and come across as cold and composed.

However, these women are not afraid to be harsh and rigid when a situation requires them. Because of that, some may find them intimidating and cold.

Man with Pallas in Capricorn

Men with Pallas in Capricorn are practical, calculated, and intelligent.

They never act before thinking and avoid impulsive and spontaneous behavior.

These men don’t get along with dramatic people who love being at the center of attention.

Instead, they like to pull strings from the background and keep their power and control covert.

But these men also love being in nature and connecting with the natural world.

That typically fills them with the tranquility and vigor needed to pursue their goals and objectives.

These men are committed to their jobs and responsibilities and would hate to let someone down.

They do everything they can to complete all their tasks and projects and deliver stellar results.

And these men are highly resilient and self-motivating. They can succeed without anyone’s support and help, leaving others in awe of their capabilities.

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People born with Pallas in Capricorn are responsible, reliable, and motivated. They approach every obstacle strategically, looking for the best way to remove it.

Despite not being spontaneous or the most humorous people to be around, others know they can count on these natives in every situation.

That’s what helps them build an admirable reputation and professional success.

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