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What's this all about?

Feeling stuck? Feeling overwhelmed with all the Law of Attraction techniques out there? Not sure which path is right for you? Feeling like you're missing something?


We've been there. We know the feeling. We found a way to the other side. Allow us to help:


Manifesting Strategy Session with Karin from Choosing Gratitude:

If you have had difficulty implementing Law of Attraction techniques in a way that yields powerful results, this is the option for you. Karin has consistently manifested the impossible throughout her life. She has years of experience putting together practices and technique which have revolutionized peoples' lives. Work with Karin to develop your customized plan of action to take your practice to the next level. Book a session with Karin NOW! You can select a 30 minute, or 50 minute option for Choosing Gratitude Coaching (link below)

(Prices range from $65 - $111 per session)


Dreams Warp Coaching with George:

If you're ready to take your practice to the utmost level, and you are seriously passionate about your development in your practice, this is the option for you. George from Dreams Warp has been a practicing psychotherapist for close to 15 years. He has extensive experience in dealing with all kinds of mental health issues, and he literally has 15 years experience in helping people CHANGE. Although psychotherapy is NOT being offered here, having that wealth of experience in a coach is invaluable. Book a session with George NOW! You can select a 30 minute, or 50 minute option for Dreams Warp Coaching (link below).  

(Prices range from $65 - $111 per session)


Block Removal Coaching:

The service is quite simple. You first spend one half hour with George from the Dreams Warp YouTube channel. During this half hour, George will perform an assessment to identify blocks. George's fifteen plus years as a psychotherapist will prove invaluable in this endeavor. Keep in mind that while the assessment may be quite personal, you will not be forced to disclose anything. Once your blocks are identified, you will then spend one half hour with Karin from the Choosing Gratitude channel. During this half hour, a customized EFT script will be written for you to use to clear the blocks identified. Your only job will be to continue using the EFT script consistently, as assigned by Karin. As an add-on service, we are also offering to create a personalized subliminal to further address and remove your blocks. Make sure to ask about this during your time spent with either George or Karin!


How to start:  First, book a session with George below (select Block Assessment with George - 30 min). Then, book a session with Karin AT LEAST 7 days later. This will allow them to work on your personalized plan. See link below.

(This service is $99 per each session)

About George and Karin

George from Dreams Warp

George has been a practicing psychotherapist for almost 15 years. In that time, he has performed thousands of assessments on individuals to identify areas of struggle. This experience makes him uniquely qualified to assist you in identifying possible blocks in your practice. Additionally, George has been a practicing Zen Buddhist for 12 years. His years of practice have grounded him with source and he is able to channel that connection in his work with individuals seeking help. Finally, George has been practicing Law of Attraction for about 12 years as well. He and his wife Karin have manifested a dream life. Now he and she wish to help you do the same.

Karin from Choosing Gratitude

Karin has been practicing Law of Attraction for over 20 years. She studied many spiritual and law of attraction techniques before she discovered her simple and unique practice: choosing Gratitude. Karin has been practicing EFT for 12 years and has helped many people effectively work through various issues using EFT and gratitude affirmations.  During her years working in education and corporate training, she developed many training curricula. She has helped many individuals to reach their goals as a trainer and a coach. She has been practicing Buddhism for 12 years as well.  Together with her husband George she has manifested a life of her dreams. She is excited to help you choose YOUR dream life.

Client Testimonials


Goal: Manifet Dream Job

Hi George and Karin,
Happy Friday! I wanted to touch base and let you know I received a job offer today! I start in my new position in mid February and I couldn’t be happier! I truly believe that the help I received from you both made all the difference. Thank you!


Goal: Manifest Peace at Home

Thank you Karin for the session today it was very wonderful. Right now just rereading the script and retyping has helped me to a better feeling. I am ready to get the customized subliminal work started. Thank you truly again so  much to you and your husband.


Goal: Academic Success with Ease

Hi Karin, 
Thanks for your time in working with me! Talking with you has already released some burden on my shoulders - the 200-pound women is getting lighter. :)