About Us


If you have been trying to consciously and deliberately create your life with the law of attraction or spiritual principles, but find it challenging to make LOA work for you, I have some simple yet powerful techniques to assist you to truly transform your life.

Visit my YouTube Channel for weekly videos! I would love to show you how to manifest your dream life by tapping into the most powerful vibration of the universe: gratitude. It’s not about theories and empty talks. It’s about straight forward, step by step tools and techniques to make gratitude your lifestyle.

My name is Karin. I have been practicing the law of attraction for 20 years. I am also a Reiki level II practitioner and certified EFT master practitioner. I spent 8 years chasing the coolest theories without much success, until I started focusing on gratitude. My life changed within a few weeks.

My first job ever was adjunct professor in language and translation. At that time, I loved teaching, traveling the world and learn languages. I was fascinated with people and cultures. After I grew tired of my world traveler’s life and wanted to settle down, I got a Master’s Degree is Organizational Management. My graduate study focus was training and development. I worked in corporate training for years, developing curriculum and deliver training to help people change.

I have worked with hundreds of people during my years working in training. After working in training, I decided to changed career and work in IT. I wanted to learn the leading edge of technology and see how that could impact people. I’ve always thought it’d be my ultimate life goal to be able to live a life of freedom, inspire people leveraging technology. Finally, YouTube and my online business brought this all together. I was hesitant to speak in front of a camera at first, but the love of my viewers that has been pouring in since I launched my YouTube channel made me realize that my life long vague vision is now becoming clear. That’s the birth of “Choosing Gratitude”. I’d love to share how I found true fulfillment in life, both internal and external. Join me. Let’s co-create!