Lilith in 9th House: Synastry, Transit & Composite

Lilith was at first considered a fictious moon of the Earth. This supposed object was discovered by the astrologer Sepharial, who claimed he observed it physically.

The scientific community later discredited the existence of this object.

Sepharial named this supposed object Lilith, after the Jewish mythology female figure which was supposedly Adam’s first wife.

What we today analyze as Lilith is the Black Moon Lilith, a point which represents the Moon apogee. Apogee is the Moon’s farthest point from the Earth while it orbits the Earth.

Astrologers call this point the dark moon. This point is often related to sexual freedom and deep uncontrollable sexual desires.

It is a point where we are called to break the rules and feel we don’t have control over our actions as if we are possessed by some dark entity.

If someone’s Black Moon Lilith or personal planet is placed on your Black Moon Lilith, this is usually a sign of strong irresistible attraction between the two people.

Also, this point is connected with hidden knowledge, psychic abilities, and intuition.

It is analyzed in natal charts, but also in synastry comparison. 

Lilith in 9th house 

When Lilith is placed in the 9th house of the natal chart, the person is motivated to discover their personal belief system rather than following the already established ones.

Lilith in 9th house cannot blindly trust anything and they want to explore the world to make their own discoveries and conclusions. These people are spiritual beings but they refuse to accept someone’s concepts of spirituality.

This is often a problem for the Lilith person because they are afraid of embracing their desires and getting ridiculed and ashamed for doing so.

The fear of guilt and judgment, makes them wait for a long time to start following their own beliefs.

Because of this, they often choose the most destructive path to release themselves from the constraints of the imposed beliefs, which in turn causes exactly what they were fearing all along, and that is shaming and judging of their surroundings.

This breakthrough usually happens in the person’s older stages in life, when they feel that they will be able to bear the pressure and public condemnation of their actions.

In some cases, the person experiences clash of beliefs during their young age, with their parents and teachers. They have an inner push to fight for what they feel is right.

Lilith in 9th house has an issue with changing their beliefs. These people are very rigid and don’t accept changing their opinions even when all the fact prove them wrong.

This person might be very rebellious against all authorities and norms.

Lilith in ninth house person has often experienced a situation in life where they were forced to follow a religious belief which was against their inner beliefs and this was a painful experience.

This placement often indicates the person changing their religion during their life, or even becoming atheist. Often this happen due to the person losing fate in their religion.

Sometimes this happens as a result of some major life events which cause important realizations within the person and make her completely change their mind.

Because 9th is the house of higher education, and Lilith rules rebellions and doing things your way, this placement of Lilith might indicate the person abandoning their college and not finishing their studies.

They might turn to self-educating themselves because they often believe they know everything best. The main cause of such actions is disagreement with their teachers and the way they choose to transfer their knowledge to the Lilith person.

This might also be a sign of interruptions and breaks in their education because of some outside circumstances.

These people don’t like any kind of rules and structure, which are often what society imposes upon us. This creates a lot of problems in their interactions and proper functioning of their life.

They certainly have unique way of looking at life, and sometimes their philosophy is accepted by their surroundings as refreshing.

In some cases, Lilith in 9th house might cause issues with your reputation, especially because of your tendency to confront authorities.

They want to maintain their freedom and will to decide at all costs, but sometimes in society this is impossible, and they find that the hard way.

Lilith in 9th house can make the person very stubborn and refusing to accept any idea that in any shape or form clashes with their ideas and beliefs.

This position of Lilith often creates a strong urge in the person to learn about subjects like the occult or mysticism.

They also love to explore religious texts and find their own unique way of viewing religion and faith.

Idea of travel is often related with their quests for knowledge and discovering their own truths instead accepting those that society is presenting. 

Lilith in 9th house transit

When Lilith transits through the ninth house, this might coincide with the person’s realization that they need to make changes in their belief system, and part with some old way of thinking.

During this transit, the person might become aware that their religion is completely opposite to their inner beliefs, and realize they need to change it.

Some decide to change religions because they discover that its postulates suit better their inner beliefs, or they decide to become atheists, or form their own unique way of viewing religion and practicing it.

This often happens as a result of some events that trigger the person into these realizations.

People who have spent their childhood and upbringing in one religion later in life might come to a realization they don’t resonate with this religion and its principles.

For a long time, they might resist to change it because they fear they will be judged by the people around them.

During Lilith transit through the 9th house they might finally gain the courage to make a decision and leave their family’s religious beliefs and change their religion or become atheists.

During this period, the person might feel a strong urge to make some changes in their own beliefs about life in general. These urges might be triggered by some outside circumstances or their inner transformation.

They might have an urge to rebel against the authorities and teachers in their life, especially their parents, if they are at a younger age when their parents still play an important role in their education.

They might also rebel their teachers and tutors, confronting their opinions and way of thinking to those that are established by society and its norms.

The person might get inspired to go on a quest for gaining more knowledge on various subjects so they could form their own opinions about matters that will then become their truth.

Sometimes this transit coincides with times when the person might start spreading their unique beliefs with others, and be either accepted or rejected and shamed by the people around them.

This might also be a time when the person might embark on a travel inspired by the idea of expanding their knowledge and forming new ideas about things, especially religion.

Some might begin following a religious or spiritual teacher and their teachings because they realize they completely resonate with their own views of reality and life.

This transit might also mark a time of problems with authorities, refusing to follow laws and regulations and having to face the consequences of their actions.

Many of the experiences the person will go through will have the purpose of making them learn important life lessons that will make them a better person.

Other events might trigger some much needed changes they need to experience, which they have been avoiding doing or postponing doing because of their fear of being judged or ashamed by their surroundings.

The realization they can become free from some restraints they have been avoiding doing will have a healing effect on the person and make them feel more satisfied with themselves and with their life in general. 

Lilith in 9th house synastry

When one person’s Lilith is placed in another person’s 9th house, this can be a significant placement for their expansion as individuals.

If they are both open to evolving, this relationship has a great potential for growth.

Ninth house person might consider Lilith person’s ideas about religion and philosophy a bit extreme, and sometimes completely unacceptable.

This can cause many arguments and disagreements between them, or constructive conversations if the aspects between their planets are harmonious.

This union can help the partners gain and exchange a lot of valuable knowledge on the subjects of 9th house.

In some cases, the ninth house person could be fascinated with the revolutionary ideas and outlooks on certain matters.

They might also be amazed by the Lilith person’s convictions and determination to express them openly.

One thing is certain, the 9th house person has to be susceptible to accept the unique way of looking at life that the Lilith person often has. If they don’t agree with them, the relationship will last only if there are other stronger bonds in their natal charts connecting these two people.

In some cases, Lilith might introduce some revolutionary ideas to the 9th house person that will have a detrimental effect on their life.

This synastry connection is not always the most beneficial, because Lilith person can use the susceptibility of the 9th house person to their ideas and manipulate them into doing things they would never otherwise do.

Sometimes there are great differences in the religious and philosophical beliefs of the partners, and Lilith might make fun about the ideas the 9th house person has about their inner beliefs about life in general. 

Lilith in 9th house composite

When composite Lilith is placed in the ninth house of the composite chart the partners might expect to find a deeper meaning through their relationship, and they often do.

This can be a very spiritual connection and both partners might be very spiritually evolved, and this might bring closer together.

They might have a joint mission to evolve further their spirituality as a couple.

The partners might also be inspired to study the occult and discover the truths of the Universe together.

There seems to be a strong bond and sense of knowing between these two people.

They might also be inspired to reach a new level of spiritual awareness through their deep intimacy where the partners almost seem to merge into one being.

These two might share a strong interest for expanding their knowledge about the occult, religion, and other mystical practices. For this reason they might enjoy going on travels where they can find the answers and knowledge they seek.

They can become a follower of some spiritual or religious teacher they both admire, and together immerse in their teachings.

Lilith in myth

Lilith is a female demonic figure present in myths of many ancient cultures, especially Mesopotamian and Judaic.

Generally, she is considered to be the first wife of Adam and is actually created from the same clay from which he was created.

Lilith disobeyed Adam and was banished from the Garden of Eden. According to some sources, she left Eden from her own will because she couldn’t stand not being equal to Adam.

Lilith is by many considered first female demon. Later she was depicted as a female demonic figure stealing newborn babies during night. 

Lilith in astrology

Astrologically, Lilith represents the darkest sides of our nature, which we tend to repress or even deny.

Those are the parts that hurt us the most, but still we chose to ignore them and avoid facing them.

This point represents our instinctive urges and unconscious desires. It is connected to our basic sexual nature and instincts.

Lilith’s experiences can help us embrace the unconscious side of our personality and face our fears so we can heal.

Lilith can be described as our rebellious and destructive side, our instincts, and the parts of our personality which we are unable to control with ease.

These are the innate parts of our personality, but we still tend to keep them hidden from others because we fear we might be judged or rejected by them.

Lilith possesses an untamed energy and might be frightening to others.

This is usually true about the person’s true sexual nature represented by Lilith’s sign and placement in the natal chart which can be perceived as taboo and unacceptable by many people.

Sometimes the lesson the person needs to learn is to embrace their Lilith’s side of personality instead of avoiding and resisting it because they feel they will be judged.

Lilith can be calculated using one of the free online calculators. To determine the precise position of Lilith, the exact time, date, and place of birth are required. 

9th house of the natal chart

The ninth house is the house of Sagittarius, ruled by Jupiter.

This is the house of learning, but higher level of studies, not basic ones.

It is also the house of philosophy and belief. It rules religion, ethics, and moral of the person.

Ninth house rules intuition and wisdom. It is the house of long distance travels and various cultures and parts of the world. 


Transits represent the current planetary positions and other astrological points crossing over the planets and houses in the natal chart.

Transits are very important in astrological predictions because they can point out to certain events happening soon in the person’s life.   

Synastry analysis

Synastry analysis is the analysis of the influence of the natal chart of one person over the natal chart of another person, and vice versa.

It mainly is done by analyzing the aspects between the planets, points, and angles in the chart of one person with the planets, points, and angles in the chart of another person.

When the relationship between two people is significant, this is usually shown in their synastry.

Composite horoscopes or charts

Composite chart is created by the middle points of the planets and houses of two natal chart, creating one chart, which represents their relationship.

By analyzing this chart we can gain additional insights about their relationship and its quality and longevity.  

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