Lilith in 8th House: Synastry, Transit & Composite

Lilith is a fictious moon of the Earth. Its discovery is attributed to the astrologer Sepharial, who also gave it the name Lilith.

Lilith was considered Adam’s first wife according to Jewish myths.

This astrologer claimed he observed physically this object, but the scientific community discredited the existence of such a celestial body.

In astrology today, the Black Moon Lilith is considered a point which is the actual Moon apogee.

The Moon orbits around the Earth, and the point of its orbit farthest from the Earth is called apogee.

This point, known as the dark moon, is usually associated with sexual liberation and deep sexual desires.

It is also considered a powerful and dangerous feminine force.

This point is a point where we feel called to break the rules as if we were possessed by a dark force.

When someone’s personal planet is placed on your Black Moon Lilith, this usually means that you will be irresistibly drawn to this person or vice-versa.

It is also connected with intuition, hidden knowledge, and psychic abilities.

The point of Lilith can be analyzed both in natal charts and in synastry comparison. 

Lilith in 8th house 

When Lilith is placed in the 8th house of the natal chart this might indicate the person is prone to taking risks regarding the matters of the eighth house, especially financial.

This placement is often present in the natal charts of people who are their own bosses, freelancers, and entrepreneurs.

This house also rules sexuality and transformation, and also matters that might be considered taboo.

This person might be called to face their trauma and wounds from this life or from a previous life in order to be healed and transformed as a result.

Often the person goes through hurtful situations stemming from the symbolism of 8th house which even though they bring them tremendous pain and suffering, change the person for the better, and in a strange way liberate them from the restrictions that have been holding them down.

The person might go through phases of destructive and extreme behavior which often brings them encounters with people of with such traits, but all with the final aim to transform the person and teach them valuable lessons.

One thing is certain, intense sexual encounters and relationships are guaranteed with Lilith placed in eighth natal house.

Lilith placement in a natal house helps the person discover their unconscious patterns which cause them to behave in a destructive or some extremist manner.

This in turn helps the person become aware of their wounds and heal restoring inner balance in the process.

Often times the issues of the person stem from a sense of guilt, shame, or rejection by their surroundings due to their instinctive nature and strong physical desires which the person is not able to repress.

Lilith is placed in the 8th house has a strong resemblance with Plutonic influence. It is often connected with some unconscious pain and trauma which sometimes don’t have an obvious reason and stem from unknown sources.

Often the person in fear of being judged and rejected by their surroundings decides to keep their issues and conditions secret which in turn causes more pain and drama.

The person might be irresistibly drawn to explore and immerse themselves completely in the matters which are considered prohibited and taboo. This often includes forbidden affairs and relationships and some unaccepted sexual behavior.

The person with Lilith in 8th house might not be able to surpass their urges to behave in some manner, and yet afterwards feels filled guilt, shame, and regret.

This placement is related to the unconscious side of our personality, especially the part related to traumas, pain, grief, and sadness, which are caused by some experiences from the past that are unresolved and keep haunting us.

The 8th house is a house of mystical experiences and death. The placement of Lilith here can sometimes be a sign of some hurtful experiences related to death of someone, or close encounters with death, and sometimes experiences related to physical abuse of the person, suppression of their sexuality, problematic psychological issues or similar issues.

The person with this placement might have a dark side of personality which can be almost palpable and can be felt by the people they encounter. These people might be obsessed with the dark side of life, death, and heavy stories.

Some of them might have a strong fear of death or might constantly talk about it.

They appear to be more aware of the other realms of existence than the majority of people. Many of them possess a heightened intuition and some might even have psychic powers.

These people are in touch with the spiritual side of their personality and often work on developing their spirituality since young age. They are also very sensitive to the energy around them and can sense negative energy and people quickly.

These traits can make them very interested in secret knowledge and the occult. They might even be practitioners of some occult disciplines.

This placement can sometimes make the person extremely seductive or magnetically attractive to others. Even when their personal traits and physical appearance are nothing special they seem to exude an aura of sensuality and mystery that no one can resist.

The person must be cautious not to misuse these powers they have over other people. Those with manipulative nature might take advantage of others, using their attractiveness and seductiveness for personal gain.

It is important to stress that most often the seduction and attraction part is completely unconscious. The person emits such energy without being aware they are doing it.

However, those who are aware of this power must make sure not to abuse it. Some of them might use their power of seduction over others as a source of their personal power.

This realization might give them a sense of specialness and sometimes a feeling they are somehow better than others.

Such feelings are especially destructive and are bound to damage the person in some way or cause them problems.

Some of these people have experienced sexual trauma during the early years of their life, or later, and this experience that was violent and humiliated them has caused many psychological issues and scars which are the cause of their current feelings and behavior which can range from complete restriction of intimacy, to immoral and destructive sexual behavior.

Balanced sexual life is not easily achievable with this placement of Lilith.

Their behavior might be contradicting. They might be very obsessive in their relationships acting in a controlling manner towards their partner, manipulating them into complete devotion and never leaving their sight.

They on the other hand might leave themselves the freedom to act as they please, and oftentimes they choose to cheat on their partners who are faithful and loyal to them.

A person with this placement of Lilith usually has some of these psychological issues and trauma that they need to deal with and resolve.

Because the eighth house is the house of finances, Lilith in this house might imply to some shady business regarding their finances, secret actions, betrayal, losing other people’s money and bad investments, and the person should be extremely cautious with whom they have their business dealings. 

Lilith in 8th house transit

When Lilith transits through the eighth house, this might indicate the triggering of past wounds and traumas related to the matters of the eight house, especially death, sexuality, and finances.

This period indicates the time of some major life transformations, often related to these areas.

The person might find themselves in situations facing death related experiences, or endings that might cause complete change in their lives.

During this time, the person’s close relationships especially those of intimate nature will be challenged.

Those that are based on strong foundations will withstand the test of time, but those that are based on superficial motives, will certainly fizzle out.

This time might be marked with an intensified interest for the occult and gaining occult knowledge.

The person might feel alienated from the rest of the world, feeling they are trapped inside their imaginary world.

Trauma from the past might resurface triggered by some outside circumstances, and this might mark the beginning of the resolving of the trauma and clearing the soul from the past hurts.

The person might feel very dark and gloomy during this time.

Also, there is a strong possibility of uncontrolled desire and wild sexual encounters with people they know, but also complete strangers.

For some, this transit might indicate the possibility of such encounters, but willingly avoiding them due to feelings of shame and immorality.

Others will give in to these experiences even though they will make them feel ashamed and humiliated afterwards.

During this transit of Lilith the person can experience situations of abuse or sexual abuse and overly destructive behavior. 

Lilith in 8th house synastry

When one person’s Lilith is placed in another person’s 8th house, this usually indicates intense attraction between the two people.

The connection between these two people is mysterious, secretive, dark, and very seductive.

The owner of the 8th house seems to be fascinated with the Lilith person and their dark secrets and traumas. They instinctively feel their pain and can relate to their suffering.

The Lilith person appears very mysterious to them, and this attracts the 8th house person even more.

The 8th house person can learn from the Lilith person’s traumas, and that will help them get rid of their traumas and fears, by identifying with their experiences.

These two can crate a strong intimate bond through their raw and wild passionate encounters. They both admire each other’s powerful energy.

This is a very intense relationship and only people with strong personalities can handle it. For those who are of weaker nature the Lilith person and the relationship with them can be too intense and intimidating.

There is always a possibility of secrets, manipulations, and lack of boundaries in this kind of relationship.

This relationship can bring healing and release of trauma and past hurt to both partners. 

Lilith in 8th house composite

When composite Lilith is placed in the eighth house of the composite chart, this makes the relationship between the two people very intense.

The 8th house is generally the house of transformation, and this placement of Lilith might indicate the transformative role of physical intimacy for both partners.

Through passion and satisfaction of their desires these two people grow both individually but also as a couple.

The relationship is especially intense if the individuals have strong Pluto connections between their natal charts as well, but also prominent Pluto placements in their individual natal charts.

This is never a shallow relationship and often the partners bond through strong emotions and desire.

The eight house is about merging the energies of both individuals into one, and this most commonly happens on a physical level.

Lilith in the eighth house of the Composite horoscope is a sight of an extremely powerful sexual attraction between the partners which can often break social norms and be perceived as shocking to the outside world.

These people don’t seem to care what others think about them and their relationship. This bond is sometimes so strong that surpasses the boundaries of reality.

Deep physical intimacy is possibly the main focus of this relationship. The partners will be forced to go through inner transformation as a result of their shared experiences.

Lilith in myth

Mythological Lilith is a female from Mesopotamian and Judaic mythology.

There are many sources which mention Lilith, but some general facts match.

She is depicted as the first wife of the first man, Adam, banished from the Garden of Eden for disobeying Adam. She is considered the first female demon.

According to Jewish folklore, Lilith was created from the same clay that Adam was created from. She left Adam because she didn’t want to obey him.

She is later described as a female demon appearing at night, stealing babies.

Lilith in astrology

In astrology, Lilith symbolizes the darkest parts of our nature, we usually deny or repress. Those parts are those that hurt the most and we tend to ignore and avoid facing them.

Lilith represents our unconscious desires and our instinctive urges. This point in the natal cart is connected to our base sexual instincts and nature.

Through Lilith experiences we can embrace the unconscious side of our personalities and they can help us heal or face our fears.

This part might be described as the rebellious and destructive side of our nature. Lilith represents our instincts and the side of us we cannot control easily.

This side of our personality which is an innate part like any other, we tend to keep hidden from our surroundings because we fear judgment and rejection.

The energy of Lilith is untamed and can be a feared by others.

This often refers to your true sexual nature which might be unacceptable to the larger part of society and considered taboo.

Lilith’s lesson is sometimes to embrace this side of personality and give in to it, instead of resisting it because of fears of judgment.

This point can be easily calculated by using one of the many calculators which are available for free online.

To calculate the precise position of Lilith it is necessary that you insert the exact date, time, and place of birth of the person whose Lilith you want to calculate.

8th house of the natal chart

The eight house is the house of Scorpio, and alongside the twelfth house is the most spiritual and mysterious. It is ruled by Pluto and Mars, rulers of Scorpio.

This house is the house of the unknown, darkness, secrets, and mystery. It rules transformation, death, and rebirth.

It also rules finances, taxes, investments, business associations, other people’s possessions, and inheritance.

It is the house of instincts and taboos, the occult and occult knowledge.  


Transits are movements of current positions of planets over the planets and houses of the natal chart.

When one planet, asteroid, or an astrological point, transits through a house in the natal chart, the energies of the body transiting and the house intertwine, causing situations, events, and psychological reactions in the life of the person whose natal chart is triggered by this movement. 

Synastry analysis

Synastry analysis represents the analysis of the combined influence of natal charts of two people, through the connections between the planets and the houses of both natal charts.

Significant contacts between two people are usually marked by strong synastry connections between their natal charts. 

Composite horoscopes or charts

Composite horoscope or composite chart is a chart created by the middle points of the planetary positions and houses of two natal charts.

It is a chart of the two people as one being and gives a lot of insight into the dynamics of their relationship, as well as its possible longevity and compatibility of the partners.

Composite charts are very important tool in synastry analysis. This chart is the chart of the relationship itself and its destiny can often be determined by analyzing it.

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