Lilith in 6th House: Synastry, Transit & Composite

Lilith in the natal chart represents the furthest point of the Moon from the Earth during its motion around it.

In astrology, Lilith is also called the Black Moon Lilith.

This point is often used in astrology analysis, but mostly in relationship analysis because it points to our intimate desires and urges.

Lilith can show the level of freedom we have in expressing our deepest needs and desires.

It can also show the situations where we are likely to act out of control and break the rules imposed by society. When we are influenced by Lilith we feel as if we cannot control ourselves.

Lilith in the 6th house

Lilith in the 6th house of a natal chart is not an easy placement for this point. These people often feel that they have been deprived by society.

They often feel that they have been unjustly treated, that they always end up last, and they give more than others but don’t receive equally as much as others do.

This can develop feelings of anger and resentment towards others which are only hurting them.

These people might become obsessed with doing things perfectly and yet always feel depressed because they don’t seem to be good enough.

This can cause them to procrastinate and avoid doing their duties because they know they won’t do them well anyway.

There is a tendency of perfectionism with this placement which is harmful to the person. Because they strive to be perfect, especially at work, the realization that this is impossible often keeps them away from doing the work at all.

These people might be overly preoccupied with details making sure that everything is great, and losing the bigger picture of the entire job that needs to be done. This causes them to waste a lot of time and often end up not finishing the main work in time.

Depression, pessimistic feelings, and other mental disorders are common with this placement of Lilith. Also, these people tend to be overly realistic.

Lilith in the sixth house can cause issues at the workplace. You might experience disagreements and conflicts with your coworkers.

The person’s coworkers might exhibit Lilith in 6th house traits, and be nitpicky, overly dramatic, prone to quarreling, jealous, or always in a bad mood and spreading negative energy. This might be the way Lilith person could behave in their workplace.

In some cases, Lilith in the 6th house can be a sign of foul play at work. This might be an indication of manipulative and sneaky behavior from your coworkers who might be trying to harm you behind your back or undermine your reputation.

For some, Lilith in the sixth might be a sign of scandals at work, possibly due to being involved in illicit relationships with coworkers.

People with this placement of Lilith should be very careful in these situations because they might end up losing their job or experiencing some other unpleasant consequences because of their work affairs.

On the other hand, the sexual tension between the Lilith person and some of their coworkers is likely to happen and it is not easy for the Lilith person to control themselves.

The work environment for these people is often toxic. The people they work with might be very difficult coworkers and they might even be hostile towards the Lilith person.

Changing jobs usually doesn’t help because they somehow end up working in similar environments.

Many people with this placement don’t like the constraints which almost every work implies and prefer jobs that allow them at least some freedom. They prefer freelancing jobs and being their boss.

They also don’t like being bossed around and prefer positions where they can have some kind of autonomy. They want to be in charge of their work and make their decisions regarding their job.

This placement of Lilith often indicates conflicts with authorities at work. This person doesn’t keep silent when their boss is annoying and disrespectful.

For some, Lilith in the 6th house will be a sign of work engagements early in life. These people often don’t have the advantage of starting to work after they’ve finished their education. They often work during college and some begin working during high school.

Because Lilith is the ruler of rebellious behavior, this placement might be a sure sign of such behavior at work. They might rebel against the duties they don’t like and even negatively influence other coworkers into boycotting their work duties.

These people don’t like routine jobs, and the 6th house is the house ruler of routine jobs. The conclusion is that they usually have a difficult time adapting to this type of job and their attitude often prevents them from advancing in their career because they aren’t motivated to work in such a job.

Lilith in the 6th house can be a sign of a person who is sensitive to the moods and energy of other people.

They easily absorb negative energy and this is why it is important to surround themselves with people that have a soothing effect on them because it is likely that they will absorb tons of negative energy at work.

Their nerves are easily triggered and they need to learn how to control their emotions and not let them get out of control. Their mental health is often very fragile. Often they suffer from anxiety and stress, but also depression.

Their mental state, their doubts, and fears might prevent them from living life to the fullest and using the full capacity of their abilities. It is not easy for them to find a purpose, especially faith that they will be successful in fulfilling their goals and plans.

For them, it is essential to fight the feelings of self-doubt which undermine their success. These feelings make them lose the drive and discipline needed to get where they want to be.

In some situations, Lilith placed in the 6th house can make the person suspicious of the health care system.

They might be reluctant to seek the help of professionals even when it is absolutely needed because of their imaginary fears and in some cases, their deeply rooted belief that they are not worthy of help.

Lilith placed in the 6th house can have various meanings, but possibly the most significant ones are:

  1. Mental issues causing other issues

Lilith in the 6th house can make the person prone to anxiety and depression. They have a hard time relaxing and they might constantly be worrying about things that might happen.

Many of them are filled with various fears, and significant among those are regarding health and fear of death and disease.

Often this position of Lilith indicates issues with insecurity and low self-worth. These people might struggle with feelings of shame or guilt, and constant anxiety that all of these negative emotions cause.

The prolonged anxiety and stress are often the cause of other illnesses they experience during their lifetime.

It is hard for these people to forgive themselves and others for their mistakes and the pain they’ve caused them.

They need to learn to relax and work on releasing their fears, replacing them with feelings of optimism and happiness.

  1. Avoiding routine

People with Lilith in their 6th house might be prone to avoiding their duties, especially those boring ones. These people dislike the routine of everyday work and life.

For them, novelty is the only thing that inspires them to keep going and when they need to repeat things day after day this is when things begin to bother them, and they begin escaping their choirs.

This trait is what makes them lousy workers and makes them seek entertaining jobs that don’t get on their nerves easily.

The routine required for most jobs is what bothers them the most, and most of them will do everything possible to avoid such jobs.

Also, these people don’t like authorities at work and this is what makes them lousy workers as well. They often rebel against their bosses because they don’t like the discipline and following commands that a typical work environment requires.

  1. Work affairs

Lilith in the 6th house is notorious for causing scandals at work. Because it rules uncontrollable urges, especially of se*ual nature, Lilith in the 6th house brings attraction and affairs with coworkers, which, when discovered cause scandals and consequences for the Lilith person and others involved.

Because of these tendencies, the Lilith person needs to stay away from job affairs with their colleagues because they can cost a lot, sometimes even their job.

  1. Extreme views on health

The 6th is the house of health, and when Lilith is placed in this house, this can cause many issues with the person’s health, especially their mental health.

Lilith in the 6th house can indicate issues such as depression, anxiety, stress, worries, fears, and other detrimental emotions. These states, especially the anxiety that is prolonged cause other health issues.

Another thing about this placement of Lilith is that it causes the person to rebel against the healthcare system and medical workers. They might avoid going to the doctor even when the condition is serious.

These people might avoid any medical intervention because of their fears.

These people might easily become obsessed with their health, trying to lead a healthy lifestyle, eat healthy, exercise, and do everything imaginably possible to maintain their wellbeing.

Of course, any kind of exaggeration is not healthy and this behavior might have numerous adverse effects, especially on their mental health.

Lilith in the 6th house transit

When Lilith transits through the 6th house, there might be experiences regarding the issues of the 6th house, especially regarding their health or work.

Often this is the time when the person experiences a strong urge to make some changes at work, or even change their job because they cannot stand the boring routine anymore.

This might also be the time when the person experiences issues with their coworkers, situations where they might be the subject of jealousy, gossip, or betrayal by their coworkers, or they might be involved in such situations regarding some coworkers.

Sometimes this transit coincides with a work affair which might lead to scandals and major consequences.

If there is a strong attraction between the Lilith person and some coworker the affair is likely to start during this transit, so there needs to be a lot of self-control involved if possible.

Sometimes during this transit, the person might experience feelings of sadness, depression, stress, anxiety, negativity, and other detrimental emotions. Sometimes they could experience illness caused by these negative emotional states.

In some cases, during this transit, the person might experience a strong urge to start some new health regime that will improve their health but exaggerate in applying it.

Lilith in 6th house synastry

When one person’s Lilith is in the 6th house of another person, the Lilith person helps the 6th house person deal with the issues of this house.

The Lilith person helps the 6th house person value themselves more, especially regarding their ability to perform their choirs, their daily and work routine, their organizational skills, etc.

The Lilith person helps the 6th house person to relax about their duties and not perceive them as overwhelming. They also help them not to be too judgmental of themselves when some things are not done as they want.

Sometimes the Lilith person is perceived as chaotic and disorganized by the 6th house person.

Lilith in the 6th house composite

When composite Lilith is placed in the 6th house of a composite chart this is often a sign of a work-related relationship. The partners might have met through their work or they are working together.

This can also be a sign of mutual interest for their wellbeing which can turn to an extreme. Both partners might expose themselves to rigorous exercise routines, strict diets, or some other forms of health routines.

The partners might also share the same health fears and jointly refuse any kind of medical assistance. Sometimes their joint fears might go to extremes causing consequences to their life.

Lilith in myth

Lilith is a mythological creature, and in mythology, she is most known as Adam’s first wife. In mythology, she was created from dust, just like Adam. She was very rebellious and didn’t want to obey Adam’s desires.

Her nature was the cause of her eviction from the Garden of Eden. According to one version, she was the one to leave because she didn’t want to tolerate Adam’s behavior, and in another version, Adam was the one that banished her from Eden.

In some stories, she is depicted as a female demon who steals newborns during the night.

Lilith in astrology

In an astrological sense, the point of Lilith demonstrates the dark side of our nature. It shows the situations where we are unable to control ourselves and we tend to act in a manner that is unacceptable to the general public.

Lilith is calling us to break society’s norms and this causes feelings of guilt and shame. Lilith is also our instinctive nature and urges and shows where we tend to rebel against rules and authorities.

6th house of the natal chart

The 6th house of the natal chart is ruled by Mercury, which is the planet of intellect, travel, trade, communication, etc.

It is also ruled by the sign of Virgo, which rules organization and plans. It is also the house of our habits.

The sixth house rules our workplace, our routine duties, and daily routine choirs. It is also the house of our health and the its state.


Transits are the crossings of planets over the planets and angles in the natal chart during their forward or reverse movement in the sky.

When these transiting planets make aspects with the natal or progressed planets or angles in our chart, this usually causes significant events to happen in our life.

Synastry analysis

Synastry is the astrological analysis of the influences between natal charts of two people aiming to determine their compatibility. 

Composite horoscopes or charts

The Composite is a created chart of the relationship between two people. It is created from the middle points of their houses and planets in their natal charts.

The Composite chart shows the nature of the relationship between people but also the possible outcome of that relationship.

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